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  • Round 100 Ticks End: Friday 3rd March 2023
  • Round 100 Havoc Ends: Thursday 16th March 2023
  • Round 101 Signups Open: Friday 17th March 2023

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What is Planetarion?

For many eons the Planetarion universe has been rife with war and destruction. Five dominant races fight side by side or kin against kin, galaxy against galaxy, planet against planet in the ever growing struggle for dominance. Alliances clash with one another, and the valuable resource asteroids are stolen and reclaimed. It is your task to join this chaotic system, and survive.

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Round 100 - True Legends Last

Round 100 of Planetarion, a century of full-rounds (excluding all the winter rounds, half rounds, world cups and speed rounds, of course) is now here!

It has been voted to be called "True Legends Last" by a majority of our playerbase because, well, most of our players are legends!


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Round 99, Winter Round and Round 100

Round 99
Round 99 - 99 problems completed on Friday, and the End of Round Ceremony (EoRC) completed in #eorc on Discord (accessible via the com unit). Please view it on Discord if you wish to review the minutes.

The top 3 planets were as follows:
1) 7:7:6 Sjor____ of ODDR
2) 9:5:7 Sevenseas of...

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Round 99 - 99 Problems

Signups for Round 99 - 99 Problems, have now opened.

Ticks will start on Friday, 21st October and continue for 7 weeks, finishing on Friday, 9th December

Alliance limits will remain at 50, with 40 counting towards the alliance score.
Buddy packs are reduced to 4.

Ship stats have been ref...

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  • Main Game
    • Round 100 - True Legends Last
    • Start Date: 20:00 GMT on Friday 13th January 2023
    • End Date: 20:00 GMT on Friday 3rd March 2023
    • Time Left: 4 weeks 3 days 9 hours 43 minutes 58 seconds
    • Current Tick: 423
    • Final Tick: 1177
    • Ticking: Yes
    • Tick Speed: 1 hour
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