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User agreement

Farming is illegal. The definitions of farming are, but are not limited to:

  1. Attacking a target with his/her consent to get his/her asteroids/ships

  2. Defending against someone who is attacking with their consent to steal their ships.

  3. Abusing game features in order to gain excessive XP (e.g. roid farming)

  4. Doing either a, b or c by using multi-planets

Multiple Accounts / Account Sharing / Support Accounts:
Multi-ing, Account Sharing and Support Accounts are not allowed. The definitions are, but are not limited to:

  1. A multi is a player who owns more than 1 planet.

  2. If you create another Account and intend to still play the original Account, you are a multi.

  3. If you create another Account and use the old Account as a farm, you are a multi and a farmer.

  4. If there is more than one user actively playing Planetarion from your IP address, for example a friend or relative, this is fine. However, you must register for an exception to be placed on your account to avoid being closed This exception will limit the interaction that can take place between the accounts and can be applied for on the preferences page in-game once signup has been completed.

  5. Account sharing is when one player has control over more than one Account during one round (i.e. has control over an Account that is not theirs). This control could be via password sharing or via any form of Trojan or Trojan like program.

  6. Support Accounts are accounts which are dedicated to undertaking specific and repeated actions which result in an unfair benefit for a planet/organisation, where an organisation is defined as an alliance or galaxy.

Bots are not permitted to be used to access the game. Bot use is defined as, but not limited to:

  1. Using browser plug-ins that would make it easier for you to play the game

  2. Accessing the pages with another program (for example to check if you are under attack).

The definitions of abuse are, but are not limited to:

  1. Abuse is considered as anything offensive to another player or to an admin.

  2. Abusive messages that are sent during the "heat of the moment" are still not allowed.

  3. "The other player started it" is not an excuse.

  4. Spam messages sent using the in game message system will be regarded as abuse

  5. Depending on the circumstance, abuse will result in a warning or in Account closure.

  6. If you are the target of abuse in the in game mail system, please do not delete this mail. It should be reported using the Report to Admin button found to the right of each message.

Offensive galaxy pictures and/or galaxy/planet/ruler names
Planetarion is a game for players of all ages. Consideration should be given to our younger players when registering galaxy/planet/ruler names and posting galaxy pictures.

  1. Naked/semi-naked galaxy pictures are not allowed and will be removed at an Admin's discretion.

  2. Racism and use of words and/or pictures likely to cause offence to anybody in galaxy pictures and/or a galaxy/planet/ruler name is not allowed.

  3. You are also not allowed to have scripts in in-game system which will gain you an advantage in the game, or disrupt any computer systems other than your own.

Miscellaneous cheating

  1. Attempts to encourage other planets to break the rules will be considered a breach of this agreement

  2. The transfer of accounts to other users is not permitted. Passing on your login details to another user is not permitted, even if they are subsequently the only user to access your account.

  3. As newer methods of cheating are discovered, you authorise us to interpret all data logged about your account towards detecting these methods. Actions which are deemed to be cheating are not restricted to the list given in these terms and conditions and may be added to at any time, and you authorise us to do so

Consequences of actions which are not allowed

  1. We reserve the right to determine how much evidence is required before action is taken

  2. Any such actions will result in a warning or closure (1) of your Account depending on the case.

  3. If your Account is closed you will be sent an automated message briefly stating the reason for the closure. If you wish to appeal against the closure contact the multihunter team in #multihunters. Upon completion of this appeal the decision to close the Account will be reviewed and one of a number of actions may result including but not limited to re-opening, deletion or other various punitive measures (2).

  4. Accounts are automatically deleted and will be unrecoverable after 10 days of closure.

  5. An Admin does not need concrete evidence of an offence in order to punish you, he/she just needs to have significant evidence to convince a normal person that an offence has been committed evidence is deemed to be anything logged by the Planetarion game server IRC logs cannot be used as evidence, but can be used to add context to a case.

(1) Account closure means it will not be possible to log into the account, fleets and covert operations cannot be directed at a closed Account. Upon closing all outgoing fleets will be automatically recalled, closed Accounts keep ticking (gaining resources, auto adjusting stealth/alert levels, etc) with the rest of the universe.

(2) Various punitive measures imply that the punishment is completely at the discretion of the Admins, it can vary from small score/ship/asteroid losses to full account closures depending on the situation.

Evidence of Cheating

  1. Use of proxies and anonymizers.

  2. All interaction between accounts in the presence of other evidence

  3. More than one account using the same IP

  4. Any logged Account behaviour which appears to demonstrate a form of farming.

  5. Shared registration information or preferences options from accounts in the presence of other evidence.

  6. False signup information will result in immediate closure.

  7. IRC logs can be used as evidence if they are supported by other evidence

  8. Potential evidence of cheating does not always mean your Account will be closed, if you feel you are doing something which may be regarded as cheating which is not covered by the in-game exceptions system on the preferences page, please register to be considered for an exception by emailing [email protected].

Planetarion is a real-time game that demands a certain amount of participation. If your Account is not used in 7 days, it will be automatically deleted. This can be avoided by upgrading to a paid Account.

Last updated: Friday 21st November 2014