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  • Round 107 Ticks Start: Friday 31st May 2024

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  • Round 105 -The Legend of PontyPandy: 403

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  • 1 Jan:

Pre round 105 beta test

We're running a short beta test game prior to the start of round 105 to test some changes in the background that have been made, which might not be obvious, but will allow us to move faster with changes in the future as well as give a smoother and more reliable in-game experience.

Ticks start tomorrow (Sunday) at 20:00 GMT running until 20:00 GMT Thursday.

10 minute ticks. Ticks may be stopped, reset or restarted without warning to identify issues and test fixes.

Link is https://new-game.planetarion.com/

New accounts must be created, this is a separate login to the main game.

Stats are from a recent previous round and have no bearing on the real stats for round 105. The focus for this beta is for finding ingame issues, not testing stats.

Please report any bugs / issues found in #beta on the official Planetarion discord server https://discord.gg/X59HmpQfUZ