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EoRC Round 84 06/12/2019

<Markb> Good evening, everyone. Welcome to Round 84's End of Round Ceremony!
<Markb> Appocomaster is away, so Fiery will be conducting the ceremony this evening
<Fiery> We will start with the top three planets. Congrats to Buffy, Wolf and iambRad
<Fiery> iambRad is apparently a no show?
<KINGBUFFYYY> if i came in 3rd the way he did, i wouldnt show either
<Fiery> Buffy, you're up first. How did the round go for you?
<KINGBUFFYYY> it was, probably the weirdest round youd see
<Fiery> Those are my favorite kinds of rounds
<KINGBUFFYYY> yeah well
<KINGBUFFYYY> it was fun
<KINGBUFFYYY> to say the least i suppose
<Fiery> and you didn't have a lock on first until the end
<KINGBUFFYYY> well, i did stay awake until 8am my time to make sure to solidify
<KINGBUFFYYY> but some good lands and help from good friends
<KINGBUFFYYY> and some WD40
<KINGBUFFYYY> and i got there
<Fiery> WD40 is some great stuff
<KINGBUFFYYY> i must say tho fiery
<KINGBUFFYYY> kenny has some weird teeth
<KINGBUFFYYY> and rhorry isnt good at math
<KINGBUFFYYY> and i cant do any battle calcs
<KINGBUFFYYY> so idk wtf im even doing here
<KINGBUFFYYY> brads here
<Fiery> You are being penalized 5 roids for being late.
<[p3ng]iambRad> My apologies, Aussie timezone here :)
<KINGBUFFYYY> fiery i wanna just thank some ppl by name, then you can be done with me plz
<Fiery> Your gal finished with 7 in the top 10 so they must have been a huge help for you.
<Fiery> Go ahead, Buffy.
<Fiery> and, please, keep your shirt on.
<[Ult]Wolf> :D:D
<KINGBUFFYYY> id like to thank all of IB, we werent going into this round planning to accomplish anything much, just play for fun
<KINGBUFFYYY> they supported me extremely well into top gal/planet
<KINGBUFFYYY> tek, mista, kheros ....meh, venox...i guess too, Koen...particularly
<KINGBUFFYYY> dinoman i love like a brother
<KINGBUFFYYY> junglemuffin somewhere in the mix
<KINGBUFFYYY> papadoc for the insults
<Fiery> anyone else?
<KINGBUFFYYY> yeah, cba for giving me a new workout regiment
<KINGBUFFYYY> and gavin for letting me play with his toy dolls
<Fiery> That was nice of them!
<KINGBUFFYYY> wollfey gave me a big battle
<KINGBUFFYYY> he was competition
<KINGBUFFYYY> we needed real help
<KINGBUFFYYY> to get thru
<KINGBUFFYYY> the last week because he exploded
<KINGBUFFYYY> so it was a good well fought round as far as me
<KINGBUFFYYY> gg to wolf and brad
<KINGBUFFYYY> so ty to my pals for the help again
<[p3ng]iambRad> Brb 1sec
<Fiery> OK, on to our second place winner, Wolfeh!
<KINGBUFFYYY> and guppie for all the intel leaks
<[Ult]Wolf> hello Fiery :)
<Fiery> That last second jump was pretty unexpected.
<Fiery> You finished a quest, I believe?
<[Ult]Wolf> Yea, was waiting for my 100th dist to finish the 2500 xp quest
<[Ult]Wolf> if it didnt happen i wouldnt be here right now
<[Ult]Wolf> but Cardi was destroying my structures, so it worked out exactly on the last tick
<Fiery> That's rude of him.
<[Ult]Wolf> very rude
<Fiery> You'll have to get him back next round
<[Ult]Wolf> i started a few rounds ago, think it was payback time :)
<[Ult]Wolf> we are even now
<Fiery> So who, besides Cardi, helped you get to second?
<[Ult]Wolf> uhhm yea lots of people in Ult, i think two weeks before round end Ult had no chance of anything so a few people helped me out with landing
<[Ult]Wolf> and last week most people kept their fleets home to defend me , cause there were lots of incs
<Fiery> That makes for a great team effort
<[Ult]Wolf> yea it sure was!
<[Ult]Wolf> so i want to thank everyone in Ult for this, round 2 was the max this round especially the last week
<[Ult]Wolf> rank *
<Fiery> anyone specific that you would like to thank?
<[Ult]Wolf> yeaa
<[Ult]Wolf> my pals Dealer, Shak and Adds for helping me a lot with attacks they did a great job
<Fiery> anyone else?
<[Ult]Wolf> Aye to many names in Ult, but a special mention to Direwolf, rul3r and bolla for saving me where needed on defense duties! maybe i forget a few people but they did great
<[Ult]Wolf> and Gratz to Buffy for the win and Brad on 3rd place
<[Ult]Wolf> it wasa close battle for all of us
<Fiery> congrats Wolfeh. (you're still the prettiest guy in PA!!)
<[Ult]Wolf> lol ty <3
<Fiery> iambRad, congrats on third place. That last second jump by Wolf must have been a bummer for you.
<[p3ng]iambRad> Hey guys, it was always going to be a tight finish in the end
<[p3ng]iambRad> I wasn't sure if I would make it as I dropped a wave last tick
<Fiery> Even more nailbiting!
<Fiery> Who contributed to your third place?
<Fiery> Other than Wolf
<Fiery> and the quests
<[p3ng]iambRad> This third place is dedicated to p3ng, such a great bunch of guys that got behind me at the end of round to secure a top 3 position
<[p3ng]iambRad> p3ng is in a rebuilding stage this round, but I think we showed that we have one of the strongest ally cores in the game #41p3nguins
<Fiery> Well done to p3nguins!
<Fiery> Are there any people specifically that you would like mention?
<[p3ng]iambRad> I'd also like to thank Swainey for dragging me back to PA (I bet you wish you didn't do that), mentoring me and answering my constant PMs, giving solid advice and making sure I don't risk stupid lands
<Fiery> I think he's glad he dragged you back. You gave him something to do.
<[p3ng]iambRad> The Awesome Foursome, PT for helping dc me on the last day, all the guys I constantly pmed all day for def ships
<Fiery> For next round, you should probably get your own personal DC. I think that works better.
<Fiery> I'm sure Swainey would like that position
<Fiery> anyone else?
<[p3ng]iambRad> As an Aussie we're expected to DC ourselves :D
<Fiery> You should negotiate for that for next round.
<[p3ng]iambRad> Just wanted to say #3 with escorts only on final day, it would be nice to see others in the game try and win without ;)
<[p3ng]iambRad> Thanks all.
<Fiery> ok, time to go to the winning alliance. Congratulations again to Buffy, Wolf and iambRad.
<[IB]Kheros> fireball
<[IB]Kheros> deras
<[IB]Kheros> theamion
<[IB]Kheros> dont see anybody else in chan atm
<[IB]Kheros> so right
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> alliance? or galaxy
<[IB]Kheros> galaxy
<fireball> I would like to start my saying to
<fireball> Khmers for
<Fiery> My bad. galaxy
<theamion> I think it is 16 years ago since I last had voice here, heh
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> it said alliance
<Deras> I'm not in the winning alliance. Thx for trusting so much in Norse though.
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> go on fellas
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> fiery at the end i have a message from genoose
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> genosse
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> plz ty
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> and my own bit
<Fiery> All right, I messed up. Galaxy first.
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> but let these gentlemen roast
<[IB]Kheros> I PREPARED a small text for all of you in the other alliances whining
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> its okay, apocco still sleeping
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> *popcorn*
<[IB]Kheros> Thanks to all IB and the solid crew who keep trusting into me. Thanks to my awesome gal and BP, and fu to all the yoshi haters. He was solid. And to the rest of the uni as far as ib is concerned: we're the absolute BEST. We cut through each of you like the trash you are. Knocked out all the garnage planets out of t50 start of round, never seen so much cowardice from a tag that was so well positioned to win, ave ur a little sad and gutless coward th
<theamion> I just set the bar for everyone to beat my planet and then we would be fine. And we were.
<fireball> I would like to start by saying to my buddy pack whoís was Kheros and buffy and theam and genosse and thanks for the def when our alliance was not at war and making
<Fiery> It was nice of them to carry you, theamion.
<[IB]Kheros> ave ur a little sad and gutless coward though i guess we all knew it defeated CT like the pretenders and pleb that they are with half the numbers, and the app guy in DLR are a joke. Irrelevant. Zwan & cardi and your likes we'll keep toying with your fleets. Honestly the worst pa round i've seen from so many alliances. Even DLR was trash. Even the p3ng webby is trash and outdated, Venox webby is legendary.
<fireball> Your own gal mates recall def or saying you would exile from
<[IB]Kheros> Only other alliance to get a thumb up from myself this round is Victims. See you all next round again, where we'll keep trashing the lot of you until you all retire and ride the short bus.
<[IB]Kheros> And to all the trashy and past-their-prime HC out there, deal with Papadoc from now on. He will be doing politic for IB next round.
<[IB]Kheros> IM OUT
<theamion> I played terrible this round, but since Ult kinda failed I couldnít really bother so I deffed mostly ingal
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> not bad, not bad.
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> theam, yoshi, deras? u guys adding?
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> ill help you fiery
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> plz give me just one minute to type geno message fiery ok
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> i owe it to him dearly
<Fiery> I was thinking you guys probably need to get Kheros on some anti-depressants.
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> he has enuf meds
<fireball> The gal and I would like to say thanks to dlr for taking me in there alliance and helping me do my well and I would especially like to cardi for dcing my incoming and taking me under his wing and dcing for me .
<theamion> I just had loads of fun and the gal was pretty pro; not deffing against own ally but other than that helping each other out
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> without him, this gal wouldnt have existed
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> he recruited me knowing fireball would be in gal, and i dragged theam and genosse
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> that was the bp
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> we got some good exiles in
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> im still waiting for thiefs eta 5 from antti xvx
<Fiery> Are you regretting bringing in theamion with the way he dragged you down?
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> maybe theyll show in havoc
<theamion> Virall was amazing; but I understood why he idled out
<theamion> MrCover Titos was amazing too
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> absolutely not. theam was an asset
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> super defense
<theamion> And deras was a real pro
<Deras> I'd like to thank the gal for wanting an inactive noob like me to stay, instead of exiling. And ofc as always Norse for keeping the fun, fcing zwan was epic.
<fireball> And deras for bring entertainment to the gal and emo and stuff because o attacked his alliance lol itís was funny and they are great set of player and my specials thanks go to Buffmaster25 for his advise and special friend to me
<theamion> Martijn was really playing it under the radar
<theamion> I think he has the best effort:result of the entire universe
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> martijn was the horse that start slow and all of a sudden turns the corner pole
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> and came for home
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> he finished well
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> thanks to him for sure too
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> titos was def mr cover
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> everyone played such well defense in gal
<Fiery> You guys had 7 of the 10 in the top 100. That speaks for a great gal.
<Fiery> Someone warn Lewis.
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> fiery remember, just let me get genosse message out
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> im gonna being it now
<theamion> We had 9 in top 50
<Fiery> ok
<theamion> At some point
<fireball> Cardi is it the reason my gal did well he dc my incoming . Your scanner was was always sleeping Buffmaster25
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> he helped kill wolf. i thank him for that, otherwise, he tried to sabotage our gal
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> he helped yoshi tho
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> i thank him for that
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> now shh i must type
<Deras> Anyone could do that :roll: &#128514;
<fireball> He dc all my incoming and helped me when your alliance reheating to exile out of gal because you def me
<Fiery> Yes, it's difficult to copy and paste, Buffy.
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> dear irc users we had a great gal effort esp in the beginning an experimetnal bp got great randoms. we didnt exile anyone! anne agreed to self exile thanks to her. everyone got their time and support to develop properly key to our success was real teamplay. eg grouding cartain def ships in case of prelaunches on any planet appeared we covered each oether when our alliances couldnt. i have to pooint out deras and titos
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> who were in gal assets
<Fiery> anything else, Buffy?
<theamion> Oh I have to mention: newtores won planet 1 and 2. Newtores always wins.
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> deras also got most emo, which we rarely had though. a positve, constructive vibe in gal helped alot to archive this huge long lasting lead in galaxy ranking antti returned after 5 years, what a comeback! theam showed optimized game life balance and cheered us up with baby pics kheros dc was key to our success viral was a great random and sadly had to idle out
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> ,artinj showed the best oeffot in ratio in the universe
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> and of course buffy, the first planet to win by headcalc
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> sorry fiery plz
<Fiery> It's fine
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> 1 more min
<Fiery> theamion, for future reference, I like baby pictures.
<theamion> FYI, She is the cutest thing alive
<Fiery> Of course she is!
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> alliance wise iw ould like to thank dlr core for the great def and esp grog for early dciing. stellar was a real challenge. they focused all their fleets on the 3 dlr in our gal a few times. the second biggest threat to our gal was half of apprime. there are some great persons there but also some of the worst. overall this was sadly the worst alliance experience for me everf. esp in the last 2/3 all my fake attacks got
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> leaked and any attack on me with fake def landed
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> i believe the dlr core is great and will win again fi they get a full tag of sane ppl together
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> and he has a message for the PA team
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> idk if i took up too much of ur time tho
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> up to u fiery
<Fiery> You can message it to me
<Fiery> Or he can
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> the great leadership of our mighty gc yoshi made it all possigle
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> he was the guidance we needed
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> well played buddy!
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> ok then. thats all from us
<Fiery> Congrats to 3.2!!
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> fkin bloody 3 paragraphs
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> ty fiery
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> everything cardi says from now forward is BS
<[IB]KINGBUFFY> so bewareeeeee
<[DLR]ReligFree> Happy Friday <o.
<Fiery> Congratulations to DLR for winning round 84!
<[DLR]iDrac> haters gonna hate
<Fiery> DLR pretty much ran away with it from the second week, right?
<[DLR]iDrac> welcome every1
<[DLR]iDrac> no we run away since we signed up
<[DLR]ReligFree> I thought you were going to end this? :p
<[DLR]iDrac> yes gogoog
<[DLR]ReligFree> hah
<[DLR]ReligFree> Well, firstly can I say itís sad to not get a thumbs up from Kheros. Something to strive for
<Fiery> Good luck with that
<[DLR]ReligFree> Week two is probably a little too early, but we felt we had a strong team and was great to get the band back together with some (mostly) reliable pals
<[DLR]ReligFree> Last 2-3 weeks was pretty weird. So far ahead we just allowed roids to go and hunted XP. Not sure a #1 ally has ended so high on XP
<[DLR]ReligFree> But meant DCs can sLeep and Really it was quite fun once we realised we didn't want top planet and were happy just doing ally
<[DLR]ReligFree> (despite Xomaz wanting escorting all round to #1 planet)
<Fiery> Who were your DC's? They did a great job.
<[DLR]ReligFree> They did. Erm, I kinda slept through inc. CarDi, who DC'd?
<[DLR]ReligFree> I got a lot of whatsapps from Zwan & iBorg.
<[DLR]ReligFree> :p
<[DLR]ReligFree> CarDi paL it's youR chance
<[DLR]iDrac> pal looked iv no idea, most ppl self DC tbh
<[DLR]iDrac> grog did most part for random incs
<[DLR]iDrac> but we had a lot of random ppl self dc
<[DLR]iDrac> and a lot of random pick ups helping random incs
<[DLR]ReligFree> I think we mostly finished top 100 lost roids as well.. So not sure the whole DC technique should be a thing if future rounds are value based
<[DLR]ReligFree> but was fun to rotate people that hit us and chase XP last few days
<[DLR]ReligFree> And get some revenge on people that broke deals
<[DLR]ReligFree> And yeah, welcome back Grog. Just PM him with GrogZilla at any point in next 2-3 weeks and set off his alarm. He'll love that.
<Fiery> If you could change anything to planetarion, add or remove things, what would you recommend for future rounds to make the game better?
<Fiery> PM on irc or tg?
<[DLR]iDrac> tbh pa is dieing
<[DLR]iDrac> atm we had ULT dominating , because rest are shit
<[DLR]iDrac> now app/dlr merged, have most active group
<[DLR]ReligFree> Darkage Religfree
<[DLR]ReligFree> Sorry, someone said say darkage religfree
<[DLR]iDrac> darkage was main DC for dlr btw
<[DLR]iDrac> Fiery, when u asked htis question
<[DLR]iDrac> i belivee you insulted most pa community
<[DLR]iDrac> because ppl think nobody cares/or listens to them
<[DLR]ReligFree> Yeah I don't have the answer Fiery. I think proactive player acquisition. And force allies to take nubs somehow
<[DLR]iDrac> there were so many things said what to change/do, but whoever is in charge, do whaetever they think its best, even not following last 30rnds
<[DLR]ReligFree> So they get a chance & get brought up, not smashed into oblivion
<Fiery> I'm not sure how asking for feedback is an insult.
<[DLR]iDrac> many alliance have its own active groups. not not active anymore to compete for top1
<[DLR]ReligFree> Find a way to make it a multiplier to have nubs
<[DLR]ReligFree> For an ally
<[DLR]ReligFree> so they want to encourage new players
<[DLR]iDrac> fiery, why every change in pa is being made without discussion with ppl whos actually playing thsi game
<[DLR]ReligFree> that sounds good.
<[DLR]iDrac> or being made by 2-3ppl ? :O
<[DLR]ReligFree> Anyhoooo
<[DLR]ReligFree> Thanks for round all. DLR was best I've seen it in years. Then enjoyed attacking last 2 weeks
<[DLR]ReligFree> #1 XP, #1 Value, #1 score. 41st planet finished 116th. Super strong team, not individuals.
<[DLR]ReligFree> night pals
<[DLR]ReligFree> thanks for the round
<[DLR]ReligFree> Hope we can do a few more
<Fiery> Thank you to all the players who participated in the round. Congrats to Buffy, Wolf and iambRad, 3.2 and DLR for doing so great!
<Fiery> I believe allcomp is now.
<Fiery> so tag up
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 74 nicks and found 10 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<Pea> #10. Tag: DRL, count: 1
<Pea> #9. Tag: Stellar, count: 1
<Pea> #8. Tag: ND, count: 1
<Pea> #7. Tag: ASSEMBLE, count: 1
<Pea> #6. Tag: Offline, count: 1
<Pea> #5. Tag: p3ng, count: 2
<Pea> #4. Tag: CT, count: 2
<Pea> #3. Tag: Ult, count: 3
<Pea> #2. Tag: DLR, count: 5
<Pea> #1. Tag: IB, count: 5
<Fiery> ok
<Fiery> tie for first
<Fiery> Why do you guys have to be difficult for me like that?
<Fiery> Winter round will be announced once we have decided for positive when it will be. Expect an announcement soonish