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Just when you thought it'd gone quiet....

...well, as the saying goes, "it's never too late to make another post on your blog".

No, you're right, I completely made that up.

I looked at my last blog posts to see that some things have completely moved in, whilst others are still almost there. Some ideas I thought I'd just had were mentioned in my original post!

Compared to last year:

-I'm not posting on the train on my phone any more (:D)
-The IRC system is pretty well established and used.
-The feed has been introduced and I'll look to build on that in the future.
-Tabbing is something that we've certainly done enough of adding.

-Galaxy disband dropped off the agenda a bit (the last two rounds were a very different galaxy style, but might come back

-Bots still are pretty bad (I still want to improve them)
-Still have no advertising
-In theory are getting closer to a passport system, but it's not yet finalised and unfortunately still no ETA as to which round we'll have it for (I'd hope that we'd have it by Round 40).
-No war, though we have NAPs. I'm thinking of adjusting the alliance ranking system, but I'd still like the idea of war to encourage attacks.

This coming round, we'll move back to buddy packs and multi target ship stats. We'll also be making dists more powerful, which will hopefully make the game less of a complete roid race for players. It'll also mean that flat out distorter play isn't the only option

I'm also looking at introducing (in tandem with the current rankings) some sort of alliance points system, depending on what they do during the round.

Finally, I'm interested in either having a CH or some sort of online response to all the suggestions kindly given to me on the forums, here: http://pirate.planetarion.com/showt...ad.php?t=198755

And second finally, I'm also interested in looking at some sort of new user channel (we can merge the alliance recruitment channel in, perhaps), supported by a mixture of some pa staff and alliance reps who want to help or recruit new or returning players.
I think that supporting new players and introducing them to the game is a key point and one that we never deliver on. I'm also wondering if the manual may benefit from a wikification (some elements may have to stay in-game).

That is the end of my sprawl of consciousness for now. Until the next time!