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The Portal and beyond

Hello everyone!

As you may, or may not know, the portal is about to go into a new period of constant activity, with regular columns, updates and news from the PA community. It has been a few weeks since I took over the portal now, and already we are seeing some impressive work by some of our great community members. We have produced interviews, columns and a brand new contest for all to participate in, leading up to round 21.

It seems like only yesterday that I first got tricked into playing planetarion, but I'm glad I stuck around in the great community that is Planetarion :) Personally I am really looking forward to be fronting the Portal, and all the great people I have working with me.

This announcement is meant to give everyone a chance to see whats happened with the content on the portal since you last visited

Among our columnists we have JonnyBGood, Angryduck, Nitina and Night-Sky, to mention some, who will be giving you their thought, opinions, interviews, fashiontips and the guide to becoming HC, a guide to understanding PA, and a opinion that might differ from yours on just about everything. But thats what columnists do, they write to interest, to provoke and to inspire everyone else out there to prove them wrong, or prove them right. I am convinced that we will have many great moments with these people onboard.

First of all I can announce that Angryduck has kicked it off with a series of quality columns and interviews. He has interviewed the Head of Support, myk, spoke to a longtime community member, mazzelaar, and given you some pointers on how to become a HC.

And to make things better, he even has some points to make about the Pre-Round Preparations

On a entirely different slope we find a well known figurine to all, JonnyBGood, who with his cunning wits, excellent knowledge of the english language and biting, yet subtle sarcasm has entertained and made us laugh for years now. It has to be said that JBG is also a person who knows a thing or two about the alliances during the ages, and he will give you a rundown on who he thinks is the best planetarion alliance of all time. This post will be updated once every week, as a special treat in 5 parts, for your viewing pleasure.

The Greatest Planetarion Alliance Ever?

On a sidenote, I can announce that there is a 12 part planetarion epic under production that I have been working on for quite some time, and this was supposed to be announced last week. Unfortunately due to my own artistic criticism I am re-writing the ending of part 1, and have to delay the first post of this for a little while. My apologies.

With round 21 approaching, people are starting to sign up, I feel that it is only fair that planetarions commoners deserve the chance to win themselves a free entry to the full joys of a round 21 account. By slightly untraditional means we decided to host this rounds contest as a [new=168]Stripcreator contest![/news]

The rules are as follows:

1. The theme must be related to planetarion
2. No offensive material
3. You can post as many entires as you wish
4. All entries must be submitted before April 7th, 20pm GMT.
5. Submissions are e-mailed to Idler
6. Include your USER IDs in the e-mail.

The winners will be contacted by email 8th of April, and the winners will be announced the same day! Remember that there will be 3 winners, that means 3 shots at making us laugh the most.

Good luck everyone!

I also want to take this chance to ask everyone who think they have the inspiration and dedication required to lift our portal team up to news standards, who got something to say, and something to add to the daily topics, to contact me for a chat. And perhaps you can become our newest addition to the Portal team!

In closing of this announcement I would like to wish everyone who plays planetarion, new and old, PA Team and regular, a fortunate and successful round 21!

Idler - Portal Manager