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  • Round 87 Signups Open: Friday 22nd May 2020
  • Round 87 Ticks Start: Friday 29th May 2020
  • Round 87 Ticks End: Friday 17th July 2020

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  • Round 87 - Isolation: 364
  • Winter Round 2019 - Let it snow!: 92

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Round 72 Stats / Round 73 Signups Open

Hi all, with Round 73 about to open, we'd like to summarise the information for Round 72 and confirm Round 73 information:

Round 72

Winning Planets:
1) 8:2:4 Kershin of Black Flag
2) 10:4:7 Shhhhhhh of KittenZ
3) 1:9:4 VenoX of Conspiracy

Winning Galaxy (7:7):
7:7:1 arc of p3nguins
7:7:2 LukeyLove of NewDawn (MoC)
7:7:3 Redrush of Apprime (MoW)
7:7:4 Zwanstic Mofo of Ultores (MoD)
7:7:5 snoopeh of Apprime
7:7:6 cocteau of Apprime (GC)
7:7:7 m0rph3us of p3nguins
7:7:8 KhanNS of Apprime

Winning Alliance: KittenZ

Winning "AllComp" Alliance (EoRC competition): New Dawn

Round 72 Official Rankings
Round 72 Beta History Page
Round 72 End of Round Ceremony Log
Round 72 Misc Stats Thread
Round 72 Detailed Fleet Analysis
Round 72 Detailed Covert Ops Analysis

Round 73

There is one key focused change for this round.

The buddy pack / late starter, alliance, race and government setups are all unchanged:
-"Buddy Packs" can hold up to 4 planets, and allow planets to be placed together at shuffle (Tick 12, at 07:00 GMT on Saturday 5th August)
-No "Late Starters" are allowed to join galaxies after the shuffle unless via exile
-Alliance limits remain at 60, with 40 planets counting
-Race and government setups are unchanged as per previous rounds - please consult the manual.

Stats are now final!

The main change for this round is the revamp of quests, which may offer some slightly different strategies and priorities in early and mid round, and which will continue to be adjusted in future rounds. Many thanks to those involved in reworking the quests - we couldn't have done it without you. The quests are available on the beta server for those who wish to play with them.

Also, we'd like to remind players that those playing on the same IP addresses some / all of the time should get in contact with the Multihunter team via the "support" link on the in-game menu to let them know.

Best wishes for this round!

PA Team