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EoRC Round 72 14/07/2017

<Appocomaster> Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen
<Appocomaster> Or, according to London Underground, Good evening everybody
<Appocomaster> Welcome to the End of Round Ceremony for "Round 72 - Eye for an Eye"
<Markb> (more people should be taking TfL's lead ^^)
<Appocomaster> indeed, Mark. I will endevour to do so in future :)
<Appocomaster> tonight, as announced, we will be interviewing the top planets, top galaxy, top alliance, and then having our regular allcomp to finish with
<Appocomaster> firstly, we start with the top planets
<Appocomaster> from 3 different alliances - I'm not sure the last time 5 different alliances held the top 5, tbh
<Appocomaster> we welcome Kershin, of Black Flag, our #1 planet; Shhhhhhh, of KittenZ, our #2 planet, and Venox, of Conspiracy, our #3 planet
<Appocomaster> congratulations to you all
<[BF]Kershin> Merci
<[CT]VenoX> o/
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> thank you
<Appocomaster> it wasn't maybe a terribly close finish, but did you feel the round was competitive?
<Appocomaster> it's probably the lowest asteroid counts I've seen for a while
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> it felt like a close call untill the last landings
<Appocomaster> no one quite made the 10 mil mark
<[CT]VenoX> It wasn't close for a long time :p
<Appocomaster> well, not this tick :p
<[BF]Kershin> :)
<[CT]VenoX> stats made value play completely unrewarding
<[CT]VenoX> but the round more interesting i suppose
<[BF]Kershin> attacking were more rewarding than defending
<[CT]VenoX> Kershin congrats on your "victory"
<[CT]VenoX> Sh7 I was rooting for you final day, unlucky mate
<[BF]Kershin> why the brackets?
<Appocomaster> did the asteroid cost changes make that huge a difference?
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> it was the shipstats itself
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> not the roid costs
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> and how alliances reacted to it by mostly going for offensive strats
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> often skipping on def ships
<Appocomaster> we'll see shortly what the ship counts were
<[CT]VenoX> several alliances were forced to go all out offensive when they got bashed for the first half of the round
<[CT]VenoX> and fair play to them, they changed strat and were effective
<Appocomaster> there were certainly more alliance wars
<Appocomaster> so, [BF]Kershin, do you want to respond to a few comments made?
<[BF]Kershin> Against high value planets from more organized tags (ie effective def), you got to be creative to compete
<[BF]Kershin> I played the faking class of ships strat a lot
<Appocomaster> how much did alliance politics play out in the race for the top planets?
<[BF]Kershin> I appreciate the stealing ships functionality for that
<[BF]Kershin> Steal ship covoping was the best in r70 - I settled for regular Zik this round
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> I think I only got near here because of ally politics, and great ingal support from Foxxx and jnz, but because Kittenz had a longer quiet period of incs, i could get a decent amount of roids and nice value
<[CT]VenoX> certainly I wouldn't have been in the race at all without politics, being in a smaller/weaker ally
<Appocomaster> http://beta.planetarion.com/history...=8&round=72 Shhhhhhh you certainly got the most incomings
<Appocomaster> for ... for quite a few rounsd I think
<[BF]Kershin> Here the politics didn't particularly help
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> yeah it wasnt very enjoyable
<[BF]Kershin> at least not the way it could have
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> we were grounded night after night, wake up with incs every day
<Appocomaster> yet the alliance still won
<[CT]VenoX> u mean u got to sleep AND get defence?
<[CT]VenoX> :D
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> well i got more def than sleep i think
<[CT]VenoX> whats that like?
<Appocomaster> it's like not having children :p
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> but we have Gen Chaos for example DCing at night, so i knew i could sleep during that time
<[BF]Kershin> it's easier when you don't have to care for incs
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> yeah xp play must be so much more relaxing
<[BF]Kershin> and just focus on attack, indeed
<[CT]VenoX> yes, value was shit this round
<[CT]VenoX> once i got roided there was no way back
<[CT]VenoX> also Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> so, any highlights?
<[CT]VenoX> http://pirate.planetarion.com/showt...ad.php?t=201373
<[CT]VenoX> seriously look at this
<Appocomaster> yes I saw the original thread but need more time to review
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> for me the last 1-2 days, where we ended up sending PL def each tick in shifts to me with the whole of Kittenz, people giving up their attacking to def was a highlight, was nice to see everyone work together like that
<Appocomaster> wow
<Appocomaster> did they feel that secure with the win?
<Appocomaster> or did they feel that you winning was more important?
<Appocomaster> er
<Appocomaster> *second
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> yes, a few days before the end if felt like we had it
-!- [Kittenz]Demort was kicked from #planetarion by Pea [[1] Inappropriate comments. You can read EoRC from the log posted on the portal when it's published. (Markb) Duration: 4h 0m]
-!- vuLgAr was kicked from #planetarion by Pea [[1] Inappropriate comments. You can read EoRC from the log posted on the portal when it's published. (Markb) Duration: 4h 0m]
<[CT]VenoX> ally win was already secure
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> so we could focus on planet ranks
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> before ally win was secure, there was no way we would focus on planets, we wanted that tag win fully secure first
<Appocomaster> so, [BF]Kershin - highlight of the round?
<Appocomaster> apart from maybe lucky lands
<[CT]VenoX> "lucky"
<[BF]Kershin> Not lucky sorry
<[BF]Kershin> Sorry for the resentment
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> if you know you're gonna land its not luck
<Appocomaster> no problem, it was unkind of me
<[BF]Kershin> Faking class of ships is no luck
<[BF]Kershin> Yes it was
<[BF]Kershin> As in r70 allowing an App member to insinuate cheating/multi
<Appocomaster> okay, are there any highlights you'd consider discussing, Kershin?
<[BF]Kershin> When they're just disappointed to have been bested by a newcomer
<[BF]Kershin> Yes
<[BF]Kershin> Great thanks to my friends in BF
<[BF]Kershin> Especially Sacreblue BG, my gal and my coach Kheros
<[BF]Kershin> This round was fun
<[BF]Kershin> so Thank you Appoco for this game
<Appocomaster> you are welcome, Kershin
<Appocomaster> anyone else to thank?
<[BF]Kershin> I did not play a lot of round
<[BF]Kershin> but always appreciate the spirit
<Appocomaster> well, you played enough to win
<Appocomaster> so congratulations,Kershin :)
<[BF]Kershin> Thank you
<Appocomaster> Sh7 - your thank yous? :)
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> I wanna thank xzap, Dark Angel, Prisco, Gen Chaos and anyone else who DCed, plus Ave and Dekker for getting me so much PL def from Catz :) but most of all Foxxx for staying home to def me every night with his massive Fi and jnz with his mighty dragons and pegs
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> that saved my roids so many times
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> I just wish he could have gotten more salvage from it
<Appocomaster> yes hence the thread reference :p
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> nah we had few crashers
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> when they saw his fi the co ran away
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> any other comments or highlights?
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> oh Jorn and Alex were awesome gal mates too, just slightly below the super high standards of Foxxx and jnz, which you cant blame them for
<Appocomaster> that's very kind of you to accept not everyone can meet those super high standards
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> it's been frustrating, but i'm trying
<Appocomaster> and Venox?
<[CT]VenoX> yep
<Appocomaster> same to you, any particular thank yous?
<[CT]VenoX> i'd like to firstly apologise to those in CT who sacrificed their planet ranks in the final days in an attempt to help me win
<[CT]VenoX> it wasn't to be, but it was appreciated
<[CT]VenoX> i'd like to thank Zwanstic - I hope it was all worth it pal
<[CT]VenoX> and i'd like to thank cardi for being possibly the worst BP mate known to man
<Appocomaster> he smiled so much in here he got banned, so I think he's relatively pleased
<[CT]VenoX> some disappointment for my gal not to win but we were truely god damn terrible and didn't deserve it anyway
<[CT]VenoX> and yea, congrats to these other 2
<Appocomaster> thanks VenoX
<[CT]VenoX> i was hoping not to be here but some idiot roided 4:1:1 final tick
<Appocomaster> LOL
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> congratz to you too venox
<[CT]VenoX> didnt even launch a fleet final day
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> i'm still waiting for those 3 PLed fi fleets to show
<[KtZ]Shhhhhhh> will haunt me tonight
<[CT]VenoX> I did warn ur DC they were PL+11 :p
<Appocomaster> can launch tomorrow :0
<Appocomaster> thanks all
<Appocomaster> now, the top galaxy
<Appocomaster> 7:7 beat 1:9 by a reasonable margin of 3 mil or so
<Appocomaster> though the galaxies this round were closer than in some previous rounds
<Appocomaster> so we have Redrush, m0rph3us, cocteau, LukeyLove, Zwanstic, snoopeh, KhanNS and arc
<Zwanstic> :)
<[ND]LukeyLove> \o/
<Appocomaster> who is [7 ? :/
<[ND]LukeyLove> nfi
<[ND]LukeyLove> not sure if most people are turning up
<Zwanstic> Legends are now in the house
<Appocomaster> oh
<Appocomaster> redrush
<[ND]LukeyLove> ah
<[ND]LukeyLove> yeah that is red
<[ND]LukeyLove> he just struggles typing
<[App]snoops> Woop
<Appocomaster> okay, I can't find anyone else
<[ND]LukeyLove> it's his little chopstick fingers
<Appocomaster> LOL
<Appocomaster> he left
<Zwanstic> :D
<Appocomaster> wb Redrush
<Appocomaster> we worked out who you were
<Appocomaster> don't worry
<[ND]LukeyLove> congrats to the planet winners btw
<[ND]LukeyLove> strong effort by all those lads
<[ND]LukeyLove> and hillarious thank yous from venox
<Appocomaster> congrats to you all, too
<[ND]LukeyLove> well played <3
<Redrush> hello
<[App]snoops> Pwned it with one less planet :D
<Appocomaster> you had a good timezone spread from your buddy pack then got others in - did that help?
<Redrush> last time i was here was years ago lol
<[ND]LukeyLove> I'm impressed you know our timezones appoco
<[App]snoops> Yes appoco
<[App]snoops> Helped alot
<Zwanstic> it did to agree but the gal was split 4 app v 4 block
<Zwanstic> so not only 8 planets
<Appocomaster> Lukey, admin toolz
<Zwanstic> only 3 that could actually defend for 90% of the round
<[ND]LukeyLove> 8 planets vs 9 planets make a huge difference btw...
<[ND]LukeyLove> with the smaller galaxies it impacts so much more
<[ND]LukeyLove> so it was hard pushing for that top spot
<Redrush> not really, i count as 3 planets
<Zwanstic> But we have Luke which is like -1 so only really 7
<Appocomaster> did small galaxies make it much more competitive?
<[App]snoops> Yea we essentially played as 2 4 man gals for most of the round
<[ND]LukeyLove> ideally we need to look at balancing it out next round, maybe disband more of the dead gals at the bottom
<[ND]LukeyLove> I got especially screwed, since Turjake did quality politics for ND I could defend the entire gal... so ended up the global defbitch
<Redrush> leave the suggestions later man, tell appo how awesome we are
<Appocomaster> but do you prefer smaller galaxies to bigger galaxies? e.g. 8-10 vs 15 or so
<Appocomaster> yes yes
<[ND]LukeyLove> bigger galaxies are better
<[ND]LukeyLove> hard to defend value with these little gals :(
<[ND]LukeyLove> leads to more xp
<[ND]LukeyLove> it's nice to have some variation though
<Zwanstic> also means more dcing :)
<Appocomaster> Redrush: you were here 60 and 62
<Appocomaster> btw
<Appocomaster> well, good to keep you on your toes
<Redrush> at eorc? i always had others do it for me
<Zwanstic> big thank you to all my Ult Pals for all the def
<Zwanstic> big effort being in a fort
<Appocomaster> ah fair enough :p
<[ND]LukeyLove> zwan was a real hero tbh
<Zwanstic> Thanks For Cardi for being useless & not being able to roid me
<[ND]LukeyLove> there were moments when we thought cardi and his crew in 1:9 were going to beat us
<[App]snoops> Yea zwan won this for us
<[ND]LukeyLove> but zwan was pretty resilient despite crazy incs, so fair play
<[App]snoops> Along with cocteau master DC
<Zwanstic> We have a good friendship
<Redrush> ya im impressed, despited the whining everyday everyone still wakes up to dc their inc
<[ND]LukeyLove> untouchables crowd of cashy, sandvold, elviz et al were real winners as well
<Zwanstic> esp Arc for sending motivation pictures to the whatsapp channel
<[ND]LukeyLove> sad 6:1 died, we were hoping for untouchables gals 1 and 2 :(
<Zwanstic> good luck all and thanks again!!!
<Appocomaster> yeah elviz wasn't in winning galaxy for once
<[ND]LukeyLove> arcs pictures were great, he has wonderful taste in the ladies
<[ND]LukeyLove> he emo'ed too hard :(
<Redrush> khan is actially elviz
<[App]snoops> ;)
<Appocomaster> nooooooooo ;o
<[ND]LukeyLove> ND were amazing this round as well and really kept me afloat, I'd like to give thanks to rob6985, k3nn, Evil Flint, Paragon, JDD, Dany and a host of others for covering my incs repeatedly, Turjake for an unusually good round of ND politics and Tezuro for requesting record breaking numbers of scans and keeping CBA on his toes organizing constant launch recalls :D
<[ND]LukeyLove> and cardi for losing with some class and not resorting to his usual dirty tactics :D
<Redrush> man if i didnt come to this eorc u be talking to urself lukey
<Appocomaster> well, we have wan
<[ND]LukeyLove> lol :(
<Appocomaster> there :p see
<Appocomaster> soo, who was your biggest rival?
<[App]snoops> 1:9
<[ND]LukeyLove> we thought 6:1 were going to be
<Redrush> 6:1
<[ND]LukeyLove> but they emo'ed themselves to death
<[ND]LukeyLove> so 1:9 in the end
<Zwanstic_> Politics really
<[ND]LukeyLove> they put up a pretty strong fight, we weren't sure we'd have it until yesterday
<Zwanstic_> 1:9 put up a good fight
<Zwanstic_> The FC changed it after a few crashed we needed that win
<[ND]LukeyLove> zwan just beat them into submission
<[App]snoops> Some great xp lands and 1:9 planet gwtting Fc tipped the balance
<Redrush> its the effort spent, we all wake up to DC our incs, while most gals dont
<Appocomaster> on whatsapp or similar?
<Zwanstic_> WhatsApp
<Zwanstic_> And our fitbits
<Zwanstic_> Mines on vibrate so the wife didn't get woken up and beat me!
<[ND]LukeyLove> he also wears it around his cock for that friendly wakeup
<Appocomaster> hey Lukey
<Appocomaster> :\
<[ND]LukeyLove> ?:D
<Appocomaster> tone it down please
<Zwanstic_> Are tried but they didn't do one in a small enough size
<Zwanstic_> Arc*
<[App]snoops> I gotta say this was easily the most fun ive had in a galaxy even days of constant inc and not being able to defend half the gal
<Appocomaster> glad, snoops
<[App]snoops> I enjoyed it all
<Appocomaster> any highlight for yourself?
<[App]snoops> M0 crashing and emo
<[App]snoops> :D
<[App]snoops> He almost quit
<[App]snoops> Glad he didnt
<Appocomaster> yeah or you'd not have won
<Appocomaster> with your 7 planets
<Redrush> we all almost quit when cocteau crashed all his co
<[App]snoops> Yea true
<[App]snoops> I thought zwan was gunna have a stroke
<[App]snoops> But we stayed on course
<Appocomaster> well, glad you survived :)
<Appocomaster> any final remarks?
<Redrush> anyways thx app for the defs, great guys
<Redrush> Untouchable gal win
<[App]snoops> Yea thanks to all the pals that saved my planet while i slept :D
<[App]snoops> Gg cya next round o/
<Appocomaster> thanks all
<Appocomaster> okay, and finally, KittenZ
<Appocomaster> claiming the #1 spot
<Appocomaster> after so many rounds of Ult and Apprime
<Appocomaster> so congratulations, Demort
<[Kittenz]Demort> thanks
<Appocomaster> did you set out to claim the #1 spot?
<[Kittenz]Demort> ill say a few things then cat and greg want to say something breifly if thats okay
<Appocomaster> of course
<[Kittenz]Demort> well the plan was never first just to rank higher then previous round of 3rd its only our 2nd round so still teaching players from other games how to play
<[Kittenz]Demort> but obviously chimpie did ask me to try and win as he felt we had enough firepower
<Appocomaster> well, you clearly did
<[Kittenz]Demort> mainly i want to thank everyone in kittenz and catz for a good round plenty of teamwork
<[Kittenz]Demort> bows for the early war was part of our sucess
<[Kittenz]Demort> and later on peng for never giving up in the fight
<[Kittenz]Demort> our allies such as hr and app were honourable ones who never stabbed us in a game stabbing happens alot
<Appocomaster> who ran the politics so well?
<[Kittenz]Demort> thats me
<Appocomaster> well done
<[Kittenz]Demort> i dont like to blow my own trumpet alot of the politics i felt were made easy due to hatred of app
<Appocomaster> and ult? :p
<[Kittenz]Demort> the stats this round made it better for kittenz i cant deny that
<[Kittenz]Demort> ult was chilling and app hit them hard early and sent them out of the running
<[Kittenz]Demort> kjittenz doesnt call its members for defence
<[Kittenz]Demort> we let members sleep
<[Kittenz]Demort> and put as much effort in as they want
<[Kittenz]Demort> so offensive rounds suit us better
<Appocomaster> prelaunch is a key feature?
<[Kittenz]Demort> yes
<[Kittenz]Demort> porelaunch and AF
<[Kittenz]Demort> without it
<[Kittenz]Demort> we wouldnt have had a chance
<Appocomaster> I think many people would agree
<Appocomaster> any final words or thanks? :)
<[Kittenz]Demort> id like to thank titsy for picking a great strat for kittenz being DE with some cath cr
<[Kittenz]Demort> genchaos for his dcing
<[Kittenz]Demort> heimdall for his drunk mails
<[Kittenz]Demort> and every member of alliance for not emoing apart from when i cfed peng
<Appocomaster> :) well, thanks Demort
<Appocomaster> best of luck next round
<[Kittenz]Demort> thanks
<[Kittenz]Demort> cat and greg wanted to say something to
<Appocomaster> oh
<Appocomaster> do I need to voice them?
<[Kittenz]Demort> please
<[Kittenz]Demort> better it comes off them
<[Kittenz]Demort> then me
<[Kittenz]Demort> i have a hundred pms
<[Kittenz]Demort> but im not mentioning half the stuff as i would get banned for appropriate lanugage
<Appocomaster> thank you
<[Kittenz]Demort> [22:57] <carDi> [Kittenz]Demort
<[Kittenz]Demort> [22:57] <carDi> ask appoco
<[Kittenz]Demort> [22:58] <carDi> obama was brown or black
<[Kittenz]Demort> only 1 im pasting
<Appocomaster> sigh
<[Kittenz]Demort> since he pmed me first to say something
<[Kittenz]cat> Evening everyone, ill keep it short https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbgfPqRp_3I thank you all for great round!
<[Kittenz]Greg> I havnt much to say but thank all of kittenz and catz for giving me a great round to play in
<[Kittenz]Greg> and thanks for letting demort speak :)
<[Kittenz]Greg> meow
<Appocomaster> very random
<Appocomaster> the video :p
<[Kittenz]Demort> sorry this was sked to be posted
<[Kittenz]Demort> [23:01] <[KittenZ]Pointy> say TY and https://game.planetarion.com/univer...3fdel5qkg2lngh8 add this [Kittenz]Demort
<[Kittenz]Demort> [23:01] <[KittenZ]Pointy> xD
<[Kittenz]Demort> [23:02] <[KittenZ]Meisch> weirdos..
<Appocomaster> thanks all
<Appocomaster> now finally for the allcomp
<Appocomaster> Markb, if you wuold?
<Appocomaster> *would
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 154 nicks and found 13 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<Pea> #10. Tag: KtZ, count: 2
<Pea> #9. Tag: APP, count: 3
<Pea> #8. Tag: p3n, count: 3
<Pea> #7. Tag: VGN, count: 6
<Pea> #6. Tag: BF, count: 6
<Pea> #5. Tag: Ult, count: 7
<Pea> #4. Tag: CT, count: 8
<Pea> #3. Tag: BowS, count: 10
<Appocomaster> ooooooooo
<Pea> #2. Tag: KittenZ, count: 16
<Pea> #1. Tag: ND, count: 19
<Appocomaster> and ND are the winners
<Appocomaster> as is oten the case!
<Appocomaster> congrats to ND
<Appocomaster> credits will be allocated before next round
<Appocomaster> best wishes to everyone, thanks and goodnight :)