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Re-arranging the Universe (Part 2)

In order to understand this announcement you will need to have read the previous one. If you are reading this on the portal then look at the previous announcement here. If you are viewing this on the forums then you can find the announcement at http://pirate.planetarion.com/s.php?p=2765358

The information below will hopefully address some of the more common questions that we have been asked since announcing how the universe would be rearranged.

- Private Gals
During the process of this shuffle ALL galaxies will be set to "open". This means that it will not be possible for them to accept any more private galaxy members after the shuffle has been completed.

- Paid planets "Opt-In"
Unfortunately due to the time constraints imposed on this rearrangement, and the requirement there would be for anyone who wanted to participate like this to have made the selection by tick 72, this will not be possible. We do not feel confident that a system that allowed this could be constructed in a failsafe manner within that timeframe.

- Galaxy Funds
In the majority of cases, if you are an upgraded planet you will remain with your galaxy fund. If you are a free planet, then you will be shuffled randomly into the universe and the gal fund associated with your current galaxy will be lost. There is no way that we can determine precisely who paid what into which fund, and what it's been spent on, or what advantages or disadvantages have been gained from those donations.

- Universe Compacting
During the shuffle galaxy coordinates will be rearranged. This will eliminate any empty galaxies within the universe, and will make clusters as evenly sized as possible.

The timescale for this process will be as follows (barring any major problems that crop up):

18:00 GMT - Tick 72 will happen. When the game goes down all planets should be on PT72.
19:00 GMT - The game will become accessible again. During the shuffle you will not be able to access your account. We hope to have the process completed faster than this though, so you may be able to access your account before this.
22:00 GMT - Ticks will resume and all planets will tick to PT73. Ticks will then continue as normal. The delay between the game becoming accessible and ticks resuming should give galaxies the chance to introduce themselves to each other.

A brief reminder of what is going to happen:
- The plan to allow 1-off self-exiles has been ABANDONED.
- At tick 72 (18:00 GMT, 19:00 UK, 20:00 Europe) the ticker will be STOPPED.
- FREE planets will then be shuffled and placed in the universe with activity levels spread as evenly as possible
- PAID planets will NOT be moved.
- Ticks will resume a few hours after this process has been completed.
- We apologise for the disruption this has caused to the start of the round.