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Re-arranging the Universe

This announcement starts with an apology on behalf of everyone in PATeam. When we discussed the galaxy setup for round 12 it was widely believed that a system of 5+5 would be the best option for Planetarion Round 12. Unfortunately circumstances have proved us wrong, and the way signups worked produced some unintended results, with many galaxies only being half full. One option that we came up with was to allow every planet in the universe a chance to exile themselves to a random point in the universe, which would be the best spot that the system could place them in. After a vast amount of user-feedback to this idea both on the forums and on IRC this idea has been abandoned as unsuitable to solving the problem. This evening has been mainly spent in discussion about what the alternative options can be, while respecting the position that planets are currently in.

We set out to find the solution with the constraint that we could not move the planets that are currently paid in the universe, as some were paid by themselves, and others were paid for by kind members of the galaxy that they landed in by random. We did not want to break apart these galaxies, as it would be unfair to them.

At the current time there are approximately 1400 free planets in the universe. What we are going to do is stop the ticks at tick 72 (18:00 GMT Saturday). At this point we are going to shuffle ALL the free planets in the universe into the free slots to make the universe as level as possible. Upgraded planets will NOT be moved. The free planets will be ranked on the basis of roidcount and general activity and placed within the universe in order to prevent some galaxies ending up with complete sets of 0 'roids 0 activity planets. Once this is done the game will be accessible again and ticks will resume.

In brief:
- The plan to allow 1-off self-exiles has been ABANDONED.
- At tick 72 (18:00 GMT, 19:00 UK, 20:00 Europe) the ticker will be STOPPED.
- FREE planets will then be shuffled and placed in the universe with activity levels spread as evenly as possible
- PAID planets will NOT be moved.
- Ticks will resume once this process has been completed.
- We apologise for the disruption this has caused to the start of the round.

At the current time we do not know precisely how long the free planet shuffle will take and so more information will be posted about this. However we would anticipate the process taking between 1 and 2 hours to complete.