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  • Round 60 Havoc Ends: Thursday 12th March 2015
  • Round 61 Signups Start: Friday 13th March 2015
  • Round 61 Ticks Start: Friday 20th March 2015

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Planetarion 2006

We've got several free events planned for the early part of 2006, before PAN is due to be released.
Firstly, we'd like to announce the Round 16 Name Competition - slightly earlier than last round! Please e-mail your entries to roundname@planetarion.com. Entries will be accepted until 8th January, 23:59 GMT.

On the 7th and 8th of January we'll have a normal speedgame. It'll run from 12:00 GMT January 7th until 12:00 GMT January 8th, with tick speed at 1 minute and all other settings such as alliance limits as "standard".

On Wednesday 11th at 20:00 GMT we'll have a Creators Hour. CH_Bot will be up (most of the time) if you want to submit questions. Simply /msg CH_Bot <question> to submit a question before then, or during CH.

We'll have another speedgame on the 14th and 15th of January - a "Capture the Flag (roid)" speedgame, 10 man buddy packs and 1 minute ticks, from 12:00 GMT until 12:00 GMT.

From the 21st of January until the 4th of February we'll have an alliance competition, with a maximum of 50 members per alliance.
Alliances need to submit their alliance names to us at alliancecomp@planetarion.com by the 16th of January. Depending on the number of alliances will depend on the format - more of a "league" competition or a "cup" competition. The tick speed will be 1-5 minutes, with private galaxies and highest scoring alliance wins.

Round 16 signups will start slightly later than expected on 6th February, with ticks being started on the 17th of February.

So, in summary:
7th/8th January SG
8th January R16 Name Competition Ends
11th January 20:00 GMT Creators Hour in #planetarion on irc.netgamers.org
14th/15th January CTF SG
21st January - 4th February - alliance competition
6th February Round 16 signups open
17th Febuary Round 16 tick start