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EoRC Round 73 22/09/2017

<Appocomaster> good evening, everybody! (learnt from last round + TFL!)
<Appocomaster> Welcome to Round 73's End of Round Ceremony, followed by Round 73's AllComp
<Appocomaster> This evening, we interview the winning planets, galaxies and alliances
<Appocomaster> Firstly, stats about this round, hot off the press!
<Appocomaster> http://beta.planetarion.com/history/history.php - Round 73 various complete rankings
<Appocomaster> http://www.planetarion.com/news/new...und-73-rankings - Round 73 official rankings
<Appocomaster> http://www.planetarion.com/news/new...73-and-round-74 Round 73 / Round 74 dates
<Appocomaster> http://pirate.planetarion.com/showt...d.php?p=3260005 - some random R73 stats
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> Havoc resourcse will go up shortly
<Appocomaster> Now we will welcome our winning planets
<Appocomaster> The top planets were as follows:
<Appocomaster> 1) 7:9:8 krugger of Apprime
<Appocomaster> 2) 5:6:4 Pablitem of Apprime
<Appocomaster> 3) 6:7:7 Turjake of NewDawn
<[App]Krugger[BR> A paz de Deus esteja com Todosss
<[App]Krugger[BR> vai Corinthians
<Appocomaster> I am voicing TRADUTOR to act as a translator
<Appocomaster> as there may be a language barrier otherwise
<Appocomaster> congratulations to the three of you :)
<[ND]Turjake> thank you
<[App]Krugger[BR> valeu bitola
<[App]Pablitem> thank you
<[App]Pablitem> BRASIL!!
<[App]Pablitem> Bolivia!!!
<[App]Pablitem> hehe
<Appocomaster> yes, quite a good result for Brazilians :)
<[App]Krugger[BR> america do sul batendo na gringaiada
<Appocomaster> This round saw some of the lowest roid counts in a while
<Appocomaster> did that make it harder to play?
<[App]Pablitem> Can Cardi translate for me?
<Appocomaster> Sorry, you seem to have amazing English and I'd not want Cardi to translate for you
<[App]Pablitem> oh :(
<[App]Krugger[BR> nem axei to dificil assim, xeio de viadin aqui que joga nada
<Appocomaster> hm
<TRADUTOR> It was not so hard, because my ally have good defence players
<Appocomaster> Or because he barely played? :p
<Appocomaster> ^^
<[App]Pablitem> For me it was quite hard, i was lucky to have a great battle group that helped me land on ultores because their def was insane
<Appocomaster> what was the highlight of the round for you, Krugger?
<[App]Krugger[BR> e com JPH cardi e Raul fazendo as defesas
<[ND]Turjake> I didnt even think it was low roid count.
<TRADUTOR> With Jph Raul and Cardi on defense all went good
<[App]Krugger[BR> no final contra os boiolin que quiseram me roidar, foi tudo ok
<TRADUTOR> In the end i didnt get roided, what helped alot
<[App]Krugger[BR> mesmo tendo uns arrombadao que tentaram me vender
<Appocomaster> ah fair enough, the round counts weren't that low. For some reason I thought they were, but not compared to last round :)
<TRADUTOR> But some spys tryed to sold me out sometimes
<[App]Krugger[BR> mas no final deram uma de emo, e crasharam, xupame cacatua
<TRADUTOR> In the end all ally helped trying me top planet, im very happy with that
<TRADUTOR> he special thanks to cocteu, his good friend
<[App]Pablitem> I just want to thank my gal nelito, greytonic for dcing for me when i was sleep. Galzilla for always sending def and everyone else ingal. Politics were not fun for use but it was a good place to be. Next of course my ally for sending me def and helping me get this last ticks. Also my battle group tobbe, villeh, cocteau, sleipnes, sjakal, cyzzy i would have not landed half the attacks if it werent for them. Congrats to Kru
<[App]Pablitem> Congrats to Ult, nicely played...
<Appocomaster> thanks Pablitem :)
<[App]Pablitem> thanks to cocteau for babysitting ally, sadly he burned out in the end.. but i owe him a lot too
<Appocomaster> Krugger: is there one best point of the round?
<[App]Krugger[BR> e eu quero agradecer a minha galaxia tbm, que salvou minha pele muitas vezes, os caras so demais, meu bg darkkon e chacal que ficaram comigo o round todo
<TRADUTOR> Ele ta pergutando se vc j meteu com um cachorrao?
<TRADUTOR> I wanna thank s my gal, who saved me many times.. you are awesome guys!
<TRADUTOR> My bg Darkkon chacal who helped me all round
<[App]Krugger[BR> o melhor como semprefoi ter os BR do lado, e ver os gringo se fudnd
<TRADUTOR> The best thing was have Brazilians with me
<[App]Krugger[BR> BR so a pior praga daqui, e vocs no conseguem lidar com eles =D
<[App]Pablitem> lol
<TRADUTOR> Br are awesome, you cant win us
<Appocomaster> :)
<[App]Krugger[BR> e os HCs que seguraram minhas broncas quando nego tava chorando no pvt dele
<[App]Krugger[BR> bando de mimizento, aguenta pastor top um
<[App]Krugger[BR> JESUS TOP
<TRADUTOR> He saying a Special thanks to Agares now.... dont know why
<[App]Krugger[BR> DEUS VULT
<Appocomaster> thanks, Krugger :)
<TRADUTOR> Thnk you God
<[App]Krugger[BR> agares gosta bastante de po
<Appocomaster> Pablitem: is there anything you want to say? how hard was it to battle an alliancemate for the win?
<[App]Krugger[BR> e um viadao, mas gente boa
<TRADUTOR> Agares you are a fucking noob, thanks for giving us Top 1 Planet
<-* Pea has kicked TRADUTOR from #planetarion ([Warning] :: No offensive language ::)
<Appocomaster> wow :/
<Appocomaster> well, thanks Krugger
<Appocomaster> and your translator :)
<[App]Pablitem> Well i knew i was not going to catch him, we were in the middle of the round with Ultores... but t2 was in reach so with the help of gal and ally i manage to take that. I didn't even consider it a fight vs krugger he was ahead by a lot and with les incs
<Appocomaster> why did he have so much less incoming?
<[App]Pablitem> no idea... you will have to ask him... he is thanking agar3s for a reason :P
<Appocomaster> lol
<[App]Pablitem> joking
<Appocomaster> anything else you wish to add from your perspective? when did you feel comfortable taking #2?
<[App]Pablitem> I didn't until last tick, Turjake had quests still
<Appocomaster> how do you think the quests turned out this round?
<[App]Pablitem> so I wasn;t sure if my last lands were enough
<[App]Pablitem> Liked most of them
<[App]Pablitem> cov ops are a bit annoying
<[App]Pablitem> but that is me, i hate cov ops
<Appocomaster> yes I think covert ops and scanning will be adjusted a bit
<[App]Pablitem> some people loved them
<Appocomaster> a lot of feedback on covert ops
<Appocomaster> so they might be separate quest trees
<[App]Pablitem> Ok, i think that is it.. I'm happy i got #2 with no naps or "magic" as some call it lol. Also Cardi is the most active player in Apprime we would be doomed without him (as if)
<[App]Pablitem> thanks and good bye
<Appocomaster> thanks :)
<Appocomaster> and [ND]Turjake
<Appocomaster> congrats on #3!
<[ND]Turjake> thanks
<Appocomaster> how was it fighting against Apprime to get that high
<Appocomaster> with the might of the #1 alliance behind you, obviously!
<[ND]Turjake> app guys were under fire by ult and peng mostly
<[ND]Turjake> so that stalled them
<Appocomaster> you had a bit of breathing room from the rest of the top 10, though.
<Appocomaster> and you seem to have had a roid issue :p
<Appocomaster> I don't think we had such a roid-light top planet since Benneh won
<[ND]Turjake> I lost some 150 roids until this last day :D
<[ND]Turjake> And then 5 waves landed
<Appocomaster> ah :)
<Appocomaster> trying to stop you from getting #3 I guess
<Appocomaster> when did you decide to keep the quest bonuses until the end? do you think it helped?
<[App]Pablitem> helping me get #2 actually xD
<[ND]Turjake> :)
<Appocomaster> haha ah fair enoguh :p
<[ND]Turjake> AS soon as i checked quests i decided to save them. accidentaly did one jpg tho too early
<[App]Pablitem> Nothing against Turjake lots of people like him in ally
<[ND]Turjake> would be nice boost later to use those saved quest
<[ND]Turjake> ofc many others thought same way
<Appocomaster> are there any changes?
<Appocomaster> that you would want from the quest system
<[ND]Turjake> have to say this as somewhat stressfull round, especially last week. Thanks for Norsemen for constant barrage :D
<[ND]Turjake> that 250 roid quest is quite hard in defensive round
<Appocomaster> isn't it tagged under "Expert" ?
<Appocomaster> but yes, I guess it is more expert than most
<[ND]Turjake> Yes. but you must have to compete :) I am fan of cov ops, and these quests made cov opping harder as ppl used lot more guards also
<Appocomaster> I will try and get an extract out soon of all the completed quests
<Appocomaster> as I said, covert ops will be likely to change
<[ND]Turjake> cool :)
<[App]Pablitem> Ah i have some input
<[ND]Turjake> i say my thanks now so we can move on
<[App]Pablitem> I think dists are broken
<[ND]Turjake> thank you for my buddies: Dany, Ghanima, Tomas. They always willing to defend and ground fleets, and being friends to me.
<[ND]Turjake> Thank you for my brother Wastedd, always answering calls for PA matters :).
<[ND]Turjake> Also thanks for my fellow HC Wuschel Spritfire Kallysandra Lukeylove Paragon
<Appocomaster> lol :p
<[ND]Turjake> and especially Buly who has mentored me for PA politics and other alliance hcs peculiar characters.
<Appocomaster> Pablitem: how so?
<[ND]Turjake> Awesome DC job done by Lukeylove, Foxxx, Exor, Buly and others. Thank you.
<[ND]Turjake> And every ND member and 6:7 galaxymembers (Doza Spycors Moostar Sabs) for their def effort.
<[ND]Turjake> There! and likely many more to thank
<Appocomaster> thanks, Turjake :)
<[ND]Turjake> :)
<[App]Pablitem> I think there is no way to compete with amps i had 105 amps and could not scan my incs, specially hard for other races and just punishes value players vs xp players
<[App]Pablitem> maybe just reduce the time they take a bit
<Appocomaster> you mean aps?
<Appocomaster> *amps?
<[App]Pablitem> not saying same as amps but a bit slower
<[App]Pablitem> wave amplifiers
<Appocomaster> dists are faster for a reason
<[App]Pablitem> I know but i think its a bit too much
<Appocomaster> because dists give such a bad advantage vs FCs / refineries / etc
<Appocomaster> if you check how many top planets had dists
<Appocomaster> it's generally been almost none
<[App]Pablitem> if you check p3ng and ultores 90% had 80+
<Appocomaster> http://pirate.planetarion.com/showt...ad.php?t=201436 and similar
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> fair enough
<Appocomaster> will look in more detail
<Appocomaster> anyway, we do need to speak to the top galaxy
<Appocomaster> so thanks all
<[App]Pablitem> ok
<[App]Pablitem> thanks
<[App]Pablitem> byr
<Appocomaster> Now it is the time of the top galaxy
<Appocomaster> and maybe for me to get kicked
<Appocomaster> 2:6:1 Phantasm of Apprime (MoC)
<Appocomaster> 2:6:2 Link27 of Apprime (MoW)
<Appocomaster> 2:6:3 Storms of VGN
<Appocomaster> 2:6:4 Virall of Apprime (GC)
<Appocomaster> 2:6:5 Kershin of Apprime (MoD)
<Appocomaster> 2:6:6 Pommeh of Norsemen
<Appocomaster> 2:6:7 mac_ of Ultores
<Appocomaster> 2:6:8 Cross of Norsemen
<Appocomaster> 2:6:9 Mikee of Ultores
<[2-6]Virall> Now i know why kruggerv didnt respond to my def calls
<Appocomaster> you used English?
<[2-6]Virall> Thought he was selfish
<[2-6]Virall> How was i supposed to know fs
<Appocomaster> wb kershin
<[2-6]Mac> you never dc'd virall
<[2-6]Virall> :-D
<[2-6]Virall> What
<[2-6]Kershin_> Merci :)
<Appocomaster> not sure who Shafuka is
<[2-6]Cross> First eorc ever!
<Appocomaster> well done, Cross
<[2-6]Virall> Me neither
<[2-6]Mac> and me
<[2-6]Storms> Same
<[2-6]Virall> And me
<[2-6]Cross> Feels too good to be truw
<[2-6]Virall> Haha
<Appocomaster> Virall surely you've been here before
<[2-6]Link27> too many late nights at 2am universe needs to go back to normal attack times
<[2-6]Virall> I havent actually
<Appocomaster> weird
<Appocomaster> well, congrats to you all :)
<[2-6]Cross> I want thank Mikee for dcing gal
<[2-6]Virall> Yeah if i have i mustve been preeetttyyyy drunk
<[2-6]Cross> and I want to thank Shafuka for dcing me
<[2-6]Cross> And Advantix for best HC ever
<[2-6]Cross> There I'm done.
<[2-6]Virall> Calm down cross
<[2-6]Link27> thanks to gal and app to keep penguins at bay every night
<[2-6]Virall> Remember your breathing exercises
<[2-6]Cross> Shutting up kow
<Appocomaster> Cross: is Shafuka in your galaxy?
<[2-6]Cross> Now*
<[2-6]Mac> no
<[2-6]Virall> Yeah we had peng on us for a week
<[2-6]Cross> Shafuka isn't.
<[2-6]Virall> No
<Appocomaster> okay, I didn't think so
<[2-6]Cross> I was trying sexy talk o her behalf but it failed
-*- Appocomaster glares at [2-6]Shafuka
<[2-6]Mac> Thanks ultores for saving me and mikee every night
<Appocomaster> so, you had quite a big win
<[2-6]Virall> Thanks to nelito for dcing us final days
<[2-6]Virall> And mq
<Appocomaster> 7-8 mil
<[2-6]Link27> somehow we able to cross def well with ult vs app battle all round
<[2-6]Virall> For landing some pretty tight lands with me on her own
<[2-6]Cross> nelito lives in same country as me.
<[2-6]Storms> Thankfully VGN HC's kept my incs to a very low frquency. Great politics.
<[2-6]Cross> Don't thank him.
<[2-6]Virall> We had the best team tbh, got lucky with exiles that had bags of experience in mikee and pommeh, we had no xans, more activity and a great sense of team
<Appocomaster> what was wrong with xans?
<Appocomaster> I noticed they were underrepresented
<[2-6]Mac> they sucked
<[2-6]Virall> Fr was dominated by buccs
<Appocomaster> wb again Kershin
<[2-6]Virall> App underestimated lancer being attached to de
<[2-6]Mac> buccs were overrated too
<[2-6]Virall> But fr sucked
<[2-6]Virall> The stats were so defensive
<[2-6]Kershin> Thanks - not very stable on smartphone :-/
<[2-6]Virall> We put a lot into def value
<Appocomaster> did the quests make a difference for you?
<[2-6]Virall> Haha kershin welcome to my world- i play 100% from iphone
<[2-6]Cross> I liked the fact that init was not viable.
<Appocomaster> it feels like it was mostly exiles and politics
<[2-6]Virall> Dcd gal for weeks
<[2-6]Virall> On phone
<[2-6]Cross> Forced people to attack and land with losses
<[2-6]Virall> No quests didnt
<[2-6]Virall> We won because 2:2 died
<[2-6]Virall> We had a big crash
<[2-6]Virall> From phant
<[2-6]Mac> when we got mikee in we had a great chance
<[2-6]Virall> And recovered straight away
<[2-6]Cross> 2.2 died thanks to Norse :D
<[2-6]Virall> Gaining 2 mill within a day
<[2-6]Virall> Mostly cos of lands
<[2-6]Mac> no cross
<[2-6]Mac> we won cause ult smashed 2.2
<[2-6]Virall> Yeah mikee helped cos he got roid fat
<[2-6]Cross> I'll just shut up. xD
<[2-6]Link27> kersh with a solo land of 600 roids big boost at the end
<[2-6]Virall> But to be honest we had a lot of incs
<[2-6]Virall> And we repelled a lot of them
<[2-6]Virall> Peng couldnt land easily
<[2-6]Virall> Although they wheeled out the cr
<[2-6]Virall> And that was triky
<[2-6]Virall> Haha
<[2-6]Virall> Kersh xpd 12k today in one land
<[2-6]Mac> p3n put up a good fight vs our apps
<[2-6]Virall> It was no contest
<[2-6]Virall> Mac
<[2-6]Cross> I defended against naps and allies. Wonder town that went unnoticed.
<[2-6]Mac> they kept coming though
<[2-6]Kershin> Fake is so cool
<[2-6]Virall> Phantasm is playing football but he agrees with pablitem about the dists
<[2-6]Cross> Hello Shaf!
<[2-6]Cross> You know I love you.
<Appocomaster> okay, any other thanks you need?
<[2-6]Cross> Will you marry me?
<[2-6]Virall> No but you can ask some questions now appoc
<[2-6]Cross> Just give me a sec please
<[2-6]Virall> :-D
<[2-6]Mac> thanks to ultores who once again showed they are the best attacking and defending ally around
<[2-6]Cross> It's important shit here.
<[2-6]Virall> Thanks to pommeh
<[2-6]Virall> His advice was invaluable
<[2-6]Virall> He is much much better than wishmaster
<Appocomaster> hahaha
<Appocomaster> OOOOOH
<[2-6]Mac> thanks to my bg, team iborg (ibors, shak, lonney, berten, bitesize)
<[2-6]Storms> Defo better
<Appocomaster> newt will find you and kill you, Virall
<[2-6]Mac> spycors!
<[2-6]Virall> Haha
<[2-6]Mac> aga and xerx for amazing def on me even though 100% was fake
<[2-6]Virall> Im proud of the gal tho in all seriousness. 4 app 2 ult isnt easy
<Appocomaster> any favourite moment? or I assume it was 2:2 dying
<[2-6]Virall> Link survived a hurricane
<[2-6]Virall> And still launched
<[2-6]Virall> And that says everything about the gal
<[2-6]Mac> when elviz fc'd himself was glorious
<[2-6]Cross> I loved it when 7.2 crashes 2 mil
<[2-6]Cross> we could relax
<[2-6]Virall> I think when mikee arrived and gave it loads of chat about how to play the game
<[2-6]Virall> But under a fakenick
<[2-6]Kershin_> :)
<[2-6]Virall> We almost exiled him
<[2-6]Virall> For being a nub
<Appocomaster> is it that bad?
<[2-6]Mac> pommeh is actually on whatsapp right now but thinks he is too important to be here
<Appocomaster> if you don't know the nickname, you exile
<Appocomaster> ?
<[2-6]Virall> No
<[2-6]Virall> We didnt know storms
<[2-6]Mac> we know moopy was mikee after about 30 mins
<[2-6]Virall> Who lets face it
<[2-6]Virall> Is a hero
<[2-6]Storms> No, because he wouldnt shut up.lol
<[2-6]Virall> Returning player and we gave him a chance
<[2-6]Virall> He didnt let us down once
<[2-6]Virall> Fantastic addition
<[2-6]Cross> Mikee got a place in my contact list
<[2-6]Cross> unlike most other players
<[2-6]Virall> But ultimately we deffed better and landed better
<[2-6]Cross> For being a c**t
<[2-6]Cross> Or at least acting like one
<[2-6]Kershin_> Thanks to VGN and For for going him a chance :)
<[2-6]Virall> Yeah agreed thanks vgn
<[2-6]Kershin_> *Fos
<[2-6]Mac> well done ND too
<[2-6]Virall> Congrats to bd
<[2-6]Virall> Nd
<[2-6]Virall> Cardi has a message for everyone
<[2-6]Mac> best pols
<[2-6]Virall> He says that as of this moment
<[2-6]Virall> Apprime are at war with the universe
<[2-6]Mac> but 1v1 they lose :D
<[2-6]Cross> my mission is over. I managed to talk s**t on eorc
<[2-6]Virall> No naps no alliances
<Appocomaster> well done, Cross
<[2-6]Cross> but... Shaf... I'm still waiting for an answer.
<[2-6]Virall> Thats all from him
<Appocomaster> Virall: I'm sure the universe are scared
<[2-6]Cross> In pm
<Appocomaster> any final words before we move onto ND?
<[2-6]Virall> Dont shoot the messenger
<[2-6]Virall> He is like kim
<[2-6]Virall> Jong
<[2-6]Virall> Un
<[2-6]Mac> cross is the best player ever
<[2-6]Cross> Apppco I have great respect for you. If that matters.
<Appocomaster> thanks Cross. <3
<[2-6]Mac> and lonney is by far the worst
<[2-6]Virall> Appoco
<Appocomaster> I'll pay you later. with an appropriate gift
<[2-6]Cross> So thank you for keeping this thing going.
<[2-6]Virall> Arent you supposed to ask q
<Appocomaster> I did
<[2-6]Virall> Ive been waiting 20 years for this
<[2-6]Virall> Fs
<Appocomaster> subtlely
<Appocomaster> not 20 years
<Appocomaster> at best like, 17!
<[2-6]Virall> Im proud of you for stopping the ticker on time
<[2-6]Cross> I think you get most less thank yous. It's not right. :D
<Appocomaster> thanks
<Appocomaster> I'm sure I get enough, np :)
<[2-6]Virall> The untouchables got touched up
<[2-6]Virall> Inappropriatley
<[2-6]Virall> By 2:6
<[2-6]Mac> the app in 2.6 are great too
<[2-6]Virall> Who wouldve thouhht
<[2-6]Cross> Asvanric you promised me anal
<[2-6]Cross> Now I'm done.
<[2-6]Cross> Kick me.
<[2-6]Virall> Thanks mac
<[2-6]Cross> Advantix*
<Appocomaster> thanks all
<[2-6]Virall> You were average to good
<[2-6]Virall> Hang on
<[2-6]Virall> I havent finished yet
<[2-6]Mac> i was mediocre as always
<[2-6]Virall> I just wanted to say
<[2-6]Virall> That
<[2-6]Mac> but at least i didnt emo
<[2-6]Kershin_> Virall has been a great GC
<[2-6]Virall> The galactic commanders role is deeply unappreciated in this gane
<[2-6]Virall> Game*
<[2-6]Virall> Its just a vote but the reality is
<[2-6]Virall> People lived depend on it
<[2-6]Virall> Lives*
<[2-6]Kershin_> Planets
<[2-6]Kershin_> Lil
<[2-6]Virall> And there should be more perks
<Appocomaster> happy to discuss later, Virall
<Appocomaster> congrats again to you all
<[2-6]Virall> Hang on
<[2-6]Virall> Lets discuss it now
<Appocomaster> the GC will get 5 credits to spend on his galaxy as he wishes
<[2-6]Kershin_> Let it go mate :p
<[2-6]Virall> Ok ok
<[2-6]Mac> when is the interview anyway appoco?
<Appocomaster> thanks to 2:6
<Appocomaster> and finally, ND, who won for the first time since Round 52
<Appocomaster> congrats to you all
<[ND]Buly> good stuff
<[ND]Spritfire> Thanks (:
<Appocomaster> I think you must be the longest consistent alliance by some way these days
<[ND]LukeyLove> Thanks Appoco :D
<[ND]Buly> thanks
<[ND]LukeyLove> I think so... every round right?
<[ND]Buly> we're the only ones around since r1 I believe as an alliance
<[ND]Spritfire> We are unsure what have been around longest now... planetarion or newdawn .... ;)
<[ND]Buly> and yes every round
<Appocomaster> this is the 6th time you won since round 24
<[ND]LukeyLove> Not that we've been consistently good, but still :D
<[ND]Buly> :D :D
<[ND]Turjake> :)
<[ND]Buly> I want to start by mentioning the biggest success we did this round
<[ND]Buly> even better than the win
<[ND]Buly> :D
<Appocomaster> but yes every round since round 14 certainly
<[ND]Buly> we don't have the mandatory fleetpaste and target delay anymore
<[ND]Buly> :D
<[ND]Buly> I think that was the key to our win
<Appocomaster> was that your key reason for success, Buly?
<[ND]LukeyLove> Hah yeah, we have been having abit of a revolution over at ND
<Appocomaster> haha
<[ND]LukeyLove> trying to bring some of our policies up to industry standards ;)
<[ND]Turjake> helps life suprising alot, mobile playing is hard :)
<[ND]LukeyLove> it's a real legacy at ND, a proper community with a fair chunk of technical debt
<[ND]Buly> aye
<[ND]LukeyLove> so good to get some of that cleaned up
<[ND]LukeyLove> The members really stepped their game up this round
<[ND]LukeyLove> that was definitely the biggest contributing factor
<[ND]LukeyLove> I don't think anyone expected us to win, or even get the top 3
<Appocomaster> are you sure?
<Appocomaster> not politics?
<[ND]Buly> never been happier with em with some exceptions
<[ND]LukeyLove> politics played a big part as well
<Appocomaster> you were the biggest alliance by score and by actual score
<[ND]Buly> still some calculated lands etc.
<Appocomaster> had almost as many roids as VGN
<[ND]LukeyLove> but even with the best politics in the world, you need to have member quality to back it up
<[ND]Spritfire> We had more until the last tick.. when turjake got roided :p
<[ND]Buly> and the officers
<[ND]Buly> those were a very important one
<[ND]LukeyLove> app and ult are by far the most active alliances, so always hard to beat them
<[ND]LukeyLove> and they have some... ingame assists...
<[ND]Buly> ahhh
<[ND]Buly> btw
<Appocomaster> so how did you beat them then?
<[ND]Buly> ye I forgot this
<[ND]Buly> Virall needs voice again
<[ND]Buly> to thank us
<[ND]Buly> :D
<Appocomaster> no that's fine thanks :p
<[ND]LukeyLove> haha :D
<[ND]Buly> rude of him to forget us
<[ND]Buly> although nice he congratulated
<[ND]Buly> but he deffo should've thanked us
<[ND]LukeyLove> App and Ult wanted their usual round long war of hate, some good vs evil drama
<[ND]LukeyLove> but that's not really ND's path, we want todo wants best for our members who actually want to live real fulfilling lives
<[ND]Buly> and we don't support for win either
<[ND]LukeyLove> without living and breathing PA, so upon occasion we find a path that works out
<Appocomaster> You seemed to seemed to really not like the Norsemen
<Appocomaster> 3/7 of your wars were at them
<Appocomaster> what did they do to you?
<[ND]LukeyLove> Norse are a nice bunch of lads and I've played with them before
<[ND]LukeyLove> there's not really any beef there, it was just a case of hostilities escalating
<[ND]LukeyLove> they were largely in a lolwave/fc mode, which isn't much of a threat to the alliance but can be to planets
<[ND]LukeyLove> One theme that seemed very apparent this round, was all the morning attacks
<[ND]LukeyLove> rather than attacking at night, alot of the allies went heavy in the mornings
<Appocomaster> that's a major change?
<[ND]LukeyLove> as all the main DC's are nightfreaks now
<[ND]LukeyLove> Norse is one of that crowd, often doing the morning launch
<[ND]Buly> indeed
<[ND]Buly> screwed up my workdays
<Appocomaster> maybe some stats on that are worthwhile generating
<[ND]Buly> at times
<Appocomaster> haha
<Appocomaster> but better than sleep?
<[ND]Buly> dunno rly
<[ND]Buly> :D
<Appocomaster> lol
<Appocomaster> so, what was the key moment in the round for you>?
<[ND]LukeyLove> The real tipping point was the nap with Ult...
<[ND]Buly> some may hate us for it atm
<[ND]LukeyLove> App approached ND asking if we would help take down Ult, as they were looking to be the biggest threat
<[ND]LukeyLove> we obligued, but regarded it as a temporary fix
<[ND]LukeyLove> round long wars aren't much fun, hitting the same guys repeatedly
<[ND]Buly> and it was ending up that we were supporting App for the win
<[ND]LukeyLove> the Ult block largely focused on ND, letting App get a very strong lead
<[ND]Buly> Ult block couldn't land App either
<[ND]LukeyLove> as we had aspirations to win eventually ourselves, we needed the universe to balance out
<[ND]Buly> so obvious choice to hit us
<[ND]LukeyLove> and felt Ult were starting to die
<[ND]LukeyLove> so to avoid an app steamroll by t600
<[ND]LukeyLove> we agreed a nap with ult, which changed the dynamic of the round significantly... probably more than we expected
<[ND]LukeyLove> and ended up fighting ults support tags of fang/norse
<Appocomaster> whislt being napped with ult?
<[ND]LukeyLove> a hard decision, and cardi was quite unhappy about it
<[ND]Buly> so unhappy he thinks signed deals shouldn't be kept
<[ND]LukeyLove> and broke the 'unbreakable nap' on the final day in a tantrum
<Appocomaster> well, all is fair in love and war
<[ND]Buly> that pretty much means there's no point making any deals at all and removes politics from this game
<[ND]LukeyLove> but no grudges, it was a fun round and PA is indeed a war game
<[ND]Buly> nah that's where a line goes Appocomaster
<[ND]Buly> but no grudges no
<Appocomaster> any final words? :)
<Appocomaster> or special thanks?
<[ND]Buly> signed deal is signed deal whether you regret making it or not
<[ND]Buly> that's one final one
<Appocomaster> hhehe
<[ND]LukeyLove> I'd like to thank a couple of folk... all the DC's for really stepping up their game, Foxx, Duncan, Exor and Viktor
<Appocomaster> well, true :)
<[ND]Buly> deffo thank to all members for stepping up as they did
<[ND]Buly> although some can't resist them crashes :P
<[ND]LukeyLove> before the round we didn't have anyone really planning to DC... and ended up with a solid team and good timezone coverage
<[ND]LukeyLove> we had some great newcomers too, TShot, Baba, ad1euk, Dane and Erke along with quite a few oldskool ND making a return.
<[ND]Buly> I haven't seen this type of DC coverage in ND for ages
<[ND]LukeyLove> fresh blood was pretty vital to making the team work
<[ND]LukeyLove> and the scanners who keep us all rolling Kally, Beast, Obiwan and especially FoxyMaay who is quite a character and really stepped up from previous rounds and has been a freakishly keen and active scanner.
<[ND]Buly> we have alot of newcomers from past 5-8 rounds that have been great
<[ND]Buly> and our old core ofc
<[ND]LukeyLove> overall it's been a great performance from the team, and I'm proud of the everyone :)
<[ND]Buly> indeed
<[ND]LukeyLove> we also didn't have many crashers... which isn't quite our reputation ;)
<[ND]Buly> :D
<[ND]Spritfire> We will also like to thank Kittenz for sharing BP's with us and being naped all round, also VGN! thanks for great work and that you didn't drop any deals!
<[ND]Buly> go look at 7 2 who the crashers are :P
<[ND]Buly> aye
<[ND]LukeyLove> yeah our allies were great, helped us out a ton
<[ND]Buly> Kittenz and VGN are one reason for our win
<[ND]LukeyLove> much appreciated guys
<[ND]LukeyLove> I even got to spend a night in the VGN channel and meet some of the crowd there, a real pleasure
<[ND]Buly> solid allies
<[ND]Buly> I got to meet some kitz today :P
<[ND]LukeyLove> on a side note, I hope CBA is proud of us for making his dreams come true to upset cardi... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mHeoMonRwk
<[ND]Buly> ;D
<[ND]LukeyLove> <3
<Appocomaster> oh dear
<Appocomaster> well, thanks all
<[ND]Buly> he's wrong though
<[ND]LukeyLove> ty guys, great round
<[ND]Buly> cardi is not a potato picking etc.
<[ND]Buly> cardi is a deal breaking potato picking etc.
<Appocomaster> thanks to ND for winning
<Appocomaster> now, a slightly late allcomp
<Appocomaster> Markb, if you'd do the honours?
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 154 nicks and found 18 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<Pea> #10. Tag: FAnG, count: 1
<Pea> #9. Tag: HR, count: 1
<Pea> #8. Tag: Offline, count: 1
<Pea> #7. Tag: APP, count: 2
<Pea> #6. Tag: Norse, count: 3
<Pea> #5. Tag: 2-6, count: 5
<Pea> #4. Tag: CT, count: 7
<Pea> #3. Tag: vgn, count: 9
<Pea> #2. Tag: Ult, count: 9
<Pea> #1. Tag: ND, count: 41
<Appocomaster> well, ND had a signficant win there
<Appocomaster> so thanks to them
<Appocomaster> they will be getting bonus credits for the allcomp
<Appocomaster> thanks all - the log will be up later
<Appocomaster> and goodnight for those off to bed