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EoRC Round 67 15/07/2016

<Appocomaster> Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen
<Appocomaster> welcome to the End of Round Ceremony for Round 67
<Appocomaster> I just want to firstly draw your attention to the most recent announcement on Round 67 / 68: http://www.planetarion.com/news/new...67-and-round-68
<Appocomaster> havoc donations are in the process of going out
<Appocomaster> and will be completed after this ceremony
<Appocomaster> please feel free to submit suggestions to round68@planetarion.com
<Appocomaster> for next round's name
<Appocomaster> stats will be announced at a later date, along with changes
<Appocomaster> signups for next round open in 2 weeks, etc :)
<Appocomaster> okay, on with the show
<Appocomaster> firstly, we will bring up the top planets
<Appocomaster> I can't see jayzinho
<mz> OH BOY
<Appocomaster> so someone is tagging really badly or he isn't here
<mz> that means I'm second
<mz> right
<Appocomaster> haha
<Appocomaster> no, still third
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> True winner if you ask attila.
<mz> damn
<Appocomaster> mz: is this your first time actually here?
<mz> yes!
<Appocomaster> as a top 3
<mz> took a decade, but here I am
<Appocomaster> it feels like it should have been sooner
<Appocomaster> I'll chalk it down to laziness or selfnessless or something
<Appocomaster> or however it's spelt :p
<Appocomaster> okay, well, we have the #1 and #3 planets here
<Appocomaster> as some of you may know, Benneh, secrelty hiding in 3:4:6, came first
<Appocomaster> jayzinho, 10:7:2, of RainbowS, came second
<Appocomaster> and mz, with the helpful nick of "CHEDDERZ" ingame, came third, and was of course playing for p3nguins
<Appocomaster> Benneh, what made you decide to haev such a fun round this round? was it more effort than normal to organise and keep track of everything?
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> i got bored of norse/brazilians endlessly suicide roiding me when i went value.
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> So wanted to something different, and we did!
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> effort wise yeah, had to launch a lot of fleets and unlike everyone else who now has magic fleet launch button i had to launch all of my own!
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> just happened we sent alot of def but syrens didnt cover too much.
<Appocomaster> I notice you went Terran. I assume that was for the MC bonus, as I can't think of any other reason why you wouldn't go Cath?
<mz> man, we should've tagged up sooner, we could've launched each other's fleets
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> it was always gonna be Cons heavy. hence terran
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> no real need for research, i literally needed infra and core.
<Appocomaster> and fighter class hulls, at least
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> made a change from the usual snorefest of 60 FCs and demo switch.
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> yeah but even then could cov op ships
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> in hindsight could have actually only done 1 fact and done249 MC
<mz> there he is
<Appocomaster> you will be pleased to learn you both launched more defence fleets than almost then ext 10 planets combined
<mz> haha
<Appocomaster> http://beta.planetarion.com/history...=8&round=67
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> doesnt suprise me.
<Appocomaster> congrats on your second place, jayzinho
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> im pretty sure everyone else napped up.
<Appocomaster> how do you feel?
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> Alliances were disgraceful this round.
<Appocomaster> was it tempting to join a tag at the end and give the win to a different alliance, Benneh?
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> hahaha those inc stats.
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> we couldnt swing it
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> the only swing we did was tag to f*** norse over
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> ta sorry.
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> but nothing else mattered score wise.
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> ult decided to be pussys this round and nap #1 ally, so even if we could have swung it, why help that.
<Appocomaster> mz: you were pretty unpopular. more than most other people. I am sure you had a friendly planet ingal to defend you
<mz> man, I wish
<mz> you'd think that in a galaxy with dedicated defenders like this
<mz> they'd cover something once in a whiel
<mz> migz especially had a real hard time holding onto roids
<Appocomaster> http://pirate.planetarion.com/showt...ad.php?t=201186 <-- breakdown of stats incoming incoming stats on 3:4
<Appocomaster> and in general
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> i think we did screw things slightly as the alliances who dont play for #1 alliance didnt have #1 planet to barter with, but in general it was just a pretty stagnant round. Fleet launching shoud be binned off.
<Appocomaster> Benneh - you mean the defence fleet launching>
<Appocomaster> if stats were more attacking, would that balance it?
<Appocomaster> last round for example we had a lot of attacks and people roid swapping for xp basically
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> Stats have to be more offensive to counter out the fleet launch, i have no idea really though as since its been added ive not played a value planet so cant comment much
<mz> it's a tough balance
<mz> too offensive and you get r59
<mz> too defensive and you get, well, r67
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> lack of roids / naps around defintely helped us this round though, as it meant greed always won... People whined about what we did, but at the end of the day they still came for us
<Appocomaster> care to comment on accusations that you arranged lots of people to come and steal your roids to make sure you had incomings?
<mz> we made no secret of what we were doing
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> people whine about everything, i had no need to.
<mz> so obviously people came for us
<mz> advertisements on AD helped too
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> the forum thread was free advertising.
<mz> if people attacked us purely to help us, then that's on them, we never asked
<mz> ...which is not something you can prove or disprove really
<mz> so *shrug*
<Appocomaster> so is there anyone specific you want to thank?
<[Bows]Jayzinho> ;o
<mz> yes, Mac of ex-norsemen fame
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> anyone who hit us, they were a massive help.
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> oh cute.
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> i am stupid, but still won \o/
<mz> whose anger at getting kicked prompted him to hit us endlessly :D
<Appocomaster> lol
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> also would like to thank everyone who thought of this strategy.
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> as i think EVERYONE came out to say they did.
<Appocomaster> [Bows]Jayzinho: sorry, you did join late but to specifically ask you, how do you feel coming second?
<[C1NAP]BENNEH> Norse for being whiny people who supported a panet who came 8th. :D imagine that, a whole ally playing to get a planet 8th.
<[Bows]Jayzinho> i feel good, was a calm round lol
<Appocomaster> really?
<[Bows]Jayzinho> we had to stagnate the rnd to compete against top 1 tatic lol
<Appocomaster> did Benneh's tactics change the round that much?
<[Bows]Jayzinho> i guess yes
<Appocomaster> hahah
<Appocomaster> well done beating mz - was that a nice achievement, at least?
<Appocomaster> he was a bit put out at not finishing second
<[Bows]Jayzinho> hahaha i want thx my bows guys for that last scorting
<[Bows]Jayzinho> they did it, not me :P
<BENNEH-LOSER> who did you roid?
<Appocomaster> anyone in particular you want to thank?
<BENNEH-LOSER> was it agreed like the last time you rocketed up the ranks at the end? :D
<[Bows]Jayzinho> my last atk was on 2 norses, 1 got blocked and the other get roided
<Appocomaster> BENNEH: change your nick back please :P
<[Bows]Jayzinho> i want to thanks bows, for the time i have here, nice people, my gal for the support and ofc the br team =p
<[Bows]Jayzinho> thx ace for another excelent job, we had to completely stagnate the uni just to be barely able to compete with top 1 tatic
<Appocomaster> it's something which will obviously come under discussion in future
<[Bows]Jayzinho> im sure, or people will quit =p
<[Bows]Jayzinho> its not fun when u have a value planet with roids and can compete with it lol
<Appocomaster> oh apparently my understanding of hosts sucks :p
<Appocomaster> Benneh: was it MCs or the mechanics itself?
<BENNEH> Just have to remove the MC boost on defence really, but at the same time. Boring value play with mass escortd at the end of the round gets really old.
<BENNEH> Well mz prooved that it was mechanics really, the MCs obviously helped alot.
<mz> it was fun for a round, but it really shouldn't be part of pa long-term
<Appocomaster> no
<BENNEH> we switched last 2 weeks or so and mz got prio def on stuff.
<mz> man, this guy is angry
<Appocomaster> yes
<BENNEH> it will be the only time in PA when mz will get up at 4am to send def :D
<Appocomaster> lo
<Appocomaster> lol
<mz> gz jayzinho, thought I had it in the bag :D
<Appocomaster> any final thanks?
<BENNEH> oh big thanks to Migz/Josh/fruitbat for playing a lot
<BENNEH> along*
<BENNEH> migz lost 18k roids so gave a lot to the universe
<BENNEH> and our random ingal who never said a word but just joined in.
<mz> cardi asked me to tell you something, Appocomaster
<mz> but it's probably best if I don't
<BENNEH> Also our roid graphs are the prettiest o/
<Appocomaster> probably
<Appocomaster> I am sure :)
<Appocomaster> ok thanks all
<mz> o/
<BENNEH> oh and thanks hedgie for being there for C1NAP.
<Appocomaster> now we haev the galaxy leaders
<Appocomaster> winners, really
<Appocomaster> 8:7
<Appocomaster> who were a good way ahead of all of their rivals, by around 12 million
<[8-7]Dealer> Alright lads :D
<Skydivenaked> the two late joiners speaking for the gal tonight :)
<Appocomaster> lol
<Skydivenaked> rest is out on a friday night, pretending to have a life
<Appocomaster> can't say no to Joseph
<Appocomaster> or Sukur if he is there
<Appocomaster> or Nitros if he is there :p
<Skydivenaked> oh more here than i thought :) seems a life is overrated
<Appocomaster> well, they haven't spoken much
<Appocomaster> but if they are there, congrats to you all
<[Bows]Joseph> hello
<Nitros> Just here for a few min! :D
<[8-7]Dealer> Nitros mailed me with a bit of a speech
<Appocomaster> how did you feel gal sizes were this round?
<[8-7]Dealer> cba to paste it tho :p
<Appocomaster> oooh
<Appocomaster> lol
<[Bows]Joseph> was suitable
<Appocomaster> summarise at least! or Nitros can say
<[ND]Sukur> haha thnx appoc :) im here
<Appocomaster> and sorry, someone put his alliance before his galaxy
<Skydivenaked> :)
<Skydivenaked> Im not going to say much, it was really easy.. not hard work
<Skydivenaked> having two ults, two norse and bows it means the gal did not have much incs
<Appocomaster> Joseph, you were part of the core buddy pack - did that make a difference?
<[8-7]Dealer> yeah we had the gal win a few weeks ago tbh, incs were light throughout on the whole
<Skydivenaked> and elviz and redrush even waited out in rank 11, 12 with the gal to get that extra player
<Appocomaster> nice of them!
<Skydivenaked> with 9 players, we had it in the bag at tick 346
<[8-7]Dealer> i came close to leaving tho
<Nitros> We were having an easy ride with politics as rhey were
<Appocomaster> do did the delay of late joiners outside the top 10 make a difference? scores suggest you could have won without one of you anyway
<Appocomaster> :p
<[Bows]Joseph> well
<[Bows]Joseph> we had to sandbab
<[Bows]Joseph> sandbag again
<[Bows]Joseph> and imo makes no huge difference..
<[Bows]Joseph> we just sleep more first week
<Skydivenaked> I just want to say thanks for a nice and relaxing round together with nice and friendly ppl: Nitros, Redrush, Joseph, Sukur, Neps, Elviz, Nin4th and Dealer
<[Bows]Joseph> im sure BP helps, but the random guys always make the difference
<Skydivenaked> Neps wanted me to say, he`s working on his tanline and becoming a sexier man.. for any girls still playing this game, he is worth checking out
<Appocomaster> key round moment?
<Nitros> Yeah lick with randoms was good. We didnt exile ayone i think?
<Nitros> Luck.
<Appocomaster> *luck
<Appocomaster> licking randoms ... that's one way to keep them
<Nitros> Im on comunit :D
<[Bows]Joseph> key moment? dealer staying haha
<[8-7]Dealer> :D
<[CT]nin[8-7]> elviz wanted to exile me tho :P
<Nitros> Nin4th not emoquiting!
<Appocomaster> he obviously doesn't appreciate your skills like I do, nin4th
<Nitros> <3
<Skydivenaked> both me and dealer kinda screwed nelitos gal over :) he was in the only other gal with a small chanse of competing for #1 gal until midround
<Skydivenaked> i left his gal and reset.. because i was inactive the first week
<Skydivenaked> dealer was supposed to exile into his gal or latestart there
<Skydivenaked> so he kinda told me hated me for that :D and that he would win if we were both there
<Skydivenaked> knowing BF got the shovel, that would never have happened tho
<Appocomaster> any of the galaxy want to be singled out for praise?
<[Bows]Joseph> thanks for redrush
<[Bows]Joseph> elviz
<Skydivenaked> well elviz is more active than ppl think
<Skydivenaked> he is kind of the captain
<[Bows]Joseph> <3
<[Bows]Joseph> and entire untouchables team
<Appocomaster> but Joseph is gc
<Appocomaster> who is that team?
<Nitros> Yeah elviz for dcing when needed
<[CT]nin[8-7]> elviz convinced me to play 'normal' instead of scanner
<[Bows]Joseph> true
<[8-7]Dealer> go back to scanner imo
<[8-7]Dealer> :p
<Nitros> And cardi. Even though he wasnt in our gal, he is an eternal inspiration for any pa player
<Appocomaster> really? :p
<[Bows]Joseph> just want to say a few things about top planet.. i read something about round changes talking about
<[Bows]Joseph> fixing def xp
<Appocomaster> yes?
<[Bows]Joseph> thought was the MC not affecting it anymore
<[Bows]Joseph> bcoz last round some guys started doing it already
<Appocomaster> no
<Appocomaster> last round the mc stuff was broken
<Appocomaster> actually
<Appocomaster> so this round it was fixed to give xp properly
<[8-7]Dealer> in any case, it'll need binning off next round tbh
<Appocomaster> yes, some discussion will need to be had
<[Bows]Joseph> but well
<Appocomaster> any final thanks?
<[Bows]Joseph> i want to thanks all the players
<Nitros> Anyways, thanks to everyone for a nice gal
<[Bows]Joseph> who still make the game run
<[Bows]Joseph> ppl who cares about it
<[Bows]Joseph> like benneh
<[Bows]Joseph> ultores, ct, hr, nd, all tags who still make ppl play the gam
<[8-7]Dealer> Thanks to 8:7 for having me, and thanks to Ult as always, great group of peeps.
<[Bows]Joseph> the game still alive
<[Bows]Joseph> and thats what matter
<Appocomaster> ;)
<Appocomaster> thanks all
<Appocomaster> thanks again to them
<Appocomaster> just to confirm - the top 3 planets get 1 credit each and the GC (Joseph) will get 5 credits to allocate out to his galaxy
<[Bows]green> u need to add genchaos
<[Bows]green> :)
<[Bows]green> girl gets to talk now prepare:P
<Appocomaster> lol
<[Bows]GenChaos> I am nobody of significance *sniff* I don't mind
<Appocomaster> and who said we're not equal oppertuniy
<Appocomaster> *oppertunity
<Appocomaster> so, congrats to you all :)
<Appocomaster> ~15 mil win, pretty good margin
<[Bows]GenChaos> greenie talk
<Appocomaster> #1 planet margin style
<Appocomaster> hehe
<[Bows]GenChaos> gogogo girl
<[Bows]green> :)
<Appocomaster> she's typing :p
<Appocomaster> so, how did you do it?
<Appocomaster> was this round all about the NAPs?
<[Bows]Joseph> was all about
<[Bows]green> As 1st i would like to congratulate everyone on their ranks, and for a good play.
<[Bows]Joseph> love =p
<[Bows]GenChaos> yeah
<[Bows]GenChaos> love
<[Bows]green> When Bows were made by Genchaos Butcher and me, we never planned for winning, we had different goals, yet, the unreachable got in front of us and we took it .
<[Bows]Joseph> bows is a fluffy tag, who ppl looks as noobish, but they just want to chill and have fun... neutral place!!
<[Bows]green> gen will talk about it more i just have a list of thank you
<[Bows]GenChaos> inoffensive
<[Bows]green> Daoz thank you for awesome dcing for many rounds, Zykotin comes along inhere
<[Bows]green> Cow for providing milk and all other milk products
<[Bows]green> Webulation for tech, still waiting this mindreader
<[Bows]green> Sh7 for picking our strategy
<[Bows]green> Butcher for being him
<[Bows]green> Alphaninfide for fixing my mails
<[Bows]green> Cr0 for pushing me to do just 1 round to play:P been 2 years
<[Bows]green> Merlin spotty Hans Hippo Caridiaa jose116 n00b Apostle Roshar Dull raysyv Shogon Ultramar Turbo for being loyal members
<[Bows]green> Carjay for being top defender for rounds
<[Bows]green> Shaed for runing around naked
<Appocomaster> for what
<Appocomaster> ?
<[Bows]green> running naked
<[Bows]GenChaos> his awesome nekkidness
<[Bows]green> HUGE thanks to Joseph for doing hell of the job with picking targets and to all his crew BOYS
<[Bows]green> AT last but not least important Genchaos for doing awesome diplomacy. Seems wisdom comes with age
<[Bows]green> Arno bano joppa pokes oblivion killerman offmind car chacal jayz dreis due darkkon ebo ffaa hempz junior krugger legacy licuri lordcaos mxy nitemare pommeh sepa
<[Bows]green> there are so many people I am sure I forgot someone. If I did, my apologies and thank you all
<[Bows]Joseph> we had a reason to left the tags we used to play and join al together on bows
<[Bows]Joseph> different from what ssome ppl believe
<[Bows]Joseph> we had many internal fights
<[Bows]Joseph> roiding each other etc etc
<[Bows]green> joseph mama isnt done yet
<[Bows]Joseph> i have to go =p
<[Bows]Joseph> thank u all
<[Bows]Joseph> and cya
<[Bows]Joseph> =)
<[Bows]green> Oh i cant thank myself but i did do something good this r too, never been more afk!
<[Bows]GenChaos> bye
<[Bows]green> Gen will do external thanks for all of us and ill give him the word now
<[Bows]GenChaos> she's good at afk
<[Bows]green> done w c/p
<[Bows]GenChaos> Just want to say that Pa is a community of maybe 600 players these days... we need each other, or we have no game. Some general once said
<[Bows]green> ye, i had to prepare this, mos tof the round i was like what did i miss
<[Bows]GenChaos> "where would we be without our enemies"
<[Bows]GenChaos> idd
<Appocomaster> bye Joseph
<[Bows]GenChaos> anyway
<[Bows]GenChaos> spread the love
<[Bows]GenChaos> our goal this round was top 3 allied rank and try to heal some past issues
<[Bows]GenChaos> early wars etc.
<[Bows]GenChaos> then we realized we had awesome staff and players and things were going right
<[Bows]GenChaos> so we went with it
<[Bows]GenChaos> ppl say we did Naptarion, I don't think so
<[Bows]green> i slpet mos tof the round:P
<[Bows]GenChaos> started with the Ult and Norse friendship and a few VGN buddies was all
<[Bows]GenChaos> they took in some new guys
<Appocomaster> we can look at hostiles vs othe previous rounds
<[Bows]GenChaos> then I wanted to control inc rates
<[Bows]GenChaos> so we did some 3x3x4 and limited engagements
<[Bows]GenChaos> yeah we had really heavy in at the start
<[Bows]GenChaos> Daoz was awesome
<[Bows]GenChaos> and Zykotin
<[Bows]GenChaos> as dcs
<[Bows]GenChaos> I was worried the inc would wear us down so I made some fort avoids etc.
<[Bows]GenChaos> but really, this was the first round Bows had great players in all officer positions
<[Bows]GenChaos> and a player base that could put out 80 attacks a night and 15-20 retals during the day
<[Bows]GenChaos> we quickly became everybody's top hostile
<[Bows]GenChaos> so we had to do some negotiations or get hammered
<[Bows]GenChaos> and we napped Pengs because they took in new players to Pa
<[Bows]GenChaos> we like that
<[Bows]GenChaos> good job pengs
<[Bows]GenChaos> and later ND because they were getting hammered
<[Bows]GenChaos> and that set the stage for ending the long hostilities between us and ND
<[Bows]GenChaos> that was wonderful
<[Bows]GenChaos> Want to give a shout-out to the Ult guys for once again proving they are good friends and trustworthy allies.
<[Bows]GenChaos> Somehow we managed to avoid a blow up with them despite the fact that we were in a friendly competition on score. They are awesome!
<Appocomaster> :)
<[Bows]GenChaos> last comment:
<[Bows]GenChaos> On a personal note, I think Pa is being hurt by the strong formula for xp, it ruins the game play. I know why it's there,
<[Bows]GenChaos> but you gotta reduce xp by 75%
<[Bows]GenChaos> really
<[Bows]GenChaos> I left r23 and didn't come back till r42 because of xp
<[Bows]GenChaos> still hate it
<[Bows]GenChaos> that's all I'll say, I think it borked the round
<[Bows]GenChaos> Thatís about it for me... shrimp gumbo, shrimp zucchini, shrimp zachary... Iím done.
<[BowS]B-Butch3r> And the great white whale appears \o/
<[Bows]green> haha
<[Bows]GenChaos> BB wanted to say something
<[BowS]B-Butch3r> Well genchaos/jph and green said all realy
<[Bows]green> ďIt takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.Ē <<< this is quoted but it applies to my BOws
<[BowS]B-Butch3r> I just wanted to thank all our enemies(if we had any) and all of our lovely freinds
<[BowS]B-Butch3r> And PA crew for bothering running another round of PA
<[BowS]B-Butch3r> And point out we did play "naptarion", but its not realy our job to go make enemies when we are having it so quiet :)
<[BowS]B-Butch3r> and btw, you math sucks appocomaster, so pointed out we won with 25 million
<[Bows]GenChaos> I also wanted to say : apologies to HR and FL. We know we screwed up our agreements by having too many unauthorized solos
<[BowS]B-Butch3r> :)
<[Bows]GenChaos> hope they don't hate us forever
<[Bows]GenChaos> we had an exciteable bunch of boys in Bows this round
<[Bows]GenChaos> can't control em
<[Bows]GenChaos> lol
<[BowS]B-Butch3r> GenChaos has worked on this EORC speech for 15 years, last EORC he overslept when he managed to get into a top gal
<[BowS]B-Butch3r> so big cudos to him
<[Bows]GenChaos> haha true
<[BowS]B-Butch3r> and for not blowing up all the time this round, even though ive seriously tried hard
<[Bows]GenChaos> I am immune to the BB virus now
<[BowS]B-Butch3r> anyway, thanks.
<[BowS]B-Butch3r> Im sure the credits BowS win will go to the top defenders, as usual, if they stick around for the future ;)
<Appocomaster> thanks
<Appocomaster> and congrats to you all :) and well done
<Appocomaster> now, it's that time!
<Appocomaster> for the allcomp! let's get those tags sorted
<Appocomaster> erm
<Pea> #4. Tag: P3N, count: 4
<Appocomaster> minor oversight
<Pea> #3. Tag: CT, count: 7
<Pea> #2. Tag: ND, count: 28
<Pea> #1. Tag: BowS, count: 28
<Appocomaster> oooooh a tie!
<Appocomaster> thanks for counting for me, mz :p
<Appocomaster> I will consult mr Lunar on how we allocate the prize, but we will give prizes to both alliances
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> thanks all