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EoRC Round 65 26/02/2016

<Appocomaster> Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen
<Appocomaster> Welcome to the Round 65 End of Round Ceremony!
<Appocomaster> Firstly, a few points:
<Appocomaster> http://www.planetarion.com/news/new...und-65-rankings http://beta.planetarion.com/history...=1&round=65 http://pirate.planetarion.com/showt...d.php?p=3249170
<Appocomaster> stats are up for this round already
<Appocomaster> if you want to look
<Appocomaster> round66@planetarion.com - please submit some fun or interesting (and not copyrighted!) names for next round, so someone can win a credit for it
<Appocomaster> also, we are looking to finalise stats in the very near future
<Appocomaster> they will definitely be ready for sign up, and hopefulyl before sign up
<Appocomaster> so Round 66 will have organised stats :)
<Appocomaster> so, now I'll bring up the top planets
<Appocomaster> all norsemen, which is unusual from recent rounds - that we have 3 planets of the same alliance
<Appocomaster> hi guys. you aren't tagging, which made it easier for me. thank you :p
<Skydivenaked> Your welcome :D
<Appocomaster> *ahem*. *you're
<Skydivenaked> pardon
<Appocomaster> you're welcome ;)
<Appocomaster> so, quite the little adventure you've had as an alliance
<Appocomaster> congrats for getting top 3 too
<Skydivenaked> Thanks! the other two are sitting at a pub somewhere in Oslo
<Appocomaster> I did wonder
<Skydivenaked> so they might be abit slow on their telephones
<Skydivenaked> But basicly, norse has been developed over a few rounds now
<Appocomaster> oh, maybe I should have voiced the norse golden :P
<Appocomaster> sorry
<[Norse]Sandvold> There
<Golden_> ty sorry.
<Appocomaster> does that work better?
<[Norse]Sandvold> ;)
<Appocomaster> well you had two of you!
<[Norse]Sandvold> First off, sorry for typos and slow typing out drinking with golden. And what a last tick!
<Golden_> yeah. 1h or
<Golden_> yeye. phone. sorry im here now
<Appocomaster> congrats to you both
<[Norse]Sandvold> Thx
<Skydivenaked> I just want to say thanks to all current and former alliance friends in dlr, ultores, vikings, faceless and now norse. Thanks for the fun and good companionship! Honourable mention for my part goes to my long time irl and pa friend bcg!
<Appocomaster> shall we do the thanks first?
<Golden_> thanks
<Skydivenaked> without him i would be a shadow of myself! so thanks to bcg and all of Norse, what a great bunch of ppl. THanks i have said what i wanted =)
<Appocomaster> wow :P
<Appocomaster> okay, well, Skydivenaked sorted himself out
<Appocomaster> Sandvold, your turn?
<[Norse]Sandvold> I would like to thank my gal first
<Golden_> me i like to thank all of norse. this one and previous ones to trust the project. if like to thank all my galmates in 4 8 for backing mr aø
<[Norse]Sandvold> Crappiest gal ever
<Golden_> me all the way
<Golden_> and yo
<[Norse]Sandvold> Nice ppl tough
<[Norse]Sandvold> But seriously bad this round
<Appocomaster> yes you did make up like 25% of their score
<Golden_> and to everynorsemen! you fucking rock.
-!- Golden_ was kicked from #planetarion by Pea [[Warning] :: No offensive language ::]
<[Norse]Sandvold> Then thx to all norse
<[Norse]Sandvold> Accepting to idle
<[Norse]Sandvold> Not do anything
<Appocomaster> who came up with the lpan?
<Appocomaster> *plan?
<[Norse]Sandvold> Was no plan
<[Norse]Sandvold> I inititated and bonused to get inc
<[Norse]Sandvold> But it never came
<Appocomaster> will you behave now Golden_ :P
<Golden_> last shoutout. Boojo, Londo. you guys teached me good.
<[Norse]Sandvold> I have to say extra thx to elviz and Storebo
<Golden_> never. :)
<[Norse]Sandvold> Sending whenever i texted them
<Appocomaster> you're even worse than the real Golden :(
<Golden_> trust your mother, im gold
<[Norse]Sandvold> Elviz owed me
<Golden_> 40 tags next round...
<Appocomaster> [Norse]Sandvold: you spent basically 2 weeks as #1
<[Norse]Sandvold> Storebo is just good teamplayer
<[Norse]Sandvold> Yea
<Appocomaster> was it not hard to keep that?
<[Norse]Sandvold> Not very
<[Norse]Sandvold> Didnt have much incs to speak off
<[Norse]Sandvold> So we did as we joked about last eoubd
<[Norse]Sandvold> Round
<[Norse]Sandvold> Init to winit
<[Norse]Sandvold> Worked wonders
<Appocomaster> do you think NAPs all round made the difference?
<Appocomaster> and not attacking?
<[Norse]Sandvold> We didnt have much naps
<[Norse]Sandvold> We napped hr and nd since everyone thinks its okey to farm them
<Golden_> naps for puss
<[Norse]Sandvold> We need tags like hr ans nd
<Golden_> we just had an understanding
<Appocomaster> so how did you not get trashed by the "top" alliances?
<[Norse]Sandvold> We napped ult after midround
<[Norse]Sandvold> Since they were de
<Golden_> let get advantix and inneed up for that
<[Norse]Sandvold> And we couldnt cover
<Appocomaster> yeah okay :) fair enough, we will do that at the end
<Appocomaster> so any other points about your rise to victory?
<Skydivenaked> I would like to thank some more ppl since sandvold and golden are slowed down by light beer :) agares for the time in ultores and the chats, patrikc and demort in fl for being cool guys and everyone else who takes the time to chat up from time to time. Im off to grab a beer myself now, see you all on the battlefield nxt round :) <3 bcg
<Appocomaster> do you think it's a valid tactic for the future?
<Skydivenaked> Boom, hit by text!
<[Norse]Sandvold> Nah not really
<[Norse]Sandvold> Just a huge thx to all norse
<[Norse]Sandvold> That even can def
<Appocomaster> :)
<[Norse]Sandvold> But hassle to type from phone
<Appocomaster> no problem
<Appocomaster> thanks to you all, and congrats
<[Norse]Sandvold> So u can devoixce me:)
<Appocomaster> I'm sure we'll be hearing more about Norse later
<Skydivenaked> yes, preferably by someone at their computers :D
<Appocomaster> thanks to the top planets
<Appocomaster> next, we haev the top alliance
<Appocomaster> er
<Appocomaster> *top galaxy
<Appocomaster> 4:8
<Appocomaster> made of lince, Veil, Papadoc, MikeB, anImaru, ReaperSexxy, Golden, Joepie, euler, and JP
<Appocomaster> you go first as yuo're easiest to find
<[4-8]euler> Hi all
<[4-8]euler> it has been a very hard round
<[Norse]Papadoc> whooooo
<[4-8]euler> but we finally managed
<[Norse]Papadoc> haha
<[4-8]euler> Wallet team representing and also hugs to Rasp that failed to galwin again
<[Norse]Papadoc> euler exiled in with about 24 ticks in the round
<[FL]Joepie[4-8]> Who winners!
<Appocomaster> nicks pleasee
<[FL]Joepie[4-8]> [p3n][4-8]anI
<[FL]Joepie[4-8]> [p3n][4-8]lince
<[FL]Joepie[4-8]> [p3n][48]R6
<[p3n][4-8]lince> lo
<Appocomaster> hi
<[p3n][48]R6> W0000000!
<[p3n][4-8]lince> and thx :D
<Appocomaster> no wonder i couldn't find you. R6?!?
<[p3n][48]R6> Can we turn pea off?
<[p3n][48]R6> Don't want me or golden kicked
<[p3n][4-8]lince> lol
<Appocomaster> lol
<[p3n][4-8]lince> don't swear
<Appocomaster> yes
<Appocomaster> you could be nice :p
<Appocomaster> I think I got most of you
<[p3n][48]R6> I'm Irish from Boston
<[p3n][4-8]anI> \o/
<[p3n][4-8]lince> gg to Ruff Riders
<JP_> Hellooo
<[p3n][48]R6> Great crew this round
<Appocomaster> so congrats
<[p3n][4-8]lince> yeah
<[4-8]euler> Amazing galmates, friendship and loyalty to the gal were key to our success
<[p3n][4-8]lince> very good gal
<[FL]Joepie[4-8]> tnx!
<[p3n][4-8]lince> good pals
<Appocomaster> http://beta.planetarion.com/history...=7&round=65 the stats are already up
<[p3n][4-8]lince> nice motivation
<[p3n][4-8]anI> best galmates :D
<Appocomaster> you got far fewer attack fleets than some of the other galaxies - especially #2
<Appocomaster> what do you put that down to?
<Golden_> last! thanks to all my good friends in Rainbows. i love your work. keep it up! all norsemen. i love yall. thanks. and a litte thanks to p3n and 4 8
<[p3n][48]R6> Better politics
<[4-8]euler> politics, its always a matter of politics
<[Norse]Papadoc> i just want to point out that I'm available for roid initiation advice for next round
<[p3n][4-8]lince> hehe
<[p3n][4-8]lince> well, about attack fleets, we have 2 norse ingal
<[p3n][4-8]lince> that explains why so low attack fleets
<[p3n][48]R6> And once peng wasn't competing
<[Norse]Papadoc> thanks to great gal mates, they didnt have to defend me but i 3 fleet defended them for about 500 ticks
<[Norse]Papadoc> it was awesome
<[p3n][48]R6> No one tried
<Appocomaster> what do you mean peng wasn't competing?
<Appocomaster> I hear that some people in your nearest rival stopped being peng
<[p3n][48]R6> Stopped is one word
<[p3n][4-8]lince> some internal issues
<Appocomaster> internal to p3n?
<[p3n][4-8]lince> yeah
<[p3n][48]R6> On that note would like to give a special thanks to Dogg Seven and Sad
<[Norse]Papadoc> not to our gal! we ran like a clock
<[p3n][48]R6> We couldn't have done it without you
<[p3n][4-8]lince> yeah
<Appocomaster> well, it was fairly close to top gal
<[p3n][4-8]anI> Yes we must credit Dogg, Sad, Sevenseas, and emo for our gal win
<[p3n][4-8]lince> we didn't expected it, tbh
<[p3n][48]R6> They pushed hard at the end
<[Norse]Papadoc> My init to 1900 roids really pushed us over the top
<Appocomaster> well done, Papa
<Appocomaster> was there no skill in your own galaxy then?
<Appocomaster> I mean, it's nice to thank other galaxies for your win
<[p3n][4-8]lince> there was: crossdef
<[Norse]Papadoc> I was also doing the lords work when i crashed benneh at tick 563 and didnt attack again until tick 1100+
<[4-8]euler> Yeah, I also feel, in all humblety, that I was a key role in the galwin
<JP_> Awsome group of guys and again thanx for everything. Would like to thank bram and appie for the harassment i gave
<[p3n][4-8]lince> ppl always willing to def in gal
<[p3n][48]R6> Apocco we took what was put in front of us an capitalized
<[p3n][48]R6> A key Fc on 3.1 helped
<[p3n][48]R6> Our two Norse held huge roids
<[p3n][4-8]lince> and some ppl (specially ani and me) to dc the few incs we had
<[FL]Joepie[4-8]> yeh great gal every1 helpfull and contributing in some way ;)
<[p3n][4-8]lince> never expected a top gal to have so few incs
<Appocomaster> yes, it must have helped having so many fewer incomings
<[4-8]euler> Some nights it was very hard to dc but teamwork goes a long way
<Appocomaster> were there any other ways you did politically better?
<[p3n][4-8]anI> We tried not to emo
<[p3n][4-8]anI> And it worked wonders
<[p3n][4-8]lince> yeah
<[p3n][48]R6> We didn't get kicked from our own ally does that count?
<Appocomaster> sounds very political, from the hc of the alliance these people left
<[p3n][4-8]lince> although i feared for gal, asa the norsw ingal would get incs
<[p3n][4-8]lince> which never happened
<[p3n][4-8]lince> most incs was on p3ng ingal
<[p3n][48]R6> Huge thanks to all of peng. Especially munkee dg krypton nap apollo out def whores
<[p3n][48]R6> Our ginger mascot willzzz
<[p3n][4-8]lince> which didn't helped more when we took Mikeb into p3ng also
<Appocomaster> are there any other peolpe you want to thank?
<[p3n][48]R6> And Nd
<[Norse]Papadoc> we won fortavoidnaptarion
<[p3n][48]R6> Nd was great this round
<[4-8]euler> I would love to thank dav the chav and wallet crew
<[4-8]euler> without their suppor tI wouldnt be able to stay awake so long nights
<[p3n][4-8]lince> yeah, Nd had some great spirit
<[p3n][48]R6> Mike wanted to add: My comment for eorc is thanks to you guys for supporting my pro idling talents
<[p3n][48]R6> Euler had pro exiling skill
<[p3n][48]R6> Veil was a champ couldn't make it
<[FL]Joepie[4-8]> yeh want to thank all galmates for the great round, and all Faceless members especially the ones DCing me while sleeping (Raven, CK, Xoca, Jay and more)!
<[4-8]euler> I just exiled 51 times
<[p3n][4-8]lince> and ofc, our xans, Veil and R6
<Appocomaster> will you be playing together in the future?
<[p3n][48]R6> We do most rounds
<[p3n][4-8]lince> made a great job wit their fleets
<[4-8]euler> We will, of course
<[p3n][48]R6> Golden kicked me from our last gal
<Golden_> stojke tag up
<[p3n][4-8]lince> also, need to mention Veil for picking targets most of the time for our teamups
<JP_> Id love to join these guys again
<[Norse]Papadoc> thanks to gal for everything
<Appocomaster> did you rely more on alliance attacks or?
<[Norse]Papadoc> i slept the entire round
<[p3n][48]R6> Mixed apocco
<[p3n][4-8]lince> we p3ng did
<[p3n][4-8]lince> most of the time
<[p3n][48]R6> Better to attack and ground as a group
<[Norse]Papadoc> big shoutout to newteh for those 5 scans he did for me this round. Big part in the gal win
<Appocomaster> I'm sure he will be honoured to receive such high mentions
<Appocomaster> any final thanks?
<[p3n][4-8]lince> yeah
<[p3n][48]R6> Ani lince and veil
<[p3n][48]R6> Best Bp out there
<Appocomaster> :)
<[p3n][4-8]lince> need to thank Veil and R6 for their phant crashes to kill the damn ter co stopping our fr to land :D
<[p3n][4-8]anI> Thanks p3nguins, my wonderful galmates and Nelito :P
<Appocomaster> thanks guys
<[FL]Joepie[4-8]> want to gratulate Norse with the Epic win, well played!
<[Norse]Papadoc> thanks to squidy, Sandvold, Inneed, all my ct peeps, Spam doza! Guppie for leaking last round. Sad for being a doosh to inneed in winter round, bobzy, Davidsr
<[FL]Joepie[4-8]> on behalf on most Faceless :)
<[p3n][48]R6> Yea stellar move
<[p3n][48]R6> Made my day
<[p3n][48]R6> Nice win bidders
<[p3n][48]R6> Norse
<[p3n][4-8]lince> and ofc, to p3nguins alliance
<[p3n][4-8]lince> great ppl
<Appocomaster> thanks to you all
<Appocomaster> as a reminder, the top planets win 1 credit each, and the top galaxy shares 5 credits to battle out between them. lince, as GC, gets to divvy those up. :p
<Appocomaster> so now for the surprise winner for this round
<Appocomaster> it's honestly one of the tighter rounds we've had for a while, I think
<Appocomaster> but the odds on norse winning yesterday would have been slim
<Appocomaster> so I don't get yelled at all evening :p
<Appocomaster> congrats guys
<[Norse]Adv> Ty ty
<Appocomaster> a bit of a surprise, after some of the recent rounds
<[Norse]Wish> can we do it in norwegian?
<Appocomaster> you can, but I will run whatever you say through google translate and upload it afterwards
<[Norse]InNeed> ty ye
<Appocomaster> so, whose idea was it?
<[Norse]InNeed> Well we didnt sign up to win, so bit of a surprise to us too
<Appocomaster> I#m guessing one of InNeed, Adv and Sandvold
<Appocomaster> :p
<[Norse]newteh> mine, i was the brains behind everything - going to be hard not to make this eorc not about just me
<Appocomaster> I'm expecting mathematical models with analysis if you did it, newt
<[Norse]Sandvold> Also butcher for his conspiracy theories
<Appocomaster> so what was the plan?
<[Norse]Wish> me and adv didnt want to. But norse is a democracy/anarchy so after a "vote" it was decided to go for win after FL roided us
<[Norse]InNeed> Well we just went along with it really, and I know many dont think its deserverd, me included :)
<[Norse]InNeed> Well if you want to know the end of it all
<[Norse]InNeed> the story here is that FL targeted us 3 days ago for XP, and we had 1 goal after top3 was secured,and this was to stop the first ally trying to XP us for win
<[Norse]InNeed> (p3n was going first but wasnt win material atm)
<Appocomaster> so you had some people out of tag too - when was that the plan?
<[Norse]InNeed> We then deffended good vs FL, we did ok, but FL did get some XP and got a good lead on ULT, so they kinda won round there vs ult imo.
<[Norse]Wish> Haha. We had no one oot appo. This wasnt planned...
<[Norse]InNeed> so what could we do? we couldnt take FL back, they would just XP more then us and secure win even more, and we also had in mind they could bring p3n
<[Norse]InNeed> so then I offered a deal to FL, I knew they was happy about the XP they got from us, and i knew they didnt think of us as contender.
<Appocomaster> so this was only a plan literally a few days ago when you realised you could accidentally win?
<[Norse]InNeed> they were stupid enough to accept, and let p3n go alone
<[Norse]Wish> yes
<Appocomaster> this has to be the most accidental alliance victory in the history of Planetarion
<[Norse]InNeed> with 5 places left in ally we decided only way to smurf over FL now and keep our goal to stop the first ally that xp on us for win
<[Norse]InNeed> is to add OOT and steal win
<[Norse]Sandvold> The return of elviz & pommeh, also know as our solskjaer and sheringham was paramount to our victory!
<[Norse]Wish> tell them about how you randomly mailed people without a tag inneed!
<[Norse]newteh> bsaically all of norse, especially sandvold, finally followed wish's well tested and proven pa guide, modified slightly by papadoc - war the mining page and nap the universe - as a scanner it was a lot of fun to watch it take place
<[Norse]newteh> hardly a day went by when i wasnt commenting on how much fun it was
<[Norse]InNeed> true, well elviz helped out there, also thanks to jupp who gave me a hand.. we searched for oot and mailed then to join us
<[Norse]InNeed> luckely it was enough, we had 2 this morning
<Appocomaster> but you had the top 3 planets!
<[Norse]InNeed> ended up with 5 and 17mill scoregain
<Appocomaster> that surely involved SOME form of attacking
<[Norse]Adv> Not much
<[Norse]Adv> rather not joining the gangbang on ult
<[Norse]InNeed> you should fix this! end member recruiting 1 week before end of round, same as vac mode
<[Norse]Wish> Hello!
<[Norse]Wish> I noticed you are without ally.
<[Norse]Wish> Norse would like to get a top3 ally-ranking for the kicks of it.
<[Norse]Wish> We offer you a day in Norse, so please apply to our alliance and you will be accepted!
<[Norse]Wish> Unless you got a ally of course.
<Appocomaster> http://beta.planetarion.com/history...=8&round=65
<[Norse]Wish> We thank you for joining us the last day and take part the Norse community for a day.
-!- [Norse]Wish was kicked from #planetarion by Pea [[Warning] :: No flooding please! :: (7 lines in 4 secs)]
<[Norse]Wish> :(
<Appocomaster> thanks Wish for illustrating what you were doing
<Appocomaster> to be fair, the ^ shows
<Appocomaster> some planets definitely suffered more incs than others
<Appocomaster> Golden got attafcked 6 times all round?!?
<[Norse]Wish> Just to prove how random it was ;)
<[Norse]Wish> we had people without incs all round I think
<Appocomaster> but they did launch 95/65/69 fleets
<Appocomaster> that's not a small amount
<[Norse]Adv> Our memberlist got leaked early.. so no incs :(
<[Norse]Adv> to be fair. Half of SDN's roids are from Cin!
<Appocomaster> no one cared about Norse?
<[Norse]InNeed> our wves is huge, you cap nothing..
<[Norse]Wish> Appocomaster - it is too cheap to init roids. Fix it
<[Norse]InNeed> thats the thing, no one cared.. and no one xped us in the end
<Appocomaster> Adv: we're actually looking at roid tracking and at least one of Cin's roids stayed there. He had one in each of the top 3
<[Norse]Wish> I am shocked that not more init up to 2k roids... why bother attacking when its that cheap to init?
<Appocomaster> so who worked out it was cheaper to just init and mine?
<[Norse]Adv> PAPA!
<[Norse]Wish> this has been the case for rounds...
<Appocomaster> and wanted the whole alliance to do that
<Appocomaster> okay
<[Norse]newteh> wishmaster worked it out 21rounds ago!
<[Norse]Wish> !
<Appocomaster> so are you secretly the reason why no one has attacked this round? :P
<[Norse]Wish> cardi is also a master of the mining page
<Appocomaster> so who do you wish to thank in particular?
<[Norse]Sandvold> But thx to all norse. Boring round but what and what an ending. Also thx for scanning for xp finishing quest. Posting at forum for roids. Deffing vs inc that cant land. And shaufka for making it interesting crashing 2 ticks before the end
<[Norse]Wish> No one wanted us to attack them...
<[Norse]Adv> They where all busy with eachother, no1 wants to attack us
<[Norse]InNeed> i think i shouldnt thank much more then norse, id rather say sorry
<[Norse]InNeed> to Xoca my best friend
<[Norse]newteh> i'd like to thank the creators of HoN (heroes of newerth) - without them mass inactivity would have set in mid round during all the exciting napping
<[Norse]InNeed> <3
<Appocomaster> haha
<Appocomaster> (other similar games are available)
<[Norse]Adv> We can do a proper thank you Inneed :p
<[Norse]InNeed> but thanks to ult for keeping deal, thanks to FL for keeping word
<Appocomaster> are there any specific NAPs you found to be helpful?
<[Norse]Wish> Oh! We are having a get-together in Oslo tomorrow! So all who want to join for beers to celebrate norse superiority let us know :)
<[Norse]Adv> ND/HR naps
<[Norse]Adv> And mid-round Ult nap was key
<[Norse]InNeed> And good fight! we didnt deserve this! we did it just cause we could
<[Norse]Adv> indeed
<[Norse]InNeed> and please change the member recruitment last week, and 2 ppl bp!
<[Norse]InNeed> thanks for round!
<Appocomaster> any one man tag naps? :p
<[Norse]InNeed> yeah!
<[Norse]Wish> baddars
<[Norse]Adv> very helpful! :p
<Appocomaster> every nap helps
<[Norse]Adv> Oh, and thank Norse for beeing patient
<[Norse]Adv> Idle for 500 ticks
<[Norse]Wish> I wish to thank newt for being a scan god
<[Norse]Adv> to secure pwin
<[Norse]InNeed> yeah! thanks norse
<[Norse]InNeed> our members is awesome
<Appocomaster> congrats to you all :)
<[Norse]InNeed> our HC's
<[Norse]newteh> i'd also like to thank advantix for recruiting shafuka to norse, having a girl in ally........ words fail me how crucial that was
<Appocomaster> certainly something to think about
<[Norse]InNeed> *
<Appocomaster> anything else?
<[Norse]InNeed> no we are done! thanks to our oot!
<Appocomaster> thanks ;)
* [Norse]Wish slaps Appocomaster around a bit with a large trout
<[Norse]InNeed> and everyone we didnt mention
<[Norse]Sandvold> Thx norse!!!!
<[Norse]Wish> from buddah!
<Appocomaster> thanks to Norse
<Appocomaster> who will also get 5 credits
<Appocomaster> now, finally, the all comp
<Appocomaster> please tag up
<Appocomaster> wow
<Appocomaster> everyone is erady
<Appocomaster> *ready
<Appocomaster> :o
<Appocomaster> okay
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 240 nicks and found 13 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<Pea> #10. Tag: Tsu, count: 1
<Pea> #9. Tag: A, count: 1
<Pea> #8. Tag: HR, count: 3
<Pea> #7. Tag: FL, count: 5
<Pea> #6. Tag: ULT, count: 7
<Pea> #5. Tag: p3n, count: 10
<Pea> #4. Tag: BowS, count: 12
<Pea> #3. Tag: Norse, count: 35
<Pea> #2. Tag: CT, count: 36
<Pea> #1. Tag: ND, count: 42
<Appocomaster> congrats ND