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EoRC Round 59: 05/12/2014

*** Mode #planetarion +m by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> Good evening, ladies and gentlemen and those who are undecided
<Appocomaster> and welcome to the Round 59 Planetarion End of Round Ceremony!
<Appocomaster> one day I will have to do this on skype or something, so I can bore you with my voice but really yell that phrase like the Saturday night tv show presenters :/
<Appocomaster> http://www.planetarion.com/news/new...-round-round-60
<Appocomaster> for those who haven't seen, please see the recent announcement we made about timelines for the winter round and round 60
<Appocomaster> please don't ask for details on those rounds yet
<Appocomaster> when we have decided the details, we will announce them :)
<Appocomaster> but you can submit your round 60 round name submissions ALREADY
*** Mode #planetarion +l 236 by Pea
<Appocomaster> I know many of you are excited about this, so please feel free to send as many e-mails as you wish to round60@planetarion.com
<Appocomaster> with your round name suggestions
<Appocomaster> where they will be collated and voted on
<Appocomaster> so, without further ado, we will interview the top 3 planets
*** Mode #planetarion +vvv FOCKER [p3n]Plaguuu [CT]Ell3 by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> hi all
<Appocomaster> congratulations
<Appocomaster> I just want to note
<Appocomaster> this is the mysterious "FOCKER", the dark knight who wishes to rename anonymous - for those of you who don't know who (s)he is
<Appocomaster> who has won
<Appocomaster> Plaguuu, who came second
<Appocomaster> wait
*** Mode #planetarion -v [CT]Ell3 by Appocomaster
*** Mode #planetarion +v [CT]elu by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> and arc is not available but has noblely (sp?) allowed elu to represent him for third place
<Appocomaster> I believe there is spell-checked poetry involved
<[CT]elu> yus :o
<Appocomaster> so, firstly, I guess we can't get by without talking about XP
<Appocomaster> 3 different alliances represented
<Appocomaster> when did you all decide that XP was the best option? or, elu, maybe not you if you are not sure how to answer this :P
<[CT]elu> i have a poem, all i have :(
<Appocomaster> right
<FOCKER> Using my high IQ it was decided from looking at the stats xp would be strong. And unlike others, using IQ I adapted and made MCS and not FCs.
<FOCKER> People seem to like to whine rather than change playing styles.
*** Mode #planetarion +l 242 by Pea
<Appocomaster> with such intelligence, your IQ must be huge. like, over 50 or something
<FOCKER> Plaguuu definitely had the same plan, as he maxed out MCs alot earlier than everyone else.
<Appocomaster> obviously a lot of xans had the same idea
<Appocomaster> was it just that xan fi was so strong?
<Appocomaster> or more general ST-ness?
<FOCKER> Not really, it was Xan couldnt defend against Xan.
<Appocomaster> Plaguuu?
<[p3n]Plaguuu> what :P
<[p3n]Plaguuu> xp is broken ;)
<FOCKER> a 100k banshee fleet could roid anyone. and the more xans who went XP the easier it got.
<Appocomaster> it's obviously a point of discussion to fix in future rounds
<[p3n]Plaguuu> no discussion needed :)
<Appocomaster> obviously it'll be interesting to see the stats of who went value vs who didn't
<Appocomaster> so, FOCKER, how did you steal the win from Plaguuu?
<FOCKER> By being better.
<FOCKER> HalfLike 1/3 of Plaguuus XP is from roiding me anyway.
<Appocomaster> such modesty
<[p3n]Plaguuu> Id say not getting a baby mid round helped him
<Appocomaster> so was your strategy to roid Plaguuu?
<Appocomaster> to get the win?
<FOCKER> It was a massive XP swap going on,
<FOCKER> nah i couldnt p3n decided for about 3 weeks i wasnt going to land on them.
<FOCKER> so in effect i capped from xans pen were napped too and they then hit me.
<FOCKER> Shout out to ReaperSux, who hit me i think 55 times?
<FOCKER> It was a pleasure seeing you fail on me repeatedly in the end and drop down the rankings.
<FOCKER> In the end it came down to I had a pretty awesome team of escorts. Who managed to screw it up every night which took me away from Plaguuu who basically ran out of targets.
<Appocomaster> handy
<FOCKER> I'd generally launch a pod fake at midnight game time, have a lovely 8 hours sleep and either wake up to roids. Or my fleet back at home.
<FOCKER> That sleep was quite important to maintain.
<FOCKER> I also got lucky with my gal taking offense to 2.4.10s whiney mails that they started to cover me against most incs. So thanks to them, even though i remain THE DARKNIGHT.
<FOCKER> look at him, he is being cute and nick talking.
*** Mode #planetarion +l 248 by Pea
<Appocomaster> quite the knight :P
<Appocomaster> okay, are you wanting to thank any people in particular?
<FOCKER> Er. Alliance obviously, the guys who were active enough to escort me.
<Appocomaster> are you implying your alliance only existed to make you win? :p
<FOCKER> Jose. Who was highly important and influential.
<FOCKER> Gal who covered me againt other XP guys. Although i did lose 19k roids this round.
<FOCKER> No alliance existed to hit asses like Clouds but sadly he emo quit rather early so other options had to be taken.
<Appocomaster> like hitting..?
<FOCKER> Pommeh, Tobbe and DOUBLEROUND winner ingal basically saved me everytime.
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> any final words before we move on to Plaguuu?
<FOCKER> Don;t nurf XP too much, it was strong but it was mainly Tia Sheet stats.
<FOCKER> And clouds, see you next round.
-*- FOCKER salutes
<FOCKER> Oh and jester wanted this shared - http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/bett...athmywings.html
<Appocomaster> ha
<Appocomaster> Plaguuu: so, how was the round for you?
<Appocomaster> must be frustrating to come second again :(
<Appocomaster> and with a baby too - congrats on that
<[p3n]Plaguuu> thx
<[CT]elu> yes gratz
<[p3n]Plaguuu> well wouldnt mind first
<[p3n]Plaguuu> but was really not expecting to this good cause of little time
<[p3n]Plaguuu> just checking how good xp still was
<[p3n]Plaguuu> so that you could change it this round :)
<Appocomaster> so is that what you decided to do?
<Appocomaster> just play for pure xp?
<[p3n]Plaguuu> yeah
<[p3n]Plaguuu> totalit
<[p3n]Plaguuu> get a few dist early then spam mc rest of round
<Appocomaster> just to show me how bad xp was? :P
<[p3n]Plaguuu> *good
<Appocomaster> well, potato tomato
<Appocomaster> any key game-related round moments for you?
<[p3n]Plaguuu> hmm
<[p3n]Plaguuu> not really :P
<Appocomaster> apart from getting then losing #1 :p
<[p3n]Plaguuu> find target launch check J repeat
<Appocomaster> did you have such support as .... the "dark knight" allegedly had
<Appocomaster> almost revealed bruce's identity :(
<[p3n]Plaguuu> well
<[p3n]Plaguuu> p3ng tried to defend against him eventually
<[p3n]Plaguuu> and good scanners
<[p3n]Plaguuu> but not much escorts unfortunately
<[p3n]Plaguuu> tho there were a few the last days
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> any major thanks?
<[p3n]Plaguuu> scanners
<[p3n]Plaguuu> gal who covered 2 2 9 with no help from me
<[p3n]Plaguuu> and thoose who escorted me :)
<[p3n]Plaguuu> and jintao
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> what did Jintato win this time?
<[p3n]Plaguuu> for coming up with new xp formula
<Appocomaster> lol
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> and lasty, arc v2, aka elu
<Appocomaster> did you have a poem for us?
<[CT]elu> yes
<[CT]elu> can i ?
<Appocomaster> sure
<[CT]elu> it's called "an ode to arc"
<[CT]elu> let me tell you the story of arc
<[CT]elu> he's a beast, perhaps a shark
<[CT]elu> small in stature for he is asian
<[CT]elu> but yet, he's (unconfirmed) a man
<[CT]elu> An arc is a line, a structure
<[CT]elu> never straight,
<[CT]elu> spans an opening or a gap...carries tremendous weight
<[CT]elu> arc's have been symbols, around since ancient times
<[CT]elu> coliseums and commemorations of gladiators and victories
<[CT]elu> celebrated in poetic rhymes
<[CT]elu> But this is about our arc, the player we all wish we were
<[CT]elu> tactical insight, strategic mastermind, battles won without a care
<[CT]elu> Just 10 days ago, arc took the challenge to be t3
<[CT]elu> as he rose through the ranks, he kept slapping me, yelling..
<[CT]elu> elu, look at me!
<[CT]elu> then just a few hours back
<[CT]elu> he slapped me, with the usual large trout
<[CT]elu> shouting at me, in caps, so, very loud
<[CT]elu> "I did it!" we were so proud, of that little git!
<-* Pea has kicked [CT]elu from #planetarion ([Warning] :: No flooding please! :: (7 lines in 4 secs))
*** Mode #planetarion +v [CT]elu by Appocomaster
<[CT]elu> :o
<[CT]elu> but arc did not do this alone, he had help from many
<[CT]elu> for example nin4th came back to escort him
<[CT]elu> even though he said:"this round sucks, i am gone" in an angry tone
<[CT]elu> he still helped arc to his godly throne
<[CT]elu> dza too helped arc, though he did not know,
<[CT]elu> an escort means: Dont land the attack!
<[CT]elu> but he joined slikkah pablo and some1 called red
<[CT]elu> to escort the arc, before going to bed
<[CT]elu> so arc thanks these gentlemen for selflessly his rise they fed.
<[CT]elu> Honourable mention also goes to sleepless
<[CT]elu> who suicide, in defence, on arcs competition
<[CT]elu> it was a mess, but he failed his mission
<[CT]elu> dav too was in his thanks note, for arc truly did not know,
<[CT]elu> that people found cardi's name offensive
<[CT]elu> truly, reporting arc was low...
<[CT]elu> To end it all, arc would like to thank,
<[CT]elu> his alliance members, hc and support
<[CT]elu> their help allowed elu to play this prank
<[CT]elu> and do arc's eorc
<[CT]elu> but whatever you may say,
<[CT]elu> allowing me to do his eorc
<[CT]elu> balls of steel are the arc way!
<[CT]elu> -----
<[CT]elu> :D
<Appocomaster> thank you, elu
<Appocomaster> that's the first poetry of this round
<Appocomaster> er
<Appocomaster> of any eorc
<Appocomaster> I am sure arc will be speechless
<[CT]elu> he told me not to
<Appocomaster> well, thanks to you all for your comments and feedbacks
<Appocomaster> lol
<[CT]elu> so prolly true
<Appocomaster> and I will award credits as normal to the top 3
<Appocomaster> which means arc rather than you, elu
<Appocomaster> :)
<[CT]elu> ofc
<[CT]elu> credit for the poem mebe ? :P
<[CT]elu> <3
*** Mode #planetarion -v [CT]elu by Appocomaster
*** Mode #planetarion -v [p3n]Plaguuu by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> you would have to appeal to a higher authority for that :P
<Appocomaster> on to the winning galaxy now
<Appocomaster> the top 2 galaxies shared the same tag
*** Mode #planetarion +l 254 by Pea
*** Mode #planetarion +v Pommeh by Appocomaster
*** Mode #planetarion +v SantaCruz by Appocomaster
*** Mode #planetarion +v Chuck by Appocomaster
*** Mode #planetarion +v elviz by Appocomaster
<Pommeh> why are you voicing those idiots?
<Appocomaster> they were in your galaxy
*** Mode #planetarion +v tobbe by Appocomaster
<Pommeh> well yeh...
<Chuck> Pommeh the slacker
<Pommeh> Fellaini is in the Utd team
<Pommeh> doesn't mean he does anything
<Chuck> Always sending def and attack to wrong eta
<Pommeh> voice Knusern aswell please
<Pommeh> apparently he was in the gal
<Pommeh> not that i'd noticed
*** Mode #planetarion +v knusern by Appocomaster
*** Mode #planetarion +v [p3n]Cart by Appocomaster
<knusern> GG
<Pommeh> eksero
*** Mode #planetarion +v eksero by Appocomaster
<SantaCruz> he was around more then i was tbh
<Appocomaster> do I have to :(
<Pommeh> well he won't talk tbh
<Appocomaster> well, congrats
<SantaCruz> wishmaster also
<Pommeh> cartman will be playing wow
<Appocomaster> he's not in the list!
<SantaCruz> don't forget wish
<knusern> i can talk
<Appocomaster> so, congrats guys
<Pommeh> don't get carried away knusern
<knusern> :D
<Chuck> Ty
<Appocomaster> I've never seen such a confused group of galaxy winners
<Chuck> Haha
<knusern> Chucks owed me money for the record
<knusern> owes
<eksero> then you should see our whatsapp chats
<Chuck> Its because of pommeh
<eksero> even more confusing
<Pommeh> they aren't that confused
<Appocomaster> oh you actually communicated?
<Pommeh> you just basically launch beets at 2 2 1
<Pommeh> and you're guaranteed to defend a wave
<Appocomaster> do you all know who was in the gal?
<Pommeh> i wouldn't call it communication
<Pommeh> chuck just spammed us for beetles
<eksero> and pegs
<Chuck> Ofc, my middle name is beetle
<Appocomaster> well congrats on #22, Chuck
<knusern> They told me we gone win early are u aktive? i was like yes. they were like ok.
<Pommeh> We should get down to serious questions though
<Pommeh> i have some whining to do about XP
<Pommeh> and stats
<Pommeh> and various other things
<knusern> ^^
<SantaCruz> lol yes
<Appocomaster> can I ask something first?
<knusern> yes
<SantaCruz> no
<Appocomaster> you all sent lots of def to Chuck
<knusern> not me
<Appocomaster> he finished 3 places above Pommeh
<SantaCruz> i didn't, like 2 fleets all round
<knusern> he asked specs 10 times a day
<Appocomaster> and behind elviz
<Appocomaster> and Ony
<Appocomaster> and "the dark knight"
<Appocomaster> that mysterious guy
<SantaCruz> is that our #9?
<Appocomaster> yes
<knusern> :)
<Appocomaster> we can call him bruce
<Pommeh> forgive me if i'm wrong Appocomaster
<Pommeh> but CHuck is the highest value ranked Xan?
<knusern> nr 9 was actualy never in channel:P
<knusern> solo ftw
<Appocomaster> I will look sometime
<Pommeh> We aimed for value ranks
<Appocomaster> #9 is obviously a solo person
<Pommeh> we knew XP was the way to win ofc
<SantaCruz> some of us did
<eksero> obviously.
<Pommeh> but we want to prove otherwise as well
<Appocomaster> #9 was an accident?
<Chuck> I wouldve been if i still had wraiths lmao
<SantaCruz> i aimed for sleep and inactivity
<knusern> hehe
<Pommeh> Santa is the prime example of how broken this game is
<Appocomaster> Lunar_Lamp still had more roids than most of you
<Pommeh> atleast XP wise
<SantaCruz> 6mil in 6 days
<knusern> They were gone exile nr 9 early round but was out of exiles:P
<Pommeh> He didn't plan until the last 6 days
<Pommeh> play*
<SantaCruz> shouldn't be possible
<Pommeh> well that's not completely true
<Pommeh> Santa wanted to exile 9, they even had each others alliances roid each other
<Pommeh> that made for some interesting mails
<SantaCruz> lol
<Appocomaster> how did the politics play out?
<SantaCruz> i just wanted to be friends
<Pommeh> the worst part is only tobbe/elviz/eksero and I knew who #9 was until 2 days ago
<Appocomaster> surely the most improtant thing was to stop losing roids and to steal as many as you could
<Pommeh> when he/she let the rest of the gal know
<Pommeh> for some of the gal yes, for others not
<Pommeh> we decided half way through the round that the caths needed to hold value
<Pommeh> but the rest didn't
<Pommeh> we could def the xans/etd very effectively with beetle
<knusern> u meen chuck
<knusern> very easly
<knusern> :P
<Pommeh> lol
<SantaCruz> cause we got hit everynight
<Chuck> No
<knusern> knusern was X mark the spot let him die
<Chuck> I got hit every night
<SantaCruz> our gal never had 24 hours without incoming on someone in waves
<Appocomaster> sounds like 1:1
<[p3n]Cart> pff our gal never had 5 hours without incoming
<eksero> nah we didnt have incs guys
<SantaCruz> i even got hit by 1:1
<eksero> <+deras> 2:2 has had the least incomings throughout the round
<eksero> ^
<Chuck> Total Attack Fleets Received: 375Total Defence Fleets Received: 372Total Incomings Received: 747
<SantaCruz> that was when i realized something was wrong
<Chuck> Yes
<Appocomaster> so, how did you beat that evil galaxy 5:9?
<Pommeh> we didn't tbh
<knusern> i lost like 8000 roids
<knusern> :(
<Chuck> By being better than them.
<Pommeh> early round we knew we would win.. i know it's ridiculous to say
<Pommeh> but if you look at the playerbase in our gal in comparison to others it's hard to say otherwise
<knusern> Elviz said to me we win 100%
<Appocomaster> what, when competing against Wishmaster and Jinstarro?
<SantaCruz> we played to win this round
<Pommeh> we didn't compete with 5.9 as such
<Pommeh> if one gal got incs we used to ground for each other
<Appocomaster> was it your secret extra planet?
<Pommeh> both are excessum so for us it made no difference who won
<SantaCruz> pommeh and elviz put alot of time and effort into coming back to planetarion
<SantaCruz> they expected to win
<Pommeh> Ziw/Wish/Mystic/Newt were all fantastic at defending us
<Appocomaster> did you co-operate with 5:9?
<Appocomaster> ah
<Appocomaster> there we go :P
<Pommeh> I think a few times Ziw even sacrificed himself for 2.2 :P
<Pommeh> Newt was escorting us on app late round with CT HCs emoing at him
<Pommeh> Best def planet for us.. atleast inf wise was rico though
<Pommeh> he literally played purely to support elviz into the top10
<Pommeh> unfortunately we didn't manage to hit that goal :(
<Appocomaster> #11
<Appocomaster> close
<Appocomaster> :(
<Pommeh> Idd
<SantaCruz> well look at top 10
<Appocomaster> so, any final thanks or words?
<Pommeh> we wanted top gal, top planet from gal in both score and value and 1 value planet in top10
<Pommeh> we managed all but 1 :(
<SantaCruz> take away the xp problem
<Pommeh> Thanks for Norton Airlines for ruining it!
<SantaCruz> and it's a different round
<SantaCruz> don't get me wrong
<SantaCruz> i watched our #9 earn his victory
<Appocomaster> I think this round was a combination of several factors
<Pommeh> tbh the XP was not so bad
<Pommeh> partly it's annoying but at the same time it made us play dammed hard
<SantaCruz> he attacked all round and worked to stay in top ranks
<Appocomaster> including stats and xp
<Appocomaster> we will have more MT stats next round
<eksero> the stats were horrific
<Pommeh> If it was a value round we wound have won much more easily
<Appocomaster> I don't think we'll have ST stats again for a while
<knusern> Just GG WP
<Appocomaster> to be honest
<SantaCruz> however xp like this and stats can't mix
<Pommeh> ST is not the problem
<Pommeh> those stats were the problem
<Appocomaster> if the xan fr fired before xan fi
<SantaCruz> i was 4.4mil last friday
<Appocomaster> no one would moan
<SantaCruz> ranked 375th
<SantaCruz> i finished 9th
<SantaCruz> that's not right
<Pommeh> Xan fr before the fi?
<Pommeh> that's great Appocomaster
<Pommeh> did you even look at the stats pal?
<Appocomaster> I did but I didn't think that'd be such an issue
<SantaCruz> lol
<SantaCruz> next round we should just stats that worked before
<Pommeh> I'm referring to the fact that Xan FR doesn't interfere with xan fi
<SantaCruz> tweak them abit and run with them
<Pommeh> i think you mean DE
<SantaCruz> this maybe they will work, is getting old
<Pommeh> I'm doing the stats next round!
<Pommeh> I emoed too much in pm to APpo this round before round start
<SantaCruz> last stats you did was for winter round like 2 years ago?
<Pommeh> it was for the round we won
<SantaCruz> ^^
<Pommeh> lol :P
<Appocomaster> http://i.imgur.com/PY9pV9T.jpg
<Pommeh> last round we played? 34?
<Appocomaster> Pommeh: welcome to suggest stats for r60
<Appocomaster> okay,we need to move on
<SantaCruz> thats racist
<Appocomaster> but thanks
<Pommeh> np!
<knusern> thanks
<Pommeh> on a side note though, big thanks to all the guys in 5.9 <3
<SantaCruz> little omaba looks hungry for proper stats
<Pommeh> and inf!
<knusern> thanks to 2:2
<knusern> aswell
<Pommeh> Storebos pirates were awesome vs clouds and his nuts
<Pommeh> nubs*
<SantaCruz> ...
<knusern> i tell who nr 9 is for a cred
*** Mode #planetarion -vvvvvv eksero [p3n]Cart tobbe elviz Chuck SantaCruz by Appocomaster
*** Mode #planetarion -vv knusern Pommeh by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> thanks to 2:2
<Appocomaster> now, finally, the winning alliance
*** Mode #planetarion +v [p3n]munkee by Appocomaster
<[p3n]munkee> 8 minutes for me to condense my 20 minute poem :(
<Appocomaster> sorry
<[p3n]munkee> heroic
<Appocomaster> I couldn't cope with 20 minutes of poetry :p
<Appocomaster> any others to voice?
<[p3n]munkee> i got about 59 others
<[p3n]munkee> ill pm u nicks
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> I'll auto-ignore pm spam
<[p3n]munkee> >appoco< mom
<[p3n]munkee> >appoco< dad
<[p3n]munkee> :(
<Appocomaster> so, a reasonably comfortable lead
<Appocomaster> definitely in terms of roids
<[p3n]munkee> yea and score this time lad
<[p3n]munkee> not the 2 mill you thought last round eh
<Appocomaster> what, 2.7 this round? ;)
<[p3n]munkee> we like it close etc
<[p3n]munkee> anyways enough shitchat
<[p3n]munkee> proper questions go go go
<Appocomaster> gonna try for a hat tirck next round?
<Appocomaster> *trick
<[p3n]munkee> ill say it now
<[p3n]munkee> YES
<[p3n]munkee> we are in a good place
<[p3n]munkee> i have great relations with people i trust
<[p3n]munkee> its for you guys to beat us
<[p3n]munkee> but not in a winter round lets do it proper
<[p3n]munkee> r60
<[p3n]munkee> theres been excuses the last 2 rounds its all i hear, xp blah blah
<[p3n]munkee> lets do it right
<Appocomaster> yeah
<Appocomaster> so
<[p3n]munkee> 1 on 1 preferably ofc :D
<Appocomaster> xan is obviously popular
<[p3n]munkee> yes ofc
<Appocomaster> you split across terran and xan almost equally
<[p3n]munkee> ah outdated info
<[p3n]munkee> we were a mix in honesty
<[p3n]munkee> lots of decisions pre 30 mins to first tick
<[p3n]munkee> we decided against a full ter xan mix
<Appocomaster> 6 xans and ziks in top 100
<[p3n]munkee> yes our xan wh0r3s mainly in the t100
<[p3n]munkee> and those forced to go zik in t100
<Appocomaster> what made you go for that strategy? or was it more making it up as you go along? :P
<[p3n]munkee> lots of emo arguments
<[p3n]munkee> the usual
<[p3n]munkee> and i dont mind others picking strats for us as i dont read stats so we go with those who shout loudest
<Appocomaster> who is the mastermind then?
<[p3n]munkee> jorgan
<[p3n]munkee> he sadly didnt play this round but we kept him in our hearts
<[p3n]munkee> i dealt mainly with the politics stuff due to people hating me and i like to convince them otherwise its ok to love munkee
<[p3n]munkee> nqp
<Appocomaster> who else played such a key role?
<Appocomaster> you forgot the .
<Appocomaster> :p
<[p3n]munkee> errr
<[p3n]munkee> berten and m0 for stats epic emo heroes
<[p3n]munkee> dogg bazza m0 bc'n like bosses
<[p3n]munkee> too many people to mention about dc'n
<[p3n]munkee> believe it or not we do try to def it jsut doesnt always go well
<Appocomaster> ;)
<[p3n]munkee> can we talk about wars now
<[p3n]munkee> and stuff
<Appocomaster> and ... following on from your previous answer, how did politics influence your round?
<[p3n]munkee> so
<[p3n]munkee> for me this was all about not holding a grudge
<[p3n]munkee> last round fighting with bf i gained respect for them it was good to be buddy bears this round ofc
<[p3n]munkee> we had faithful nelito and santa in fl
<[p3n]munkee> good solid allies to work with early on
<[p3n]munkee> inferno decided we were some form of enemy
<[p3n]munkee> i guess we blame forest for that
<[p3n]munkee> we tested the water early to see what they were worth
<[p3n]munkee> and not to be arrogant
<[p3n]munkee> but i knew it would be ok
<[p3n]munkee> we have a very very strong core who are used to going through hell now
<[p3n]munkee> r57 showed that
*** Mode #planetarion +l 260 by Pea
<[p3n]munkee> so as i say.. happy for fights next time around i want testing
<Appocomaster> it was prety close for the first half of the round
<Appocomaster> did you feel as you started to pull away that was it, and you'd won?
<Appocomaster> based on previous experience
<[p3n]munkee> we naturally get stronger as round progresses thats taken a long time to find the right people for
<[p3n]munkee> usualyl most allies get bored and drop off near the end
<[p3n]munkee> we saw that with bf this round and ult
<[p3n]munkee> i kind of know if crap hasnt hit the fan by t500 we will be fine
<Appocomaster> yep, that was about when you emerged :)
<Appocomaster> what do you think about the xp situation? as it's the "in" thing to talk about? :p
<[p3n]munkee> personally no issue with it
<[p3n]munkee> at a planet level and maybe a gal level yes it has influence
<[p3n]munkee> but look at the xp allies
<[p3n]munkee> we had the best of both
<[p3n]munkee> an xan bg who pump score
<[p3n]munkee> and a core doing normal value play
<[p3n]munkee> that worked really good in the end
<[p3n]munkee> .nqp
<[p3n]munkee> -[BF]Zod- You do not have the right privileges to perform this command.
<Appocomaster> and I guess - what change do you think would make the game more challenging for you?
<Appocomaster> or what would you like to see in future rounds?
<Appocomaster> .nqp
<[p3n]munkee> someone pm me with the answers to that question plz
<[p3n]munkee> ill divert for a min
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<[p3n]munkee> tbh appoco i dont care and thats rubbish i guess
<[p3n]munkee> god knows what u can do
<[p3n]munkee> ask people who know more than me about mechanics of game. im the wrong person for that question
<Appocomaster> you just like competing against everyone else, whatever the rules?
<[p3n]munkee> sure
<[p3n]munkee> end of the day theres so much whine on forums
<[p3n]munkee> about current round stats and xp and all thsi stuff
<[p3n]munkee> we all play the same game
<[p3n]munkee> my rules are no diff to yours
*** Mode #planetarion +l 253 by Pea
<[p3n]munkee> a win is a win for me. its whether people adapt to that
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> any final comments or thanks?
<[p3n]munkee> yes
<[p3n]munkee> willzzz for paying for credits
<[p3n]munkee> great guy
<[p3n]munkee> and also thank you to my core you know who youa re ure so feckin solid its unreal it feels like older days in pa
<[p3n]munkee> and thanks to the new guys and the new allies we talked with this round
<[p3n]munkee> really good dealing with you
<[p3n]munkee> nelito ure a hero
<[p3n]munkee> thanks for the 48 hour nap :D
<[p3n]munkee> ill deal with any ally next tiem around
<[p3n]munkee> dont be shy
<[p3n]munkee> even hr who hate me now :|
<Appocomaster> I don't know if you meant nap as in sleeping or NAP :p
<[p3n]munkee> im the big spoon
<[p3n]munkee> <&#9224;[jesterina]mz&#9224;>&#9224; answer: XP is a little too weak
<[p3n]munkee> &#9224;<&#9224;[jesterina]mz&#9224;>&#9224; needs a small buff for next round
<[p3n]munkee> thats our answer to ure mechanics changes
<Appocomaster> lol
<Appocomaster> okay, will keep that in mind
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<Appocomaster> as jesterina (who obviously won) said that
<[p3n]munkee> * Users on #p3nguins: @[p3n]Rampage @[p3n]anI @[p3n]big-al @[p3n]Willzzz @p3ngu @[p3n]munkee @[p3n]Hybbe @[p3n]Berten
<Appocomaster> erm
<[p3n]munkee> * Users on #p3nguins: @P
<Appocomaster> random :p
<[p3n]munkee> they all deserve thanks
<Appocomaster> :)
<[p3n]munkee> heroes
<[p3n]munkee> good night
<Appocomaster> okay, well, thanks for the interview
<Appocomaster> nn
*** Mode #planetarion -v [p3n]munkee by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> before we do the allcomp, I'd like to remind you that havoc thing will start tomorrow morning
<Appocomaster> at 9 (or whenever I get out of bed)
<Appocomaster> and we will have the winter round signups starting next week
<Appocomaster> Lunar_Lamp, before we do the allcomp, do you have anything to say?
<Lunar_Lamp> Oh, just a quick one from me!
<Lunar_Lamp> Just a heads up for players within the EU.
<Lunar_Lamp> As of Jan 1st, the tax rules on VAT are changing across the EU, and it is likely that if you are within the EU we will have to charge you VAT on credit purchases made from 1st Jan 2015.
<Lunar_Lamp> It's a little unclear if this applies to UK players though.
<Lunar_Lamp> So, if that is going to impact you, it is possible that the price you pay for credits might be increasing in Jan.
<Lunar_Lamp> If you live outside of the EU (e.g. USA, Norway, Australia) this won't imapct you!
<Appocomaster> Don't forget Canada!
<Appocomaster> (and yes, we do mean Norway)
<Lunar_Lamp> Yes, Canada is also outside of the EU! Gold star to you Appocomaster ;-p
<Appocomaster> well, thank you Lunar_Lamp and boo to all the evil EU people who are trying to ruthlessly tax Amazon etc and also mess things up for us :(
<Lunar_Lamp> We haven't worked through all the technical implications of the law changes yet, but I wanted to give warning in case anyone wanted to buy credits ahead of that 1st Jan deadline :-)
<Appocomaster> ah ha!
<Appocomaster> clever
<Lunar_Lamp> So, yes, that's my very boring announcement over.
<Appocomaster> boring but important
<Appocomaster> okay, finally, the allcomp!
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 242 nicks and found 12 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
-*- Appocomaster pushes the big red button
<Pea> #10. Tag: Spore, count: 1
<Pea> #9. Tag: Offline, count: 1
<Pea> #8. Tag: HR, count: 3
<Pea> #7. Tag: ODDR, count: 3
<Pea> #6. Tag: ROCK, count: 6
<Pea> #5. Tag: Bows, count: 13
<Pea> #4. Tag: CT, count: 22
<Pea> #3. Tag: ND, count: 23
<Pea> #2. Tag: p3n, count: 27
<Pea> #1. Tag: BF, count: 35
<Appocomaster> congrats to BF#
<Appocomaster> you will get some sparkly credits aimed your way too
<Appocomaster> thanks to everyone
*** Mode #planetarion -m by Appocomaster