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World Cup Fever!

World Cup Fever has hit Planetarion in a three-pronged attack!

1) World Cup Fantasy League
As per this thread on the forums, there is a Planetarion World Cup Fantasy League. There will be one credit given to the top team at the end of the World Cup!

2) World Cup Prediction League
As per this thread on the forums, there is also a Planetarion World Cup Prediction League. This will involve guessing the results of every World Cup match, with points gained for the correct winner and the correct score. Again, the player at the top of the league at the end of the World Cup will receive a credit!

3) World Cup Speed Games

We will be running 3 World Cup Speedgames.

These will consist of:
-8 man galaxies
-2 minute ticks
-Specialised stats, to be announced before sign ups.
-Special roids will be present in the form of "Golden Balls" and will have twice the normal chance of being captured (so a 25% steal of asteroids on a planet would give you a 50% chance of stealing a "Golden Ball")
-No bash limit
-All exiling to be disabled
-Ranking of galaxies will be done on "Golden Ball Power", which will consist of a combination of Golden Balls held by the galaxy and the score of those planets.
-Free with adverts

These will be held as follows:
Warmup Match
-Signups open on Thursday, 19th June at approximately 20:00 GMT.
-Ticks run from 12:00 GMT Saturday 21st June - 12:00 GMT Sunday 22nd June
-Open "beta"
-No specification of one galaxy being a particular country
-General free for all
-Havoc for the remainder of Sunday!
-Feedback welcome on the new scoring system and the stats.

-Signups open on Thursday, 26th June at approximately 20:00 GMT.
-Ticks run from 12:00 GMT Saturday 28th June - 12:00 GMT Sunday 29th June
-Each team must be Europe or non-Europe aligned (as a minimum, country-specific galaxies are welcome)
-Recommended country-themed galaxy flags
-Europe-based galaxies will be in C2
-Non-Europe-based galaxies will be in C3
-Cluster-wide alliances
-Top 5 galaxies in each cluster as of 12:00 GMT on Sunday, 29th of June qualify for the final.

The final!
-Signups open on Thursday, 3rd July at approximately 20:00 GMT.
-Ticks run from 12:00 GMT Saturday 5th July - 12:00 GMT Sunday 6th July
-Teams based on those who qualified previous weekend; up to 3 "substitutions" allowed from the previous galaxy.
-All European teams in C2
-All Non-European teams in C3
-Galaxy-specific alliances
-Credits for the winning galaxy