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EoRC Round 46: 11/05/2012

<Appocomaster> Good evening, ladies and gentlemen
<Appocomaster> tonight we have another world-famous End of Round Ceremony, to celebrate the 46th round of Planetarion and to interview the winners
<Appocomaster> (world-famous is such a cool phrase; I had to steal it)
<Appocomaster> Tonight, we have the top 3 planets, champions of the universe
<Appocomaster> we als have representatives from the top alliance and top galaxy
<Appocomaster> *also
<Appocomaster> just to remind you all
<Appocomaster> you can all submit round name suggestinos for round 47
<Appocomaster> round47@planetarion.com
<Appocomaster> we have 26 people submitting entries so far
<Appocomaster> so that means almost 1 person in 3 is gonig to be on the final vote
<Appocomaster> get submitting, increase your chances of a free credit! :)
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> without further ado
<Appocomaster> we shall bring up the top three planets
<Appocomaster> we have Ronin, 6:7:3, of CT
<Appocomaster> goKu, 4:3:1, of FAnG
<Appocomaster> and lennon, 3:3:11, of ToF
<Appocomaster> none of whom are in the top alliance!
-!- mode/#planetarion [+vvv [CT]Ronin [FAnG]goKu [ToF]Lennon] by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> hi guys
<Appocomaster> congrats to you all
<[FAnG]goKu> hi, thx a lot !
<[ToF]Lennon> Lo tu
<Appocomaster> are Ronin and Lennon there?
<Appocomaster> ah
<[CT]Ronin> hello, yes
<Appocomaster> my introduction was fairly lengthy
<[CT]Ronin> thanks
<Appocomaster> I worried you may have fallen asleep. That'd be embarrassing
<[FAnG]goKu> ;)
<Appocomaster> so, Ronin, congrats
<Appocomaster> is this your first time in the top 3?
<[ToF]Lennon> Suns up but I'm still here!
<[CT]Ronin> Hmm, i'm not sure anymore
<[CT]Ronin> it is my first win, but I think i've been top three before
<[ToF]Lennon> First time
<[CT]Ronin> long time ago
<[CT]Ronin> is it? okay )
<Appocomaster> Lennon, yes ;) congrats
<Appocomaster> rank 4 in Round 27
<Appocomaster> rank 8 in round 24
<Appocomaster> that's all have
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> anyway
<[CT]Ronin> ohh
<Appocomaster> we'll cover you, Ronin
<Appocomaster> congrats :)
<[CT]Ronin> yeh, both were close calls for #1 :p
<Appocomaster> how does it feel to be here?
<[CT]Ronin> Nice to be honest. I have tried to win a round a couple of times
<[CT]Ronin> and everytime Ascendancy raped me to the ground
<[CT]Ronin> So, nice to see it work out!
<Appocomaster> did you plan to wni?
<[CT]Ronin> Well, to be honest
<[CT]Ronin> I had not played for 2 years I think
<[CT]Ronin> and [ddk]gm convinced me to play
<[CT]Ronin> I think I told him i'd be a scanner
<[CT]Ronin> but when I start playing, I just need to do better then that
<[CT]Ronin> it was fairly soon I decided I wanted to win
<Appocomaster> did your alliance help you in trying to come first?
<Appocomaster> you were the only top 10 CT player
<Appocomaster> (sorry Monroe :P)
<[CT]Ronin> hah, yes monroe was unfortunate (damn you Crashdawn)
<[CT]Ronin> CT definitely was a big help. Without a proper alliance I don't think you can ever win a round of PA
<[CT]Ronin> The officers/HC and all members backed me
<Appocomaster> did you get alliance def priorities etc? or?
<[CT]Ronin> and CT provided a great environment to play in, so big thanks
<[CT]Ronin> well, not till the very end
<[CT]Ronin> The alliance battle was fierce
<[CT]Ronin> and had priority
<[CT]Ronin> when we knew for sure Ultores was going tow in, people stayed home and defended
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> sounds good
<Appocomaster> was your alliance or galaxy more important/
<[CT]Ronin> Combination of both. I definitely need to thank my galaxy! Joepie, Monroe (wel not really, he just 3 fleeted), Patrikc, Kayil, Ana3d, Scott (didnt have fleet, but ok), Inneed, Olav and Epcylon!, Patteh and Datrogh too ofc, but we were mostly warring with them :-)
<[CT]Ronin> Zik was very weak
<[CT]Ronin> to xan FI
<[CT]Ronin> but my gal was loaded with banshee
<[CT]Ronin> Attacks were unlandable when the large Xan's defended
<[CT]Ronin> xan vs xan was just carnage
<Appocomaster> was there a key moment in the round?
<Appocomaster> where you thought you were going to win?
<[CT]Ronin> Well, this weekend I was pretty sure
<[CT]Ronin> Apprime did their "jihad" on Lennon
<[CT]Ronin> and goku was stuck grounded
<[CT]Ronin> and with CT backing
<[CT]Ronin> I knew we would cover lolwaves
<[CT]Ronin> but before that, you never know
<[CT]Ronin> I think I as #1 from tick 300 or so
<Appocomaster> are there any other things you'd like to highl;ight or peolpe you'd like to thank? :)
<[CT]Ronin> One thing I guess that made the round for me
<[CT]Ronin> was around tick 150, to decide to use my bonus and get zik BS mega fast
<[CT]Ronin> I was going through stats
<[CT]Ronin> and looking at xan planets, and saw how terribly strong Hijackers were
<[CT]Ronin> (Nobody had siege tech, wraiths pwned!)
<[CT]Ronin> I think I had 2 weeks
<[CT]Ronin> of landing every night with my team attack mates (MIx and FrN, thx!)
<Appocomaster> :)
<[CT]Ronin> I think goku followed quite fast aswell
<[CT]Ronin> with the BS
<[CT]Ronin> and made his jump
<[FAnG]goKu> yeah idd :)
<[CT]Ronin> later on, we couldnt land anything with it anymore though. Wraiths would just shut everything down
<[CT]Ronin> and about the thank you's, Definitely to CT (Dogshed bg!), My galaxy (Patteh and his analfisting!) and lastly Ana3d
<[CT]Ronin> Ana3d basically always had my back
<Appocomaster> and he was an ally mate?
<Appocomaster> :)
<[CT]Ronin> when I wasn't arround
<[CT]Ronin> yes
<[CT]Ronin> in my galaxy and ally
<[CT]Ronin> he would make sure def would start when needed
<[CT]Ronin> and call me etc
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> your own personal dc
<[CT]Ronin> Yeh, big thx!
<Appocomaster> ok, moving on then?
<[CT]Ronin> yeh, lets hear goku and lennons story
<[CT]Ronin> I think the three of us had a great battle for #1
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> so, goKu, congrats on second
<[FAnG]goKu> thx appoco
<Appocomaster> you got a rank 4 in round 5, so it's been a while :)
<[FAnG]goKu> big congrats to Ronin
<[FAnG]goKu> yeah had a long break
<[FAnG]goKu> returned r45
<[FAnG]goKu> when irvine called me
<[FAnG]goKu> to play again
<[FAnG]goKu> ended rank 6 r46
<[FAnG]goKu> r45 i mean ^^
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> so, how did you find the ruond?
<Appocomaster> *round
<Appocomaster> do you feel you were in with a shot of overtaking Ronin?
<[FAnG]goKu> it was an awesome round so my mind
<[FAnG]goKu> the round was close for 3 alliances for a long while
<[FAnG]goKu> big congras to ultores who finaly managed it again to win
<[FAnG]goKu> Ronin did a very good job
<Appocomaster> they were vocal about how they had no chance half way through the round, iirc ;)
<[FAnG]goKu> well ult had to face many incs from start of the round
<[FAnG]goKu> but they have a damn good core
<[FAnG]goKu> and they stayed motivated what makes them one of the best allys ingame
<[FAnG]goKu> maybe the best
<[CT]Ronin> Especially that part
<[FAnG]goKu> yep.
<[CT]Ronin> It is hard to keep playing when being hit every night by multiple allies
<Appocomaster> goKu, key people for you this round?
<[FAnG]goKu> well Irvine for beeing the best DC in know .... he is a legend in PA already ! big thx to u my friend
<[FAnG]goKu> also i like to say thx to [FAnG]FeNiX my best PA friend
<[FAnG]goKu> big thx
<[FAnG]goKu> he is one of the best players i know
<[FAnG]goKu> and he keeped on my side
<[FAnG]goKu> when he had bad luck this round
<[FAnG]goKu> i would not archive it without him
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> (*achieve)
<[FAnG]goKu> also a big thx to my alliance FANG ofc
<[FAnG]goKu> without a decend ally u cant end in the top rankings
<[FAnG]goKu> oh and my german friends in "gosu" ofc ;)
<[FAnG]goKu> hasu i did not forget u :P
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> all done? :)
<[FAnG]goKu> yeah i think so ;)
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> :)
<[FAnG]goKu> thx appoco
<Appocomaster> well, congrats
<Appocomaster> finally, Lennon :)
<Appocomaster> congrats on #3
<Appocomaster> I'm pretty sure this is your first time top 3
<Appocomaster> but you did well last round
<Appocomaster> #1 next round? :)
<[ToF]Lennon> Lol
<[ToF]Lennon> That was the goal this round
<Appocomaster> did you feel you were gonig to catch this two?
<[ToF]Lennon> Yep
<[ToF]Lennon> I had a different game to them both
<[ToF]Lennon> I chose to sit out the alli wars
<[CT]Ronin> your game was amazing to be honest
<[ToF]Lennon> And focus on planet
<Appocomaster> do you think alliance wars had an imapct?
<[ToF]Lennon> I refused to tag ultores
<[ToF]Lennon> Because if I did I would get targeted
<Appocomaster> are you Ultores or ToF?
<[ToF]Lennon> so for 600 ticks I was untagged
<[ToF]Lennon> Roiding everyone with mass bs and galleons
<[ToF]Lennon> Awesome ship!
<[ToF]Lennon> I am tof
<Appocomaster> ok :)
<[ToF]Lennon> I planned going ultores early round because They are awesome but I wanted to three fleet and xp
<Appocomaster> you were gonig to change alliances?
<Appocomaster> or just be ult?
<[ToF]Lennon> From tick start to 600 I was unallied
<[ToF]Lennon> The original plan was to go ult but I changed my mind
<[ToF]Lennon> Then about that time
<[ToF]Lennon> My buddy pack disbanded
<Appocomaster> (Ult may want to mention something about that later
<[ToF]Lennon> And landed in 3:3
<Appocomaster> ah :)
<Appocomaster> any major thanks?
<Appocomaster> before we move on :)
<[ToF]Lennon> It was the place to switch from xp to value
<[ToF]Lennon> So I continued attacking the universe and found a hone in tof
<[ToF]Lennon> *home
<[ToF]Lennon> Hone was my bp member btw <3
<[ToF]Lennon> tof treated me awesome
<Appocomaster> Lennon: final thanks please? :)
<[ToF]Lennon> They didn't complain that I was sometimes terrible member
<Appocomaster> 3 fleeting has been rumoured
<[ToF]Lennon> They lol waved my competitors for 3
<[ToF]Lennon> Iwhatever I did they had my back
<[ToF]Lennon> I love them all jorgan dav rein striker kirinaros cyphix hone
<Appocomaster> (sorry, apparently yuo are on your phone - dedication! :) )
<[ToF]Lennon> My gal was awesome and alli flagshippped awesome round
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> wel,l thanks Lennon
<[ToF]Lennon> Wd to other 2 wo
<[ToF]Lennon> Wp
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> thank you
<[CT]Ronin> thanks
<[FAnG]goKu> thx
<[CT]Ronin> and grats to ally and 3:3!
-!- mode/#planetarion [-vvv [FAnG]goKu [CT]Ronin [ToF]Lennon] by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> congrats to you all :)
-!- mode/#planetarion [+vv [3-3]Williams [3-3]scorpyooo] by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> trying to find alexis
<Appocomaster> anyway, the winners are 3-3 :)
<Appocomaster> congrats to you
<[3-3]Williams> [4InARow]pub is alexis
<Appocomaster> right
<Appocomaster> he may not be talking much then!
<[3-3]scorpyooo> he's enjoyin' our victory
<[3-3]scorpyooo> voice [3-3]irv or zaeji if alexis can't talk :P
<Appocomaster> :)
<[3-3]Williams> galaxy names: Zaejii, Sleepless, Tulling, Irvine, rasputin, Killeah, Williams, alexis, Mikee, arc, lennon and scorpyoo
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v [3-3]irv] by Appocomaster
<[3-3]Williams> in order i believe
<[3-3]scorpyooo> thx
<Appocomaster> Killeah told me to just voice you :p
<[3-3]irv> Yay bishes
<[3-3]Williams> great group of nice people :)
<[3-3]Williams> awesome galaxy defence, very active with no real lifes it seems ;)
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> so, congrats on the win
<[FAnG]Irvy> Let me have a say whrn you are done
<[tgv]scorpyooo> not so much ally def for me tbh but they played well
<[tgv]scorpyooo> :P
<Appocomaster> by quite a margin
<[FAnG]Irvy> Working atm
<[3-3]Williams> we had some out of gal help with dcing
<Appocomaster> :O
<Appocomaster> a consultant dc?
<[3-3]Williams> smasher for calcing for lennon for 1
<Appocomaster> ah
<Appocomaster> is there anywhere he doesn't get? :)
<[3-3]Williams> and Dav for doing shit for us
<Appocomaster> sp
<Appocomaster> so
<Appocomaster> key moments in the round?
<Appocomaster> you were quite far ahead tbh
<[tgv]scorpyooo> when i exiled in 3-3 i think it was a key for em
<[tgv]scorpyooo> :>
<[3-3]Williams> Dunno i exciled in that made them win lol ;)
<[3-3]Williams> yep you 2
<[3-3]Williams> haha
<Appocomaster> lol
<[tgv]scorpyooo> many thanks to smasher , mikee and all others because they accepted me when i exiled . i crashed 2 times at that time and it was a very hard decision if i stay or no in 3-3
<[3-3]Williams> Offcourse all our allies where great help, there thats sad 2 ;)
<[tgv]scorpyooo> if u didn't noticed appoco u have here the winning gal from last round :P
<[3-3]Williams> oh lennon wants to talk 1 more time Appocomaster your risk ;)
<Appocomaster> what again?
<[tgv]scorpyooo> except me :P i just came in
<Appocomaster> he exiled in too
<Appocomaster> can't we have someone from the original gal?
<[tgv]scorpyooo> voice zaeji then :D
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v [3-3]Zaejii] by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> well
<[3-3]Zaejii> \o/ ASCENDANCY \o/
<Appocomaster> I just want to know really
<Appocomaster> any key moments
<Appocomaster> and thanks
<Appocomaster> and then we're moving on to alliances :)
<[3-3]Zaejii> we basically just tried to set up the races in a way that we could fill in for people's weaknesses while having a bunch of xans to start
<[3-3]Zaejii> had a real bad luck w/ getting exiles in this round
<[3-3]Zaejii> Mikee, Slikkah (sorry for sp?), Germ all didn't make it
<[3-3]Zaejii> but Mikee late started as Cat and pwned it
<Appocomaster> well, exile system isn't meant to allow yuo to get people to exile in :)
<[3-3]Zaejii> him roiding like he did really set everything off and we all just hung on and tried to keep up
<[FAnG]Irvy> Hmm
<[3-3]Zaejii> they pretty much got all the thanks down right
<[3-3]Williams> Yaya did something good then this round :)
<[3-3]Zaejii> all our alliances, smasher, dav
<[3-3]Zaejii> killeah picked our targets most nights and tp'd for the gal
<[tgv]scorpyooo> mikee did a great round tbh he was our gal dc
<[3-3]Zaejii> was all around a great effort by everyone
<Appocomaster> Mikee ended 7th as a late starter
<[3-3]Zaejii> politics kinda screwed rasp out of the team ups and he couldn't really get going after his crashes (hi gzambo!)
<[3-3]Zaejii> oh
<[3-3]Zaejii> and thanks CT, for going to war with Fang and not letting the round stagnate
<[tgv]scorpyooo> i crashed too!:P
<[3-3]Zaejii> sorry it didn't pan out for you
<[3-3]Zaejii> and grats on #4 ult!
<[3-3]Zaejii> we have SEVEN PEOPLE who were in gal last round when we finished 1st
<[tgv]scorpyooo> gratz to 4-3 also they did well but they just couldn't keep up
<[3-3]Zaejii> (and apparently none of them wanted to talk - perhaps they're all getting wasted)
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> sec
<Appocomaster> Irv has something to say
<[3-3]Zaejii> HMM?
<[ND]Williams> He can stil speak?
<[tgv]scorpyooo> hah
<Appocomaster> he said he had somethign to say
<[ToF]Zaejii> he usually just says HMM
<Appocomaster> well,
<[ToF]Zaejii> oh, and that kick/ban was for not properly thanking us lemon :D
<[ToF]Zaejii> while you went around pissing off half the uni :(
<[ND]Williams> hehe
<[ND]Williams> :)
<[FAnG]Irvy> Hmm
<[FAnG]Irvy> Can i
<[ToF]Zaejii> see ^
<[FAnG]Irvy> Now?
<Appocomaster> yes
<Appocomaster> now
<[FAnG]Irvy> I want to thx all peons
<[FAnG]Irvy> Who played with fang
<[FAnG]Irvy> You guys rock
<[FAnG]Irvy> And to clarify once more than trollong on ad
<[FAnG]Irvy> We declared war on ct voz of their betrayal
<[FAnG]Irvy> Nothimg more
<[FAnG]Irvy> Not for # 1 alliancess
<Appocomaster> ok
<[FAnG]Irvy> We couldnt care less who wins
<[FAnG]Irvy> Lmfao
<[FAnG]Irvy> Is zhe trutj
<Appocomaster> ko
<[FAnG]Irvy> Thx appo
<Appocomaster> that's more of a FAnG thing
<Appocomaster> anyway thanks
<[FAnG]Irvy> Finishing up
-!- mode/#planetarion [-vv [FAnG]Irvy [ToF]Zaejii] by Appocomaster
-!- mode/#planetarion [-vv [ND]Williams [tgv]scorpyooo] by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> finally, the winning alliance
<Appocomaster> :)
-!- mode/#planetarion [+vv [4InARow]agar3s [4InARow]HaSu] by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> congrats guys
<[4InARow]agar3s> thanks
<Appocomaster> as your tags say, 4th in a row
<[4InARow]HaSu> thanks!
-!- mode/#planetarion [+v [4InARow]Zwan] by Appocomaster
<[4InARow]Zwan> :D
<[4InARow]HaSu> i want to say 2 things before we start
* [4InARow]agar3s pokes hasu
<[4InARow]HaSu> first thing is about lennon who was thinking about joining us, but he got kicked after last round and refected again cuz hes just 3 fleeting and shit and we didnt want that :f
<[4InARow]HaSu> 2nd thing thanks for forumbanning bbutcher finally lokken!
<[4InARow]HaSu> :D
<[4InARow]agar3s> even appo fell asleep cause of you hasu
<[4InARow]agar3s> jeez
<[4InARow]agar3s> :D
<Appocomaster> lol
<[4InARow]HaSu> ;D
<Appocomaster> anything else?
<[4InARow]HaSu> stats were kinda shit to play tbh!
<[4InARow]Zwan> i want to thank the core members of Ultores that always stay strong & come back from any block that is made
<[4InARow]HaSu> yer i think we our ppl did an awesome job this round
<[4InARow]HaSu> even without agares dcing!
<[4InARow]agar3s> o/
<[4InARow]Zwan> agar3s spent to might time in bed with KittyKat while ppl got roided
<[4InARow]Zwan> much*
<[4InARow]agar3s> let the man ask his questions tho
<[4InARow]agar3s> tools
<Appocomaster> lol!
<[4InARow]agar3s> so Appocomaster ask some questions
<Appocomaster> so, agar3s, you managed to come from behind to steal it in the last 150 ticks or so
<[4InARow]agar3s> aye
<Appocomaster> what was the primary reason behind this?
<[4InARow]agar3s> we tried stacking resources for like 7 days
<[4InARow]agar3s> so the gap would look bigger
<[4InARow]agar3s> & fang would be more comfortable
<[4InARow]Zwan> & pound for pound we can roid better than any ally
<[4InARow]Zwan> thanks to great BC's
<[4InARow]agar3s> anyway, with fang & ct fighting we took the best side
<[4InARow]agar3s> & won
<[4InARow]agar3s> with fang backstabbing us last round
<[4InARow]agar3s> we owed them one
<[4InARow]agar3s> & we showed how you do it properly aswell
<[4InARow]agar3s> so fang ..!.. with pre round blocking
<[4InARow]Zwan> Ultores is one big ass elephant and we never forget
<[4InARow]agar3s> and i want to thank mark- for spying for ult
<[4InARow]agar3s> o/
<[4InARow]Zwan> :D
<Appocomaster> sorry you missed it, alexis :P
<[4InARow]HaSu> wrong tag!
<Appocomaster> so who were the standout members in yuor team?
<[4InARow]agar3s> like every round, ult worked as a team
<[4InARow]Zwan> we have the same core
<[4InARow]agar3s> with a block against us around tick 120-150
<[4InARow]Zwan> and all of them are oldskool players
<[4InARow]agar3s> it was a hard round
<[4InARow]agar3s> but they pulled through
<Appocomaster> are you playing next round?
<[4InARow]HaSu> ofc!
<[4InARow]Zwan> ofc
<[4InARow]Zwan> 5 in a row
<Appocomaster> do you have a plan for coping with what must be a block already against you?
<[4InARow]Zwan> that must be a pa record
<Appocomaster> pretty much
<[4InARow]HaSu> well you need to play your cards well - pre round blocking is bullshit
<[4InARow]HaSu> it always depends in which position you are
<Appocomaster> Asc got 3 in a row
<Appocomaster> er
<Appocomaster> 4 in a row
<Appocomaster> (TOOT THE ALLIANCE was Asc)
<Appocomaster> and then Apprime won a round
<Appocomaster> so Asc did 5 in 6
<[4InARow]agar3s> aye
<[4InARow]Zwan> I would like to thank Maxi - Dfwtk and Chimpie xVx also
<[4InARow]agar3s> we ll try to do 5 in 5
<[4InARow]Zwan> for being allys to us also
<[4InARow]agar3s> ult members just are the best tho, so shout out to all of them
<[4InARow]HaSu> we even have spanish matadors in here
<[4InARow]agar3s> & i want to confirm mikee & clouds are currently trying to make a baby
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> lol!
<[4InARow]Zwan> And my asian queen
<Appocomaster> any final comments?
<Appocomaster> I think we overran a bit, sorry guys :)
<[4InARow]HaSu> just thanks to all members
<[4InARow]agar3s> think cardi feels left out Appocomaster
<[4InARow]agar3s> he keeps on bugging me :(
<Appocomaster> I can cope with that
<Appocomaster> :)
<[4InARow]HaSu> all did a great job
<[4InARow]Zwan> [23:15] <carDi> and apprime
<[4InARow]Zwan> [23:15] <carDi> for letting u win!
<[4InARow]agar3s> maybe u should ask him some questions in pm
<[4InARow]agar3s> :D
<Appocomaster> well, thanks all
<[4InARow]HaSu> from my side also gratz to goku and the other winners!
<[4InARow]Zwan> thanks ppl see u next round
<[4InARow]HaSu> lets hope for a nice next round too!
-!- mode/#planetarion [-vvv [4InARow]Zwan [4InARow]HaSu [4InARow]agar3s] by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> thanks guys
<Appocomaster> just a reminder
<Appocomaster> round47@planetarion.com
<Appocomaster> still less than 30 round name submission e-mals
<Appocomaster> *emails
<Appocomaster> if you can think of 3 good names, one of them is likely to get into the final vote!
<Appocomaster> [currently]
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> we're now going to do the allcomp
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 303 nicks and found 20 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<Pea> #10. Tag: HR, count: 3
<Pea> #9. Tag: PwNeD, count: 4
<Pea> #8. Tag: HA, count: 6
<Pea> #7. Tag: xVx, count: 10
<Pea> #6. Tag: ToF, count: 14
<Pea> #5. Tag: DFWTK, count: 22
<Pea> #4. Tag: FAnG, count: 25
<Pea> #3. Tag: CT, count: 31
<Pea> #2. Tag: 4InARow, count: 40
<Pea> #1. Tag: ND, count: 42
<Appocomaster> ok
<Appocomaster> finally, just to remind you all
<Appocomaster> http://www.planetarion.com/news/new...nd-46-47-update
<Appocomaster> general round 47 update
<Appocomaster> alliance limits and buddy pack sizes will be the same again
<Appocomaster> havoc will start at 09:00 GMT tomorrow
<Appocomaster> and, alliance waiting time aside, havoc is set up
<Appocomaster> [and fleet recalls]
<Appocomaster> thanks for listening, sorry it went on longer than anticipated
<Appocomaster> log will be up tonight or tomorrow