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EoRC Round 33: 16/10/09

<AppocoEoRC> Good evening, ladies and gentlemen
<AppocoEoRC> welcome to the Round 33 End of Round Ceremony
<AppocoEoRC> [I must have typed this like, 15 times by now].
<AppocoEoRC> We've had another fairly good round
<AppocoEoRC> we've not broken anything too badly ;)
<AppocoEoRC> so
<AppocoEoRC> without further ado
<AppocoEoRC> we'll get on to the winning planets this round
<AppocoEoRC> these were Reese, of 9:6:8, agar3s, of 6:7:10, and tezuro of 5:1:4
<AppocoEoRC> be careful about changing nicks, please :-)
<AppocoEoRC> hi guys
<AppocoEoRC> congratulations
<Reese> \o/
<Reese> thx
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> ^^
<[6-7]aga[p3n]> thnx
<AppocoEoRC> how is it to be here?
<AppocoEoRC> yes ok, guys and girl :p
<Reese> :)
<AppocoEoRC> I use guys unisexually ;)
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> rofl
<AppocoEoRC> so, Reese, congratulations on winning Round 33
<AppocoEoRC> how does it feel to be here?
<Reese> thanks
<AppocoEoRC> and, probably more importantly, to have won by some small margin :D
<Reese> pretty great :p
<AppocoEoRC> (10% or so?)
<Reese> #2 last round, #1 this round
<AppocoEoRC> well, 5%
<AppocoEoRC> you're on the up
<AppocoEoRC> what's next?
<Reese> hehe
<Reese> scanner?
* AppocoEoRC eyes the @ positions warily
<Reese> :p
<AppocoEoRC> really?
<Reese> who knows
<Lunar_Lamp> Surely that's the cowards way out?
<AppocoEoRC> so, how did the round go for you?
<Lunar_Lamp> Don't you want to defend your title?!
<Reese> pretty well
<AppocoEoRC> did you always expect to be here?
<Reese> no
<Reese> not by a long shot
<AppocoEoRC> was it your alliance that got you here, then?
<Reese> galaxy and alliance defence
<AppocoEoRC> #2 galaxy :)
<AppocoEoRC> which was the most important factor in your victory?
<AppocoEoRC> and when did you feel that you were certain to win?
<Reese> tick 1153
<Reese> :D
<AppocoEoRC> what happened then?
<Reese> the game ended
<AppocoEoRC> oh
<AppocoEoRC> :/
<AppocoEoRC> it didn't *look* that close
<Reese> alliance was a major factor of course last night
<Reese> i think every single player in asc defended me
<Reese> over 10+ waves of incoming
<Reese> from multiple alliances
<Reese> without everyone in ASC i wouldnt have won, so thanks to everyone there
<AppocoEoRC> sounds like you aren't very popular :p
<Reese> quite the contrary
<AppocoEoRC> who were your main rivals?
<Reese> well tezuro and agar3s this last couple days
<Reese> agar3s and I were roiding like mad
<Reese> and tez had all those refs as well
<Reese> so it was pretty even
<AppocoEoRC> are refinaries a lot more viable now?
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> yes
<AppocoEoRC> obviously ;)
<Reese> its a way to go
<Reese> all those incomings being covered with the prelaunched def tipped the scales though
<AppocoEoRC> Reese: are there any particular highlights from this round? or just the last day or two where you were battling to win?
<Reese> well my gal was half app, half asc
<Reese> so that made for some interesting days during their war
<Reese> but everyone in my gal was great
<Reese> and we finished strong
<Reese> but towards the middle it was pretty stressful in gal :p
<AppocoEoRC> trying to get
<AppocoEoRC> #1?
<Reese> alliance wars yeah
<Reese> just got some thanks to say, and thats it
<AppocoEoRC> sure
<Reese> I would like to thank eksero for being a great attack partner, BP mate, and DC, etc.. Great guy to have on your side! Thanks m8. (*^_^*)
<Reese> I would like to thank my gal: Xeophex, signs, Norton, Tearz, ATRO, Fuzzy, MurfDawgg, eksero, Leknu, Sin, and eki for being a great group of people to play PA with. Nice to see everyone sticking together and having great fun, especially this last week of the game! We played til the final ticks.
<Reese> Thanks to JBG as well, last night he said if i could survive those incs I would have 40% chance to win. :D
<Reese> And I can't forget to thank my alliance, Ascendancy. I would never have had a chance without their support, especially last night. I think pretty much every person in ASC was defending me, with one or more fleets at some point throughout the night. Thanks guys! Amazing.
<Reese> and thx ND for ur part too
<Reese> :D
<Reese> o/
<AppocoEoRC> :)
<AppocoEoRC> ok, thanks Reese
<AppocoEoRC> [6-7]aga[p3n]: hi!
<[6-7]aga[p3n]> heya
<AppocoEoRC> #2
<[6-7]aga[p3n]> yep
<AppocoEoRC> did you ever think you were going to sneak it?
<AppocoEoRC> last night seems to have been the (a?) big event
<[6-7]aga[p3n]> i usually go with the flow
<[6-7]aga[p3n]> when i heard reese was being hit i didnt know if i should be worried or not
<AppocoEoRC> you'd be hit too?
<[6-7]aga[p3n]> the possibility of crashes etc while i was behind already
<AppocoEoRC> ahhh
<AppocoEoRC> so she was always a competitor?
<[6-7]aga[p3n]> yes, first it was benneh reese & myself roiding like hell
<AppocoEoRC> Benneh <3
<[6-7]aga[p3n]> after benneh got roided :( it was between atro reese & myself in size
<[6-7]aga[p3n]> & tez with the refs could keep up nicely
<AppocoEoRC> and [5-1]tezuro[ND] in refinaries?
<[6-7]aga[p3n]> yep
<AppocoEoRC> [6-7]aga[p3n]: did you always decide to go for roids / xp?
<[6-7]aga[p3n]> i always try & get as many roids as possible
<AppocoEoRC> [5-1]tezuro[ND]: hi! what made you go for refinaries ..?
<[6-7]aga[p3n]> xp is something i'm not focused on
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> value
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> i didnt get good xp the whole round
<AppocoEoRC> is it ok if I say?
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> cuz of my value
<AppocoEoRC> you had 60 finance centres
<AppocoEoRC> and 59 refinaries
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> stupid amp
<AppocoEoRC> hehe
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> i wanted to build more
<AppocoEoRC> that's a lot of structures
<AppocoEoRC> Reese/ [6-7]aga[p3n]: would you ever consider refinaries in the future?
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> well u can only go with uni ter or uni etd for refs value build
<[6-7]aga[p3n]> not as a xan
<Reese> i did refs last round as terran
<[6-7]aga[p3n]> as another race i might
<Reese> after the fc's
<Reese> as xan dist/amp gets u good roids
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> i did 20 refs in the beginning
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> then with 800-900 roids fc
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> to 60 then back to refs
<AppocoEoRC> ok :)
<AppocoEoRC> so, aga, tezuro, what were your high points of the round?
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> http://game.planetarion.com/show_ne...opq9tiya3729icr
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> that was my highlight ^^
<AppocoEoRC> urgh
<[6-7]aga[p3n]> well my high point was seeing my gal kick ass tbh
<Markb> sigh
<AppocoEoRC> Markb? could you..?
<AppocoEoRC> [5-1]tezuro[ND]: that's pretty cool
<[6-7]aga[p3n]> even if it wasnt in size value or score they put in great work :p
<AppocoEoRC> [6-7]aga[p3n]: your galaxy isn't that high?
<AppocoEoRC> ok
<AppocoEoRC> a little lower than these guys
<[6-7]aga[p3n]> ye, but they were online to have my back none stop
<AppocoEoRC> :)
<[6-7]aga[p3n]> saved me alot of hours of sleep :P
<AppocoEoRC> that's always important
<AppocoEoRC> lol :p
<AppocoEoRC> covered you whilst you were sleeping
<AppocoEoRC> so guys, anyone you want to thank before we move on?
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> ay
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> reese aready did
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> agaers u want first
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> ??
<[6-7]aga[p3n]> u can go
<[6-7]aga[p3n]> ^^
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> merci
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> i wanna thank my gal for beening active
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> my ally for
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> supporting me in advice and def
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> the
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> ally dcs for save my XXXXX
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> my team up partener tia
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> who was allways willing to sacrifice himself
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> thanks to all of u
<AppocoEoRC> :)
<AppocoEoRC> [6-7]aga[p3n]?
<[6-7]aga[p3n]> i want to thank p3nguins for trying to get me to #1 in the last days
<AppocoEoRC> *cough* want to comment on that?
<[6-7]aga[p3n]> well, i had several people offering to ground their fleets for me
<[6-7]aga[p3n]> or escort me
<AppocoEoRC> ok
* [6-7]aga[p3n] eyes Mkoll, m0(evo) & p_d_templar outside gal
<AppocoEoRC> that was nice of them
<[6-7]aga[p3n]> & ofcourse my galmates who all offered to build the ships i needed incase i got incs
<AppocoEoRC> you had your own team there
<AppocoEoRC> ok guys
<AppocoEoRC> thanks
<AppocoEoRC> I think we'll move on now to 5-1, if that's it?
<Reese> hi vex
<Reese> :|
<[6-7]aga[p3n]> ps: mystic ftw :D
<AppocoEoRC> thanks guys
<AppocoEoRC> I'll leave tez here :)
<AppocoEoRC> next, the winning galaxy, 5:1
<AppocoEoRC> [Reese's galaxy came second]
<[5-1]Dealer[p3n> Just for starters I wish to just point out that if you'd like to take a look at our gal banner
<[5-1]Dealer[p3n> you'll find us listed there with our respective alliances. No sign of Asc anywhere, that's a victory for PA imo....:-D
<[5-1]Teach[p3n]> :)
* [5-1]Smokeh[FC] rolls eyes
* AppocoEoRC eyes JungleMuffin
<[5-1]Ideafix> lol
<AppocoEoRC> behave, ok?
<Brain> :)
<AppocoEoRC> congratulations guys
<JungleMuffin> :D
<[5-1]Smokeh[FC]> our alliances were all excellent, i'm sure we can all agree on that :)
<Brain> Thanks!
<[5-1]Dealer[p3n> The Muffin is back
<Brain> de_gekste our GC. couldn't be here 2night.
<Brain> some IRL dinner with his GF
<JungleMuffin> :D
<[5-1]Dealer[p3n> yeah we all had allies that worked for us, which made working for each other that little bit easier
<Brain> de_gekste pm'ed me some stuff before I'll drop it here now
<AppocoEoRC> so, who was the best person in the galaxy?
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> ohoh
<JungleMuffin> the asc guy who exiled out tick 72
<JungleMuffin> :D
<JungleMuffin> true team player :D
<[5-1]Dealer[p3n> lol
<AppocoEoRC> well, he was silly
<[5-1]Dealer[p3n> RangerKeith deserves a mention
<JungleMuffin> lol
<[5-1]Dealer[p3n> private joke, sorry
<Brain> LOL
<AppocoEoRC> ok
<JungleMuffin> lol
<JungleMuffin> some guy who PA mailed us death threats
<JungleMuffin> :D
<[5-1]Teach[p3n]> well, if he didnt exile 72th tick then i woudnt join 74th tick :D
<AppocoEoRC> so guys, sum it up - how did you turn the galaxy into the lean mean fighting machine?
<[5-1]Dealer[p3n> turn it???
<Brain> I'll paste some stuff from de_gekste..
<Brain> [18:11] <[5-1]de_gekste> Thnx to everyone from our gal for the heaps of effort they did put in! We had a good focus on what we were doing all round and acted like a damn awesome team!
<[5-1]Dealer[p3n> we been IT for most of the round
<Brain> [18:12] <[5-1]de_gekste> i am very proud at how everyone did, especially Teach, who played his first round
<Brain> [18:12] <[5-1]de_gekste> Also thnx to Brain for his great defence webby, which did help us a lot managing the attacks on us
<Brain> [18:13] <[5-1]de_gekste> Our allies did help out when needed, many thnx to them too
<Brain> [18:14] <[5-1]de_gekste> Besides all the effort we put in, the focus we had, the things we struggled with we also are a galaxy with great ppl who were having fun and enjoying things together all round long
<Brain> [18:14] <[5-1]de_gekste> thnx boys, well done, and sorry asc, no triple for you :)
<JungleMuffin> :D
<AppocoEoRC> wow
<AppocoEoRC> so that's all done
<JungleMuffin> D:
<AppocoEoRC> anyone else who wants to say thanks? :p
<JungleMuffin> o/
<[5-1]Ideafix> i just want to say i love u all guys and that was pleasure to play with u ;p
<[5-1]Dealer[p3n> er and thx to p3n for not hitting my gal too bad obviously
<[5-1]Dealer[p3n> they hit Crownly's instead ;p
<Brain> I'dd like to thank the whole gal for a great round and ND and all the DC's ( thanks TIA, WIlliams, Drac ) and all the others for covering my planet and tez his tiny one ;)
<[5-1]Dealer[p3n> Crowly's*
<JungleMuffin> ill wait my turn :D
<AppocoEoRC> when did you think you guys were going to win?
<[5-1]Dealer[p3n> 1:10 were threatening our position a couple of weeks ago, but once they were put down it became
<[5-1]Dealer[p3n> clear that the Asc gals would be the ones looking to overthrow us, but in the words of Julius
<[5-1]Dealer[p3n> Caesar's old mate, The Saw, They Came, They Failed to Conquer!
<[5-1]Smokeh[FC]> about 10 ticks ago we were pretty sure we weren't going to win, heh
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> yeh bofredo and ideafix have been dam good late sign ups
<AppocoEoRC> who was going to beat you, Smokeh?
<Brain> AppocoEoRC : only 5 ticks before the end of the round officially
<[5-1]Smokeh[FC]> 9:6
<[5-1]Smokeh[FC]> they had so much res and so much in production compared to us
<Brain> ASC got sjakal in a FC and it took some effort to get him covered
<AppocoEoRC> so why didn't that happen?
<AppocoEoRC> ok
<[5-1]Smokeh[FC]> took some frantic calcing from JungleMuffin before we could relax
<Brain> if that FC would have landed we would have lost the #1 spot
<JungleMuffin> <3
<[5-1]Smokeh[FC]> yes, last minute incs were stressful :)
<[5-1]Dealer[p3n> good effort 9:6, but nvm...
<[5-1]Smokeh[FC]> when planets were crashing on Reese it looked seriously dodgy
<[5-1]Smokeh[FC]> in terms of our ability to maintain our lead
<Brain> wow ackward silence all of a sudden ;)
<AppocoEoRC> yeah
<AppocoEoRC> anyone else want to thank or comment on the round?
<JungleMuffin> id like to plz
<JungleMuffin> id just like to say
<JungleMuffin> thanks to all the fellas
<JungleMuffin> thanks for putting up with me all round :D
<JungleMuffin> i know its pretty hard to do at times :D
<JungleMuffin> esp with my awesome rages
<JungleMuffin> id like to thank all our ally support weve gotten
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> etd DE rock \o/
<JungleMuffin> without our ally def
<JungleMuffin> we wouldve found it tough to win
<JungleMuffin> id just like to say
<JungleMuffin> alot of people dont want to give us credit
<JungleMuffin> for winning the round
<JungleMuffin> they think weve fenced it out
<JungleMuffin> all i can say to that is
<JungleMuffin> weve played the cards weve been delt
<JungleMuffin> and dont it better than anyone else
<JungleMuffin> id also like to comment on out "lack of incs"
<JungleMuffin> we havent had asc in all round
<JungleMuffin> they chose not to hit us once solo
<JungleMuffin> so as far as im concerned
<[5-1]Dealer[p3n> attacking apprime with my p3n allies was tricky at times, kept getting shouted at for that :p
<JungleMuffin> if were too scary to hit solo
<JungleMuffin> we deserve it
<JungleMuffin> :D
<Brain> JungleMuffin : we had our share of enemy fleets this round.
<JungleMuffin> yeah
<JungleMuffin> and actually
<JungleMuffin> from all the gals ive been in
<JungleMuffin> this gal let 1 fleet cap
<JungleMuffin> up untill late round
<JungleMuffin> which is awesome
<JungleMuffin> not many high end gals have fleets left to sweep up the scraps
<[5-1]Ideafix> or just u ppl cant judge winners, nm how they won, they did it
<[5-1]Ideafix> ;o
<JungleMuffin> but somehow we always managed to come thry
<JungleMuffin> so gw to u fellas for always having fleets free
<JungleMuffin> <3
<AppocoEoRC> anything else?
<JungleMuffin> hmmm
<JungleMuffin> ill chuck in something for the missus
<JungleMuffin> hello mel
<Brain> can't BP's be extended to 12peeps AppocoEoRC ;)
<JungleMuffin> love u lots baby
<JungleMuffin> :D
<AppocoEoRC> no Brain
<JungleMuffin> <3
<AppocoEoRC> sorry
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> m0rpheus congratulation u the only one that landed me this round ... SOLO
<Brain> lol ;)
<JungleMuffin> btw
<JungleMuffin> this new cap formula
<JungleMuffin> seriously punishes big planets
<JungleMuffin> as from tickstart if u come out of prot with high val
<AppocoEoRC> it may need to be reviewed
<JungleMuffin> its hard to cap well
<[5-1]tezuro[ND]> true
<JungleMuffin> and once ur roided, its nigh on impossible to come back without mass escorts
<JungleMuffin> ty <3
<JungleMuffin> OH YEAH
<JungleMuffin> SC
<[5-1]Smokeh[FC]> i'd like to thank the few people who crashed on my def... they make playing zik worthwhile
<JungleMuffin> our gal def webby:
<JungleMuffin> www.1227.com
<Brain> LOL
<JungleMuffin> :D
* AppocoEoRC sighs
<AppocoEoRC> please don't click that
<[5-1]Smokeh[FC]> fish, meet barrel :/
<AppocoEoRC> he
<AppocoEoRC> *heh
<AppocoEoRC> that was mildly hilarious.
<AppocoEoRC> as he's not playing again ....
<Phil^> just incase anyone did click that you'll find task manager rather good at killing it
<AppocoEoRC> ok
<[5-1]Dealer[p3n> er solets move this swiftly on...
<AppocoEoRC> sorry guys
<AppocoEoRC> that's the end of it :)
<[5-1]Dealer[p3n> gimme credits plz ;p
<[5-1]Smokeh[FC]> <3 buckethead
<AppocoEoRC> sorry about that
<AppocoEoRC> I should never trust people :(
<AppocoEoRC> heh
<AppocoEoRC> Fiery: did yo uwant to say something before we get JBG up here?
<Fiery> I'm looking for one or two support team members so if you are interested or have questions, whisper me
<AppocoEoRC> :)
<AppocoEoRC> ok
<AppocoEoRC> finally, Asc won again
<AppocoEoRC> with another clear margin
<AppocoEoRC> can anyone stop them?
<AppocoEoRC> hi, JBG
<JBG> hi appoco
<JBG> two things. firstly congratulations to everyone who went before me, well played etc. secondly i thought if people wanted to pm me questions and they were interesting i'd try and answer them now while you're talking to me as well!
<AppocoEoRC> well that was amusing
<AppocoEoRC> hi
<AppocoEoRC> sorry
<AppocoEoRC> JBG: where next?
<AppocoEoRC> you seem to continiously find it hard to have anyone challenge you
<JBG> personally i'm applying to join f-crew next round
<AppocoEoRC> will you be accepted?
<JBG> we can but hope!
<JBG> on an ascendancy level i don't think it's that nobody challenges us
<AppocoEoRC> are the alliance playing next round?
<JBG> ascendancy always plays
<AppocoEoRC> but as a full alliance?
<AppocoEoRC> or as a mini alliance? as you have in the past?
<JBG> i'm really not too sure, it depends on what individual people want to do
<JBG> (in response to questions so far, i have no picture of reese atro and i did give you credit for winning JM)
<JBG> ascendancy as an alliance is always there though
<JBG> i think that's part of what makes us "interesting"
<AppocoEoRC> JBG: FCrew has said no
<AppocoEoRC> and yes, it's not the same as exil
<AppocoEoRC> who used to skip
<JBG> then i'm applying to join CT i think
Day changed Sat Oct 17 2009
<JBG> selecting your rounds to play certainly makes it easier to perform at your best
<JBG> easier to make temporary sacrifices etc
<AppocoEoRC> JBG: so, any comments on this round? and how you won again?
<AppocoEoRC> were you challenged this round? who were your main rivals? and allies?
<JBG> our main rivals, and to be fair our only real rivals, were apprime
<JBG> they're a good alliance, probably not playing as well as they did last round but still solid
<JBG> there are a fair few reasons we did well
<JBG> xans, core gals etc in terms of strategy
<JBG> we had gals with 6-10 asc planets in them
<AppocoEoRC> any comment on the exile system?
<JBG> i think the exile system works well, i think the problem lies in the fact new players aren't encouraged enough to become more active
<AppocoEoRC> is it fair to say that Asc 'use' the exile system more?
<JBG> i think alliances like apprime and a lot of others use it as well. we're aiming for particular end results though. while lots of people exile pt 72-80 looking to get into high ranking gals we're just looking to get into asc gals which we believe we can then turn into good galaxies
<JBG> which i believe the rankings demonstrate this round
* AppocoEoRC nods
<AppocoEoRC> that's always been your aim though
<JBG> if you don't crash, defend when you get incoming and in general look like a tough target people will pick easier options
<AppocoEoRC> whereas many 'good' players keep exiling until they find a galaxy they think is big enough for them
<JBG> aye
<JBG> it's a different style of playing to some extent
<AppocoEoRC> though the top gal lost an Asc and still went on to win
<AppocoEoRC> so it's worth noting that, imo
<JBG> losing a planet at tick 72 isn't really relevant
<JBG> it's just a slot at that point
<AppocoEoRC> anyone you'd like to single out for praise?
<JBG> sure. the main dcs for each asc gal, booji/golan/shev/eksero and god help me theamion
<JBG> and mrb
<AppocoEoRC> theam?
<JBG> yeah he dced the one time 10.2 got incoming
<AppocoEoRC> wow
<AppocoEoRC> :) nice job t eam!
<AppocoEoRC> *theam
<JBG> nobody's planet died either so i lost a bet there
<JBG> for next round i'd like to take this one opportunity while i'm actually at an eorc to encourage every alliance to aim high next round
<JBG> like really high
<JBG> if you're t5 aim for #1
<JBG> if you're t10 aim to play a decisive role in determining what happens
<JBG> if you're t20 aim for t10
<JBG> planetarion is more fun if you have things to aim for
<AppocoEoRC> thank you
<JBG> you're welcome. hope everyone enjoyed the round!
<JBG> best of luck to you all for the next one
<AppocoEoRC> thank you very much JBG
<JBG> now i must go and get utterly shitfaced
<AppocoEoRC> heh
<AppocoEoRC> well, thank you all