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Some round changes explained

Now as the round is on it's way most will have had a chance to play around with some of the changes made this round, but while testing in the beta and in r32.
Most of the changes should be rather easy to understand on their own, but I thought I'd give a short explanation of things just in case.

Alliance access system:
The settings etc in this should be easy to understand on their own.
The general idea is to give the alliances themselves control over what the various member groups have access to, and what kind of access they have.

As a quick explanation, you give access in terms of no access at all, access to view, access to create. The create access is in some cases split into just adding new and editing existing.

As an example, the defense access setting has 4 options, "no access, view own, view all, view all/update". The "no access" obviously means that members can't see nor access the page at all. "View own" means the will see their own reported incs. "View all" means they have access to see all the reported incs, with defense sent, status and notes, but they can't edit the notes nor update status.
"View all/update" gives full access, they'll see all with the option to edit notes and status.

It is possible to add custom groups as well, and this shouldn't really need any explaining. There isn't any limit to how many groups you can add, but please don't abuse this, there really shouldn't be any point.

Alliance defense system:
Besides the access system changes this has had another minor, yet hopefully very useful change. As those having taken part in the beta might have noticed, the update button on the bottom of the page has disappeared. If you change the status of a reported fleet, it will update instantly, if successful the drop down box should get a border color, in current skins this is green. If there's some kind of conflict the border will in current skins be red. If a conflict happens, generally this would be someone else having changed the status of the same fleet since you loaded the page, you'll get told what the new status is and asked if you want to overwrite that change.

The same change has been done to the notes as well, except if someone has updated since you loaded the page, the two notes will be "merged" and timestamps gets added to each.

You'll still have to reload the page to catch new incs and def, but the changes should make it easier for those handling defense calls easier and not overwrite each other.

Not an overly large addition, but it should be helpful when dealing with multiple fleets and/or when planets having split their ships.
If you right click, left for those using opera, on the fleet headers, (those saying Fleet 1, Fleet 2 etc) you should get a small context menu with a few options. Those options only apply to the fleet you clicked so you can do stuff just on a single fleet in a calc with multiple fleets.

Might add more things like that if it's found useful and if anyone has other things that would be nice to have in this specific menu please let me (Cin) know.