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  • Round 91 Signups Open: Friday 19th March 2021
  • Round 91 Ticks Start: Friday 26th March 2021
  • Round 91 Ticks End: Friday 14th May 2021

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  • Round 91 - Breaking Point: 401

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End of R30, havoc and R31

Round 30
The last tick will be at 20:00 GMT on Friday, 3rd of April, with the the End of Round Ceremony (EoRC) will be held an hour later at 21:00 GMT in #planetarion on the NetGamers network (irc.netgamers.org). We will also be holding an "Allcomp" at 22:00 GMT, which is a competition to see which alliance has the most members of the channel tagged with their alliance name. The winning alliance will receive 3 credits.

After the EoRC has been completed, havoc will be setup as follows:
-All researches completed
-500 million resources total (split over metal/crystal/eonium according to race)
-3000 asteroids total (split over metal/crystal/eonium according to race)
-30 of each factory, 30 wave amplifiers, 50 security centres and 30 of each refinery ADDED to each planet
-Fleets recalled
-XP will be kept
-Asteroid mining limits increased to 8 million
-Maximum construction limit set at 500 constructions
-Ticks set at every 15 minutes
Havoc will commence at 09:00 GMT on Saturday, 4th of April and continue until 18:00 GMT on Thursday, 9th April.
Signups for Round 31 will open at the latest on Friday, 10th of April at 20:00 GMT, with ticks starting at 20:00 GMT around Friday, 17th April for 7 weeks. Vote on this thread to help to decide which day we start the round.

Round 31
We will hold another Creators Hour at 20:00 GMT on Wednesday, 8th April in #planetarion on the NetGamers chat network to discuss Round 31.

You can still submit your suggestion for Round 31's name to r31names@planetarion.com with the subject/title "Roundname suggestions". The entries will be shortlisted, and a public poll put up to choose the winner. The winning entry will receive 1 credit.

The current confirmed setup for Round 31:

-Alliance limits will be reduced 90, with 60 members counting towards alliance score as in Round 30.
-Buddy packs will be 5 members, as before
-Maximum alliance size during the merging will be increased from 40 to 50. Merging will still only take place between ticks 0 and 672.
-Credits not associated with the e-mail of anyone who signed up this round or next round (Round 31) will be removed. An e-mail will be sent out at the end of this round to all e-mail addresses that have credits registered with us to remind them that they may wish to claim them before they are removed.
-Reviewed downtime procedure will be announced for general discussion on Wednesday 25th March
-Disband will be disabled.
-Autoexile will be changed to auto exile unwanted planets who have less than 100 asteroids, rather than the current 40 asteroids
-Shuffle will be changed to mark as inactive all those who were created before tick 12 that have less than 50 asteroids (currently 30 asteroids)
-Advanced quests will be re-introduced
-Bots will be re-introduced to 1:1 at tick 200, defended as fiercely as always from abusing bigger planets by the 1:1 guardians
-Stats will change. Stats will be announced during havoc/ signup
-XP formulae will stay the same.
-Multihunters will announce a clarified set of rule interpretations and a guideline to punishments

Please note that all times are Greenwich Mean Time(GMT), and not British Summer Time (BST) or any other European summer time. For reference, once the UK moves to summer time, GMT is BST-1.