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EoRC Round 27: 25/07/08

<@AppocoEoRC> Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the End of Round Ceremony of Round 27
<@AppocoEoRC> it has been an extremely close race on all fronts, the closest seen for quite a while, with places changing right up to the final ticks
<@AppocoEoRC> I'd now like to introduce the winner of Planetarion Round 27, Linkie (12:1:5), of Ascendancy, with Stuhlman (13:1:7) of Vengence and Meatwax (14:2:1) of Ascendancy in second and third respectively.
<@AppocoEoRC> though Stuhlman doesn't appear to be here :(
<@AppocoEoRC> (I'll explain!)
<@AppocoEoRC> congratulations guys on coming top 3
<@AppocoEoRC> you kinda sneaked in there at the end, Meatwax :-)
<+Meatwax> sorry, eating dinner :p
<@AppocoEoRC> it's ok :-)
<+Meatwax> was a close call
<+Meatwax> better thank ronin for not spending his stock ;)
<@AppocoEoRC> 40k in it
<@AppocoEoRC> lol
<+Linkie`> Ok ascs are whining at me atm
<@AppocoEoRC> Linkie`: first to you! Congratulations again. How does it feel? I think it's the first time you've been up here :-)
<@AppocoEoRC> they usually do :(
<+Linkie`> Yeah
<+Linkie`> Well, I was #8 last time I played
<+Linkie`> r11
<@AppocoEoRC> has it been that long?
<+Linkie`> Yeah
<+Linkie`> about 3 years I believe
<@AppocoEoRC> I feel old now :s I remember you playing yesterday, almost ...
<+Linkie`> that was a 1up dominated round
<+Linkie`> so I guess I'm used to having it easy :p
<@AppocoEoRC> oh, totally.
<@AppocoEoRC> So how did you find it returning after so long?
<+Linkie`> Eh, kinda confusing
<+Linkie`> Jer/Goly helped me out a lot with how to run my planet
<+Linkie`> I've been ridiculously lazy
<@AppocoEoRC> you sound in the JBG role of Round 16, where he picked a target, launched, and went drinking
<+Linkie`> well, I didn't even go drinking
<+Linkie`> and half the time I didn't pick my own targets
<+Linkie`> It was just lazyness heh
<@AppocoEoRC> so it's really a victory for Ascendancy?
<+Linkie`> Yeah, definately
<+Linkie`> especially with meat at #3 too
<@AppocoEoRC> Ascendancy has been known for it's independent and laid-back approach - was it same again?
<+Linkie`> Well, there were different levels of activity to be honest
<+Linkie`> some people being pretty lazy like me, others putting more effort in
<+Linkie`> I was just lucky being in 12 1
<@AppocoEoRC> was it more galaxy support then?
<+Linkie`> Yeah, elviz put a lot of effort in (before being caught cheating again haha) and ronin too before leaving
<@AppocoEoRC> are you going to play again?
<@AppocoEoRC> :P
<+Linkie`> Not likely
<+Linkie`> well, probably scanner next round
<@AppocoEoRC> :)
<+Linkie`> but it's back to uni, etc
<+Linkie`> so not actively
<+Linkie`> Cant waste my free credit
<@AppocoEoRC> :)
<@AppocoEoRC> well, thanks
<@AppocoEoRC> if I can move on to Stuhlman? via Amnion, who's a nominated representative :D
<+Linkie`> Yeah
<+[VGN]Amnion> Thanks. :-)
<+Linkie`> I'd just like to mention terran sucks and claim moral victory for ministry
<@Fiery|cranky> jer, you should probably fight him for that credit.
<+[VGN]Amnion> Stuhlman is at work....
<+[VGN]Amnion> So he asked if I would pass on a few thanks on his behalf.
<+[VGN]Amnion> [18:15] <[VGN]Stuhlman> =====================================================
<+[VGN]Amnion> [18:15] <[VGN]Stuhlman> First of all I would like to thank the best family Alliance in PA Vengeance,
<+[VGN]Amnion> [18:15] <[VGN]Stuhlman> - The best HC's " _are_ for the best webby and tools and time spent, Amnion for all the time spent and work done, Captain for helping me out when I get chewed by _are_ :), RobTD for always being there to jump in and help when no one is around, and to all of them combined for not being SELFCENTERED "
* +[VGN]Amnion is embarrassed.
<@AppocoEoRC> lol
<+[VGN]Amnion> [18:15] <[VGN]Stuhlman> - The best BC team " Captain, Tharky, Roid and RobTD " for great choice of targets.
<+[VGN]Amnion> [18:15] <[VGN]Stuhlman> - The best DC team " Macaroth, Morrow, M0RPH3US, Semperfi, Church, Exblade, FFBrain, Roid, Nohau311, Morrow, and everyone else who jumped in when our DC's were overworked, or absent "
<+[VGN]Amnion> [18:15] <[VGN]Stuhlman> - Best Scanners " Amnion, Macaroth, M0RPH3US, Glowdog, Vice, Rado, MegaNova, Dracon "
<+[VGN]Amnion> [18:15] <[VGN]Stuhlman> - Best Head of Intel Biodragon, great help all round, great contribution with smsbot which made defense much easier.
<+[VGN]Amnion> [18:15] <[VGN]Stuhlman> and last but not least everyone in the VGN family.
<@AppocoEoRC> :)
<+[VGN]Amnion> [18:15] <[VGN]Stuhlman> As far as galaxy is concerned, I'd like to thank JungleMuffin for great entertainment, and for being there when needed :) . Crusie for the super phantom fleet and for being the best "wingman", Mordred and McVerick for exiling into my galaxy and helping in defense at their own expense, Reese aka "Aequitas" for joining late and being super active and keeping an eye open for incs on my planet :), Xeno, Buff, Frye
<+[VGN]Amnion> [18:15] <[VGN]Stuhlman> CBA and GiR who almost had a nervous breakdown for taking Jungle's Rants, they fled the galaxy to keep their sanity ;).
<@AppocoEoRC> this could be the most complete thanks ever :P
<+[VGN]Amnion> [18:15] <[VGN]Stuhlman> I like to thank Thundercat and Spook for being good friends. I am sure Thundercat will get his shot at #1 when he gets to pick the right race :).
<+Meatwax> Linkie` was wondering why stuhlman didn't beat him when he had the best of everything btw
<+[VGN]Amnion> [18:15] <[VGN]Stuhlman> And Finally I would like to thank the PA team for a great round, Enemies for making it a challenge, Freinds for making it fun, Bread for crashing on me :), and everyone else I forgot to mention. Congrats to linkie on a round well played and on #1 :) although I would have hoped a Cathaar won the round ;)
<+[VGN]Amnion> [18:15] <[VGN]Stuhlman> Thank you.
<+[VGN]Amnion> [18:18] <[VGN]Stuhlman> ===============================================
<+Linkie`> (I just have to mention the asc scanners too, cause I didn't build any amps, cause I didn't find out about inc scans till i almost had 150 cons anyway)
<+Linkie`> also
<@AppocoEoRC> well, thank you Stuhlman :-)
<+Linkie`> who the fuck writes a speech for ending #2?
<@AppocoEoRC> lol
<@AppocoEoRC> he was waiting for that
<@AppocoEoRC> I was going to ask him more questions :(
<+[VGN]Amnion> LOL
<@AppocoEoRC> but oh well
<@AppocoEoRC> thank you, Amnion :-)
<@Fiery|cranky> I want to know how captain helped him when are chewed on him...
<@AppocoEoRC> Meatwax: onto you then :-)
<+Meatwax> second loser \o/
<@AppocoEoRC> indeed
<@AppocoEoRC> Ronin, dec and jer behind you, so congrats :)
<@AppocoEoRC> some good people to beat
<+Meatwax> I'd like to start off by thanking Stuhlmann for beeing a defwhore
<+Meatwax> made it easier for us to roid Vengeance
<@AppocoEoRC> lol!
<@AppocoEoRC> did you attack VGN as an alliance then? or was this just on a personal note?
<+Meatwax> god knows
<+Meatwax> I usually attacked whoever golan told me to attack when I arrived home drunk
<@AppocoEoRC> lol
<+Meatwax> thanks for that btw Golan ;P
<@AppocoEoRC> asc seem as organised as ever then :-)
<@AppocoEoRC> did you ever think you were going to make #1?
<+Meatwax> thought never occured to me
<@AppocoEoRC> even #3?
<@Fiery|cranky> congrats to Golan on his #1 and #3 places then :p
<+Meatwax> aye
<+Meatwax> Golys the man
<+Meatwax> I should mention Inforza too
<+Meatwax> not the same playing without him
<+Meatwax> though I bet he's having fun in jail
<@AppocoEoRC> heh :(
<@AppocoEoRC> anything else that stands out?
<@AppocoEoRC> major battles? fcs? defences pulled off?
<+Meatwax> all in all a rather boring round tbh
<+Meatwax> :/
<+Meatwax> galdef was awesome though
<@AppocoEoRC> close but boring?
<+Meatwax> yeh, was a tad exciting in the end, pscanning ronin all day to watch his stock
<@Fiery|cranky> I thought I made the round kinda exciting for your gal :'(
<@AppocoEoRC> if that's all from everyone..?
<+Meatwax> I don't even know what you mean by that Fiery|cranky :/
<@AppocoEoRC> ok, I'll move on now
<@AppocoEoRC> thanks all :-)
<+Meatwax> so better do as linkie and just fuck off! o/
<@AppocoEoRC> lol
<@AppocoEoRC> ffs :(
<@AppocoEoRC> thanks to VGN for being well behaved :-)
<@AppocoEoRC> Asc are keeping up their reputation :/
<@AppocoEoRC> moving on, we come to galaxy 11:9, who snuck in in the final tick to win the top galaxy award
<@AppocoEoRC> hi guys
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> o/
<+[11-9]Jintao> hi
<+[11-9]Sven> thanks whoever you are svensucksdick
<@AppocoEoRC> anyone else I've missed?
<+[11-9]Jintao> nope
<+[11-9]Jintao> the rest is out getting drunk
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> cardi idle again?
<+[11-9]Jintao> he's at a party
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> bah no change :p
<+[11-9]Jintao> be happy he ain't here, he wanted to stroll in drunk
<@AppocoEoRC> so, congratulations
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> ty
<@AppocoEoRC> you've been pretty close to the top for most of the round, I believe?
<@AppocoEoRC> certainly past tick 500 or so
<+[11-9]Jintao> nah
<+[11-9]Jintao> we grew over time
<+[11-9]Jintao> worst rank must be rank 50 in galscores
<+[11-9]raket> i wanna thank TcO
<+[11-9]raket> for the moral support he gave me
<+[11-9]raket> every day :p
<+Qerr|laptop|afk> I suppose we should thank fiery :P
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> i'll give u teh monies l8er :D
<@AppocoEoRC> well, 12:1 were obviously your major rivals - were there any others?
<+[11-9]raket> 1 4
<+Qerr|laptop|afk> and 3:4 for abit aswell no?
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> ye
<+[11-9]Jintao> yes us 4 were within 1.5 mil score yesterday afternoon
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> when we weren't sure how much they had in prod or how many incs they got :p
<@AppocoEoRC> were you ever confident of winning?
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> hahaha
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> no
<+[11-9]Jintao> lol nope
<+Qerr|laptop|afk> not realy
<+[11-9]Jintao> not untill hylands walked in saying we had a shot a couple of days ago
<@AppocoEoRC> it was only in the last 20-30 ticks or so (?) that you really grabbed the lead
<+[11-9]Jintao> he had planet scans of all top gals with him to prove it
<+[11-9]Jintao> we had given up hope for winning after we must have crashed like 10mil value in the last 10 days
<@Lunar_Lamp> So was that the defining moment of the round for your gal then?
<+[11-9]Sven> we crashed, a lot in the last week or so.. given up a lot of hope with those
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> when we started crashing :D
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> that was the defining moment tbh
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> btw cheers to my alliance for sending me 3 def fleets all round
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> :D
<@AppocoEoRC> how did alliances shape up in the battle between the top galaxies?
<@AppocoEoRC> lol
<@AppocoEoRC> a well-timed question, it seems
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> :p
<@AppocoEoRC> the alliance competition was hotly fought - did you stay apart from that?
<+[11-9]Jintao> our gal wasn't focused on to badly for ally comp
<+[11-9]Sven> was fun breaking a nap to get 3 roids and 10xp landing on ronin to see CT's response of 5 waves on me
<+[11-9]Jintao> some of our planets got hit from time to time, but nothing to bad
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> we got a few targeted incs most notably when cardinal was a nub and asc hit us
<@AppocoEoRC> didn't you have Asc members though ?
<@AppocoEoRC> oh
<@AppocoEoRC> hence targetted :p nm
<+[11-9]Jintao> we have 5 i believe
<+[11-9]Jintao> tekno, raketman, cardi, squick and cooling
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> yeh
<@AppocoEoRC> so the mix of alliances helped keep you out of it then?
<+[11-9]Jintao> not so much i think
<+[11-9]Jintao> more the fact we were 10 xans
<+[11-9]Squick> Nah, we were fenced in pretty well
<+Qerr|laptop|afk> pff we didn't have any nd f-crew ha etc
<+Qerr|laptop|afk> many who could have hit us
<@AppocoEoRC> you didn't have one big player, which many of the top galaxies had - did this help?
<+[11-9]Sven> in the end I think our biggest alliance wise problem were denial rock and CT who had a couple of nights on us in a row
<@AppocoEoRC> several big xans must be quite the deterrent
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> 8th was pretty big i spose?
<@AppocoEoRC> yeah I know, Jintao did well :)
<+[11-9]Sven> Jintao was quite big all round, till he got nuked by denial
<+[11-9]Jintao> lol i was rank 1000 when i joined 11:9 and rock
<@AppocoEoRC> who deserves the most thanks in the galaxy then? anyone singled out for praise?
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> hylands, jintao, cardinal and qerr imho
<+[11-9]Squick> Jintao made a big effort towards the end
<+Qerr|laptop|afk> I'dd say jintao for exeltent dcing
<@Fiery|cranky> I believe they already thanked me...
<@AppocoEoRC> lol
<@Fiery|cranky> :p
<@AppocoEoRC> *in* the galaxy
<@Fiery|cranky> :(
<+[11-9]Squick> Out of galaxy I'd like to thank Pilgrim for the great moral support
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> fiery can be an honourary 11:9 :D for all her hard work in getting us to the top
<+Qerr|laptop|afk> rofl
<@Fiery|cranky> oh, no, I can't take credit for that
<@Lunar_Lamp> Careful, she might close you for being cheeky ;-)
<@AppocoEoRC> I don't think Fiery was too involved :(
<@AppocoEoRC> you seem to be implying that you're all incompetent
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> yep
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> :D
<+[11-9]Jintao> the crashes prove that :(
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> when half the gal suicided last few weeks it did look a bit like we wree all a bit poor
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> *were
<@AppocoEoRC> you made it, and that's what counts :-)
<@AppocoEoRC> anyway, congrats
<@AppocoEoRC> are there any more thanks?
<+Qerr|laptop|afk> true, lucky us I guess
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> cheers to the gal for letting me stay when i exiled in :D
<+[11-9]Jintao> want to thank HA for all the roids they gave me (seems i was there top hostile)
<+[11-9]Jintao> <Med-Ion> stil luv ya Mikeb :p
<+[11-9]Jintao> people asked me for those 2 :p
<+Qerr|laptop|afk> to our dismay we did let you stay sebos :\
<@AppocoEoRC> it might have gained you the top spot :p
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> yes bad move
<+[11-9]Sven> oh
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> although u did want a mascot so
<+[11-9]Sven> i'd like to thank Cead for scanning for our gal so much
<+Qerr|laptop|afk> more like pet :P
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> <3
<+[11-9]Sven> not that they realised <3
<+[11-9]Sven> and the other destiny crew who helped keep my morale high when i had my rants
<+Qerr|laptop|afk> I'dd like to thank all the allainces who send def to our gal aswell
<+[11-9]Squick> And of course Golan for telling me to launch when I was to lazy to figure out targets myself
<@AppocoEoRC> a common theme here
<@AppocoEoRC> well, if that's all?
<+[11-9]Sebos[RDM> ty to redemption too :D
<@AppocoEoRC> thanks guys, and congrats again :-)
<+[RDM]Sebos> btw cheers to vsnox for roiding 1:4 last day :D
<@AppocoEoRC> oops
<+Qerr|laptop|afk> also a scanner is bugging me to thank them for all thethey did for us so thank you scanners(olata)
<+[11-9]Jintao> ooh thanks to cardi for letting me stay in the gal
<@AppocoEoRC> lol :p
<+[11-9]Jintao> forgot that one
<+[RDM]Sebos> dnt boost his ego!
<+[11-9]Jintao> he talked to me when i exiled in for 30 min before he descided i could stay
<+Qerr|laptop|afk> it can't inflate anymore :P
<@AppocoEoRC> thanks guys :)
<@AppocoEoRC> now, finally, the winning alliance Denial
<@AppocoEoRC> who got in by the skin of their teeth, AGAIN in the last tick
<+[Denial]Mystic> \o/
<+[Denial]VenoX> hi!
<+[Denial]Reese> yay
<+[Denial]eksero> o/
<@AppocoEoRC> I think most of you are first time winning hcs? or all of you?
<+[Denial]VenoX> all i believe
<+[Denial]Mystic> all
<@AppocoEoRC> :)
<+[Denial]VenoX> wh's have thought it huh?
<@AppocoEoRC> how does it feel to appear and win?
<@AppocoEoRC> unless I'm completely mistaken, this is of course your first round :-)
<+[Denial]Mystic> best feeling ever :D
<+[Denial]Mystic> second
<@AppocoEoRC> well, close ;)
<@Fiery|cranky> You are completely mistaken, Appocomaster...
<+[Denial]Mystic> lol
<@AppocoEoRC> still pretty cool :D
<+[Denial]Mystic> it was a great round
<+[Denial]VenoX> well
<+[Denial]VenoX> obviously after the disappointment of last round
<+[Denial]VenoX> makes this all the more satisfying
<+[Denial]Mystic> 100000% more
<+[Denial]Mystic> :D
<@AppocoEoRC> so who were your chief rivals? ND, Asc and of course CT? :-)
<+[Denial]VenoX> ND and CT for most of the round ofc
<+[Denial]VenoX> Asc came in strong again towards the end
<+[Denial]VenoX> no surprises really :)
<+[Denial]VenoX> CT seemed more inclined to let us and ND scrap for most of the round
<+[Denial]VenoX> whilst they gal raided
<+[Denial]VenoX> and it nearly worked out for them
<@AppocoEoRC> with just over 1 million between you and CT - it was a pretty close call
<+[Denial]VenoX> indeed
<@AppocoEoRC> have any nails left? ;)
<+[Denial]Mystic> tbh the last few days was really close
<+[Denial]Mystic> with 4 alliances
<+[Denial]VenoX> which is why im sure they'll understand our "change of plans" last night
<@AppocoEoRC> could you elaborate?
<+[Denial]VenoX> CT wanted us to hit asc
<+[Denial]VenoX> asc wanted us to hit CT
<+[Denial]VenoX> we said yes to both
<+[Denial]VenoX> then hit CT
<@AppocoEoRC> was there much interplay at a political level ?
<+[Denial]VenoX> too much shit politics all round
<+[Denial]VenoX> to be honest
<+[Denial]VenoX> "no we wont hit u" "sorry bout last night, we were just "gal raiding""
<+[Denial]Mystic> true
<+[Denial]VenoX> the latter being my favourite and the most common excuse all round
<+[Denial]Mystic> and the group think...
<+[Denial]Mystic> "omg they hit 3 planets it must be planet targeting"
<@AppocoEoRC> so what was the favourite part of the round, bar winning?
<+[Denial]VenoX> most allies were too scared to commit to anything politically
<+[Denial]VenoX> besides a "rape denial" kinda deal
<+[Denial]VenoX> which makes sense to join in on a bandwagon against the best alliance ofc
<@AppocoEoRC> so tastefully put ;)
<+[Denial]VenoX> we understand the level of incs both of the last 2 rounds atleast :)
<+[Denial]VenoX> oh whilst we're talking politics
<+[Denial]VenoX> i shud thank ascendancy really
<+[Denial]VenoX> as much as it pains me to do so
<+[Denial]VenoX> the only consistantly reliable alliance this round
<+[Denial]VenoX> true to their word every step of their way (mostly)
<@AppocoEoRC> who stood out within the alliance then?
<+[Denial]Reese> i would say my favourite part of the round was the way Denial as an alliance pulled together during anf after the "punish denial" night.... that helped us more then anything, really brought us all together...
<+[Denial]VenoX> yes drac, we've seen ur opinion, but no one cares about u.
<+[Denial]VenoX> ok yea i'll stop talking now.
<@AppocoEoRC> (within your alliance, not others)
<+[Denial]Mystic> most?
<+[Denial]Mystic> eksero
<+[Denial]Mystic> and the dc team
<+[Denial]Reese> everyone pulled their weight 100% truly though
<+[Denial]Mystic> and the members that stayed up late
<+[Denial]Mystic> we'd like to name people ofc :D
<+[Denial]eksero> big thanks to judas/cody/atlas/disc/blizz/ren & cha for dcing!
<+[Denial]Reese> our scan team was amazing
<+[Denial]Reese> Our Main Scanners: Recluse, Antigone, Great, Vampiria, Cyzada, Ghosteh, PL, --- And our backup scanner/players: Jinstarro, lince, Xyphistor, jessb/bojan27, razer, cody, mikesrealgood
<+[Denial]VenoX> and the hc towards the end ^^
<+[Denial]Reese> and <3 to recluse doing like 75% of scans during incs every night, and even scanning all day from work too :p
<+[Denial]Mystic> and larger planets that pulled their fleets to allow smaller ones to xp gain
<+[Denial]Reese> yeah, when it became obvious we couldnt hold roids and we began mass targetting, we had players recalling last second from guaranteed roids to help ally score
<+[Denial]Reese> that gave us an edge
<+[Denial]Mystic> tbh this round has worsened reeses's insomnia :S
<+[Denial]Mystic> shes always online
<+[Denial]VenoX> lol
<@AppocoEoRC> is it serious?
<+[Denial]VenoX> Mystic: :S is banned remember.
<@AppocoEoRC> are you going to all be playing next round, to defend your title?
<+[Denial]Mystic> erhm id like to say one more thing btw
<+[Denial]Mystic> before we answer that
<+[Denial]Mystic> our members faught hard yes
<+[Denial]Mystic> we had our own share of help
<+[Denial]Mystic> from great alliances that stuck with us
<+[Denial]Mystic> we realized there were nice little blocks forming and we chose a side
<+[Denial]Mystic> id like to thank Orbit(drinker/cervantes), ASS(csillag), Redemption(Sebos/Rext/Badd), ToF(Deamon/snuffy/Xillver), xVx (Punther/Nicole)
<+[Denial]VenoX> we didnt have much of a choice
<+[Denial]VenoX> lets be fair.
<+[Denial]Mystic> ofc
<+[Denial]Mystic> thats also true
<+[Denial]Mystic> but
<+[Denial]Mystic> they helped us a lot :D
<+[Denial]Mystic> and im happy to have them play a part in our winning
<+[Denial]VenoX> yes, even with 4 deleted planets we still beat u Hosie
<+[Denial]VenoX> how does that make u feel.
<+[Denial]Mystic> :D
<+[Denial]Mystic> now about next round
<+[Denial]Mystic> venox?
<+[Denial]VenoX> and even with our amazing german friend dec trying to ruin it towards the end
<+[Denial]VenoX> epic fails all round really.
<@AppocoEoRC> lol
<@AppocoEoRC> (dec left pretty much last tick for those that didn't know!)
<@AppocoEoRC> (sorry dec :( )
<+[Denial]VenoX> but well done PA community again proving why the playerbase is diminishing
<+[Denial]VenoX> and no one wants to play with u
<+[Denial]VenoX> right yea
<+[Denial]VenoX> next round..
<@Fiery|cranky> Venox
<+[Denial]Reese> one more thing
<@Fiery|cranky> Keep it nice
<+[Denial]VenoX> Reese :)
<+[Denial]Reese> while other allies were plotting and schemeing... we were busy with dota in our denial.gaming channel :D
<+[Denial]Reese> \o/
<+[Denial]VenoX> blah, i knew she'd managed to squeeze it in
<@AppocoEoRC> lol
<@AppocoEoRC> (no advertising :( )
<+[Denial]Reese> though venox hated dota :p
<+[Denial]VenoX> #denial.gaming is the only reason the ally ranks are so close
<+[Denial]VenoX> lets be honest
<@AppocoEoRC> about next round..?
<+[Denial]VenoX> i guess they're gonna leave me to answer this
<+[Denial]VenoX> Next round
<+[Denial]VenoX> Unfortunately, for our members atleast, we've made the decission that Denial will not be playing as an alliance
<@AppocoEoRC> :(
<+[Denial]VenoX> It was a last minute decission, that we've basically been forced into due to a number of reasons
<+[Denial]VenoX> notably our dear friend eksero here who does so much hard work, leaving for the army
<+[Denial]VenoX> To the rest of the community tho, we at Denial wish u luck in the future, and we will, most probably, be back soon
<@AppocoEoRC> are the other HCs playing somewhere else?
<+[Denial]VenoX> oh and no hard feelings and such.
<+[Denial]Mystic> we might
<+[Denial]Mystic> no plans as of yet
<+[Denial]Mystic> sleep ftw?
<+[Denial]VenoX> We'd rather keep that between us and our friends tbh Appoco
<@AppocoEoRC> np :)
<+[Denial]VenoX> sleep will indeed be savoured
<+[Denial]Mystic> reese?
<@AppocoEoRC> any final words?
<+[Denial]Reese> also we cant forget to mention our tech gabz0r/marcel... we honestly had the best tools in PA.. anyone who saw our site agreed on this, thanks dude for putting up with us :)
<+[Denial]VenoX> yes, gabby ftw
<+[Denial]Mystic> yeap
<+[Denial]Mystic> hear hear!
<+[Denial]Mystic> thanks to the great members
<+[Denial]eksero> also
<+[Denial]Mystic> :D
<+[Denial]eksero> We have received 5951 incoming hostile fleets
<+[Denial]Mystic> \o/
<+[Denial]eksero> thanks to anyone who sent hostile fleets towards our planets
<+[Denial]eksero> o/
<+[Denial]Reese> and thanks again to the community for attacking us at pt 400, without it i doubt we would have won!
<+[Denial]Reese> :D
<+[Denial]Reese> let us XP whore off every alliance for the rest of the round
<+[Denial]VenoX> indeed :)
<+[Denial]VenoX> oh and starscream is cute too, yay \o/
<+[Denial]VenoX> OWNED.
<+[Denial]Mystic> lol
<+[Denial]VenoX> ok AppocoEoRC :)
<+[Denial]Mystic> i think we;re done :D
<+[Denial]Mystic> ty
<+[Denial]Reese> and thanks again to all our players for putting up with my paranoia and annoying private msgs :D
<@AppocoEoRC> :(
<+[Denial]Reese> eksero and i both finished top 100 anyways :p
<@AppocoEoRC> thanks to Denial
<@AppocoEoRC> etc.
<@Lunar_Lamp> Righteo
<@Lunar_Lamp> Another round over, and perhaps the closest finish ever!
<@Lunar_Lamp> Just a few things to say here, and in no particular order:
<@Lunar_Lamp> There is a speedgame starting in 45mins that will run until Sunday. Signup at http://speedgame.planetarion.com - no emails required for the signup, just follow through the instructions on screen.
<@Lunar_Lamp> There will still be havoc in teh real game however!
<@Lunar_Lamp> The setup is the same as last time.
<@Lunar_Lamp> We'll complete all researches that are outstanding
<@Lunar_Lamp> 300 million resources (spread over metal, crystal and eonium according to your planet's race)
<@Lunar_Lamp> 2000 asteroids (spread over metal, crystal and eonium according to your planet's race)
<@Lunar_Lamp> 20 of each factory, 30 wave amplifiers, 35 security centres and 30 finance centres ADDED to their respective planet
<@Lunar_Lamp> Fleets will be recalled, but not deleted. XP will NOT be reset. The maximum construction limit will be set to 500 constructions, and asteroid mining limits will also be increased.
<@Lunar_Lamp> On to other matters - Fiery is recruiting for the Support team.
<@Lunar_Lamp> If you think you'd enjoy helping your fellow PA players, and you understand the game well, contact her!
<@Lunar_Lamp> Also, just for those who haven't kept up with the latest gossip and intrigue about PA, Omac bought Jolt a few weeks ago (Jolt being the company that own PA).
<@Lunar_Lamp> We've spoken to Omac in the last few days, and they're really excited about PA, and want to make it great again.
<@Lunar_Lamp> Their enthusiasm is almost scary for those of us who've been around for a while, but for those who were worried about PA being bought, it looks like this could be great news.
<@Lunar_Lamp> In the immediate future the changes shouldn't be too major, but they want to recruit players, and they want to invest money - so watch this space!
<@Lunar_Lamp> That's all for now I think, so have congratulations everyone, and I look forward to next round!