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  • Round 77 Signups start: Friday 18th May 2018
  • Round 77 Ticks Start: Friday 25th May 2018
  • Round 77 Ticks End: Friday 13th July 2018

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  • Round 77 - Block Party: 411

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  • 22 Sep: Round 73 has ended, catch the EORC in 30 min

  • 14 Jul: Round 72 is finished, catch the EORC at 21:00 GMT

  • 5 May: R70 has ended, catch the EORC in about 30 min

  • 17 Mar: Round 71 starts tonight, don't forget to join!

  • 10 Mar: Round 71 - No Cloaks, Just Daggers signups are open! Sign up at https://t.co/jMD3ougsJQ

CTF Speedgame and CH

The FREE speedgame setup has been decided.

It's a round 20 Setup with the following modifications:

-No Alliances
-R18/21 XP formula for stealing asteroids - #roids stolen * 10 * (min(2,target_score/your_score) -0.6 ) * (min(2,target_value/your_value) -0.4 )
-Private / Random galaxies - Private Galaxies up to 10, Random Galaxies up to (around) 15
-Modified R14 stats - Steal ships fire before pods, and steal ships die at 50% of the value they steal. EMP is now "old school" and just like damage, with no EMP resistance. Stats are located at http://www.planetarion.com/manual/stats/speedgame
-Those with a flag can be hit no matter their score or value.

Everyone has a "Flag" asteroid. The idea is to capture the most flag asteroids possible - the galaxy at the end is the winner.

There is no bonus for time kept with these asteroids. If you have your own Flag in your galaxy, you gain 5 points. Other Flags are worth 1 point each whilst in your galaxy. However, if someone comes along and steals your flag at the last minute, you're going to suffer!

To capture a flag, you have to attack someone. The highest possibility you have of capturing it is 25% - when you steal the maximum % of their asteroids. You have the same chance of stealing it as you do any other asteroid.

Signups for this speedgame open on http://speedgame.planetarion.com/signup.pl on Friday, 30th March at 12:00 GMT, with ticks running every minute for 24 hours straight from 12:00 GMT, Saturday 31st March until 12:00 GMT, Sunday, 1st April.

Finally, we're glad to announce a CH-style Q&A session on Quakenet on Friday, 6th April at 18:00 GMT. This will be located in #planetarion on irc.quakenet.org. We look forward to seeing you all there!