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EoRC Round 19: 08/12/06

<@Marv> Evening all :-)
<@Appocomaster> Good evening, everyone.
<@Appocomaster> thanks for all turning up, we've got another good turnout. it's really good to see so many people here again :)
<@Appocomaster> I hope everyone enjoyed this round, with slightly fewer server breaks than last round (I didn't touch the server as much :P)
<@Appocomaster> firstly, congratulations to the winning planets: Greenhills, PDMASTER and Desse
* Appocomaster sets mode: +vvv [eX]Greenhills [eX]pdmaster [pr0n_asc]Desse
<@Appocomaster> all three of you from exil, quite a white wash really!
<+[eX]pdmaster> and 2 dutchies on top not to forget ;)
<@Appocomaster> yes, well...
<+[eX]Greenhills> :)
<@Appocomaster> so, did you find it an exciting round?
<@Appocomaster> Obviously pdmaster, you're a bit sad that you didn't hold onto #1 until the end
<@Appocomaster> I didn't think anyone would catch you :(
<+[eX]pdmaster> well yeah I was looking good untill about 1 week before the end
<+[eX]pdmaster> I guess greenhills tactic payed off better than mine :)
<+[eX]pdmaster> he did well
<@Appocomaster> Greenhills, you said your 'tactic' was to "steal as many golden roids as possible" ?
<+[eX]pdmaster> but yeah I loved the round, very exciting, sometimes stressing
<+[pr0n_asc]Desse> yeh, grats greenhills
<@Appocomaster> he's run off :(
<+[eX]Greenhills> Well.. at some point I was thinking about capping as many golden roids as possible to get in here..:p
<+[pr0n_asc]Desse> regretting your suicide now, pdmaster ?
<+[eX]pdmaster> bah, so many people keep reminding me of that !
<+[eX]Greenhills> Yeah that must have helped a lot pd :) thank you for giving me that opportunity
<+[eX]pdmaster> I woke up 2 minutes before tick :S
<@Appocomaster> Greenhills has been here wayy too many of the last EoRCs
<@Appocomaster> I don't see why he felt he had to try and get here again :p
<+[eX]pdmaster> the main reason I lost were the fomen waves on me 6 days before the end, they stole 2k roids, that made the big difference
<+[eX]Greenhills> I must say on my way home I have been thinking what to say here, and at some point I thought that there wasnt that much left to say for me.. some things just turned out into my favour.
<+[eX]pdmaster> ofc our alliance was great
<@Appocomaster> it seems to have been quite influential, yes!
<+[eX]Greenhills> Yes very
<@Appocomaster> when did you start thinking that you'd win, or even be one of the top planets?
<+[eX]Greenhills> When pd suicided
<+[eX]Greenhills> I gotta rub it in
<+[pr0n_asc]Desse> \o/
<+[eX]pdmaster> hehehe
<+[eX]pdmaster> I was still ahead at that point !
<@Appocomaster> it's ok pdmaster, he spent a lot of effort getting here - his vision got so bad he needed new glasses :(
<@Appocomaster> (sorry, but if you're going to be mean :p)
<+[eX]pdmaster> really? hmm well we might do a meeting soon for exi
<@Appocomaster> I think Greenhills is going to go and hit someone soon
<+[eX]pdmaster> I can take revenge then
<+[eX]pdmaster> (in real life I mean)
<+[eX]Greenhills> Anyways, I will say a lil thingy to some people if thats not too much of a problem.. all other for my part has been said in the past 1464 ticks.. exi has been great, odi paid me $5 to say his name here, mockingbird is gonna buy me beer tomorrow.. Sandvold elviz bazza helped me whole round
<+[eX]Greenhills> satyr and keizari defwhoring last day ftw..:p + nice galaxy :)
<+[eX]Greenhills> pd and desse, you where great
<+[eX]pdmaster> so were you :)
g.nl) has joined #planetarion
<+[pr0n_asc]Desse> aye
<+[pr0n_asc]Desse> deserved win
<+[eX]pdmaster> I would like to thank my galaxy also, especially my buddypack, rasputin, jackie, nazqil, barellron, and of course exilition very much, they worked very hard !
<+[eX]pdmaster> and some scanners on my msn with 149 amps who were always there for me to scan, helped alot !
<+[eX]Greenhills> dunno if it was deserved, guess I didnt make a mistake where others did and that was where I won it
<+[eX]pdmaster> Mysteries, lapskaus and ninth
<+[pr0n_asc]Desse> I´ll thank my galaxy later
<@Appocomaster> heh
<@Appocomaster> yes, I'll not bother devoicing you :)
<+[pr0n_asc]Desse> I´d like to apologise to lch though for leaving them earlier
<+[pr0n_asc]Desse> I think, we had different priorities this round
<@Appocomaster> the three of you are from the top 3 galaxies, so obviously the galaxy side was more competitive this time than the last few rounds, but that's the next issue :-)
<+[eX]Greenhills> Think for all 3 counts that eX was very important in defence as in attack, very much thanks for all hc's that worked very hard all round, dc's that did the calls 24/7 and the bcs that sorted us targets..:p
<+[pr0n_asc]Desse> the last few days has probably been more about which galaxy would win, than which planet/alliance
<@Appocomaster> it seems so :)
<+[pr0n_asc]Desse> and the members that got up at night
<@Appocomaster> so, if everyone's finished...?
<+[pr0n_asc]Desse> getting 10K BS on one wave covered was nice
<+[pr0n_asc]Desse> :-)
<@Appocomaster> hehe
<@Appocomaster> ok :-), well thanks, and congratulations again!
* Appocomaster sets mode: -vv [eX]Greenhills [eX]pdmaster
<+[pr0n_asc]Desse> woohoo
<@Appocomaster> shh
<@Appocomaster> moving on, as has been mentioned we had quite an exciting galaxy race, with 9:10 stealing it
* Appocomaster sets mode: +vvv jer jesterina JBG
<@Appocomaster> congratulations to you, the 'Ascendancy' galaxy
<@Appocomaster> jesterina, I'll replace you with Kila if necessary :p
<+[pr0n_asc]Desse> hell no
<+jer> no you won't
<@Appocomaster> ;)
<+jesterina> I just had to get that off my chest
<@Appocomaster> congratulations
<@Appocomaster> I'm sure you've been here before. I know jer should have been
<+jesterina> I haven't
<+[pr0n_asc]Desse> 3rd tiem for both me and jer
<+jesterina> I had a proxy for me back in round 16
<+jer> benneh as well
<+JBG> internet
<+JBG> hello
<+[pr0n_asc]Desse> I´d like to congratulate prestel on his first ever top100. Has been wanting it for so long
<+jesterina> this round was fun, but I think 2:6 got the strategy wrong
<+jer> if i'm slow in replying guys, it's because i am masturbating at this huge internet victory that me, my family and my comrades have been working for
<@Appocomaster> :( jer, it's meant to be slightly toned down
<+jesterina> we basically had our galaxy set up before ticks
<+[pr0n_asc]Desse> Big thanks also to Kargool for organising all those suicides on our galaxy
<+jesterina> heh
<+[pr0n_asc]Desse> the ziks thoroughly enjoyed them
<@Marv> lol
<+jesterina> not to mention Red- for getting Vision to hit us
<+jesterina> that's when we got the big players to donate their stacks to smaller ziks
<+jer> (:()
<+jesterina> with our gal average value they didn't need to be very small
<+jesterina> http://game.planetarion.com/show_news.pl?id=13424
<+jesterina> http://game.planetarion.com/show_news.pl?id=13425
<+jesterina> the second one is an f-crew that didn't check Kila's value gain :p
<+jer> a quick thanks to everyone that helped our galaxy, they all know who they are and hopefully don't need their nicks announced in front of randoms to appreciate it. thanks as well to 2:6 for well, obvious reasons. as well as a thank you to the likes of kargool, rshih and others who really made it possible for us to win
<+JBG> one person who does deserve his nick announced is chika, asc #1 def on points if we kept them
<+[pr0n_asc]Desse> And I'd like to nominate JBG for Drunk DC of the round
<+jer> dunk is up there too
<+jesterina> yeah
<+jer> though he donated a lot of res to greenhills (exi farmers :()
<+jesterina> Chika was honorary 9:10 most of the round
<+jesterina> pity he couldn't get exiled in today
<@Appocomaster> apparently a lot of exiling took palce
<+jesterina> yes
<+JBG> yeah, we decided we didn't like "other people" in general
<+jesterina> like I said, we had the gal pretty much set up from the outset
<@Appocomaster> so you're pro private galaxies in general?
<+[pr0n_asc]Desse> hell yeah
<+jesterina> with JBG, TomKat, Dirte, jer and Desse in the original BP
<+jesterina> the galchannel had almost all the other ascendancy people added to it from the get-go
<+[pr0n_asc]Desse> only 5 remaining in the gal from tick 00
<+jer> yeah, something i hope for in the future, for a round at least
<+jesterina> and we exiled in, reset our planets to get more exiles etc
<+jesterina> prestel got it an around pt1000 after 2 resets
<+jer> is something something involving private galaxies where a gal itself joins the tag of an alliance ala DOM style would be nice. i'm personally sick of the stagnant nature and have been for a while, and believe a round where galaxies and alliances can be united, for once might be interesting.
<+jesterina> just meant we had a small planet to escort to XP
<+jesterina> it was amusing that people didn't hit us until we had 30k roids
<+jesterina> one can berate Kargool for using TGV to support his galaxy all one wants
<+JBG> benneh just pmed me so i assume he wants thanks for something, screw you benneh
<+jesterina> but it was a really, really good attack for them
<+jesterina> heh
<@Appocomaster> :(
<+jesterina> also
<+jesterina> we did one Ascendancy person exile into the galaxy
<+jer> yeah that attack was a very successful one for them, and the second one but the third... :)
<+jesterina> saw it was rank 80 or so
<+jesterina> and then exiled out again
<+jesterina> HI IDLER
<+jer> ironically
<@Appocomaster> lol
<+jer> rob exiled into 2 6
<+jer> and exiled out :p
<+[pr0n_asc]Desse> I´d like to thank gal for making me unroidable since october 30th
<+jesterina> yeah, that was pretty sick
<+jer> Appocomaster: note what i said about the priv gals above
<+jesterina> Appocomaster: I could point out a few things I think are wrong with the current system, but I don't think I can tell you how to fix them
<@Appocomaster> I made a post in a similar vein 2 years ago that was laughed at, but sure :)
<@Appocomaster> jesterina, fixing them is often the problem
<+jesterina> personally, I believe jer is full of crap
<+jesterina> I do believe that either galaxies or alliances need to go
<@Appocomaster> fair enough :). I'm sorry, but I have to do this
<+jesterina> I've said so on the Suggestions forum to a great many flames
* Appocomaster sets mode: +vv TomKat youmakebunnycry
<@Appocomaster> I know
<+jesterina> heheh
<+youmakebunnycry> YAY
<+youmakebunnycry> :D
<+youmakebunnycry> thank you for not exling me guys <3
<@Appocomaster> sorry, we're just moving on
<+youmakebunnycry> and thank you Jester and JBG for making PA fun, and giving me 75 mil res
<+jesterina> before we move on
<+jesterina> I'd just like to say I'm looking forward to next round
* Appocomaster sets mode: +vvv [Tuba]Lokken Cannon_Fodder [eX][9-10-1]WuM
<+[eX][9-10-1]WuM> \o/
<+TomKat> i'd like to thank all the doctors in st.thomas' hospital for not allowing me a top 100 win because they said i needed to be in for 3 weeks getting intensive chemo thanks a lot NOT >:(
<+jesterina> Ascendancy will be there, and we might just have another trick up sleave
<+Cannon_Fodder> *waves*
<+jer> suffice to say, the main reason i want private gals is that there is no chance of kila exiling in
<+[Tuba]Lokken> oh hi
<+[eX][9-10-1]WuM> 1 sentence: thanks to 3:6 for being the best gal for the first half of the round
* Appocomaster sets mode: +v [9_10]Mickemus
<+[eX][9-10-1]WuM> too bad politics chew the gal in pieces
<+[9_10]Mickemus> ^^
<+[eX][9-10-1]WuM> would've been nice to spend it there, but I'm just lucky to end up in 9:10 <3
<@Appocomaster> any other quick thanks?
<+youmakebunnycry> I also love the way that JBG and Jester didn't allow jer to exile me, I think he was crying when they decided to donate res to me
<+[Tuba]Lokken> first off, cheers for sorting me out so many times alvin, i'll miss ya fella
<+youmakebunnycry> and thank you little Fcrew dude who didn't recall
<+Cannon_Fodder> I have to say the rise and rise of 9.10 shocked me a little
<+jer> voice rul3r please
<+TomKat> i'd like to thank appoco for being a super duper person!
<+[Tuba]Lokken> secondly
<+[pr0n_asc]Desse> prestel
<+[Tuba]Lokken> don't get in a galaxy with TomKat ever
<+[eX][9-10-1]WuM> and thx for eX, we are the best solidarious babysitters <3
<+[9_10]Mickemus> or jer
<+Cannon_Fodder> you mean kila right?
<+[Tuba]Lokken> he's annoying when he rings you at 8am
* youmakebunnycry is now known as Kila
<+[Tuba]Lokken> :(
<@Appocomaster> 8am is when you should be up
<+[eX][9-10-1]WuM> heh
<@Appocomaster> anyway, I'm afraid we're going to have to move on now (sorry)
<+jer> voice Benneh and [9-10]rUl3r AppocoAFK
<+JBG> okay appoco stop everyone attention whoring and move ont mactanzu or whatever idiot exilition have lined up to spout out some gibberish please
<+Kila> but school only starts at 9 :(
<+TomKat> people are getting impatient with us talking rubbish now so let's go back to the gal channel guys
<+[9_10]Mickemus> 9:10 is the biggest noobs around in the whole uni atm
<+[9_10]Mickemus> *are
<+Kila> I concur
<+[eX][9-10-1]WuM> I used to ring whole eX up, and make lists of fleets & non-deffers... :/
<+TomKat> and ban kila.
* Appocomaster sets mode: -vvvvvv [9_10]Mickemus [eX][9-10-1]WuM [pr0n_asc]Desse [Tuba]Lokken Cannon_Fodder JBG
<+jer> rul3r thanks Appocomaster
<+jer> err
<+jer> dunk*
<+TomKat> shut up jer
<+jer> and also appoco for being too thick to voice him
<@Appocomaster> lol
<@Appocomaster> sorry :(
<@Appocomaster> Dunk can harass me on MSN about it
<@Appocomaster> sorry about that
<@Appocomaster> anyway, moving on, exil have won 'yet again'
* Appocomaster sets mode: +vvv [eX]Cartman [eX]bwtmc [eX]MacTAnzu
<@Appocomaster> congratulations
<+[eX]Cartman> ty
<+[eX]Cartman> :)
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> ty :)
<+[eX]Cartman> 'yet again' as u stated ;P
* Jelly|Away is now known as Jelly|Bath
<+[eX]Cartman> Been a very nice round.. exciting to the last week :)
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> Appocomaster can u voice [eX]Cyzada as well, he deserves it :)
<@Appocomaster> bwtmc did make a forum post about this, but really, did you expect to win again?
* Appocomaster sets mode: +v [eX]Cyzada
<+[eX]Cartman> no
<+[eX]Cartman> like i stated before round
<+[eX]Cartman> we were ment to be on a break
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> Thank you.
<+[eX]Cartman> and prepare for next round
<+[eX]Cartman> recruiting for the future
<+[eX]Cartman> and testing em out
<+[eX]Cartman> this was truly our purpose..
<+[eX]bwtmc> to be absolutely honest
<+[eX]bwtmc> we had no expectations at all for our new HC team
<+[eX]Cartman> then peeps came back.. and recruits did good.. and we changed tacts and goals abit
<+[eX]bwtmc> with Cart, Mac and Cyz at the centre
<+[eX]Cartman> ye as bw said.. completly new command..
<+[eX]Cartman> needs training
<+[eX]Cartman> i need babysitting
<+[eX]Cartman> quite happy how all turned out.. we got an exciting round.. and ofc our win
<+[eX]bwtmc> and it turned out they did rather well in the end, thank you :P
<@Appocomaster> when did you think you seriously had to start playing?
<+[eX]Cartman> hmm it was quite some time into the round
<+[eX]Cartman> im not really sure when
<+[eX]Cartman> but when we looked at how good we were doing
<+[eX]Cartman> we had no other option that to "go all out"
<+[eX]Cartman> some may say we planned this all round
<+[eX]Cartman> but we sincerly didnt
<+[eX]bwtmc> although we talked to a lot of alliances, we didn't really have any close relationships with any
<+[eX]bwtmc> which actually kept us on a knife-edge for a lot of the last month
<@Appocomaster> yes, there were a few close shaves
<@Appocomaster> FO and ND did try and keep the pressure on
<@Appocomaster> though you kept seeming to escape
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> Well I wanna point out here, that at least [ToF] has my respect for keeping their own head till end of the round. :) Well done guys and good u weren't played by anyone else :)
<+[eX]Cartman> ye well concidering our lead in value.. (we always play by value) it gave us alot
<+[eX]Cartman> ND and FO did well
<+[eX]Cartman> but not well enough
<+[eX]Cartman> eX spirit is hard to break down
<+[eX]bwtmc> FO: 1233 incomings, ND: 909 incomings
<+[eX]Cartman> we always go by value > roids
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> About that, FO especially qebab was hard opponent. We struggled for almost week just hitting them and no one else :) was hard one to 'kill'
<+[eX]Cyzada> qebab was most hostile planet on me.. though he never got through ;)
<+[eX]Cartman> main reason we held off so nice..
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> Gj [FO] guys and thnx for ruining my rl for last weeks :)
<+[eX]Cartman> was due to the crashings on us
<+[eX]Cartman> we might have lost alot roids
<+[eX]Cartman> but we killed alot more
<@Appocomaster> well, as long as you felt pushed, it was good :)
<@Appocomaster> you seemed to steal an awful lot in the last few days
<+[eX]Cartman> :)
<+[eX]Cartman> value > roids
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> Yes and we got much stockpiles for long, ofc they dried slowly.
<+[eX]bwtmc> the incs dropped a lot towards the very end as well
<+[eX]bwtmc> as FO's priorities changed and ND's military power diminished
<@Appocomaster> so you cruised to a win?
<+[eX]Cartman> nah it was close
<+[eX]Cartman> we still had alot incs.. but not so much as a week before
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> Well I could say last week was REALLY tough one, we had lack in DCs, BCs and pretty much with everything :)
<@Appocomaster> is there anyone in particular you want to single out, apart from yourselves?
<+[eX]Cartman> mac
<+[eX]Cartman> DCs: ziw,bronto,stoom,ada,nit especially
<+[eX]Cartman> and ofc pd and cyz
<+[eX]Cartman> im quite good with forgetting someone
<@Appocomaster> I'm sure they'll remind you
<+[eX]Cartman> so mac? fill in blanks? ;P
<@Appocomaster> most people are good at that :p
<+[eX]Cartman> oh and ofc
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> hmm
<+[eX]Cartman> cbk
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> well my list shortly
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> Biggest thanks goes easily to [eX]Cyzada
<+[eX]Cyzada> i would like thank odi for doing loads of scans for me :)
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> when the time that activity was at its lowest in exi and i did feel burn out
<+[eX]Cartman> also our "main scanner" odi
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> u were the one helping me out the most
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> and later on u got into HC team
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> and u did perform nicely
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> Cartman for excellent setup
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> and start round stuff
<+[eX]Cartman> hehe bstards.. leaving me to do the startup :(
<+[eX]bwtmc> huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude
<+[eX]Cartman> ye ofc
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> and overall helping out whole round for politics
<+[eX]Cartman> hude for excellent tools... in my eyes.. best in pa
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> hude for providing again great tech stuff
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> DCs well we had many..
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> but i think when i think fast the most i wanna thank are: ziW, Bronto, Stoom, Adastra, pdmaster, Inforza, Juppi, loki
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> I hope i didn't forget anyone
<+[eX]Cartman> im going home from uni now so guess ill leave "rest" to mac and bwtmc.. :)
<@Appocomaster> well, it's coming up to finishing time anyway :)
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> bwtmc/kaifux/seqz for good help on politics
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> and some other stuff as well
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> lizardking for doing thousands of calls for me propably
<+[eX]Cartman> thank you.. to all our members.. was a truly fun round
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> when we setup attacks, def etc.
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> u were there always when i called u
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> and for MANY MANY SCANS
<+[eX]Cartman> and thank you to other allies for giving us a fight
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> odihnitoru mostly for being the best scanner we had this round, and ofc all others that did scans for us :) thank you <3
<+[eX]bwtmc> odi we promise you, you can quit or play a real planet next round
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> :)
<+[eX]bwtmc> promise!!
<+[eX]bwtmc> congrats to our cov opping team he and kai led too :P
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> Anyways that is pretty much my list :)
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> Also ALL exilition players
<@Appocomaster> ok thanks :)
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> You did EXCELLENT job and becouse of u we pulled this win again <3
<+[eX]Cyzada> thanks eXilition <3
<@Appocomaster> well, I think that's everyone then! :p
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> hmm
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> I don't know if Cartman already said it
<@Appocomaster> hurry :p
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> But as everyone already asking about next round
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> eXilition is a legend <3 and we will announce our plans in near future
<@Appocomaster> ok, thanks
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> thank you
<+[eX]MacTAnzu> <3
<+[eX]bwtmc> @Kaifux: it's been a pleasure playing with you for four rounds, thanks for the contribution you've made to eXi, if not
* Appocomaster sets mode: -vvv [eX]bwtmc [eX]Cyzada [eX]MacTAnzu
<@Appocomaster> sorry, we're getting towards the end of time and still have a few things left
<@Appocomaster> congratulations again to exil
<@Marv> lol
<@Marv> nice and blunt :p
<@Appocomaster> to remind everyone, the top 3 planets get a credit each and the top galaxy and alliance gets 5 credits each, which I'll sort out after this
<@Appocomaster> Each of the people that held a specific golden roid for the longest also gets a credit
<@Appocomaster> This round, Mordrek, Greenhills [again!], add, Spaceman, bojje and Palme all managed to hold on to their roids
<@Appocomaster> and I'll give them all a free credit too
<@Appocomaster> I'd like to briefly mention h3ll, who has a fair few tags
<@Appocomaster> he may not win the alltag comp, but he was a much loved member of the community and we were honoured to have him in 1:1 this round
<@Appocomaster> Lastly, I'd like to cover the PA Team changes
<@Appocomaster> as many of you know, we've had a few people leaving the PA Team recently
* @Mendosa sniffles
<@Appocomaster> Kloopy and A2 have both left us after their second innings, and Mushroom has left us after a mighty 1100+ days in
<@Appocomaster> all three will be missed, with Kloopy obviously being well known for his coding of many of the current game features
<@Appocomaster> To counter this, we're welcoming (back) members into the PA Team as replacements
<@Appocomaster> Lunar_Lamp is returning to look after our servers, Assassin is returning to head the Multihunting department, and Squishy and Markb are running #planetarion ops and other IRC issues
<@Appocomaster> we've made a little announcement about it here
<@Appocomaster> :)
<@Appocomaster> I'd like to bid an official sad farewell to Kloopy, A2 and Mushroom, and welcome the new PA Team members in and hope they help to move the game forward :-)
<@Appocomaster> I belive Marv now wants to run the Allcomp :)
<@Marv> Righto then :D
<@Marv> Last warning!
<@Marv> Tag up people!
-Mendosa:#planetarion- last chances folks TAG up pls
<@Marv> Appoco shall now make Pea work for me and give us the count :-)
<@Marv> Prize of 3 credits to the winning alliance :-)
<@Pea> Tags counted, scanned 539 nicks and found 41 different tags. 1 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<@Pea> #10. Tag: ROCK, count: 15
<@Pea> #9. Tag: HR, count: 17
<@Pea> #8. Tag: TGV, count: 23
<@Pea> #7. Tag: eX, count: 28
<@Pea> #6. Tag: h3ll, count: 28
<@Pea> #5. Tag: 0rb, count: 29
<@Pea> #4. Tag: VsN, count: 31
<@Pea> #3. Tag: FC, count: 32
<@Pea> #2. Tag: FO, count: 34
<@Pea> #1. Tag: ToF, count: 49
<@Marv> Congratulations to ToF!
<@Marv> You shall recieve 3 credits. If one of your lovely HCs gives me a poke afterwards I shall sort it out :-)
<@Marv> Finally, just a small note about the speed games :-)
<@Marv> All information is given here: http://pirate.planetarion.com/showt...d.php?p=3077579
<@Marv> I do hope to see many of you in attendance and hope we can have some fun ebfore Christmas!
<@Marv> I invite you all to #speedgame for chat / fun and loving
<@Marv> Lastly, a big thank you from me to the Support and Multihunting teams for helping out and keeping the game cheat and trouble free :-)
<@Marv> I think that about rounds us up :-) Anything else from you Appocomaster?
<@Appocomaster> ah
<@Appocomaster> yes
<@Appocomaster> one last thing
<@Appocomaster> Havoc starts tomorrow at 9AM
<@Appocomaster> because it's slightly shorter in length (from all the speedgames)
<@Appocomaster> I'll do resources in an hour or so
<@Appocomaster> after I've tweaked a couple of things and sorted credits
<@Appocomaster> (yes, I said the word 'tweaked'. everyone hide :( )
<@Mendosa> we have faith
<@Appocomaster> outside the PA team, perhaps :p
<@Appocomaster> anyway, thanks again for playing
<@Appocomaster> I'll let you go back to living normal lives now... well, for 11 hours
<@Appocomaster> :)
* Appocomaster sets mode: -m