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EoRC Round 16: 25/3/06

<@[PATeam]Appoco> as it's time for the end of round ceremony
<@[PATeam]Appoco> ok
<@[PATeam]Appoco> Good evening, and welcome to the latest installment of End of Round Ceremonys!
<@[PATeam]Appoco> *ceremonies
<@[PATeam]Appoco> sorry, my brother is picky
<@[PATeam]Ass> (sigh)
<@[PATeam]Appoco> anyway, we've had quite an eventful round
<@[PATeam]Appoco> seen a new style of play slightly contraversally developed
<@[PATeam]Appoco> had an alliance that wasn't 1up or exil winning for the first time in .. well, quite a few years
<@[PATeam]Appoco> and even had a return to the "old school" years, with a few downtimes
<@[PATeam]Appoco> without further rambling, congratulations to the top 3 planets of this round
<@[PATeam]Appoco> congratulations
<+[Munin]JBG> you opped the wrong guy it was supposed to be dav not bwtmc oh no wait it wasn't ahaha
<@[PATeam]Appoco> that wasn't funny
<+[Munin]JBG> sorry dav
<@[PATeam]Appoco> he's quite gutted
<@[PATeam]Appoco> well done bwtmc, for stealing the 3rd place spot at the last minute
<+[Munin]JBG> he's in a club drinking, i doubt he's that annoyed
<+bwtmc> JBG's quite clearly not prepared anything
<+bwtmc> which is great
<+bwtmc> I know
<@[PATeam]Appoco> did you want to steal the show with a speech?
<+[Munin]JBG> who gets to go first?
<@[PATeam]Appoco> well, you won
<+[Munin]JBG> no, that was lokken you opped the wrong guy asshole
<@[PATeam]Appoco> hilarious
<@[PATeam]Appoco> only most of #forums saw you pick your planet and ruler name
<+[Munin]JBG> yeah, that was true oh well hold on i actually wrote a little something!
* [PATeam]Appoco drumrolls
<+[Munin]JBG> Firstly thanks to jester and rob, you both organised a piss poor inactives alliance but I forgive jester because he drinks guinness and rob because one day rob will be in charge of the world and I don't really want to be on his bad side. Well done ascendancy though. Cheers for keeping me motivated by stalking me dav!
<@[PATeam]Appoco> did he really stalk you?
<+[Munin]JBG> yes he did
<+[Munin]JBG> very much so
<+[Munin]JBG> Cheers to EP for the two hundred million, four hundred and sixty seven thousand eighthundred and ninety five scans. Congratulations also go out to zzhou who was a scanner without fleets available to jgp with most mornings.
<+[Munin]JBG> zzhou is the worst scanner ever
<+[Munin]JBG> oh and seeing as nolez just quit
<+[Munin]JBG> Nolez, you're the worst human being I've ever met. You make jerome look good. I spent most of the round trying to figure out how to stab you in the face through the internet.
<@[PATeam]Appoco> one of the more original speeches, I guess
<+[Munin]JBG> oh and zhil wanted to let it be known that he deserved to be t100 but you're all horrible people so he didn't
<@[PATeam]Appoco> as in "dude, where's my fleet?" Zhil?
<+[Munin]JBG> zhil kept his fleet this round i think. he was very annoyed by all of us
<@[PATeam]Appoco> anyway, did bwtmc or [DDava]rain want to speak?
<+[Munin]JBG> i'm also doing bwtmc's speech
<+[DDava]rain> yes
<+[DDava]rain> i'd like to say few words
* [Munin]JBG shuts up
<+[DDava]rain> thanks JBG
<+[DDava]rain> first
<+[DDava]rain> congrats
<+[DDava]rain> i didn't expect you to win
<+[DDava]rain> i have a list of ppl i want to thank
<+[DDava]rain> my alliance, for pulling out a hell of a round
<+[DDava]rain> Abe, Artanys, Augustyn, bure, cata, Catw0man, clau777, Cobra, daku, darkage, FreddyAre, Igy, Kerrigan, Loynis, Mano, Palades, Smasher, vd3a, voodoo
<+[DDava]rain> daous dava, you're the best
<+[DDava]rain> and my galaxy
<+[DDava]rain> Wokkie, Zeb, Sovereign, badfish, mamester, Imperio, Mighteh, Diabus
<+[DDava]rain> great round
<+[DDava]rain> ggreat players
<+[DDava]rain> special thanks go to smasher
<+[DDava]rain> ally/gal DC
<+[DDava]rain> yes, we did defend
<+[DDava]rain> finally
<+[DDava]rain> all the ppl that encouraged me during this round
<+[DDava]rain> most of them i dont even know
<+[DDava]rain> sorry to disappoint you
* [Munin]JBG swoops in from way downtown and high fives rain
<+[DDava]rain> this round XP > value
<+[DDava]rain> thats kinda all i guess
<+[DDava]rain> thank you all for listening
<@[PATeam]Squishy> ok
<@[PATeam]Squishy> we are going to op pea again
<@[PATeam]Squishy> with all the nick talking
<+[DDava]rain> oh and
<@[PATeam]Squishy> thank you rain for that speech
<+[DDava]rain> i guess i have to thank kila also
<+[DDava]rain> he's yelling in my pm
<+bwtmc> lol
<@[1up]Phil^> and pea goes mental at the nickchangers
<+bwtmc> lovin' ya rain.
<@[PATeam]Appoco> wow, that's quite fun
<@[PATeam]Appoco> let that be a lesson to nick changes
<@[PATeam]Appoco> bwtmc, you're up
øùú [Munin]JBG publically jocks bwtmc
<+bwtmc> Our #1 marched away with it mid-round with his hugely successful intricate 'early launch tactic.' (Among other cunning ideas)
<+bwtmc> My planet followed suit, quite literally
<+bwtmc> Cheers to both JBG and Dav for keeping it interesting at the top all round. #gameofpricks for being the greatest (attack) channel ever - And Minty for no reason whatsoever!
<@[PATeam]Appoco> both launched then off down the pub?
<+bwtmc> (prelaunched)
<+bwtmc> It was fun, if a little off beat. I'm quitting for at least a a round, found some newer players to give credits to this evening
<+bwtmc> It'd be nice if others do the same.
<+[Munin]JBG> (jerome threatened to kill him he didn't stop playing PA)
<+bwtmc> and jerome` is a suicidal emo boy, he's more than capable :\
<+bwtmc> someone in 3:9 just pointed out that the only reason they did at all well was because they followed me following JBG :\
<+[Munin]JBG> it was an inevitable chain reaction that somehow ended in a british comedy situation with everyone running around at high speed
<+[Munin]JBG> seeing as pateam are inactive apparently i missed a bit off my speech earlier so Well done Kool And The Gang (Kool was obviously me and you were all the gang). Tomkat, JBG, Weeks, CF and Deepflow.
<@[PATeam]Appoco> we're here.. it is about time to move on to galaxies though!
<+[Munin]JBG> wait wait wait
<+[Munin]JBG> Thanks to the randoms we got as well. My heart went out to destiny, christ knows she couldn't have been expecting that when she signed up this round. The only thing Weeks didn't do was hunt her down and actually rape her chloroformed body. CF wanted a mention too. I had sex with his mother.
<+[Munin]JBG> there
<+[Munin]JBG> i'm done
<+[Munin]JBG> sorry for spamming up your channel
<@[PATeam]Appoco> thats ok
<@[PATeam]Appoco> right
<@[PATeam]Appoco> bwtmc is also in the winning galaxy
<@[PATeam]Appoco> but congratulations again to JBG and rain
<+[DDava]rain> o/
<@[PATeam]Appoco> Now our winning galaxy this time wasn't quite the runaway winner of last time, but there was still a hefty margin in winning
<@[PATeam]Appoco> you said it was due to everyone copying you copying JBG, bwtmc?
<@[PATeam]Appoco> figar?
<@[PATeam]Appoco> bwtmc?
<+bwtmc> there was a phase
<+bwtmc> where a couple of the smaller guys were largely dependent on doing nothing at all
<+bwtmc> but don't worry!
<+bwtmc> our brilliant community got them in line before long, aspiring to be individuals
<+bwtmc> figar wanted to explain his role in "Epenis War. Victorious"
<+figar> hehe
<@[PATeam]Squishy> first
<+figar> Well, you're all obviously bored to tears after all these long speachers, so i'll keep mine real nice and short.
<+figar> Despite the rest of the gal trying to ruin me being the winning gal, like rebelling and making jerome gc, i managed
<+figar> to pull it off myself in the end. This got to be the greatest achivement in pa history and i'm immensely proud of
<+figar> myself. I'm sure bwtmc has another version of it , but tbh I never trusted the guy anyway.
<@[PATeam]Squishy> would you care to tell the channel who all the members of your gal where
<+figar> In the end i would like to thank jerome for making me listen to awesome music (Anthony Green \o/ ), bwtmc for
<+figar> making me not take the game too seriously and his poor effort at making a crap bp actaully ending up winning the round.
<+bwtmc> * Retrieving #Clarity modes...
<+bwtmc> * bwtmc sets mode: +i
<+bwtmc> it was an open-invite galaxy for two months
<+bwtmc> Squishy ruins it in one fail swoop!
<@[PATeam]Appoco> who was in the buddy pack / rest of galaxy then?
<+bwtmc> (Took invite off)
<@[PATeam]Appoco> I got totally confused earlier reading a thread entitled "well done 3:9" with lots of players listed who weren't in 3:9
<+figar> bp was me bwtmc, coin, jerome and meatwax
<+bwtmc> originally me and Meatwax discussed pairing together
<+bwtmc> but Meatwax was set to be away for a couple weeks in London with little/no access
<+bwtmc> so we tactfully grouped up with Coin who refuses to play planetarion, jerome` who quits after a week and figar my last round galmate
<@[PATeam]Appoco> sounds like a highly motivated team
[ka] mode (#planetarion) +vvvv [3-9]Benneh [3-9]Rebell [3-9]Meatwax [3-9]Milkyman ([PATeam]Squishy)
<@[PATeam]Appoco> of course, you managed to get Benneh as a random
<+[3-9]Meatwax> and mystical
<+figar> we had great randoms
<+bwtmc> we somehow ended up with a couple eXilition guys I played with last round
<+[3-9]Meatwax> but ofcourse he managed to not log in for 72 ticks
<+bwtmc> then Benneh, Expl8t originally
<+figar> mystical expl8t and spacez all who played in eX last round
<+[3-9]Rebell> And and idle scanner
<+[3-9]Rebell> *an
<+bwtmc> I had some words to say on behalf of the galaxy if that's okay
<+[3-9]Rebell> did catch some score following bwtmc ofc
<+[3-9]Benneh> jer is far to emo as well.
<+bwtmc> you can see our organisational brilliance as silence doesn't followthat comment
<+figar> and we got latejoiners like kodo who bwtmc tought xpwhoring
<+bwtmc> Ironically, what really drove the galaxy was its flexibility. Good players went on holiday early on (or joined late) & had no real way of getting back into the game without being aggressive and NAPless.
<+bwtmc> I read Stifler's thread on the forums earlier. I really do thank 10:4 for a not just good, but brilliant competition. They had a very different system to play within.
<+bwtmc> Despite what one might think, holding up morale with 700+ ticks roided and jerome` in your galaxy wasn't all that easy.
<+[3-9]Benneh> and while being farmed by the same planets
<@[PATeam]Appoco> well, you seem to have managed it
<+[3-9]Benneh> :|
<+bwtmc> Benneh's round was ruined by Troll
<+bwtmc> he's very upset
<+bwtmc> Cheers to nAgAsH^, Mystical & Data for hanging around & helping out. Everyone that said figar couldn't GC was actually wrong, though I don't personally support beating up the new exiles. (Sincerely)
<+[3-9]Meatwax> hehe
<@[PATeam]Appoco> it sounds like you had fun, which is the important thing
<+[3-9]Meatwax> although figars hatred against some of the small planets did get them going
<+figar> we did
<+bwtmc> Yeah, we weren't conventional but we did have fun together, Planetarion probably needs to think about that and make fun more viable in the future..
<+[3-9]Meatwax> I'd like to thank Advantix for helping me scan the last weeks of this round
<@[PATeam]Appoco> if you find me some fun powder, I'll mix it into the code
<@[PATeam]Appoco> it surely can't make it any worse :\
<+bwtmc> A job for you Appoco
<@[PATeam]Appoco> thanks
<+bwtmc> With ref. to other thank yous
<+[3-9]expl8t> I wanna thnk beermonster, ziw and bwtmc for a greate round!
<+figar> knowing you'll lose the roids made it easier to keep motivation
<+[3-9]Rebell> Well, i was a bit surprised to get yelled at for giving def bot when i got exiled to gal
<+figar> as we really didn't def any ingal at all, except benneh
<+bwtmc> I've never played a round when so many people were willing to help out. Normally I couldn't ask for scans from nd/lch/xvx/1up/everyone etc. It was nice to see more of that, I think it came from the fact that we weren't a "political" galaxy
<+[3-9]Meatwax> yeah, thanks benneh for helping us out when we got fleet caught
<+[3-9]Milkyman> Well since i have voice.... I'm gonna thank (again) mwtmc who was a great mentor for a newbee like me . Bunneh for getting awnsers to my questions... And Nagash for all those scans
<+[3-9]Milkyman> ow and figar for not kicking me :P
<+figar> ^^
<@[PATeam]Appoco> well, thanks again and well done.
<@[PATeam]Appoco> if there's no further comments?
<+[3-9]expl8t> Im finished
<+bwtmc> bring on the Alliance speech
<@[PATeam]Squishy> best to keep that on
<@[PATeam]Squishy> for the mean while
<@[PATeam]Appoco> sorry, I didn't mean to take it off
[ka] nick([3-9]Rebell) to ([xVx]Rebell)
<@[PATeam]Appoco> and now, lastly Ascendancy, who took the lead in the last couple of weeks of the round and surprised most other alliances
<+[Munin]Rob> thanks
<+[1up]Zhil> Our unholy alliance is now revealed Rob
<+[Munin]Rob> jester can't be here, but he left a speech with Zhil
<+[1up]Zhil> you need to go first for it to make sense though
<+[Munin]Rob> well
<+[Munin]Rob> i'd like to start by thanking my agent, my family, my pets and all of the little people who helped me get here today
<+[Munin]Rob> oh, wrong speech
<+[Munin]Rob> credit must got first of all to jester
<+[Munin]Rob> who did far more work than i did
<+[Munin]Rob> most of all, he created Munin, our excellent bot
<+[Munin]Rob> which has been secretly playing all of our planets for us and is the real reason that we won the round
<+[Munin]Rob> credit must also go to bwtmc for recruiting about half of the alliance
<+[Munin]Rob> Dav also deserves a special mention, for being #1 until JBG overtook him
<+[Munin]Rob> i think the other alliances also deserve congratulation
<+[Munin]Rob> 1up and ND especially, for fighting a tough war
<+[Munin]Rob> in any other round, one of those two alliances would have won the round, and i think that should be recognised
<+[Munin]Rob> i also should mention that not all of our players were XP whores
<+[Munin]Rob> we had some values whores too
<+[Munin]Rob> although i personally prefer the term 'gigolo'
<+[Munin]Rob> i'm sure i've forgotten everything i am supposed to say, so i'll hand over to Zhil with jester's statement now
<+[1up]Zhil> Okay
<+[1up]Zhil> <jesterina> Since PAteam's antics have left me with conflicting plans, I'm unable to be here for the ceremony tonight. So Zhil is standing in for me and pasting this.
<+[1up]Zhil> <jesterina> Hopefully Rob has taken a little break from Oblivion to do the honors and all that jazz, so I'll be able to take this moment to give a few personal thanks.
<+[1up]Zhil> <jesterina> I'd like to thank all the people who made Ascendancy fun this round. Without you, it would've been worse than a 'normal' alliance.
<+[1up]Zhil> <jesterina> And while some of our members don't like 1up (for various reasons), I'd personally like to thank 1up. Not specifically for this round, but for keeping the game interesting. Without 1up I think the game would have been fairly dull. They've made sure that getting #1 is still a challenge and still requires skill.
<+[1up]Zhil> <jesterina> I promised Nolez and Tesla (and probably others) I'd give them special mentions, but I cba.
<+[1up]Zhil> <jesterina> Good luck to everyone playing round 17, I hope to see you putting up some resistance against us
<@[PATeam]Appoco> so are we going to see Ascendancy return in R17? it's not just a one round alliance?
<@[PATeam]Appoco> *we are
<@[PATeam]Appoco> I take it from Jester's comments that this alliance will stay
<+[Munin]Rob> disappearing when everyone really wants to get revenge on us would be a bit lame
<+[Munin]Rob> so we'll be around
<+[1up]Zhil> That's jester's speech. I thank all of 1up personally for playing this tough and evolving round to keep competative. ND deserve mention also for performing as well as they did when after they lost a good portion of their command, you gave me some sleepless nights
<+[1up]Zhil> I mean lost a portion of command from the previous round, not this one.
<@[PATeam]Appoco> Well, it'll be interesting to see another top alliance contending
<+[Munin]Rob> i think, above all, it's about the people
<+[Munin]Rob> we've got some fantastic members
<+[Munin]Rob> even emo kids like jerome are ok
<+[1up]Zhil> did he actually manage a full round?
<@[PATeam]Appoco> well, with people like JBG I'm sure you'll have fun
<+[Munin]Rob> it would appear so, yes
<+[Munin]Rob> final thankyou must go to the members
<+[Munin]Rob> for not being really awful
<+[Munin]Rob> and managing to win the round despite never having anything done for them
<+[Munin]Rob> bwtmc has requested that i mention that he has the longest epenis in ascendancy :\
<@[PATeam]Appoco> heh
<@[PATeam]Appoco> <3 bwtmc
<+[1up]Zhil> <3 to elviz for helping me have a decent planet this round, project Zhil top 100 failed, but the spirit is not lost!
<@[PATeam]Appoco> well, thanks to you both
<+[Munin]Rob> you should have gone zik and farmed some fleets
<+[Munin]Rob> thanks Appoco
<+[Munin]Rob> oh, one final thankyou
<+[Munin]Rob> to PAteam
<+[Munin]Rob> for keeping the game running
<+[Munin]Rob> none of this would be happening if it wasn't for PAteam
<+[Munin]Rob> i know they get a lot of criticism from people, but they do a damn fine job to keep this game going
<@[PATeam]Appoco> I was just about to thank the rest of the team, support team etc!
<@[PATeam]Appoco> stop stealing my speech
* [Munin]Rob bows out
<@[PATeam]Appoco> hehe
<+[1up]Zhil> Indeed
<@[PATeam]Appoco> many thanks to the rest of the team, for putting up with me and for getting the game sorted, especially Kloopy who has to put up with me phoning him everytime something goes wrong.
<@[PATeam]Appoco> I admit this round hasn't quite gone as planned
<@[PATeam]Appoco> hopefully we can be slightly more organised next round
<@[PATeam]Appoco> at least we don't have such a large downtime compared to previous rounds
<@[PATeam]Appoco> finally, we have a creators hour on wednesday
<@[PATeam]Appoco> so I have my trusty little CH_Bot out if people want to submit questions
<@[PATeam]Kloopy> Actually, I think Appocomaster deserves alot of respect for the work he's done. He's been in charge this round and has kept things working. If it wasn't for him every time the servers broke or something went wrong, we couldn't have been up so quickly!
<@[PATeam]Ass> yup
<@[PATeam]Appoco> Thank you :-)
<@[PATeam]Kloopy> And even if they don't realise it, I think everyone in the community would like to thank Appocomaster for his work this round. He has been especially fantastic.
<@[PATeam]Kloopy> Thank you Appoco!
<@[PATeam]Squishy> can't thank appoco enough tbh
<@[PATeam]Appoco> aww <3. I think they'd realise it
<@[PATeam]Squishy> he has been the heart and sole of the pateam this round
<@[PATeam]Kloopy> You don't realise just how nice it is for members of PATeam to be told they're doing something right. So if you do appreciate Appocomaster for his work this round, a quick PM to thank him would be wonderful!
<@[Hiding]Appoco> noo I have enough pms asking me to do things
<@[Hiding]Appoco> I'd like to reiterate the CH_bot thing though
<@[PATeam]Ass> lol
<@[Hiding]Appoco> if you want to thank me, ask some cool questions for wednesday
<@[Hiding]Appoco> so I have something to do instead of counting my toes
<@[PATeam]Squishy> Lastly we would like to thank the players
<@[PATeam]Squishy> without you there would be no game
<@[PATeam]Squishy> thanx for coming back round aafter round
<@[PATeam]Squishy> <3 pa community
<@[Hiding]Appoco> despite the mess we sometimes make
<@[Hiding]Appoco> we're overrunning slightly, and I'm sure you all have better things to do than watch us stand around saying nice things about each other
<@[PATeam]Kloopy> Of course. Without you we wouldn't be here. And PLEASE bear with us as we do our VERY best to improve the game. We're working on many things and hopefully there will be more for you in the future. It's a slow process but we're moving in the right direction. Don't give up on us, continue to play and enjoy Planetarion and it's community.
<@[PATeam]Kloopy> We've put people together who have ended up married. To all you computer geeks, surely, that says stay with PA and we'll find you a life-long girlfriend!
<@[PATeam]Kloopy> By the way.
<@[PATeam]Kloopy> I would just liek to remind everyone.
<@[PATeam]Kloopy> (Thank you A2 for prompting me)
<@[PATeam]Kloopy> The clocks in Europe and UK and many other countries go forward tonight.
<@[PATeam]Kloopy> At 1am your local time you automatically switch to 2am.
<@Assassin> oh crap yes
<@[PATeam]Kloopy> So don't be early for work tomorrow!
<+A2> he means "don't be late"
<@[PATeam]Kloopy> And for those that are interested, havoc information (if not already available) will be posted on www.planetarion.com later.
* [Hiding]Appoco starts preparing the announcement
<@[Hiding]Appoco> yes
<@[Hiding]Appoco> i forgot
<@[Hiding]Appoco> sorry
<@[Hiding]Appoco> golden roids
<@[Hiding]Appoco> I haven't looked it up
<@[Hiding]Appoco> but whoever held their one for the longest gets a roid
<@[Hiding]Appoco> I won't forget you!
<@Squishy> credit
<@Squishy> not a roid
<@[Hiding]Appoco> yes
<@[Hiding]Appoco> well, they can have a roid if they want!
<@[Hiding]Appoco> but a credit too