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EoRC Round 13: 8/6/05

<A2> anyone using mIRC can turn off joins/parts/nicks and quits in their options
<A2> and now... over to PATeam (whenever they're ready to start)
<Kloopy> Good evening, ladies and gentlemen from across the Universe.
<Kloopy> Congratulations: You've just been part of Round 13: Illusion of Truth.
<Kloopy> We've taken final rankings, as you're well aware.
<Kloopy> However, we've also got word that some of you are not happy about the final scores and ranks.
<Kloopy> Much of the coding resource Planetarion has has been unavailable due to University exams recently.
<Kloopy> So despite the user_id order affecting final ranks, we've been unable to find a cure.
<Kloopy> I have this evening knocked something together, but it hasn't been tested.
<Kloopy> And lets be honest, you all know PA's track record.
<Kloopy> If we try it on the live database, we'll lose all the data, crash the server and take out the UK's internet routing with us.
<Kloopy> So my sincere apologies about the final rankings not being as good as you hoped.
<Kloopy> But without extensive testing, we can't do much elses.
<Kloopy> You have my word that next round, we'll make sure the final scores are correct.
<Kloopy> (As well as the upcoming speed game, of course.)
<Kloopy> Right. So. I guess that's enough babble from me. I suppose you'd like to hear from some of our winners.
<Kloopy> First up, I'm sure with a lot of help from his alliance, we have the top ranking planet.
<Kloopy> Please give a warm welcome to 7:1:13, Keizari.
<[Angels]Keizari> Hopefully not too warm.
<Kloopy> Congratulations, Keizari.
<[Angels]Keizari> thank you, Kloopy
<Kloopy> A job well done. It must feel quite nice to be a round winner.
<[Angels]Keizari> Obviously.
<Kloopy> We've got a free credit winging it's way to you as we speak.
<Kloopy> How long have you been playin Planetarion for?
<[Angels]Keizari> Well, to be honest, this is my first round since i think 9,5, and before that 7.
<[Angels]Keizari> I've been keeping a few breaks that is.
<Kloopy> So quite an achievement for your first round playing PaX.
<[Angels]Keizari> I've had a lot of brilliant people supporting me on my way here.
<Kloopy> How has it played out for you? Have there been any special highlights or really annoying attacks?
<[Angels]Keizari> Well, the hirr lemming run was of course interesting.
<[Angels]Keizari> But I don't think many people want me to rant here very long, so if you don't mind, I'll keep a brief free-form speech here.
<Kloopy> Sure, you've got the floor.
<[Angels]Keizari> First of all, I'd like to congratulate the other winners (who surely feel the same for me) for their achievements this round.
<[Angels]Keizari> Also, I'd like to thank Wolfpack for the home they provided me for 1000 odd ticks, and the people there who made those ticks worth it; shame it had to go this way.
<[Angels]Keizari> Also, a truckload of thanks for Angels for providing me home there, especially Sjor, Irvine and Benneton for fixing me in.
<[Angels]Keizari> Third, for my battlegroup that helped me grow up in the early game --- Hydra (at #hydra, before anyone asks); especially Cain, Mystical, Voodoo, and rain there.
<[Angels]Keizari> Lastly, I owe a large chunk of my success of this round to my most brilliant galaxy: listing up, g0at, rember, patrick, bantu, fiery, especially shar and robban, my buddypackers.
<Kloopy> That's alot of people helping you out. But that seems it's what it takes. And it's nice to see you've had a great galaxy.
<[Angels]Keizari> (and to add up, I wouldn't have made it here without the marvelous support from the STYX crew)
<[Angels]Keizari> Indeed.
<Kloopy> Well, you've made it. A round winner. Only 14 other people can lay claim to that title.
<[Angels]Keizari> In any case, thanks for everyone supporting me I've mentioned and also those I've forgotten; It's been a brilliant round and a lot of fun. Thank you.
<[Angels]Keizari> (feel free to move on, kloopy)
<Kloopy> Many congratulations from me.
<Kloopy> I've played the game and know how hard it is to keep playing with the repetative incomings.
<Kloopy> Ok.
<Kloopy> We'll move on and introduce the winning galaxy.
<Kloopy> I'd like you all to put your hands together for the top ranking galaxy: 1:2.
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> Whoo hooo!!
<Kloopy> Cangratulations, guys.
<[1-2]Grim|> thx Kloopy
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> HI MOM!! *Waves*
<Appocomaster> there's always one...
<Appocomaster> ;P
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> hehe
<Kloopy> So, at what point did you realise you'd be winning?
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> hmm.. to be honest?
<[1-2]Grim|> If I can take this Chaos
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> yeah sure.
<[1-2]Grim|> we started the round .. fighting the top 20
<[1-2]Grim|> .. but climbed fast..
<[1-2]Grim|> and to make it all short
<[1-2]Grim|> in the end it stood betwean 6:3 and ourself
<[1-2]Grim|> thx to 6:3 for a good fight
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> yer. was fun =)
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> they put up a damn good fight
<[1-2]Grim|> happily for us... we managed to outgrow them in the end.. and we won with a pretty good margin
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> made it so we wasn't realy sure until about a week ago
<Kloopy> Well, it's quite an achievement.
<[1-2]Grim|> thanks u..
<Kloopy> Were there any persisten hostiles you had problems with? Or did you find the progress through the round quite easy?
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> hmm..
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> actualy we had plenty of incomming from just about every ally
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> btw. thanx Coven for the extra 100+ mill salvage we got last night
<Kloopy> But you appear to have kept the roids well.
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> well.. we've worked as a great taem
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> *team
<[1-2]Grim|> (can people pm'ing me.. and sending me private notices plz stop??)
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> as ally def has been pretty sucky this round
<[1-2]Grim|> Kloopy.. that was all about defence.. we worked as really good team all round
<Kloopy> Is htere anyone in your galaxy who put in a big effort or was the team work well balanced?
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> but we've managed to work around all lame NAP's and find a system that worked for ingal def
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> well.. it was a great team effort
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> but we couldn't have done it without cbk
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> our first GC
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> he was the driving force for our gal most of the round
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> too bad this is his last round. as he's the only GC I've ever been proud to follow
<[1-2]Grim|> he made the big achivement .. to kick us all silly.. and def eachother...
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> I haven't even been close to filling his shoes after the big bad "School" monster took him
<Kloopy> I'm sure with his free credit, you can persuade him to stick around.
<Kloopy> Because all 22 members of your galaxy get 1 free credit.
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> bah. I want a T-Shirt =(
<[1-2]Grim|> I also wanna thank everyone in this l33t gal.. who sent me numerous sms's .. and woke me at the middle of the night
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> would even pay for it ;P
<Kloopy> Are there any other people you'd like to thank?
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> Best damn gal I've even been in
<Kloopy> Hehe. The dreaded middle of the night phone calls!
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> hehe.
<[1-2]Grim|> yeah.. and it has been a few
<[1-2]Grim|> well..I have a big list of people I would like to thank....
<Kloopy> You've got a fun new havoc round to play, then a speedgame and you'll then finally be able to get some rest!
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> everybody got a pillow?
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> ;P
<[1-2]Grim|> I can take a few ... .. ands thats Premier, Burmel and Slave.. which kept .. sending def when I was in wp
<[1-2]Grim|> and I also wanna thank all of my gal... for a great round.. and for hellping me achiving the #1 ter spot
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> yer.
<[1-2]Grim|> also wanna thank Heru who just pinged me
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> well time to mention them by name I guess
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> best gal Ever to play PA: Grim , Mistwraith , Tyroka , SeqZ , Chaos , BGLame , Dauthi , {eZZa} , TumNarDok , Arbac , Shockey , cbk , Mazzelaar , Pooley , TiS , YaegeR , Haer , Rasta , Artur , Pattyy , Ziw , August
<Kloopy> A lineup that I'm sure you'll not forget quickly.
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> ohh. and I hafto tank sweet sweet Crusie. (Else she'll beat me up)
<[1-2]Grim|> and last I wanna say.. what made us win in the end.. was the great team effort.. and that we never stood watching gal m8s die.. we all sent def. and noone were selfish
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> yer.
<[1-2]Grim|> Chaos.. did she pm u too??
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> hehe. yer
<[1-2]Grim|> I at least got the balls to not thank her
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> ohh. and yer
<Kloopy> And I think that's a lesson many galaxies could learn. In-gal politics is of course important.
<Kloopy> Which I think people tend to forget in these days of powerful alliances.
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> Hafto thank the great =1st= C ally
<[1-2]Grim|> Kloopy: .. not just galaxys.. alliances
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> trustworth great bunch
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> +y
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> ok. ofc. TG folka =)
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> hmm..
<[1-2]Grim|> those who def.. win... . u cant have l33t attacks alone...!!
<Kloopy> Well, again our congratulations.
<[1-2]Grim|> and I also wanna thank Kaifux.. a stressed out m8.. which has been a good m8 through the round
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> thank you =)
<[1-2]Grim|> thank u
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> and again. cbk rocks
<Kloopy> Cheers guys. Is there anything else you';d like to say before we move on?
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> hmm. no
<[1-2]Grim|> im sure I will remember that after u removed my voice Kal
<[1-2]Grim|> Kloopy*
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> ppl are sick of my ramblings now =)
<[1-2]Grim|> or
<[1-2]Grim|> I wanna thank PA-team actually
<[1-2]Grim|> who put up with all our nagging and complaining
<Kloopy> Hehe. It's all part of the fun.
<[1-2]Grim|> and makes the game.. which we all love
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> I still want a T-Shirt ;P
<[1-2]Grim|> even tho .. we never get happy with the stats
<Kloopy> Cheques can be made payable to Kloopy. You can get my address in PM.
<Kloopy> Chaos, we're vaguely looking at the possibility of a chance of perhaps thinking about doing something like t-shirts. More information to come.
<Kloopy> Anyway.
<Kloopy> I'd like to move on, if that's ok.
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> =D
<[1-2][HR]Chaos> np. thank you all for listening to us =)
<[1-2]Grim|> and a special thank to Rabba.. a really great m8.. I love
<[1-2]Grim|> hope I can have ur children some day m8
<[1-2]Grim|> sure Kloopy..
<[1-2]Grim|> thanks for the time
<Kloopy> Next up we have the winning alliance. A controvercial win. They've had a huge amount of suspicion and accusation thrown their way. Please welcome Kaifux and Mactanzu from Exilition...
<Kloopy> Well, guys. Congratulations.
<Kloopy> An amazing win, despite all the hostility you've received from the community.
<Kloopy> My first question has obviously got to be: Did you cheat?
<[eX]MacTAnzu> No.
<Kloopy> How has it been, on the receiving end of so much suspicion?
<[eX]MacTAnzu> And my question to u obviously: do you believe ppl telling propaganda in forums that we cheat ? does it only need people to post on forums to get admins to think we cheat ?
<Kloopy> For the record, I believe it was a legitimate win.
<Kloopy> But I'm sure the debate will go on for a long time.
<Kloopy> Through the grape vine, I've heard about your emmense organisation.
<[eX]MacTAnzu> Yes they will
<[eX]MacTAnzu> Only 1 can win
<Kloopy> Could you let us into your secrets?
<[eX]MacTAnzu> and the rest usually who lost wants to give a "reason" why they couldn't win against u etc.
<[eX]MacTAnzu> Well our "VNC"
<[eX]MacTAnzu> As many calls it was
<Kloopy> immense*
<[eX]MacTAnzu> Spacez Cheradenine Mano K3rrigan
<[eX]MacTAnzu> etc. many other DC
<[eX]Kaifux> i will try to tell the system we used and followed:
<[eX]MacTAnzu> who did the best DC job with so gd lvl that i've never seen it before
<[eX]MacTAnzu> i'll let [eX]Kaifux tell about it
<[eX]Kaifux> the idea was to create an alliance, which was filled with harcore, dedicated and mature players
<[eX]MacTAnzu> And ofc all of our members with good dedication and good team play who defended each other and didn't suicide for roids also always after loosing roids they just kept fighting back and never started whining or went into despair.
<[eX]Kaifux> old-school players, retired and the ones that missed PA a lot
<[eX]Kaifux> it was started by Basse & Ricka
<[eX]MacTAnzu> We only had 4 members leaving for other alliances becouse of the hard war in whole round so that tells a lot about our quality
<[eX]Kaifux> they came to me, asking if i want to, i agreed
<[eX]Kaifux> then we got Mactanzu to join the team, so it was 4 HCs who started it
<[eX]Kaifux> the preparation took more than 1month
<Kloopy> And you managed to assemble a great group of people.
<[eX]Kaifux> that's the start for success imo
<[eX]Kaifux> each of us
<[eX]Kaifux> gather his own group yes
<[eX]Kaifux> that's why we started with 4 BGs
<[eX]Kaifux> we started alliance also on some basic rules
<Kloopy> What were they?
<[eX]Kaifux> we followed for the rest of the round
<[eX]Kaifux> Recruitment policy / Value > * / Strict obeying + good time usage
<[eX]Kaifux> at least these rules comes from my side
<[eX]Kaifux> we we gathered the team of players that were ready to everything for the best
<Kloopy> How did you stay so organised? I presume there were many mid-night phone calls and high activity on your aliance forums?
<[eX]Kaifux> as we were new alliance, we didn't have advanced tech side
<[eX]Kaifux> so we had to use basic stuff
<[eX]Kaifux> i did all the administrating stuff
<[eX]Kaifux> gathering phone numbers
<[eX]Kaifux> writing lists
<[eX]Kaifux> making sure everyone has credit
<[eX]Kaifux> everyone has galaxy
<[eX]Kaifux> everyone is in forums
<[eX]Kaifux> everyone initiated 1st roids
<[eX]Kaifux> everyone has bg
<[eX]Kaifux> etc etc
<[eX]Kaifux> there was 0 member
<[eX]Kaifux> who haven't had his own place
<[eX]MacTAnzu> Tbh all ppl here using those nicks etc. and "mature" u r more childish than any1 could ever be and still want to point out there was no proven usage or anything about us using vnc it was all bs on forums.
<[eX]Kaifux> we were really totally ready for hardcore round
<Kloopy> Which surely fosters a nice environment and keeps people interested in playing hardcore.
<[eX]Kaifux> yes
<Kloopy> And you played it well.
<[eX]Kaifux> everyone had motivation up
<Kloopy> And came out on top.
<[eX]Kaifux> and you remember our first steps
<Kloopy> Despite all the accusations!
<[eX]Kaifux> and our first even 72h ticks
<Kloopy> Are you going to be winning Round 14?
<[eX]Kaifux> to some up: good start with good preparation, keeping the motivation and sticking to basic rules and not letting things down leaded us to #1
<JammyJim> Could we please stop the nick talking. Thanks
<[eX]Kaifux> i will comment on r14
<xontas> to the nicktalkers, if you have proof please mailme , if not please exept they won
<[eX]Kaifux> if it's summer round
<[eX]Kaifux> sorry guys
<[eX]Kaifux> i won't be here
<Kloopy> The current plan is to have a summer round, then get another round in before Christmas.
<[eX]Kaifux> and as people keep faith in ex untill i'm around
<[eX]Kaifux> so no eXilition
<[eX]Kaifux> on r14
<[eX]Kaifux> at least not as tag
<[eX]MacTAnzu> "who gives a shit what they think, we won, and without evidence they are just sore losers trying to explain why they were owned" <- loaned a part of that from [eX]Geezer77 tnx
<[eX]Kaifux> but i'm sure we will come back for the round untill Christmas
<[eX]Kaifux> (sorry all exil guys who still wants to do the summer round with me)
<[eX]Kaifux> i was here
<[eX]Kaifux> minimum 10 hours
<[eX]Kaifux> per day straight
<[eX]Kaifux> from morning to evening
<[eX]Kaifux> even late night
<[eX]Kaifux> straight 2.5months
<[eX]Kaifux> can't do it at summer
<Kloopy> Fantastic. Well, it looks like other alliances will have a chance to win next round. I wonder if the winners will next round will get the same treatment as you.
<Kloopy> Well, you all deserve a summer in the sun.
<Kloopy> An earned break.
<[eX]Kaifux> we do
<[eX]Kaifux> i'm just sad
<[eX]Kaifux> seing everyone blaming us
<[eX]Kaifux> about vnc
<[eX]Kaifux> about pass sharing
<[eX]Kaifux> about what else can they possibly think off
<[eX]Kaifux> i'm playing PA
<[eX]Kaifux> for long time
<[eX]Kaifux> from r4
<Kloopy> I'd like to say again that the cheat hunters have been watching Exil VERY closely with all the accusations flying around. And we're unable to find any suggestion of cheating.
<[eX]Kaifux> i experienced lots of it
<[eX]Kaifux> and really ask for clean game
<Appocomaster> (A warning to the nick talkers: I believe Pea is going to be turned on shortly)
<[eX]Kaifux> and created this alliance for clean game
<Kloopy> As far as we're concerned, Exil have won fair and square. And I think they deserve the respect that entails.
<[eX]Kaifux> and clean win
<[eX]Kaifux> sadly people dunno how to loose
<Kloopy> Well, congratulations on your win!
<xontas> i like to comment on that
<[eX]Kaifux> Kloopy
<[eX]MacTAnzu> And I want to add a comment here. About so much talked "closed planets in exilition" afaik we had 2 closed&deleted in whole round if i recall right. They were with exception for 2 guys who worked @ same place etc. who had exception but just interracted too much so it's "understandable."
<[eX]Kaifux> u know the truth
<[eX]Kaifux> you even got to our forums
<[eX]Kaifux> i'm sure
<[eX]Kaifux> anyone who would of joined ex
<[eX]MacTAnzu> But we also got 3 of or our 4 HCs planets closed during round for mistake of MH team and their tools.
<[eX]Kaifux> and stayed there for at least some days
<Kloopy> an issue which is being discussed on the forums already.
<[eX]MacTAnzu> And many other planets for the same reason.
<[eX]Kaifux> would speak differently
<[eX]Kaifux> thnx Kloopy
<Kloopy> Is there anything more you'd like to add?
<[eX]Kaifux> yes
<[eX]MacTAnzu> And afiak there is 0 planets closed for account sharing or anything similiar.
<[eX]Kaifux> wanna state some facts and thank some people
<Kloopy> Go ahead, Kaifux.
<[eX]Kaifux> this was my 3rd try to create an alliance, that can succeed. I'm glad i did it this time
<Kloopy> The saying -is- 3rd time lucky.
<[eX]Kaifux> this would never been possible without 3 other HCs
<[eX]Kaifux> Kloopy: wanted to add that
<[eX]Kaifux> Mactanzu, BaSSe, Ricka
<[eX]Kaifux> also wanna thank each and every member from exilition, who played it from tick 1 to tick 1669
<[eX]Kaifux> special thanks goes to:
<[eX]Kaifux> Ricka - for fantastic arbiter
<[eX]Kaifux> cbk - for great politic work
<[eX]Kaifux> yggdra - for outstanding scanner/forum's administrator/arbiter takeover
<[eX]Kaifux> spacez - for being unbeleviable stable dc
<[eX]Kaifux> doing dcing 8hours/day
<[eX]MacTAnzu> More often
<[eX]Kaifux> figar - for being big and nasty
<[eX]Kaifux> good done there m8
<[eX]Kaifux> sad you finished just 2nd
<[eX]Kaifux> for crusie - helping out at the start with outstanding dcing/scaning
<[eX]Kaifux> mano/k3rrigan for holding out the front of dcing
<[eX]Kaifux> when it was ev1l times
<[eX]Kaifux> all out caths
<[eX]Kaifux> that finished it actively
<[eX]Kaifux> especially cheradenine/rgat
<[eX]Kaifux> cartman!
<[eX]MacTAnzu> Cheradenine also needs mentioning for good DC work & ZILLIONS and ZILLIONS of calls to ppl for def fleets.
<[eX]Kaifux> Mano!!!
<[eX]Kaifux> yeah chera did great late round
<Kloopy> You should publish your phone bills.
<[eX]MacTAnzu> Mano & Spacez were my fav and k3rrigan too in preround
<[eX]Kaifux> snra for being good bcer
<[eX]MacTAnzu> (+[eX]crusie): <@Kloopy> You should publish your phone bills. <- 15 euro for 1 night :s
<[eX]Kaifux> bcing*
<[eX]Kaifux> i won't mention everyone
<[eX]Kaifux> i would if i had time
<Kloopy> That's quite a bit! But it allowed you to get the top spot.
<[eX]Kaifux> but it was just perfect round
<Kloopy> Which is very admirable.
<Kloopy> Congratulations from me and PATeam.
<[eX]MacTAnzu> Dunno if u already sayed but thnx to scanners: Yggdra, crusie etc. all who did those
<[eX]Kaifux> also wanna thank PA-Team
<[eX]MacTAnzu> u were priceless
<Kloopy> Hopefully over time people will come to accept that you won fairly.
<[eX]Kaifux> for giving us stable PA round
<Kloopy> But you've done well and should be proud.
<[eX]MacTAnzu> Thnx to 1up & co for great fight
<[eX]Kaifux> yeah 1up
<[eX]MacTAnzu> and to LCH & ToT for being such a great allies
<[eX]Kaifux> you have done good job
<[eX]Kaifux> for keeping the game alive
<[eX]Kaifux> sides were going up and down
<[eX]Kaifux> also wanna tell to WP
<[eX]MacTAnzu> In ToT mostly thanks to Wakko for good work
<[eX]Kaifux> care about each member u got and each group of people you got
<[eX]MacTAnzu> in LCH too many to remember you all did well
<[eX]Kaifux> wanna thank LCH&ToT
<[eX]Kaifux> for being stable
<[eX]Kaifux> and honourable allies
<[eX]Kaifux> we went through everything together
<[eX]MacTAnzu> Our victory is as much theirs as it's ours
<[eX]Kaifux> we can say we are 1
<[eX]Kaifux> 3 in 1
<[eX]Kaifux> totally
<[eX]Kaifux> also wanna thank VSN
<Kloopy> Well, it was your name that came out on top.
<[eX]Kaifux> for helping us out in early round
<Kloopy> Well done.
<[eX]Kaifux> just guys really stop blaming us
<[eX]Kaifux> for doing something wrong
<[eX]Kaifux> you know it's hard to get over it
<[eX]Kaifux> but that will make the PA better place to be
<[eX]Kaifux> no prooves - no need to shout about it
<[eX]Kaifux> and yes APA you were nice
<[eX]Kaifux> and don't blame them for being flak
<[eX]Kaifux> they never were
<[eX]Kaifux> they are good
<Kloopy> (Well done to Rikard, too.)
<[eX]Kaifux> lol
<[eX]Kaifux> yeah rikard you reacher top 1000
<[eX]Kaifux> yeah!
<[eX]Kaifux> ok sorry, for my not perfect english skills and not prepared speech
<[eX]Kaifux> got anti-irc sindrome
<[eX]Kaifux> would prefer to speak lively
<Kloopy> You spoke fine!
<[eX]Kaifux> i'm sure i missed lots of things
<[eX]Kaifux> i will remember tommorow
<[eX]MacTAnzu> Once again thanx ALL exilition Members <3 love you
<[eX]MacTAnzu> and thanks LCH & ToT
<Kloopy> Ok. Mind if I move on to a few announcements then?
<[eX]Kaifux> not at all
<[eX]Kaifux> been pleasure
<Kloopy> Thank you Exil for providing a lively round.
<[eX]Kaifux> best round ever
<Kloopy> Many congratulations.
<[eX]Kaifux> ta.
<[LDK]Kaifux> 4ever
<Kloopy> Ok.
<Kloopy> So, you've seen the winning player, galaxy and alliance.
<Kloopy> But we introduced a new feature this round.
<Kloopy> Special Roids.
<Kloopy> I'd like to give a quick mention to fw of 12:1:3 for holding a special roid for the longest.
<Kloopy> We've ironed out a few teething problems with Special Roids ready for havoc.
<Kloopy> I'd like to give special mention to FlyingMonkey (purely because she's my housemate ;-))
<Kloopy> but also because this was her first round of Planetarion and she finished top 60.
<Kloopy> Congratulations to her, she's a perfect example of how new players CAN do well at this game.
<Kloopy> Oh.
<Kloopy> And back tracking slightly... Exilition receive 5 free credits. They'll be given to one of their HC to distribute next round or since they're not playing, perhaps for R15.
<Kloopy> Right. So. What's coming up in the world of Planetarion?
<Kloopy> We've got Havoc starting tomorrow and then a speed game following shortly after that.
<Kloopy> I've prepared a little information about the havoc arragements.
<Kloopy> Planetarion is getting exciting! Despite the end of Round 13: Illusion of Truth, we still have some new and enjoyable things for you.
<Kloopy> Most of you who have played Planetarion in previous rounds will be aware of Havoc. Typically, we run the game for a week after the final rankings have been taken from the game. With resource and asteroid boosts, this time is used by planets to launch fun attacks retalliating again persistent hostile incomings or perhaps against their HC.
<Kloopy> Hoever, this round things are going to be different. We are going to be playing Capture the Flag.
<Kloopy> How, I hear you ask, does CTF translate to the Planetarion Universe? Here are the details:
<Kloopy> Each galaxy will be given a Special Roid. This will be their galaxy flag. If you're not aware what Special Roids are, then ask around; they've been a new addition for this round.
<Kloopy> Galaxies will then battle it out to steal as many flags as they can, whilst defending any flags they have retreived themselves.
<Kloopy> At the end of CTF havoc, galaxies will be ranked according to the flags they have at that point in time.
<Kloopy> Each flag is worth 1 point. However, if a galaxy holds it's own flag, that flag is worth 5 points.
<Kloopy> Now not only will this be a fun alteration to the usual Planetarion gameplay, to win your galaxy will have to function as a unit... Your alliance is of no use to you any more.
<Kloopy> As incentive to win, we have prizes up for grabs. The top three scoring planets in the winning galaxy will each receive a free Planetarion credit for use in any main game round.
<Kloopy> You can keep track of the Flag Asteroids on the Universe Misc page and a galaxy ranking for CTF will appear on the same page soon.
<Kloopy> This is the first time anything like this has been attempted, so we're more than happy to hear your feedback and suggestions. You can contact us on IRC (#support), via email or telepathy (or phone if you're one of my real life friends :P).
<Kloopy> So. Good luck. Happy roiding.
<Kloopy> Before that though, I know some people might like to attack their HC or do some big retals.
<Kloopy> For that reason, we'll be running the first 24 hours of havoc as normal, but with a resource injection.
<Kloopy> 24 hours into havoc, we'll reset the universe. EVeryone will be placed on a level playing field.
<Kloopy> Full tech tree, lots of roids, lots of resrouces, no ships.
<Kloopy> You'll have a couple of hours to re-select your race too.
<Kloopy> We'll then place a Flag Roid into each galaxy at random.
<Kloopy> And play the game.
<Kloopy> There will be no shuffle and ticks will run at 15 minutes (both for the first 24 hours and for CTF)
<Kloopy> Havoc will run for 7 days in TOTAL.
<Kloopy> After that, we'll be setting the server up for a speedgame.
<Kloopy> I don't believe details are confirmed for the speedgame yet, apart from teh dates. So I shant give you much info on that.
<Kloopy> Any of the ops knwo the dates? I've forgotten.
<Kloopy> Some weekend soon, though anyway.
<Kal> 18th/19th
<Kloopy> Thanks.
<Kloopy> Oooh.
<Kloopy> My sincere apologies.
<Kloopy> I've got a couple of PATeam people feeding me info for this end of round thing.
<Kloopy> And I was given the wrong details for the Special Roid longest holder.
<Kloopy> Sorry Syrun of 12:1:13.
<Kloopy> Congratulations on that and you win 1 free credit!
<Kloopy> There are no start date details for Round 14 yet.
<Kloopy> We don't even have a name for the round.
<Kloopy> So get your thinking caps on, we'll be releasing details of the Name The Round competition later tonight.
<Kloopy> A large announcment will be made detailing the winners of Round 13, the plans for havoc and initial details on the speedgame as well as the name the round compeition.
<Kloopy> So keep your eyes out for that.
<Kloopy> Finally, I'd like to draw your attention to a beautiful website we've knocked up today.
<Kloopy> We'd like your feedback on Round 13.
<Kloopy> And we've concocted a questionnaire.
<Appocomaster> (blame [1up]Bashar for the colours)
<Kloopy> As soon as you see the website you're going to see it looks awful.
<Kloopy> And yes, you can PM Bashar your complaints.
<Kloopy> He chose the colour.
<Kloopy> Here we go:
<Kloopy> http://www.planetarion.com/question....ionnaire.php?2
<Kloopy> The link to the questionnaire will be mass mailed to the Universe tomorrow, so those of you who read this will hear about it twice. You don't need to complete it more than once, we're just looking to get as much info as we can.
<Kloopy> I have word from Noah that he will be running a "Guess the number of signups" competition for next round as he did for this one. The winner of that will receive a credit from his pocket. So keep your eyes out for that.
<Kloopy> Looking at my notes, that covers everything I've been asked to blag this evening. If there are any other OPs with things they'd like to say, speak up now.
<Kloopy> Bah, they're all quiet.
<Kloopy> So.
<Kloopy> Thank you to everyone who played this round.
<Kloopy> We love you all for keeping the game here iwth your support.
<Kloopy> And hopefully you'll enjoy next round even more than the last.
<Kloopy> And the gap between rounds should not be as long this time, for sure!
<Kloopy> Thanks for coming.
<Kloopy> Information is on it's way on the forums and portal.