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EoRC Round 11: 3/9/04

* Phil^ sets mode: +m
<@Phil^> better
<@Spinner> this would explain why I am not often in this channel
<@Spinner> lol
<@Spinner> so now we sit in quiet for 3 minutes?
<@Spinner> whee
<@Phil^> might as well start it now imo
<@Spinner> Oh heck with it, we're not known to be the most precise buggars in the universe anyway are we
<@Phil^> hehe
<@Spinner> First of all, NO, I cant deal with 49 pm's right now
<@Spinner> So, it seems Round 11 is oficially over
<@Spinner> I'll be short, but the round has , in our own humble opinion, been pretty good
<@Spinner> We have finally seen a growing number of players
<@Spinner> compared to last round
<@Spinner> Which is pretty cool
<@Spinner> And also in my humble knowledge, lacking as it may be, I think many alliances deserve a pat on the shoulder for avoiding the horrific blocks we have seen in the past
<@Spinner> Yes yes, there has been some, and the #1 alliance would maybe not be #1 if it wasnt for their political situation
<@Spinner> But that is, as they say, part of the game
<@Spinner> That , and "brute force" (:
<@Spinner> Biffy, you wish to say some words before we move on to the leetest wink, or the top players if you wish?
* @Spinner points to biffy and nods
<@Spinner> Dont be shy!
<@Phil^> has someone forgotten to put batteries in him again?
<@biffy> i dont have much to say other than to thank you all for playing this round and making it a success for jolt and (we hope) those people who played it
<@biffy> i played in 1:1 and wish to thank those people who didnt roid me
<@biffy> all two of you
<@Spinner> me too!
<@Spinner> Right, all done biffy?
<@biffy> rest assured jolt is continuing to look at pushing planetarion to a wider market whilst also improving the game itself, and that we have some great hopes for r12
<@biffy> we've been promoting it at gamestars live this week
<@biffy> which is hopefully just the start
<@Spinner> \o/
<@biffy> i will hand the floor over to other people now
<@Spinner> thanks biffy
<@Spinner> Well, looks like its time for our #1 player chat
<@Spinner> In the red corner
<@Spinner> weighing 2389 stone
<@Spinner> s
<@Spinner> With a score of 31.199.081
<@Spinner> cheeeeeerios
<@Spinner> You with us matey?
<+cheerios> thanks *dytte* *mobbe*
<@Spinner> Well played
<@Spinner> Care to give us your little story of how the round went?
<@Spinner> well, keep it short and schweet (:
<@Spinner> But the stage is yours
<+cheerios> basically Sid showed that the ol fury playstyle works, and other alliances aren't playing for the win using all means possible. that's my take on the alliance "side" of it.
<+cheerios> as for players, it was a long fight between other 1upers and napped players (lo zo0f).
<@Spinner> You beat the runner-up with some 2 mill
<+cheerios> a good race choice, xan. solid knowledge on how to be a #1 player, and a good alliance that you could ride for the win. ingredients for a top planet
<@Spinner> how true
<@Spinner> Xans might have been on the strong end of the scale this time around?
<+cheerios> free roids start-middle of the round, basically as long as there were terrans.
<+cheerios> no other race could compete with that.
<+cheerios> a slight flaw(?) with the stats. but no round has had perfect stats. many terrans rose end of round, not sure if they were all 1up th.
<@Spinner> #1 and #2 are both Xan, #3 is terran
<+cheerios> yer, xan was the choice for this round.
<@Spinner> We'll make sure they suffer next round then (:
<+cheerios> and for some greetz and thanks, my heart goes out to Elysium. i wouldn't know sh*t without these people, and wouldn't be here without them. cheers!
<+cheerios> that's what Sid said for this round. Xan was overly downgraded
<+cheerios> and...
<+cheerios> greetz to 18:6 players; guran, mordrad, snowie, isotee, kane, forestal, delos, spoq and seph. we lucked out in this random round with 3 buddygroups. cheers!
<+cheerios> those 21:1 w*nkers just hugged the fence to #1. say what you will
<@Spinner> hehe, I am sure they will have something to say about that (:
<+cheerios> as for 1up. well. it was shit being with them, but they sure had awesome firepower and a staff that knows their thing.
<@Spinner> And if you feel more or less done, many congrats from us in PaTeam on a round well played, always nice to see a planet not from the #1 galaxy take the top position
<+cheerios> well played anyhow. 1up took the round with style.
<@Spinner> We'll hear from them as well (:
<@Spinner> I am sure Sid has a 3 mile long speech for us all :-P
<@Spinner> ok then, thanks for your time cheerios
<@Spinner> gg
<+cheerios> np. thank you Spinner for PA. /me out.
<@Spinner> right
<@Spinner> Phil^, you ready to take over the mike?
<@Phil^> yup
* Auro is now known as [NoS]AnalSex0r
<@Phil^> Congratulations are also owed to 21:1, having clinched the #1 spot with a nice and even 65000 roids, and a score of 163.857.170
<@Phil^> the floor is yours now
<@[1up]yupster> Hi everyone, before I say anything Ill voice my galaxy members
<@[1up]yupster> #1 and #2, from LCH gmufc and Samy
<@[1up]yupster> #3 obviously me
<@[1up]yupster> #4 revolt is afk :|
<@[1up]yupster> from 1up
<@[1up]yupster> Stals Storebo and Aif #5 #6 #7
<@[1up]yupster> #8 is Saint, LCH, afk
<@[1up]yupster> #9 is Zanetti, LCH also
<@[1up]yupster> #10 Xsploit, afk
<@[1up]yupster> Thanks to my galaxy members for great efforts, putting in lots of late night hours
<@[1up]yupster> Obviously, our alliances made this for us
<@[1up]yupster> Top 2 alliances both had a lot of members in our galaxy, 4 each, made it possible for us to defend the first week of crazy incomings
<@[1up]yupster> Was the most interesting round I personally played of Planetarion
<@[1up]yupster> Thought the stats was good, of course one race will be better than others
<@Spinner> (:
<@[1up]yupster> This round it was Xan, next round it will be one as well
<@[1up]yupster> Thanks to 1up for being a great place to be a member
<@[1up]yupster> For a lot of def
<@[1up]yupster> Hope our gal helped 1up win
<@[1up]yupster> Thanks to Plottingevil, a great battlegroup within 1up, great work early on
<@[1up]yupster> Ill let the boys and chicks (lo gmufc :P) talk a tad now
<@[1up]yupster> aif
<+[]LCH[]gmufc> hehe
<+[]LCH[]gmufc> ok, guess I should say a few words aswell
<+[]LCH[]gmufc> first of all I wanna thank nitros, remy, ace and butter for being damn good HC's
<+[]LCH[]gmufc> and also stifler and guran ofc
<+[]LCH[]gmufc> I'd also like to thank Bedda, Wielklem, FigJam, Wintah and all the other DC's in LCH for sacrificing much sleep and time to get incs covered
<+[]LCH[]gmufc> especially bedda who've done an impressive job lately
<+[]LCH[]gmufc> at last I'd like to thank ^MDK^MAN^(AC) and fjortis(1337 scanner) for all they've done this round
<+[]LCH[]gmufc> and of course all the great guys in my gal... prolly the best gal I've ever been in and our lil brazilian mascot, ZANETTI, made sure there were much activity in galchan at times
<+[]LCH[]zanetti> ^^
<+[]LCH[]gmufc> got lots of other things on my mind and have a few things I'd like to say to cheerios but will try be short and give the word ot others
<+[]LCH[]gmufc> ok.. who's next ?
<+[1up]sTALS> samy
<+[]LCH[]Samynix> Hi :P
<+[]LCH[]Samynix> I dont have much to say realy, il just thank LCH and special remy for getting me into lch many rounds ago , Good luck to all next round and have fun
<+[]LCH[]Samynix> I dont think il say much more so we can continue to next :P
<+[1up]Aif> Hi everyone,
<+[1up]Aif> well just to ponit out the uni. was terran heavy and the best race vrs terran was xan if the uni had been zik/xan heavy the race xan would not have been this good etc .... as for that comment cheerios handed our way ;-) WELL we did win ;-) and we did not have our BG/AG escort or help us gain the nr.1 spot.
<+[1up]Aif> tnx to Plottingevil, a great battlegroup within 1up
<+[1up]Aif> and ofc 1up ;-) i still dont think the planet naps where a very good idea ;-) but well played
<+[1up]sTALS> <3 copy 'n paste
<@[1up]yupster> stals - go go go
<+[]LCH[]gmufc> copy/paste pwns
<+[]LCH[]zanetti> hehe
<+[1up]sTALS> oki
<+[1up]sTALS> well, i'll keep it short and simple
<+[1up]sTALS> our gal rocked
<+[1up]sTALS> 1up rocked
<+[1up]sTALS> plottingevil rocked (yes, the already mentioned bg)
<+[1up]sTALS> but I have to do a comment on cheerios "21:1 fencesat to the #1 spot"
<+[1up]sTALS> its logical that we "fencesat" the two allies which we had 8 members in
<+[1up]sTALS> tnx
<+[1up]sTALS> btw Tis I love yuo <3
<+[1up]sTALS> next
<@[1up]yupster> zanetti, our brazilian stud
<@[1up]yupster> gogo
<+[]LCH[]zanetti> hehe
<+[]LCH[]zanetti> ok
<+[]LCH[]zanetti> so.. first wanna thx all pa admin mh etc.. for the great round! and all peps that have played tho!
<+[]LCH[]zanetti> this was my 2nd round, but the best one! I was so lucky to get in a very activet gal with great ppl!
<+[]LCH[]zanetti> that teach me how to play again this game! so that´s it and ! BRAZIL ON TOP! :P
<+[]LCH[]zanetti> and thx esp to gmufc and LCH that make it possible to me :P and thx to yupster tho who helped me alot in the start!
<+[]LCH[]zanetti> erm that´s all thx nitros remy
<+[]LCH[]zanetti> and all hc´s tho
<+[]LCH[]gmufc> ¨:P
<+[]LCH[]zanetti> next
<@[1up]yupster> Ok
<@[1up]yupster> Rapping it up
<+[]LCH[]gmufc> yeh, woul like to point out that Nitros are the best HC out there
<@[1up]yupster> Since we have 2 galaxy members in our gal from allies not represented, Veneratio and Wolfpack, Im sure they would like to thank their respective allies, so thanks to you guys as well!
<@[1up]yupster> Obviously we have had a fun round, I hope you all have
<@[1up]yupster> Hope to see you and ALL your friends come back for next round
<@Phil^> hehe. a question of my own to you all. Did you believe from the start that you would be #1? or doubt towards the end that you would end up there?
<@[1up]yupster> We all love you, 1up rocks ! End of story
<+[]LCH[]zanetti> hehe just and obs. xsploit i love u :/
<+[1up]Aif> well one more comment from my side as well THERAT,idler and NOVA u guys owned tnx for all the help(1up MO)
<@[1up]yupster> Phil^ - At least I had a lot of doubts in the start with a LOT of hard incomings the early nights
<@[1up]yupster> We lost some heavy roids at a coupple of points in the round
<@[1up]yupster> Obviously, the alliances within the gal was at war
<@[1up]yupster> Made it hard to cooperate
<@[1up]yupster> But in the end we pulled of a lot more activity than most in a stagnating game
<@[1up]yupster> Getting us the victory in even 65k roids
<@[1up]yupster> (or fish as I call them)
<+[1up]sTALS> did we win anythin btw? o_O
<+[]LCH[]Samynix> hehe
<@Phil^> aside from gloating priveledges? :P
<+[1up]Aif> hehe
<@[1up]yupster> Phil^ - Thats the part we love the most
<+[]LCH[]zanetti> hehe
<@[1up]yupster> Any more before we retire from our 15 minutes of fame Phil^ ?
<@Phil^> ok
<@Phil^> nope
<@[1up]yupster> So long and thanks for all the fish !
<+[]LCH[]zanetti> hahaa
<+[1up]sTALS> was tihs 15 mins ? felt like three hours
<+[]LCH[]zanetti> pwn
* @Spinner gives Yupster a herring
<@[1up]yupster> Spinner Love u !
<@Spinner> wub u 2 babe
<+[]LCH[]gmufc> yeh, thanks to spinner and all other creators btw for the great game
<+[1up]sTALS> Spinner: u owe me a coke :|
<+[1up]Aif> ;-) WE owned u all ;-) all like to tnx [ND]SteInMetz for like the BIGEST LOL of the round and KG,tis and cayl ;-) best joke ever
<@[1up]yupster> Yea, big thanks to Spinner for a great game, and all other Crew and Team members for keeping it up
<@[1up]yupster> BTW
<+[]LCH[]zanetti> before i leave i just wanna let a kiss to my galchick that is afk STOREBO
<@[1up]yupster> Gilmore Girls ROCKS - You should all watch it regularily !
<+[]LCH[]gmufc> lol
<+[]LCH[]Samynix> haha
<+[]LCH[]zanetti> i prefer the O.C.
<+[1up]Aif> hehe
<@Phil^> getting back on subject...
<+[]LCH[]zanetti> hehe
<@Phil^> congratulations once again on winning the #1 spot
<@Phil^> Now, dont fall asleep just yet, theres still one more set of congratulations to go
<@Phil^> Congratulations to 1up for being the winning alliance in r11, with an outstanding margin of victory
<@Spinner> twice as big as the runner up!
<@Phil^> im sure sid has a few words to say
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> yeah, i'm sure i do
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> I'll start off by getting the thanks out of the way
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> Thanks to all the members whose hard work made the win possible
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> At times it looked like me might not make it - but activity and commitment carried us through
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> Special thanks are due to the HC and Military Officers who went without sleep some nights covering as much of our incomings as was possible
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> Ultimately, the secret of our success was commitment
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> we had a few nights where we lost a decent number of roids
[<+[1up]Syn_Sid> but the opposition lacked the commitment to keep the pressure up night after night
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> congratulations are also due to those of the opposition who kept on trying after many of their comrades had given up
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> and thanks are due to those members of other alliances who felt their own roids were more important than assisting their own alliances against us
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> we owe our win, in part, to you guys
<@Spinner> "fear-factor"++
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> in part, yes
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> though more a grred factor for many i suspect
<@Spinner> All part of the game (:
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> they hoped the rest of their alliance would do the work for them
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> and lack of commitment, was again, the issue there
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> alliance leadership need commitment to enforce their rules
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> it's no use telling members not to fence-sit if you won't enforce it
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> Vision tried that - and it was a near total failure
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> 1up won't be in the running for #1 alliance next round
<@Phil^> Now 1up has won so overwhelmingly, do you think that the next round will be made much more difficult for you by the other alliances, and do you think you can pull through it all to win next round?
<@Phil^> bah - beaten me to it
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> we'll be continuing - but in a much reduced form
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> some of our members only came back for one round
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> others were inactive, or selfish - and won't be invited back to join us next round
<@Spinner> !
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> next round we'll be king-makers rather kings
<@Spinner> A firm hand (:
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> we may not be able to be top ourselves, but i'm sure we'll have the ability to influence which alliance does finish up #1
<@Spinner> Thus speaks the modesty in you (:
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> well, i expect we'll only have 40-50 members
<@Spinner> You are one of a kind Sid, I am glad to have you among us
<@Spinner> (:
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> and we won't be recruiting to fill the gaps
<@Spinner> Well then
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> i'm not sure if any other 1up HC want to say anything
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> i'll voice them and find out
<@[1up]Syn_Sid> or someone with the ability to do so, can
<+[1up]mazzelaar> right
<+[1up]mazzelaar> just a uicky
<+[1up]mazzelaar> just a couple of thanks
<+[1up]mazzelaar> to the 1up members
<+[1up]mazzelaar> superb, you showed dedication in the face of sometimes frightening incoming
<+[1up]mazzelaar> to the other alliances, well done to those who tried to the end
<+[1up]mazzelaar> we all have areas we know we can improve and I hope next round brings us all forwards
<+[1up]mazzelaar> finally, thanks to the PAteam for a kickass game
<+[1up]Tis> kk
<+[1up]Cayl> I'd just like to salute our opponents, LCH, Mistu, and Vision foremost
<+[1up]Cayl> and tell the members of 1up that its been an honor to come back and help be a part of such a stellar group
[<+[1up]Cayl> I'll let Tis have his words now
<+[1up]Tis> well done everyone, its been a blast to rule the universe one last time its been an honor and a priviledge
<+[1up]Tis> and a big well done to my loveable galm8s
<+[1up]mazzelaar> they were n00b's :/
<+[1up]Tis> those werent the loveable ones
<+[1up]Tis> anyway thats it from me, thanks
<@Spinner> rightieo then
<@Spinner> If thats it Sid, I think we'll move along now
<+[1up]Syn_Sid> yep, that's it
<@Spinner> I have a big thank-u to give as well, and that goes to everyone who played! I am still, as ever, honored to see people enjoy Planetarion.
<@Spinner> And as long as you are, PA will evolve, improve, change and live.
<@Spinner> Even with the fierce free competition we have
<@Spinner> With that said
<@Phil^> without you, the players, planetarion would not be what it is today
<@Spinner> We're moving into Havoc, as usual.
<@Spinner> Havoc will start at 12:00 GMT on Sunday 5th September. At this point all planets will have their ships , score , XP and constructions ERASED
<@Spinner> Planets will have 3000 of each asteroid type and start with 50 of each construction and a full tech tree. In addition , planets will recieve 100,000,000 of each resource on the following dates:
<@Spinner> well, go read it here : http://www.planetarion.com/
<@Spinner> IT will tick every 15 minutes
<@Spinner> As havoc has done the past seasons
<@Spinner> After havoc, we will be holding a hopefully big speedgame on September 18th
<@Spinner> the special 24 hour non-stop one, with no defensive options, all out offense
<@Spinner> So a little twist to bare in mind
<@Spinner> And immidiately after that, we will be in the testing of Round 12
<@Spinner> And from there to finally starting up the new round, with its new features, thingmabobs and twists
<@Spinner> I do not think we have made all round 12 info publically available yet, but they are not far away
<@Spinner> That about sum it up, Phil^ ?
<@Phil^> i believe so. My thanks to you all for playing this round, and i hope to see
you in r12
<@Spinner> Yeh, ofc you will (:
<@Spinner> Right then, thanks a bunch for playing, thanks for roiding me, happy x-mas and all that
* Spinner sets mode: -m