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  • Round 75 Signups Start: Friday 29th December 2017
  • Round 75 Ticks Start: Friday 5th January 2018
  • Round 75 Ticks End: Friday 23rd February 2018
  • Round 75 Havoc Ends: Thursday 8th March 2018

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  • Round 75 - Echoes of Eternity: 343

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  • 22 Sep: Round 73 has ended, catch the EORC in 30 min

  • 14 Jul: Round 72 is finished, catch the EORC at 21:00 GMT

  • 5 May: R70 has ended, catch the EORC in about 30 min

  • 17 Mar: Round 71 starts tonight, don't forget to join!

  • 10 Mar: Round 71 - No Cloaks, Just Daggers signups are open! Sign up at https://t.co/jMD3ougsJQ

What is Planetarion?

For many eons the Planetarion universe has been rife with war and destruction. Five dominant races fight side by side or kin against kin, galaxy against galaxy, planet against planet in the ever growing struggle for dominance. Alliances clash with one another, and the valuable resource asteroids are stolen and reclaimed. It is your task to join this chaotic system, and survive.

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Latest News

EoRC Round 74 02/12/2017

<Appocomaster> This evening we meet some of the top players and groups from Round 74
<Appocomaster> For more information on Round 74, the winter round, and round 75, please visit http://www.planetarion.com/news/new...nd-and-round-75
<Appocomaster> firstly, we welcome to the stage...

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EoRC Round 73 22/09/2017

<Appocomaster> good evening, everybody! (learnt from last round + TFL!)
<Appocomaster> Welcome to Round 73's End of Round Ceremony, followed by Round 73's AllComp
<Appocomaster> This evening, we interview the winning planets, galaxies and alliances
<Appocomaster> Firstly,...

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Round 74 Rankings

Rankings/Stats from Round 74:
Top 100 Planets
Top 50 Galaxies
Top 30 Alliances
Top 100 Launchers
Top 100 Covert Ops
Combat stats
Resource stats

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    • Round 75 - Echoes of Eternity
    • Start Date: 20:00 GMT on Friday 17th March 2017
    • End Date: 20:00 GMT on Friday 5th May 2017
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    • Tick Speed: 1 hour
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