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  • Round 67 Signups Open: Friday 20th May 2016
  • Round 67 Ticks Start: Friday 27th May 2016
  • Round 67 Ticks End: Friday 15th July 2016

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  • Round 67 - Shames of the Past: 537

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  • 7 days ago: Round 67 - Shames of the Past signups are now open! Signup at https://t.co/SUTUEHNRT2. Ticks start 27th May.

  • 8 Apr: RT @SpaceX: The 1st stage of the Falcon 9 just landed on our Of Course I Still Love You droneship. Dragon in good orbit https://t.co/SYyUCDâ

  • 8 Jan: Round 65 ticks are due to start in less than 50 minutes! Not got your planet yet? Login if returning player at https://t.co/Zp28b19pu0

  • 1 Jan: Happy new year everyone! Round 65 signups will be open shortly, stay tuned for details.

  • 9 Oct: Round 64 Signups have opened! Ticks start Friday 16th October. Signups at http://t.co/an1F8W834b

Round 18 Winners

The following are Round 18 winners:

Top 3 planets:
#1 2:7:9 Almeida, eXilition
#2 1:6:4 Caj, eXilition
#3 2:7:3 Ska, 1up

The top galaxy: 7:5
The top alliance: eXilition

Golden roids:

Construction 7:5:10 p69er, Angels
Research 4:9:7 XceL, eXilition
Production 8:1:7 Cowmando, Orbit

Metal 6:2:6 Jeffers, Orbit
Crystal 2:7:13 Qerr, SiN
Eonium 3:9:7 Narcosynthesis, HA

The top 3 planets and the golden roid holders will each receive 1 free credit. eXilition and 7:5 will receive 5 free credits each.

Also a big congratulations to ToF for actually managing to win something! They won the Allcomp with a total of 55 tags! They will receive 3 credits to donate to lucky members!