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  • Round 76 Ticks End: Friday 4th May 2018
  • Round 76 Havoc Ends: Thursday 17th May 2018

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Round 18 Signups, Beta & the World Cup

World Cup
Congratulations to jerome`, who won the World Cup single event.
Galaxies 1:2, 1:5, 1:1, 1:4, 2:4, 2:2, 2:3, 3:1, 3:2, and 3:3 qualified for the Official Planetarion World Cup Final, to be held on the 15th / 16th July.
These are the teams organised by jerome`, Religfree, Caj, Paddy, AUS, tuxed0, Murador, Dauphin, Ionferno and elviz/Wishmaster respectively.

Round 18
Round 18 will be named as "The Endless Fight". SoulStripper submitted the willing name and will receive a credit.
Provisional stats for Round 18 are available at http://www.planetarion.com/manual/stats/game

The alliance limit for Round 18 will be as follows:
65 members until tick 120 (5 days into the round). After tick 120, alliances not in the top 5 can accept new members at a rate of one every 16-(current alliance rank) ticks or 1 per tick, whichever is higher. The top limit for these extra members is 80, and all members count towards the total alliance score.

Score/XP changes
Score = XP*60 + value

XP= roids * 7 * ( min(2,target_value/attacker_value) + min(4,target_score/attacker_score) ) ]

Code Changes
Firstly, alliances will change in the nature that they gain and keep score. When you join an alliance your score will not be added directly onto the alliance tag. The alliance tag will only increase by (roughly) the score that you gain while in the alliance.

There are some minor modifications to this:
-From the moment you join the alliance, your "base score" is only set when all your current attacks and defences have landed; attacks on you have landed and all ships currently in production have been produced.
-It only stops being counted when you have left the alliance and all ships produced while in the alliance, incomings received while in the alliance and attacks/defences launched while in the alliance have landed.
-you cannot contribute a negative "difference" between your base score and your current score when leaving an alliance. For example, if a planet joins an alliance at 100k score and leaves at 50k score, he will contribute nothing to the "saved" score. Also, while in an alliance you cannot contribute "negative" score. You always contribute the higher of the difference between your current score and "base" score, and 0.

Alliance Fund / Scanners
The alliance fund will now only be allowed to receive 1 ticks worth of resources per planet every 15 ticks. Additionally, the alliance may select any members who allow it to donate up to 5% of their income per tick to the alliance fund. This leaves the total amount of income contributed to the alliance fund per member at any given time at a maximum of almost 12%. All donations will be logged, and sortable by planet.

Each alliance now has a "scan database". The High Commanders can choose who can access this database. Any member can contribute to it via an option in preferences, effectively "adding" all the scans they've done in the last 48 ticks to it. The database can be searched by co-ordinates and type, returning all related scans.

The alliance can now also specify up to 6 alliance scanners on this page, that scan directly from the alliance fund. The number of scans, type of scans and tick of the scans performed by these scanners is recorded, but not the target.

It's also possible to set the alliance/galaxy funds to have a minimum level of metal, crystal and eonium for trading. This is to stop players bleeding the funds dry.

Tax when exchanging the alliance and galaxy funds with the universal exchange is now 10%, not 25%.

Scans are now recorded for 48 ticks as opposed to 24. It is possible to search through all old scans by co-ordinates and type, which those scanning may find especially helpful. Also, XP for scanning is now:
2*scan_type/(1+# of scans of that type done since midnight)
where planet scan = 1, surface scan = 2, tech scan = 3, and so on.

Alliance attacks can now be run on multiple landing ticks at once. HCs can unclaim targets of others.
It's now possible to set threads as "announcement" and "important" on the galaxy and alliance forums. The MoC and GC/HC can change the status of threads.
Engineering can now not be changed if ships are in production and one of the new priorities is production. Ship production and covert ops can not now be carried out while the game is ticking.
The MoC and GC now have the option to mail all ministers on the messages.pl page.
There will also be custom recall message.
Self planet reset and deletion options with email confirmation and a time delay on when they actually happen.

We will be trying to make the game more "PG". Certain words are now not allowed in planet/ruler names, fleet names and galaxy names in addition to being masked in the messages page. All galaxy pictures will be monitored and removed if they contain (among other things) extreme violence, drug references, unacceptable levels of nudity/sexual references and unacceptable language.

We'll also be phasing in a live help support system, not unlike IRC but something that is purely for support, needs no java/flash, and works behind firewalls.

Round 18 signups will open tonight at the same time as the Round 18 Public Beta, at 19:00 GMT

#beta is now open for testers. Please be in this channel when testing.
If the beta gets out of hand with people abusing it as a free round and not actually testing, we will close it.
You MUST sign up with your pnick as your Ruler Name. Failure to do this WILL result in your removal form the beta.