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  • Round 77 Signups start: Friday 18th May 2018
  • Round 77 Ticks Start: Friday 25th May 2018
  • Round 77 Ticks End: Friday 13th July 2018

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  • Round 77 - Block Party: 423

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  • 14 Jul: Round 72 is finished, catch the EORC at 21:00 GMT

  • 5 May: R70 has ended, catch the EORC in about 30 min

  • 17 Mar: Round 71 starts tonight, don't forget to join!

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End of Round 17 and the World Cup!

As is traditional, on Monday 29th of May at 21:00 GMT we will be removing the ability for people to go into vacation mode and 'hide' at the end of the round. We will also be removing the research limits on free accounts for every branch but covert ops.

As has been previously announced, Round 17 - The Shadows of Time ends on Friday, June 9th at 21:00 GMT. The End of Round Ceremony will occur at 22:00GMT in #Planetarion on irc.netgamers.org

The traditional havoc period will start at 21:00 GMT on Saturday, 10th of June. The following changes will be made to the universe:

-300 million resources donated to each planet,
-1.5k asteroids donated to each planet,
-Constructions set to 20 wave amplifiers, 0 wave distorters, 10 of every other construction,
-All researches will be completed for each planet, and
-Ticks will be set to 15 minutes.

The last tick of "havoc" will occur on Friday, 16th of June at 21:00 GMT.

The World Cup
The official Planetarion World Cup channel is #worldcup on irc.netgamers.org

On Wednesday, 14th of June at 12:00 GMT signups will open for a "World Cup Single Player Skills Event" at http://worldcup.planetarion.com .

It will run from 12:00 GMT on Saturday, 17th June until 12:00 GMT on Sunday, 18th of June.

Details as follows:

-Tick speed will be 1 minute,
-1 man galaxies,
-No ingame alliances,

The winner will receive "Need for speed most wanted" for the XBox 360, so please make sure you use correct information. :-)

On Wednesday, 21st of June at 12:00 GMT we'll be opening signups for registered teams for the "World Cup Qualifying". At 20:00 GMT we'll be having a 'Creators Hour' Q&A session. We'll also be selecting which cluster contains which group for the World Cup Qualifying.

On Saturday, June 24th at 12:00 GMT, we'll be starting the 24 hour World Cup Qualifying session. The setup will be as follows:

-1 minute ticks,
-10 man galaxies,
-no exiling,
-no in game alliances or cluster bonuses, and
-one "group" as specified below in each cluster.

There will be no way to interact with other clusters, though you can still browse them.

The top 2 teams (galaxies) from each group (cluster) will progress to the final.

The final will be held on the 15th / 16th July, from 12:00 GMT until 12:00GMT. The winning galaxy will receive 1 credit each, and the highest scoring player in the final will receive another XBox 360 game - Ridge Racer 6.

To submit a team, please e-mail the following to worldcup@planetarion.com by 21:00GMT on June 20th:

-10 nicknames and e-mail addresses

The e-mail addresses will be used to place you in your galaxies, so PLEASE make sure the correct e-mail address is sent to us.

Each team MUST come from the same area, with the areas being defined as follows:
-The rest of Europe, and
-The rest of the World.

We will list the teams taking part nearer the time on a special thread on the Planetarion Discussions Forum.

Round 18
Round 18 signups will open at the same time as the Round 18 Public Beta, at 19:00 GMT on Monday, June 26th

Round 18 will start at 20:00 GMT on Friday 7th of July. More details of game changes will be announced nearer the time.