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Round 100 - True Legends Last

Round 100 of Planetarion, a century of full-rounds (excluding all the winter rounds, half rounds, world cups and speed rounds, of course) is now here!

It has been voted to be called "True Legends Last" by a majority of our playerbase because, well, most of our players are legends!

At a high level:
Alliance limits will remain at 50, with 40 counting towards the alliance score.
Buddy packs remain at 4.

With Round 100 sounding a little more special than other rounds, we have further changes lined up than in many recent rounds.

This includes:

* 6 Races. Eitraides have been lost to the wind, the relative newcommers (being with us since R20) being defeated. Kinthia and Slythonian, new hybrid races, have joined the battle in their stead.
* Cloak is now a separate ability to the EMP, Steal and Normal damage types. This is a key factor in the new races.
* The Military Scan now has returned as a 9th scan in the scan tech tree.
* Special roids will be re-introduced amongst the galaxy at shuffle time
* Defence XP in general has been dropped, including a lower cap
* War XP bonus has been increased to 15% and 25% respectively
* Fleet Admiral bonuses are only increased when asteroids are stolen when attacking, or when the fleet is a non-trivial size (i.e. no 1 ship fleets) when defending.
* Scanning from alliance fund no longer gives XP.

Signups will be opening shortly, with ticks starting on Friday, 13th January and continuing for 7 weeks until the 3rd March at 20:00 GMT.

We hope you enjoy us for such a milestone round!

PA Team