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  • Round 107 Ticks Start: Friday 31st May 2024

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End of Round 93 and Round 94

Round 93 - It's Coming Home will has just completed, with the End of Round Ceremony (EoRC) starting at 20:00 GMT for an hour in #planetarion on Discord (accessible via the com unit). This is the first time, so quite exciting!

The top 3 planets were as follows:
1) 4:3:1 zzhou of Imperium
2) 6:7:2 RaUlZiToS of CaRnage
3) 6:4:5 Kvakzo of Norsemen

The top galaxy was as follows:

6:4:1 Mezcal of SpreadSheetWarriors (GC)
6:4:2 Saiton of Phoenix
6:4:3 Sleipnes of Hounds (MoD)
6:4:4 Yarden of Norsemen (MoC)
6:4:5 Kvakzo of Norsemen (MoW)
6:4:6 Byrney of DLR
6:4:7 Darkscream of VGN

The top alliance was Imperium, but there were 6 other alliances within 10% of their score - a truly competitive performance from all involved!

The EoRC will consist of:
- interviews with the top players (who get 1 credit each)
- interviews with the top galaxy (who get 5 credits in total)
- interviews with representatives of the top alliance (who get 5 credits in total)

There will be no alliance competition (allcomp), this time, as we aren't able to easily replicate the logic.

Havoc setup will subsequently completed as follows:

- All researches completed
- 500 million resources total (split over metal/crystal/eonium according to race)
- 3000 asteroids total (split over metal/crystal/eonium according to race)
- 30 of each factory, 30 wave amplifiers, 50 security centres and 30 of each refinery ADDED to each planet
- Fleets recalled
- XP kept
- Asteroid mining limits increased to 8 million asteroids total
- Maximum construction limit set at 800 constructions
- Ticks set at every 15 minutes.
- Alliances will be reset and new alliances will be allowed for havoc, maximum size of 25.
- Increasing donation limits and fund sizes by 100x

Havoc will start at 09:00 GMT tomorrow, Saturday, 2nd October, and continue until Thursday, 14th October, at 20:00 GMT.

Round 94

Round 94 will have signups starting on Friday, 15th October, with ticks starting on Friday, 22nd October at 20:00 GMT and finishing on Friday, 10th December at 20:00 GMT. This will be a paid round.

More information will follow by signup.