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  • Round 95 Ticks Start: Friday 14th January 2022
  • Round 95 Ticks End: Friday 4th March 2022

Who's Online

  • Round 95 - Illicit Escorts: 379

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Round 92 Signups Open!

Round 92 - License to Crash have just opened! This is a COMPLETELY FREE round.

Ticks will start on Friday, 4th June and continue for 7 weeks, finishing on Friday, 23rd July.

Alliance limits will remain at 50, with 40 counting towards the alliance score.
Buddy packs will remain at 4

Ship stats have been refreshed and are now final, and Government / Race stats have remained unchanged.

The XP formula has been tweaked to curb xp gain slightly more slowly - so there will be more XP around at the end of the round.

We hope you will join us for this latest round of Planetarion.

Best wishes,
PA Team