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EoRC Round 90 05/03/2021

<Fiery> First up first, second and third planets
<Fiery> Genosse, ev and lince
<Fiery> Congrats peeps
<[P3NG]lince> thx
<genosse27> thank you Fiery
<ev> thanks!
<Fiery> Geno, you led for a long time. Were you ever worried?
<genosse27> yes, value play doesnt forgive mistakes
<genosse27> one crash and its over
<genosse27> i had alarms set for everything. launching, checking jgp at eta 4 and before landing
<Fiery> But you didn't
<genosse27> yeah, i was lucky
<genosse27> had to gamble once a bit
<genosse27> that was early, when it matters.
<Fiery> Are you liking the changes to the game?
<genosse27> no, not at all. most needs to be rolled back please. I prepared this part:
<genosse27> This round was way too value heavy. This has plenty bad implications. The worst are: alliances all napping each other (Naptarion) and hitting rather down than up (bottomfeeding). This will reduce the recent spread of small alliances fast. Value play also doesn't forgive. People stop playing once they had a crash. Coping being roided is tougher too. This is different if xp weren't broken. People could play on. Adapting and
<genosse27> nt activity will bring them back up in the ranking.
<genosse27> Please stop trying to tweak a broken new approach. Keep the doubled defensive travel xp and rollback the xp formula for landing attacks. Add a cap at 5k xp, maybe per day (just like we have for def xp) and all problems of the old system are fixed. The game is more dynamic and fun if xp is involved.
<genosse27> also remove auto wars
<genosse27> pa team found solutions for problems that only a few had and didnt ask for feedback before implementing these changes
<ev> also add new emojis
<genosse27> i liked my p win with xp way more.
<genosse27> value play means caring about everything, not being relaxed, leeching def, etc...
<genosse27> but i can understand that too much 3 fleeting and xp removes the social part of the game. thats why the game needs balance
<Fiery> We are working on xp, as you know. You are in the channel.
<genosse27> yeah, i hope for the best. too many already claimed to not play next round
<genosse27> luckily the addicts always play
<genosse27> anyway, i got a few words prepared if I may
<Fiery> Please
<genosse27> This was a group effort win. In a value round the personal input is way smaller than in a xp round. I got DCed very well all round and am very thankful for the support from Ironborn and especially Kheros. I had no pnaps and no escorts all round.
<genosse27> I teamed up a few times with daku and smasher. And later I got late starter Rhorry to team up with ETD FI. He shared my dream of ETD/XAN FI team ups and kept flying with me for the rest of the round. The only ETD FI fleet we had in IB. Thanks guys.
<genosse27> Ironborn's race setup with plenty cath defense planets helped a lot in this planet win. It's a great community and many (had to) sacrifice their planet to support the top planets in the long war with carnage and w0. Thanks a lot for this. I would also like to point out: Buffy for showing me the path to a planet win in Ironborn.
<genosse27> Kheros' for his outstanding DCing all round long. Kheros political moves and alliance strategy decisions were key in this planet win. Thanks a lot.
<genosse27> Thanks to the complete HC team: Tek for the tax cuts. Venox for the support. Dogg for the solid raids. Lewis et. al for the great scanning service.
<genosse27> Mista for concentrating nearly all IB crashes into his own account.
<genosse27> Papadoc my moon moon. He absorbed all the shit (crash roider and DE lol waves). He had worse incoming than me.
<genosse27> My other gal mates: Standal, m0rph3us, BaasB, Empress, Veni, Gabba, Clarjent, BaconASS, Religfree and especially MeTh0dMaN for believing in me. Praise rob!
<genosse27> My friends Gerhard, Otto, Sebastian and Udo who made all this happen! Bream for his great tools.
<genosse27> Thanks to stoom's mum, QQ's paypal and the "wheel of unfortune". On behalf of HEROES I'd like to thank the pa community for helping us raise &#128;118,37 for victimsupport.org.uk and www.weisser-ring.at
<genosse27> Thanks to Titos and Baggy for taking the damage and allowing me to land clean with them. Congratz on 6:2's gal win btw. They ranked first in the non-cheater ranking.
<genosse27> Speaking about this. PA Team: You need to handle the root of the cheater problem. Ace is not doing his job. Find a new person who actually deletes cheater with paid accounts when evidence is provided.
<genosse27> Congratz to p3ng for playing naptarion the way it leads to victory. Shout out to ZT (and Ironborn) for trying to end naptarion. Too bad cardi was afraid of fighting #1 and preferred to backstabb zt and settle for third place rather than fighting for victory. Not sure if cardi is slacking or a coward. COVID-19 made him weak.
<genosse27> Also congratz to ev and lince. Nice to see good people at top. And congratz to cba for his planets ranking 33rd, 45th 316th and 462nd.
<genosse27> your stage ev.
<ev> hahaha
<ev> i have prepared nothing
<Fiery> You and me both
<genosse27> and thanks for carnage for not always targeting me
<genosse27> *to
<Fiery> What was your strategy for getting ahead
<ev> attack, mostly.
<ev> get asteroids.
<Fiery> How did you keep your score
<ev> if the round went a few more weeks and i had researched HCT id have caught genosse :)
<ev> same as genoesse did but without the alarms set. i just figured have a 4 month old baby and never sleep anyways.
<Fiery> Maybe
<Fiery> He's got kids, too
<ev> so i was always awake for ticks overnight to check in and see what was happening. no crashes, maybe a miscalculation or two.
<ev> defence was a massive help from Ironborn and great support from my galaxy.
<Fiery> Those babies are great for pa
<ev> one of the DCs in Ironborn auto closed me in the first few days. said i didnt have enough asteroids to bother defending. so i fixed that problem.
<[P3NG]lince> lol
<ev> hi arma
<Fiery> Go ahead and give him the finger
<ev> he was the inspiration i needed.
<ev> too few roids to defend to top roid count.
<Fiery> Well done
<ev> ill type up a thanks thing like genoesse and drop it at the end. i assumed id blow this 2nd place finish some how. its the lince show now
<Fiery> Lince, how you liking the top three?
<[P3NG]lince> awesome
<[P3NG]lince> being a long time player, it's the 1st time i achieve t3
<Fiery> Congrats
<Fiery> What was your key to success
<[P3NG]lince> solid strategy, attack activity and grounding for incs
<Fiery> Is this your first time in the top three as well?
<[P3NG]lince> yeah
<[P3NG]lince> but feared it wouldn't happen
<Fiery> But you made it!
<[P3NG]lince> yes!
<Fiery> Who helped you?
<[P3NG]lince> specially my galmate teamup, [P3NG]star
<[P3NG]lince> we made a nice teamup: he picked targets, i calced and checked scans
<[P3NG]lince> also my gal for defense and p3ng for the raids and ally def
<Fiery> You don't headcalc?
<[P3NG]lince> sometimes, when i don't have time to bcalc
<[P3NG]lince> but vs xan 0 deffleets it's always a mess
<Fiery> Xan are sneaky
<[P3NG]lince> ye
<Fiery> You can't trust them
<Fiery> Thank your peeps
<[P3NG]lince> true that
<Fiery> So ev can thank his peeps
<[P3NG]lince> on final note: i didn't prepared a speach bc i feared i could not finish t3
<ev> lince and i are bros
<ev> lince pro advice. next time finish second so you can type it up while 3rd place goes.
<Fiery> Hey, we can all just wing it
<[P3NG]lince> just 1 remark: i feared i wouldn't finish t3 dur to Ironborn breaking deal with P3nguins to achieve a t3 finish to 1 of their members
<[P3NG]lince> they're backstabbers and they will have that reputation for a while now
<genosse27> we had to take a shot for coolkat :)
<ev> Thanks to Kheros for DCing my incs, and anyone else unfortunate enough to have had to do that job. Thanks to my galaxy for eventually becoming an awesome group. Veil for keeping everything moving forward after exiling over a dozen players. Charlton for all the strategic advice and helping manage gal def. Lacter Baggy and Reaper for filling out the BP and always being online to defend me. We had great luck finally landing Tito
<ev> Rhorry, Ronnie, P Dubs in the galaxy. Thanks to Merge Armada for picking me up the second half of R89 and showing me how the game works now. Thanks to Tek for keeping my identity a secret. Thanks to my attackers who never bothered to switch up strategy. Stack all the DE in a single wave, next night more DE in a single wave. I suggest they try to take their collaboration past the galaxy forums and PA mail next time. Good luck t
<ev> staying incoming free so my galaxy could defend. Thanks to some of the rejects of 6:2 like no roid FatCatBob and Vacation Mode Christian. We may have finished second but we are clearly #1 galaxy banner. Brofriends beat Dons forever.
<[P3NG]lince> for a t3? i would understand if a ally win or planet win was incase but not for a t3
<Fiery> Ok congrats again guys and off you go
<Fiery> Next is the winning gal
<genosse27> it was done to get full top3.
<ev> byeeeeeeee
<CBA[53App]> Fiery - I'l kick things off with a paste:
<CBA[53App]> Well, here we are again Smile Thank you for your kind words all. Congrats to the Top players !! Excellent round to you all, Genosse , Ev & Lince ! Quality players who played a strong game.
<CBA[53App]> Congrats to p3ng and Munkee ! What a great round guys! Politics perfect - Strong Value Build - nice work!
<CBA[53App]> To Explain the round quickly - We started with Ships (mainly). Got gal raided a lot early. X Deffed very well and the incs died off then wars started and random incs quite often have a few xVx a few VGN a couple App etc whenever there was Wars we were involved as a Gal.
<CBA[53App]> Tbh it felt like we didn't get that much incs through the entire round but Def XP ingal was definitely a true good addition for PA and active galaxies - rewarded cross def.
<CBA[53App]> From Tick 233 we took the lead (39 days ago) and Turjake wrote in a public channel the following, 'Its game over folks.Turtles on top, wont let it go.And not even full galaxy!" And that my friends was history.
<CBA[53App]> Many thank you to our competition in 6:2 for keeping things tight (ish) until the last.
<CBA[53App]> I'd like to especially thank Apprime. Tanked a lot of damage and dealt damage when needed. I would especially like to thank my awesome BP. This round like most we play there wasn't really a BP that could compete player on player. BP being CBA/Ony/MRG/Sku/CK & Zag.
<CBA[53App]> Ony a diamond - put him in xVx so he could DC a ingal random (Catta) and Later a very inactive def planet (B-Butcher).
<CBA[53App]> CK - Master of fleets - Always has fleets moving. Was great at waking me up when incs came pouring down! Especially when MRG's calls didn't work and overal fantastic galaxy player.
<CBA[53App]> MRG - Solid as a granite rock from the stone age. The Stonehenge of PA.
<CBA[53App]> Zag - Always there with score, brings score to the gal time and time again - Due to Covid zaga wasn't himself this round and you might have noticed by the lack of def fleets sent to his pad ! But I am sure he will be better soon ! He had covid really bad btw.
<CBA[53App]> Sku - Great player - I once saw a public channel when he was taunting said ally (no idea who now) about Incommings and PL asking when they show and he pasted a pic of his alarms every hour on the dot for the next 12 to make sure he would catch them. I needed a bit of that in the BP.
<CBA[53App]> Randoms we had Leif who i intitally wanted to exile - but he became solid as a rock had to comms via FB though (TG isnt for all afterall). A week after we decided to keep him i realised he took weekends off. Doesnt log in from Friday lunch time until Saturday evening. For family time - no reachable or anything! Ahem to that.
<CBA[53App]> Catta - Solid PLayer Returning Player - Ony did great job dcing and ofc we kept him safe in gal
<CBA[53App]> Hulken - Good Gal Player - Little Chatterbox but knows the game well- Many years exp carrying the spacehorses.
<CBA[53App]> Guppie - aka Fish - what a star, he actually exiled into the Cheese and exiled right back out and landed with us. Many players only play PA to get into gal with our network and Guppie is one of those ! When we landed things changed. Made a BP of 7 basically.
<CBA[53App]> Bbutcher - What can I say? We talked about packing together 5 years ago and now it finally happened - although he had 0 comms I want to thank him for all the ingame DCIn he did for gal. Without that I dread to think how we would have managed.
<CBA[53App]> nearly there
<CBA[53App]> Ok so I would like to just say as a Gal and for aspiring Gals - Protect everyone. Cover all inc mentality. Listen - Butcher was a Def planet who didnt launch 1 attack. IMO saving 250 roids on his 1k roids is more important then saving 1k roids over 2 waves on a member of the BP. especially at tick 300-500.I noticed this big diff from others gals.
<CBA[53App]> Final thing tick 24 i named in gal chan 5 potential winning gals for the round - 4 of the 5 finished top 5 - Cardi's Apprime fort unfortunately faltered at the first huddle haha. 3:3 was the surprise !
<CBA[53App]> My paste done :)
<[VGN]GuP[5_3]> Great job charles! Thanks for being our GC
<[TURTLE]ONY> wait, who is charles?
<[VGN]GuP[5_3]> Lets do this a little faster than planet.. Half an hour damn, thats way to long, I was lucky to fall asleep after Genosse first two lines... bllablaaa Escorts.. blaaablaa pnaps..
<Fiery> Hey, I started way late
<[VGN]GuP[5_3]> I wanna Thank VGN for a great round, awesome peeps! Thank you Caj for all the hard work! Thank you MRG to DC me when I sleep like a baby :D
<[VGN]GuP[5_3]> You started 22:15 and finished planet 22:45 ;)
<sku> congrats everyone. ps: W0 is back for next round so send me in your resumes
<[TURTLE]ONY> First of all, i would like to thank xVx for taking me in after a drama start to the round (being kicked from ZeroTeamplay for BP'ing with these amazing guys), and ending up a HC in xVx ment alot, thank you Sky and Uni, C0w, amazing. Secondly i would like to thank our amazing BP, individually strong players, together unstoppable, we certainly got half the uni against us, it was a thrill. Thank you CBA/sku/Gup/Hulken/MRG/Zaga/Catta/Bbutc
<[VGN]GuP[5_3]> Ony, found out who charles is yet? Anything to say ;)?
<CBA[53App]> Oh a little TY to Odium too! pro ally and very helpful + turtles outside gal especially 7cs
<[VGN]GuP[5_3]> And ofcource thank you QQ!
<[VGN]GuP[5_3]> We are top Value and Top XP gal
<[VGN]GuP[5_3]> thanks to you guys!!
<Fiery> How does he not know who Charles is?
<[TURTLE]ONY> as well, i would like to thank genosse for single handedly donating 105$ of those 118 that were raised, it helps with win having QQ roiding down any potential candidate for a top position!!!!
<CBA[53App]> Ty for taking over the ceremony Fiery !
<[TURTLE]ONY> amazing round all!
<CBA[53App]> Any questions Fiery
<Fiery> How does he not know who Charles is?
<CBA[53App]> Ignore that
<Fiery> Seriously
<CBA[53App]> any others lol
<[VGN]GuP[5_3]> I can hear her brains cracking
<Fiery> There are lots of questions but you only have a minute left
<CBA[53App]> but you havent asked any
<[VGN]MRG[5_3]> I'm just here so I wont get fined
<sku> I would also like to thank genosse's CT attack partner on his behalf, was not classy of him to thank all other attack partners and leave him in the dark.
<CBA[53App]> Lockhead?
<CBA[53App]> Gosu pal?
<CBA[53App]> ty then fiery
<Fiery> Congrats on your win
<CBA[53App]> ty
<[VGN]GuP[5_3]> ty
<[VGN]MRG[5_3]> Thank you to VGN for a great round and to Caj for keeping it classy.
<budious> can i sleep now?
<budious> ffs :P
<[VGN]MRG[5_3]> rest.
<Fiery> Have a sleep
<[VGN]GuP[5_3]> Caj lolwaved Ony, that wasn't classy ;)!
<CBA[53App]> Ok better do allies, Munkee is very keen
<[xVx]Ony> whos caj? is he speaking today?
<[VGN]GuP[5_3]> He needs to thank all his naps, so he needs a while..
<[xVx]Ony> kisses to all my fans
<[P3NG]munkee> Whoever is slipping pills into CBA - keep it up.
<Fiery> Anyone else?
<[P3NG]munkee> Take your pick go for 3 at random
<[P3NG]munkee> preferably p3ng people
<[P3NG]munkee> Well this is going to last all of 1 minute.
<[P3NG]lince> not R6 :P lol
<Fiery> Congrats on winning
<[P3NG]munkee> Thanks its been a while.
<Fiery> Shall we time reaper to see how long it takes him to get kicked?
<[P3NG]munkee> He's writing something about your mother right now im sure
<[P3NG]munkee> Can you voice Booji, he's legit crying in ally chan.
<[P3NG]munkee> He will also provide a complete opposite view of the round to mine.
<[P3NG]booji> yay!
<[P3NG]munkee> Anyways - since you arent forthcoming with questions ill talk spam some random thoughts.
<[P3NG]Carr[BC]> yay!
<[P3NG]booji> got the whole bc team up now
<[P3NG]Carr[BC]> id like to thank the p3ng strat team, without them this win wouldnt of been possible - solid
<Fiery> Carr whined in my pm
<[P3NG]munkee> Thanks to all the p3ng members, the core 41 + the new intake we had.
<[P3NG]lince> thanks to our BC's Carrington booji and veil and our DC's, specially my galmate Swainey
<[P3NG]Carr[BC]> id also like to thank my raid scanners, montoya, zaejii and kafka for the early morning jgps
<Fiery> I asked my question in tg
<[P3NG]Carr[BC]> and shout to HMRC for the free round
<Fiery> What was the winning strategy
<[P3NG]munkee> Value play, going BS, slow start focusing on cores
<Fiery> How many naps did you have
<[P3NG]booji> so managed to stay under the radar
<[P3NG]booji> very few initially; just vgn
<[P3NG]munkee> At the start very very few, which actually App knew about and led to that first war with them pretty quick
<[P3NG]munkee> Once the app war began I needed to go get some ofcourse
<[P3NG]munkee> Didnt realise they would rollover in 1 night, but hey that worked for us, wars are of no benefit this round
<[P3NG]munkee> p3ng def has become less of a joke the last few rounds. It caught them by suprise and has become much more normal for us to ground and hold the line
<[P3NG]munkee> Infact our attacking is only so so now.
<[P3NG]Carr[BC]> my raids are great tho
<Fiery> And you said to make this like it was our first date. I'm trying to act all shy and not be all aggressive and take you into the backseat to make out
<[P3NG]munkee> We were prepared for a long drawn out war, which didnt happen. So we were locked into some lengthy naps
<[P3NG]Carr[BC]> booji's are better ;)
<[P3NG]munkee> ZT wanted us left in the war no doubt with app and friends. So it became easy to starve them of an easy round by forcing them into deals we wanted them to take
<[P3NG]munkee> the Eor with us and IB
<[P3NG]munkee> as well as also protecting carn by napping them with app
<[P3NG]munkee> We had some solid as hell friends of the years helping with favours and keeping the intel flowing every day on what others were doing.
<[P3NG]munkee> Special thanks to xvx, vgn, hr, w0
<[P3NG]munkee> Its unfortunate the way it went down for stellar and p3ng, offered them a way out a few times, but I think pride got the better of hansi there
<[P3NG]ReaperSix> Can I give some thanks?
<[P3NG]munkee> Rest assured, whilst this looked like some nap feckfest, a lot of effort was put in. We watched your builds daily, we built to counter it. We stayed up every damn night to dc when needed and I spent an inordinate amount of time chatting crap to people I dont like for us to have some deals go through when needed.
<[P3NG]munkee> Lets all hope next round changes get agreed with people who care about the game
<[P3NG]ReaperSix> I'd like to thank p3ng for having me back this round. It was an amazing Fing team win. You guys are awesome.
<[P3NG]booji> for my part I want to say that this was very much munks win. He did amazing with the politics, but he also did lots of the other stuff as well like a lot of the dcing, and of course for the amazing tools that make playing in p3n so much more managable. Also thanks to Londo for being munks sounding board for much of this round while I was idle.
<Fiery> Go ahead reaper
<[P3NG]ReaperSix> I'm glad Big Al & Kafka survived the round and Napoleon found his balls. Munkee did a great job guiding P3ng through the morass of sht that is pa now.
<[P3NG]ReaperSix> I'd like to give a special fuck you to veil you feckless cunt, for making me play this round. And especially Fuck you Charles. You fucking suck
<-* Pea has kicked [P3NG]ReaperSix from #planetarion ([Warning] :: No offensive language ::)
<[P3NG]Carr[BC]> yeh munkee rocked pols as usual
<[P3NG]Carr[BC]> it just sucks that pols are starting to take over the game
<[P3NG]Carr[BC]> that needs to change
<Fiery> He lasted longer than I thought he would
<[P3NG]munkee> Thanks to all those whine fest alliances who took the deals they apparently didnt want.
<[P3NG]munkee> Special thanks infact. Pro pals
<[P3NG]booji> and I do think that munks suggestion for changes to alliances and naps should be implemented - ingame they were pretty useless this round so needs some changes. And something needs to be done about the mh team.
<[P3NG]munkee> Keep on with your crusades of saving the game for the greater good, but still taking those types of deals every round
<[P3NG]Carr[BC]> yes, them salty ppl who are saying we won cos of naps - but i guess any allie that wins gets accused of napping too many
<[P3NG]munkee> Same convo since I came back to pa in r19
<[P3NG]munkee> Nothing has changed
<[P3NG]booji> if we won cos of naps well they had a chance to not nap us and do something about it imo; it takes two to tango
<[P3NG]Carr[BC]> if anything, its got worse
<[P3NG]booji> but clearly naps are not all it takes to win a round
<[P3NG]Carr[BC]> but i guess thats something to talk about in the changes chan :))
<[P3NG]booji> it needs a solid team
<[P3NG]booji> attack and defending to build up the score
<[P3NG]booji> and we had that this round
<[P3NG]booji> as well as less crashes than sometimes
<[P3NG]booji> which has cost p3n rounds before
<[P3NG]booji> so thanks to everyone who did not crash
<[P3NG]Carr[BC]> ^^
<[P3NG]Carr[BC]> those who usually crash our win away crashed early on
<[P3NG]Carr[BC]> :D
<[P3NG]Carr[BC]> *cough* baasb
<[P3NG]booji> he still made t100, so all turned out good in the end
<[P3NG]Carr[BC]> aye
<Fiery> It's good to get that out of your system early
<[P3NG]Carr[BC]> wasnt hard to get top100 this round tbh
<[P3NG]Carr[BC]> cant wait for 3 weeks sleep now tho !
<Fiery> Congrats on your alliance win
<[P3NG]booji> thanks for stepping in for eorc fiery
<[P3NG]Carr[BC]> indeed
<Fiery> Np
<[P3NG]lince> thx to Fiery and all the players in the game
<[P3NG]munkee> Telegram next time
<[P3NG]Carr[BC]> .cookie fiery the new boss
<Fiery> Time for the all comp so tag up
<[P3NG]lince> and the community overall, even those that not play
<[P3NG]Carr[BC]> nd cheated the tag up
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 87 nicks and found 10 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<Pea> #10. Tag: Genosse, count: 1
<Pea> #9. Tag: Hydra, count: 1
<Pea> #8. Tag: VODKA, count: 1
<Pea> #7. Tag: Stellar, count: 1
<Pea> #6. Tag: ZT, count: 1
<Pea> #5. Tag: Apprime, count: 1
<Pea> #4. Tag: VGN, count: 3
<Pea> #3. Tag: xVx, count: 4
<Pea> #2. Tag: P3NG, count: 14
<Pea> #1. Tag: ND, count: 17
<Fiery> Havoc starts tomorrow at 8ish