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  • Round 96 Ticks Start: Friday 25th March 2022
  • Round 96 Ticks End: Friday 13th May 2022

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Round 89 Signups Open!

Round 89 - Disconnected Signups are now open.

The round will be starting next Friday, 16th October, at 20:00 GMT, and continue for 7 weeks until Friday, 4th December at 20:00 GMT.

The following key changes are present in this round:

- Buddy packs are now 6, allowing for more allies in your galaxy
- Total alliance limits are decreasing from 60 to 50, with 40 still counting towards the score
- Quests are tweaked to remove XP and add a new value-related category
- Minimum War duration is increased from 48 to 96 ticks and triggered when one alliance has launched a large volume of hostiles against another alliance within a 24 tick period, if they are not at war with anyone else.
- Fake attacks have been removed
- Wave distorters are now slightly more expensive
- Score counting towards an alliance now only counts after you have joined an alliance. However, the "Recruit" level in an alliance now gives no alliance benefits apart from not being able to be hit by that alliance, and does not count towards alliance score. It's impossible to be made a recruit from anything other than Applicant.
- Every fleet has received a Fleet Admiral that can boost the XP gained by upto 30%. Every time a “real” fleet takes part in combat it receives a 3% XP bonus. When a fleet is lost, the XP bonus is reset to 0 and has to be built up again.
- Defending XP for defensive combat, galaxy and alliance defensive missions have been respectively increased from 400 to 750, 15 to 30 and 10 to 20. The current daily limit of 2000 defence XP has been lowered to 1500 XP per day and combat XP will only be distributed between “real” defending fleets. Just like the MC bonus has effect on this XP, so does the Fleet Admiral XP bonus.
- The XP formula has been reworked to have a much lower base XP to compensate for the current dominance of XP and the new Fleet Admiral feature. It also becomes harder to gain XP as your experience level grows.

More information is available in our manual.

Best of luck and we hope to see you playing with us soon!
PA Team