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  • Round 90 Ticks End: Friday 5th March 2021

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Round 87 and Round 88 Update

Round 87

As everyone playing knows, Round 87 completed last night with the End of Round Ceremony. This was unfortunately slightly disrupted due to world-wide DNS outages which impacted the game and some IRC clients, but thanks to those who joined.

The details of the winners is as follows:

Top Planets

1) 4:2:4 goat of DLR
2) 10:10:5 its like tomas of DLR
3) 9:1:6 coct of Apprime

They have each been given a credit for a future round.

Top Galaxy

4:7:1 iBorg of The Heralds of ChaoZ (MoC)
4:7:2 Zwanstic Mofo of Apprime (GC)
4:7:3 Crowsnek of The Heralds of ChaoZ
4:7:4 hone of ODDR (MoW)
4:7:5 coops555 of The Heralds of ChaoZ
4:7:6 Blue_Esper of ODDR (MoD)
4:7:7 Tuck of Apprime

Zwanstic has been given 5 credits to distribute amongst the galaxy members.

Top Alliance

Apprime has won the top alliance award as part of a close-fought contest, with honourable mentions going to The Heralds of ChaoZ and Zero Tolerance for second and third place respectively.
Apprime have won 5 credits towards future rounds.

As part of the End of Round Ceremony, DLR also won the "AllComp", and have received 3 credits.

Links to relevant Round 87 data as follows:

Round 87 Rankings
Round 87 Misc Stats
Round 87 Beta Info
EoRC Log

Round 87 Havoc started at 09:00 GMT this morning, with 30 player alliances able to be created just for havoc. There will be a second donation on Friday, 24th July, and it will finish on Thursday, 30th July at 20:00 GMT.

Round 88 - Vengeance
Round 88 stats are currently being finalised on our beta server. Alliance limits and buddy pack limits will remain the same for next round, and other details will be announced at signup on Friday 31st July, at 20:00 GMT.

Round 88 will start at 20:00 GMT on Friday, 7th August and continue for 7 weeks until Friday 25th September.