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EoRC Round 86 08/05/2020

<Appocomaster> Good evening, everyone, and welcome to the Round 86 End of Round Ceremony
-!- Appocomaster changed the topic of #planetarion to: Welcome to #Planetarion. Game - http://game.planetarion.com Portal: http://www.planetarion.com - Round 86 Status [HAVOC] Ticker [STOPPED]
<Appocomaster> Round 86, Fading Memories, was a round with as many controversies and arguments as always, and hopefully we can cover some of those in tonight's ceremony, along with giving out some credits and touching on some highlights
<Appocomaster> Fading memories was chosen as over the last months we've lost a few of the community, and as it's VE day, celebrating the formal surrender to mark the end of WW2, it's certainly on theme.
<Appocomaster> This round has seen a very eventful real life too, with most people having been impacted one way or the other by real life events - so our best wishes go out to all of our community. First and foremost, you're all part of our group and we're proud you continue to play Planetarion, mostly due to friendships which have lasted for years, or even decades
<Appocomaster> now, onto happier matters of our winners
<Appocomaster> obviously with everyone having extra time for Planetarion, this round was all sorts of fun :p
<Appocomaster> Our winning planets this round were Tijmen, mista and Bee_, of ND, TRUE SAVIORS and Stellar, respectively
<Appocomaster> sorry Bee, having a Bee and a Beery made me want to check I didn't voice the wrong person :p
<Appocomaster> so, congratulations to the 3 of you, and as per normal, you'll all get a credit
<Appocomaster> first, [ND]Tijmen - congratulations on your round win
<[ND]Tijmen> Hi Appoco - thank you! It was a wonderful round
<Appocomaster> you've been doing really well and anchored to the top for some weeks now
<Appocomaster> was it just a formality that you would win as you slowly worked your way through the days and weeks? and how did your alliance fit in to your winning, considering they weren't in the top few alliances?
<[ND]Tijmen> Thank you and good questions. Let me try to answer them
<[ND]Tijmen> My key strategy had little to do with winning, but more with being able to have fun without being too concerned about waking up and having to cover many waves of inc. So i went for XP, and solo-ed
<[ND]Tijmen> That went remarkably well and - long story short - Synch who was my gal mate got met into ND halfway through the round
<[ND]Tijmen> From there it went even better with organized raids and actual intel
<[ND]Tijmen> the end was certainly a exciting (will have a comment on that later) and until the last tick i was not sure who would end up on top
<[ND]Tijmen> hope that answers your question in a nutshell
<Appocomaster> I think so, thanks - the other thing - your nickname looks sort of familiar but I can't find record of your old rounds - surely this isn't your first round?
<[ND]Tijmen> I guess this is the part where I remove my my mask, and surprise everyone with my identity...
<[ND]Tijmen> but I'm afraid the response would be somewhat anti-climactic and only show that i was never a very impact-full player
<[ND]Tijmen> but you would recall of course: its me, Mockingbird :)
<Appocomaster> round 19 rank 7 :)
<[ND]Tijmen> well and we were former galmates - more importantly!
<Appocomaster> but has been a while
<Appocomaster> yes
<Appocomaster> with Pilager?
<[ND]Tijmen> with Greenhills and Death666 I believe -it's been a long time!
<Appocomaster> ah
<Appocomaster> Greenhills? really?
<Appocomaster> anyway
<Appocomaster> time to go and look at some old logs ha
<Appocomaster> anyway, congrats
<[ND]Tijmen> I have some remarks, if i may?
<Appocomaster> sure
<Appocomaster> (it's still your first round in over 8 years from what I can see, so great return)
<[ND]Tijmen> Apologies this being somewhat lengthy; prepared these beforehand not to forget anything important – here goes.
<[ND]Tijmen> As you noted, it's been many years since played the game (must be over 60+ rounds), and glad to see that much of the atmosphere (and players!) from the old days are still here. The game feels the same, but I could also definitely see that the devs have kept on improving and finetuning the experience. So first and foremost, thank you to you and your team.
<[ND]Tijmen> I also feel obliged to say some word of thanks to my gal mates:
<[ND]Tijmen> First of all, Andreas, MrWolf, Blanq, Audun and UltimateNewbie. I can only say I was very lucky to land in their buddy pack. Great players, and P3ng should be happy to have them among their ranks. It was evident P3ng had a difficult start of the round, and regardless they kept their spirit high and made the round into a fun time (how else; to give a general impression they basically live on boats and in the jungle).
<[ND]Tijmen> Synch – Best scanner in the game. Was a great help especially during the first half of the game when I was playing very casual without alliance. Ultimately ‘converted me to join NC’.
<[ND]Tijmen> (ND that is)
<[ND]Tijmen> Ed was great team player as well who save me from waves of incomings, and so were later joiners Jeno (who somehow got about the highest roid ratio in the uni and didn’t attract incs) and N30 who were very supportive (N30 to the point I could – and did – call to wake him up in the middle of the night).
<[ND]Tijmen> Then to ND: A great group of folks to join when I was playing casual and were a great help during the last few days when it became clear there was a potential path to a good final rank. Many names pop to mind that I want to thank, and won’t name them all running the risk of leaving someone out. Just naming a few folks that have jumped in and help me get some good lands and proper def in the last few days:
<[ND]Tijmen> Forest, Mysteries, Judge, Lem, Blacce, MaVRiXX – well its turning into a long list, so I’ll stop here.
<[ND]Tijmen> Finally one comment on how the round was played and won. As noted it was a casual start, with an intensive ending
<[ND]Tijmen> Only at the end we turned it up a notch, as it became evident that the only way to keep up with Mista (7.9.9) was to (also) use escorts. This strategy helped to secure the #1 rank.
<[ND]Tijmen> We had to use the strategy for only a few days. Based on that short period, I will be the last to say its easy (it’s a lot of coordination and takes a lot of effort form a lot of people). Nonetheless, I am strongly convinced the strategy of ‘escorting’ as currently used, does not make the game a better game.
<[ND]Tijmen> I am not to comment for the average PA player, but in my personal opinion, It makes individual players feel left out and feeds a feeling that there are a select number of players that dictate the game, not always in a pleasant and communal way.
<[ND]Tijmen> Therefore, I would humbly ask the devs to consider tweaking the game mechanics such that they disincentivize escorting, at least in the way it is done currently. I am happy to talk to you after the EORC to give some thoughts on it, if you are willing to consider.
<[ND]Tijmen> Having said that, I want to conclude by also congratulating Mista on his achievement (you made it very exciting and clearly overthought your last 2 days better than I did) and Bee_ (from my above comment re. escorting, you will appreciate I believe that you may be a more true winner of the round than myself).
<[ND]Tijmen> ** the end of the epistel ** ;-)
<Appocomaster> no problem. Just to be clear, we are looking at the situation -and the balance between xp and value - and will see what we can do, but ultimately we have to be careful not to be too limiting; most limits can be abused by red defence, which used to be a thing with the subversion damage type in particular
<Appocomaster> but thanks and congrats again, Tijmen / Mockingbird :)
<Appocomaster> so, in the interests of time, mista - if you are there - congrats on second place! how close did it feel from your side?
<mista> ty Appoco, to save minutes of awkward questions and slow typing I’ll just paste my bit if that’s okay?
<mista> it was obviously close right until the end
<Appocomaster> yes yes
<mista> Tight race for the top, GG well played and deserved Tijmen who had fewer escorts.
<mista> I do enjoy PA, especially during this hard time for everyone globally, thanks for the fun everyone, it’s a small, but still vibrant community. I wish there was some forward growth trajectory or some hope of infusion of new players, but meh.
<Appocomaster> all these organised people
<mista> My round was regularly night attacking, with interspersed FCing and escorting ppl to 5k. DCd one inc when I got fcd today. Had a 500k crash around tick 700 but that probably helped me. About 10 days ago after landing 5k (thx game for organizing) I saw there was a chance to XPFTW, and I asked tek and a few others if they would support me.
<mista> Tek has 180 mc and I have 120 mc so woulda been a lot easier to flagship him, but he was too busy watching the stock market to notice when I told him to recall or set fake attack. Thanks for sacrificing your round for me tek, Hosie, Vist.
<mista> Everyone in TRUE SAVIORS helped a lot, of particular note my main night crew partners, tek, hosie, vist, and colt. Game (helped a lot finding targets and calcing), fruitnap, josh, ge_se, benneh, DeeJay and others also helped a lot towards the end.
<mista> moldypenguins is a scanning god, couldn’t play at night without you. Zaejii, Aryn, rul3r, bulbars, migz too, scanners are de best.
<mista> Hosie, empy, aryn, moldy and Vist were great banter to pass the night hours.
<mista> Suggestion for XP fix (addresing what tijmen just brought up): Add a modifier to formula for top planets where xp decreases the higher you are, much like the salvage fix for top planets to prevent donations. XP/lazy play should be a viable option but it shouldn’t be overpowered for top ranks, value/def play should be more rewarded.
<mista> Some highlights from the round for TRUE SAVIORS (compiled with help from our excellent PR OFFICER KillGhost):
<mista> Thanks to Ace for logging in once this round to change our offensive name from “WUHAN CLAN” to “Bad Choice of Name”, and inspiring a series of transformations eventually peaking with the “TRUE SAVIORS” of PA-- you’re welcome.
<mista> Early war vs xVx where they nerfed their endround with an 50%+ fi build, you’re welcome 3:1. CT joined xVx to FC HOSIE and TEK, we prioritised deffing our flagship while our brave HERO HOSIE died. We then napped xVx to focus on CT until a public apology was given by good sport [ddk]gm for the suffering caused by killing HOSIES ships.
<mista> Fleetcaught Zwan twice. Killed lots of other App too since -- through some bug-- their 3 magical def fleets never showed up. App said they were trolling but we had to teach them the TRUE SPIRIT of trolling. Thank you for giving Game webby access, made it a lot easier. Cardi still owes 5 rounds of trolling.
<mista> We even sent Caj over to Stellar to help them secure their win, grats Dekker.
<mista> TRUE SAVIORS looks forward to Prisco’s trolltag for next round, hopefully he’s more successful than cardi.
<mista> OPERATION BRIDESMAID was a complete success thanks to Heinrich, he even unselfishly continued to team up with me after being ninja kicked from tag by Rhorry, HK is the TRUE SAVIOR of all selfish players who think only of themselves.
<mista> </wordwall> bit more than tijmen haha
<Appocomaster> it's still nice
<Appocomaster> thanks :)
<Appocomaster> so, Bee - congrats on third place?
<Appocomaster> do you have a pasty thing too?
<[Stellar]Bee> Thanks!
<[Stellar]Bee> I do not have a sigle line to paste, i was not planning on attending here tonight!
<Appocomaster> otherwise I can fall back on asking questions
<Appocomaster> well, I'm so sad to force you to turn up
<[Stellar]Bee> But it appears i ended up top3 afterall :)
<Appocomaster> you should have salvaged your ships last tick or something
<Appocomaster> so, why did you think it was in such doubt?
<[Stellar]Bee> Feel free to shoot me some questions :)
<Appocomaster> you're the top ranking value planet so would be interested to hear how your round went
<[Stellar]Bee> Uhm, with the current Xp-system its very hard to know how top10 will change the last days and even the very last day, hence why i didnt know if i would attend here tonight :)
<Appocomaster> you were almost seocnd :p
<[Stellar]Bee> Im very happy to place 3rd and have the back to back top10 rank playing oldschool value style ;)
<Appocomaster> planning for making it a hat-trick?
<[Stellar]Bee> Im not sure, it depends on what plans DLR have for the next round. I returned to the game to play with my fellahs in DLR, but havein a round off i decided to give Stellar a shot based on me signing up a zik planet that seemd to suit Stellar strat nicely.
<[Stellar]Bee> Playing for value Stellar also fit my style of playing the game, so we were a perfect match for PT51 when i signed up :)
<Appocomaster> and the fact you only crept into the top 10 in the last week or so of the round ...
<Appocomaster> you've only been top 3 what- on and off since wednesday or so?
<Appocomaster> well-timed peak!
<[Stellar]Bee> Ye my planet grew slowly but steady into the top100 and from there upwards and into the top10 in time for the end :)
<Appocomaster> how'd you manage to slowly rise up the ranks so well? was that due to Stellar?
<[Stellar]Bee> Well since we grew value from the very start we kinda had to roid as hard as possible, so from the point where we couldnt really get XP anymore, we were forced to roid hard. I guess there could have been many top10 enders in Stellar, but i guess i just roided extra hard compared to the rest.
<Appocomaster> anyone in particular you want to thank for their help?
<[Stellar]Bee> For me playing in Stellar was a new experience, since i could for the first time go to bed and wake up with the same roids i had before going to bed. Haveing dedicated DC's is new for me, so it was a very nice experience.
<[Stellar]Bee> Obviously the entire alliance is to thank, the fleetmovements were awesome, and Dekker, Cyber and rest of the DC-team did a great job DCing any incs. Ive never lost this few waves of roids in y life. So thank you very much, and well played to Stellar!
<[Stellar]Bee> Also Thanks to Mockingbird and mista, gg wp bois!
<Appocomaster> well, thanks and congrats again to you, Bee :)
<Appocomaster> okay, well, with this we will move on to the top galaxy
<Appocomaster> so, now I'll welcome 3:1 to the stage
<Appocomaster> CBA was actually checking and thinks they have the biggest galaxy win since around round 20, but I will have to double check that
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> :)
<Appocomaster> sorry, trying to find you all
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> monroe gmufc
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> massacre
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> byrney
<Appocomaster> but congrats - CBA, I think you had some text to kick us off with
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> eksero
<zagaveg> We nor so many
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> Yes
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> So the round started with the ultimate goal of winning. We did the usual BP (TURTLE pack) CBA gmufc MRG Sevenseas + Zagaveg. I believe this to be the best group of players buddy packing by quite the distances whenever we play we win or come close.
<Appocomaster> yes but half of you aren't here :p
<[CT]Ejret[3_1]> Lazy gal players. tired after long round
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> Our strat this round was slow start. Slow builds and slow ascend in rankings. Therefore for the first 400 ticks or so we were outside top 50! Pretty much off the radar while we spammed FCs / researched cores early.
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> Our randoms were fantastic. We firstly got CT Monroe at the shuffle and soon got CT Erjet Norse eksero and later App Byrney + CaRn massacre.
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> With 3 CT 2 xVx our gal wasn’t in a good position - the losing side of the block war however with excellent cross defence against what seemed like continuous inc we eventually prevailed.
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> It was around tick 800 where we eventually become top gal and there was really nothing stopping us then. I believe we had around 20 night of incomming on 6+ planets but once our value became massive and def amazing the inc became far reduced. As normal I presume we comfortably had the most inc ingame !
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> Special thank ingal to gmufc for early round Dcin gal then to eksero for mainly Dcin Byrney later round ! And of course our trusty night watch MRG
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> Although this round I don’t think I had the wake up once for incomings ! Inc came so late - definitely a big shift in the last two rounds to suit Europeans and make PA very hard to play for Americans !!! Attacks usually come from 6am onwards.
<Appocomaster> sorry gmufc
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> Special thanks from me To xVx. Sent a ton of fleets to MRG and me.
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> Done :)
<[CT]Ejret[3_1]> Well CBA always needs fleet.. Lucky XVX sent most to him.. sometimes ingal def saved him also
<[xVx]MRG[3_1]> My thanks go to xVX – Night-Sky, Supersander, Cowgonemad, Xavalon, Pipps, Flip… all made it a happy home. When the incs didn’t stop, they kept sending def and its appreciated. Shoutout out to Murfdawgg, Dimvin, Veil05, Joepie, Maverick, Ellingsen, Nicolos, X3, Ex-0 for taking WA calls. And Coolkat for just being a boss.
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> Saw the incomming stats for the round - and we had at least 600 more then anyone else finished with 1.6k
<[CT]Ejret[3_1]> I like Pipps
<[xVx]MRG[3_1]> everyone should :)
<Appocomaster> so what was the round highlight? sailing through the end of the round as the clear winners?
<Sevenseas> Anyone considered us winning gal actually requires alot more efforts than everyone else? Twice the inc, Tripple the hate? True fact :)
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> Definite highlight was fleetcatching Hosie from QQ in 3:4 - Me and gmufc sorted and really was downhill from then for that gal.
<zagaveg> While others try hard and use escorts to win ane rail somw or us play faie abd win. This is 2nd gwin we do with this BP
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> Yeah think we dont this BP 3 times? won twice?
<zagaveg> Yes
<[xVx]MRG[3_1]> There was no coasting except last few days. Too much effort. I'm exhausted.
<Appocomaster> yeah I've seen some of you far too much
<Appocomaster> MRG: well, take some of havoc off then
<[xVx]MRG[3_1]> I tell myself that every time...
<Appocomaster> ha :p
<[xVx]MRG[3_1]> Appoco, I have a question for you
<Appocomaster> going to reset so everyone can choose their own alliances again
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> nice to see mockingbird return as well ! covid brought quite a few players back.
<[xVx]MRG[3_1]> quiz time! Correct answer gets you 10 alliance points
<[xVx]MRG[3_1]> what
<[xVx]MRG[3_1]> is
<[xVx]MRG[3_1]> an alliance point
<Appocomaster> oh
<Appocomaster> yeah, at one point I wanted to rank alliances like that
<Appocomaster> but, well, we were never 100% happy with it
<zagaveg> Appoco i believe escorta should stay as itnis because we seen player that been escortee for 300 ticks by 30 planets and fail to pwin!!!
<Appocomaster> so it isn't an official ranking
<Sevenseas> u could have asked in gal chat mrg and i would have told you this :)
<[xVx]MRG[3_1]> App wins
<Appocomaster> zagaveg: are you talking about you?
<Appocomaster> I hope I'd win, I came up with and coded the idea!
<Appocomaster> probably an old forum thread on it somewhere
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> Any other questions for us appoc
<zagaveg> Yes Appoco app has escorted me for like 300 ticis and i failed to win :((
<Appocomaster> erm, we've heard a lot from CBA
<[xVx]MRG[3_1]> Appoco, thanks to you and the crew for all you do.
<Appocomaster> who was the best person in the galaxy?
<Sevenseas> mrg , our alarm clock
<[DLR]Byrney> Please...
<Appocomaster> I think of late, I've honestly been more and more bsuy with RL, but you're welcome, we try and keep it going so people can play and enjoy - especially at the moment
<gmufc> I think if xp bravery factor is reduced when 2+ launched attack, even if only one land, it would help a lot to discourage escorts
<zagaveg> Mrg
<[xVx]MRG[3_1]> answer your phone!
<Appocomaster> haha
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> Important to have nigh watchman that's for sure
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> it's the team that wins though
<Appocomaster> it is
<zagaveg> Mrg was grrat
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> in the end its 10 ppl showing up at 7am or so to cross def 30 fleets
<zagaveg> Great
<zagaveg> Then GMUFC :))
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> when youre on top roids
<Sevenseas> we are drilled , if we ground we all ground (not zagaveg..) but still
<[xVx]MRG[3_1]> I think our randoms were very important. pro players across the board. PA gods answered the prayer
<Sevenseas> most of us listen
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> keep your fleets home, ground till morning etc
<zagaveg> Amazing gal player
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> And for those we had to exile
<[xVx]MRG[3_1]> rip
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> special mention to Boris and Adamski
<Appocomaster> did they go willingly?
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> hope you enjoy PA and i see you did well in Stellar :)
<Sevenseas> it also helped that nearly 50% of the gal was norwegian players, we all know who made this game in the first place :)
<Appocomaster> I have heard some galaxies are quite strict
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> Well - no as we had to exile
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> Appoco we give everyone a chance
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> but main rule is turning up when called for cross def
<Sevenseas> say that to adamski
<Sevenseas> cba
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> if you can't do this it won't work
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> we kept Byrney
<zagaveg> And cba calla till you wake up :))
<zagaveg> Calls
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> I must mention as well while we are here
<[xVx]MRG[3_1]> Monroe is not here. Lets not forget him.
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> One little set back when tick 800 or so we about 2nd close to first and zaga sent 1m value Monroe BS to def him on a App fake def call. In the end 10 mins to tick zag says its fake def and we can't reach monroe
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> He lost 1m value BS
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> and kept playing
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> so props to him <3
<gmufc> If I may, on a personal note I'd like to thank ddkgm and specciee for having balls and staying true to their word! We need more HC's like that in this game.
<gmufc> Too many are shaking in their pants and looking the other way when they are up against troll alliances instead of fighting back.
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> amen
<gmufc> We crushed the trolls this round again, and they are very aware of it. Their public statements are as accurate as Trumps twitter feed :P They were desperate for a way out, and we were kind enough to give it to them.
<[xVx]MRG[3_1]> werd
<gmufc> I'd also like to send some thanks to Jintao, Pommes and others that stepped up to DC in CT this round, and CT's top 3 defenders Lockhead, kzq and MGK. Also a big thanks to our main scanners Chaos, ddkgm and nin4th.
<zagaveg> Well as i said back then those BS died there rhx for app leak
<Sevenseas> Wanna thank hr for haveing me, Donar and Renku for getting me a 5k xp land i never thought i would ever manage this round.
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> special thank to x3 - my continual support planet hehe
<Appocomaster> well, thanks all
<Appocomaster> any final words?
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> Very well done to Stellar 0 very nice seeing a fairly unlikely ally win
<Sevenseas> a big thank to the bp and randoms, hope we meet again, solid players and nice guys
<zagaveg> Thx to all bots ans simcards in APP :))
<[xVx]MRG[3_1]> TURTLE ftw
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> thank to all gal
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> TURTLE.
<Sevenseas> grats dekker and stellar on ally !
<gmufc> Nice to see Stellar win, well deserved
<zagaveg> Gz Stellar
<Appocomaster> I t otally missed you Massacre
<Appocomaster> so quick, get your thanks in :p
* Appocomaster prods [Carn]Massacre_
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> massacre?
<Appocomaster> otherwise, thanks all
<[xVx]CBA[3_1]> ty appoco
<[xVx]MRG[3_1]> thank you. party at Charles pad.
<Appocomaster> and CBA will get 5 credits to spread around
<Appocomaster> I think cow went at the vital moment :p
<[Stellar]Cyber> Yeah he has a little one
<Appocomaster> so, finally we welcome Stellar, winners of this round
<Appocomaster> congrats to you all
<[Stellar]Cyber> Thanks :)
<[Stellar]Dekker> Thanks, never expected it to come so soon for us
<[Stellar]AP> I like booze and boobies
<Appocomaster> I hear that this round has been a little unusual in that the alliance wars were almost "fair" - do you want to talk about Stellar and how the round went in general?
<[Stellar]Dekker> Well so early on it looked like 3/4 CR tags were going to fight 3/4 BS tags
<[Stellar]Dekker> so we adjusted our politics so we could build a lot of anti BS value
<[Stellar]Cowki> Absolutely amazing effort from Team Stellar this round. Well done guys! This alliance hasn't normally been on people's radar at times but time and time again we've shown true character in each round as a team fighting unit with honourable values, love for this game and the community it brings. Our main aim each round is to simply enjoy the game as a team with our members. Top10 ally is only goal we set going into a round...and to finish above
<[Stellar]Cowki> CT ^_^.
<Appocomaster> well, you did manaeg that ^
<Appocomaster> when did you believe you would win?
<[Stellar]Dekker> So after a while the blocks started to change a little bit and BS tags tried to break the block by constantly attacking HR
<[Stellar]Dekker> thats where we were allowed to get very big value
<[Stellar]Dekker> and it got harder and harder for our enemies to hit us properly
<[Stellar]Dekker> I wasnt sure about win untill last tick
<[Stellar]Dekker> ZT is a very well organized alliance and I was scared of what they could score untill last tick
<Appocomaster> (just to be clear, Stellar has been around since about Round 74 - so not that new an alliance)
<[Stellar]Dekker> That was where Cowki was getting to :D
<[Stellar]Cowki> ye I have some history there:
<[Stellar]Dekker> We started very small, and picked up a few random new players/returning players every round
<[Stellar]Cowki> The tag was forged by Dekker, ThePower, Wendy, AP and Legofski from the LionZ newb support tag splintering from Kittenz back in round 74. We started with great team players from that and have been slowly building experience and our member base that fit our teamwork community since, quite often newb/returning players to the game who we warmly welcome in. To celebrate this moment really is celebrating that journey we've been on for the past few
<[Stellar]Cowki> years. From the fun old rivalries with VGN, HR, CT, Carn etc. where we built up our knowledge and craft, to our retired comrades we fought alongside in those great battles: Azreal, Carew, Crooked, Dull, Enlyea, eZZa, Grador, Jewid, Kalibhan, Kirinaros, Lynx, Michael Scott, Motta, obivous, Ovide, ThePower, Timelord and many more. We raise a glass to you.
<[Stellar]Dekker> going from trying to get top 10 to trying to get top 5
<Appocomaster> so you think alliance tactics and staying out of thje more recent block war helped?
<[Stellar]Dekker> we didnt stay out of the block war as much as the blockwar shifted
<[Stellar]Dekker> I need to thank HR/Carn for sticking with us for a long time when p3n pressured them out of it
<[Stellar]Dekker> ZT for not breaking the eor nap we had and beeing great sports about it
<[Stellar]Dekker> APP for not continueing to hit us, even tho they had broken the nap
<Appocomaster> :) well, congrats for doing so well
<[Stellar]Dekker> and generally alliance like CT, VGN, ND, Norse for not beeing greedy to hit us when we havent hit them either
<Appocomaster> any final thanks?
<[Stellar]Cyber> I just want to thank Dekker for all the effort he put into the politics and every single member who stepped up and fed us the defence fleets we needed to DC.
<[Stellar]Dekker> Cyber especially has been a champ losing a lot of sleep to DC but our whole crew really stepped up, all of the members have brought something extra to the plate
<[Stellar]Cyber> The activity and lack of alcohol won us this round
<Appocomaster> well done then!
<[Stellar]Cowki> Thank you to the PA community. Each round is packed with so many dramas, big lands and spectacular crashes that makes for great stories that often don't get airtime. See you in future rounds for more fun.
<Appocomaster> glad to see a new challenger
<[Stellar]Dekker> Pubs beeing closed #1 reason we did so well
<Appocomaster> :D
<[Stellar]AP> a big shout out to all our members grounding every night and showing up early (3am onwards) to go full on def when needed. we were able to retain roids and whisking away most incs with real def - often collecting salvage
<Appocomaster> well, thanks all
<Appocomaster> one final thing is the tag count
<Appocomaster> also - which of you is going to get the 5 credits?
<[Stellar]Cyber> Dekker cos he is a dictator and will beat us if we say us
<Appocomaster> np :)
<Appocomaster> thanks all
<Appocomaster> and so ...
<Appocomaster> er
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 123 nicks and found 9 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 9 tags are:
<Appocomaster> trying to message P to do the tag count, silly me
<Pea> #9. Tag: APP, count: 1
<Pea> #8. Tag: Norse, count: 1
<Pea> #7. Tag: Offline, count: 1
<Pea> #6. Tag: CaRn, count: 3
<Pea> #5. Tag: CT, count: 3
<Pea> #4. Tag: xVx, count: 6
<Pea> #3. Tag: ZT, count: 11
<Pea> #2. Tag: Stellar, count: 21
<Pea> #1. Tag: ND, count: 24
<Appocomaster> wd ND :)
<Appocomaster> thanks all and have a nice evening