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  • Round 96 Ticks Start: Friday 25th March 2022
  • Round 96 Ticks End: Friday 13th May 2022

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Round 85 Havoc and Round 86 Update

Round 85
Round 85 has now completed, as well as the following EoRC (log here).

Our top 3 planets this round were as follows:

1) 1:5:2 Colteh of QQ
2) 5:6:5 Wolf of Trolltores
3) 1:5:5 Caj of QQ

They will all receive a credit and congratulations to them all.

5:4 won the top galaxy prize and consisted of:

5:4:1 Zebulon300 of DLR
5:4:2 Darren of NewDawn
5:4:3 RexDrax of xVx
5:4:4 Byrney of DLR (MoW)
5:4:5 Spartan1 of Norsemen
5:4:6 ReconNL of NewDawn
5:4:7 Grog of DLR (GC)
5:4:8 bass of DLR (MoC)
5:4:9 iBorg of DLR
5:4:11 ekseri of DLR (MoD)

Grog will get 5 credits to distribute within his galaxy.

DLR won the top alliance award, with them getting 5 credits for winning.

As winners of the "AllComp", they also get an extra 3 credits.

Further information on Round 85 is available as follows:
Top Rankings
Detailed History & stats
Misc Round 85 Stats

Havoc setup has been completed, with ticks starting at 9:00 GMT tomorrow morning (Saturday) and continuing until Thursday, 12th March at 20:00 GMT. Setup includes greatly increasing donation/fund limits and setting everyone to be taxed by default, as normal.

Round 86
Round 86, Fading Memories, will have signups opening on Friday, 13th March. It's been chosen by some in reflection of those we have lost over the years, also mentioned in the EoRC.

Stats will shortly be available on our beta server stats page.