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EoRC Round 85 28/02/2020

<Appocomaster> Good evening, everyone
<Appocomaster> welcome to the EORC
<Appocomaster> We celebrate the completion of Round 85, in all its glory.
<Appocomaster> That would be Round 85 "Burnout". For Round 86, feel free to vote: http://pirate.planetarion.com/showt...d.php?p=3264080
<Fiery> The vote is over
<Appocomaster> oh
<Appocomaster> sorry
<Appocomaster> Well, sadly *Sparkle* *Sparkle* came second to "Fading Memories"
<Appocomaster> let no one say that Planetarion takes these things anything other than deadly seriously
* Fiery cries
<Appocomaster> This evening, we celebrate the amazing achievements of our champions of the round
<Appocomaster> As always, we'll cycle from top planets, to top galaxy, to top alliance
<Appocomaster> Firstly, the top planets
<Appocomaster> Now, apparently, Colteh and Caj are celebrating this momentus occasion by ... working
<Appocomaster> so, I would firstly like to congratulate Wolf on second place
<Wolf> Thank you Appocomaster :)
<[QQ]KillGhost> Yeah, the public must be transported :)
<Appocomaster> and also Colteh and Caj for first and third respectively.
<Appocomaster> KillGhost has been nominated as both of their representatives (which we are strongly confirming does not mean they are linked any other way than that they're in the same alliance and share a mutual friend :P)
<Appocomaster> WAIT
<Fiery> Do better next round, Wolf. Second place is so last round
<Appocomaster> We have a Colteh!
<Appocomaster> the public safety is at risk
<Appocomaster> but we have our champion
<Appocomaster> congrats, Colteh :)
<Appocomaster> KillGhost: sorry, dude :p
<Wolf> yea I am trying Fiery! Who knows what happens next round :D
<Colteh> Cheers
<Appocomaster> so Colteh, of planet "TROLLING THE ACCOUNTS OF TEARJERKING TRYHARDS", when did you decide to take the round seriously and go for the win?
<Colteh> don’t think we took rd seriously at all tbh, obviously in the last week we went for it though
<Colteh> Although caj seemed favourite until a couple of days ago
<Appocomaster> I mean, it was only in the last couple of weeks you were top 10
<Appocomaster> is that when you took it more seriously? ot was it really only Monday, when you got to #1?
<Colteh> I didn’t get to number 1 until yesterday although caj was there with wolf, but all changed when we got mass xp off DLR
<Appocomaster> really?
* Appocomaster peers at tools
<Colteh> Yes
<Colteh> 1:5:2 πŸ‘€
<Fiery> How many buckets of tears did you collect?
<Colteh> A few 😁
<Colteh> Chop chop appoco I’ve got some peasants to pick up...
<Fiery> How many fcs do you think you did this round?
<Colteh> Myself? Not many as I was co based, most fcs were fi chasing co
<Appocomaster> first tick was 101 :p
<Appocomaster> sorry
<Appocomaster> *first tick was 1101
<Appocomaster> wasn't yesterday :p
<Appocomaster> anyway
<Appocomaster> what was your favourite part of the round? anyone you want to thank? etc
<Colteh> Wednesday then?
<Colteh> Minor details
<Colteh> Favourite part? Winning? πŸ˜‰
<Appocomaster> well, that's not a bad part
<Appocomaster> I'll give you
<Colteh> Thanks to gal etc and Migz and co in QQ but mostly to Benneh for suiciding his fleet to stop wolf 😁
<Appocomaster> Benneh does that every round anyway
<Appocomaster> was nice of him to make it useful :p
<Colteh> True
<Appocomaster> anyway, you have 2 2nd place finishes - does it feel much better getting first?
<Colteh> Finally bride and not the bridesmaid...Benneh was a little disappointed tbh a part of him wanted me to fail again
<Appocomaster> any final words? :)
<Colteh> Congrats wolf and caj, well played and I guess should thank caj as he was a proper tryhard this rd with real care
<Appocomaster> thanks, Colteh
<Colteh> πŸ‘
<Fiery> Congrats colt! Go fetch your peasants
<Appocomaster> oh wow
<Appocomaster> Caj
<Appocomaster> Wolf: congrats to you
<Wolf> Thank you Appoco
<Colteh> Unfortunately fiery or I may just drive past πŸ˜‰
<Appocomaster> you've defintely been top 3 for a while
<Appocomaster> how close was it for you?
<Appocomaster> you did get a couple of days at number 1
<Appocomaster> (sorry KillGhost)
<Appocomaster> (congrats Caj - with you in the room and all)
<Caj> Killghost .... waking phone plz going e kg
<Wolf> yea correct, wasnt really planned to go for Planet win.. got fleetcatched around tick650 and crashed my full fleet at tick730, but it kinda changed when I landed big on 2:1:5 two ticks in a row, which got me in top5 out of nowhere
<Caj> Here to reas
<Wolf> so from that moment i was going to try for a good rank
<Appocomaster> do you think crashing made it easier to get up there?
<Appocomaster> you were obviously top xp planet by a bit
<Appocomaster> Lot of Xans seemed to be playing xp
<Wolf> yea i think it did, got myself a lot of mc's from the start
<Wolf> so low value helped a lot
<Appocomaster> was race choice key? or were other factors at play?
<Wolf> yea Xan on Xan was a big XP swap fest, so it did help yes
<Wolf> but our goal was to troll DLR and that failed big time as Xan was weak against Ter/ETD
<Appocomaster> who got the strategy so wrong?
<Wolf> Xerxes? :D
<Wolf> dont let him read this mkay?
<Appocomaster> totally
<Wolf> no I think DLR did good, by swapping their strat a few hours before tickstart
<Appocomaster> I'll put it on the portal, so he definitely won't see it, no one ever reads anything there
<Appocomaster> well, next round, good luck taking them down then
<Wolf> yea thanks :)
<Appocomaster> anyone you want to thank rather than ... er... not thank? :P
<Wolf> hehe yea wanna thank a few guys, Shak mostly and the other guys who helped after the big lands
<Wolf> Congratulations to Colteh and Caj for their ranks
<Appocomaster> thanks, Wolf
<Appocomaster> so, KG, I understand that Caj is just here to check you are saying good things
<[QQ]KillGhost> haha yes he is
<[QQ]KillGhost> I actually prepared a statement on behalf of Caj/Colteh and QQ.
<Appocomaster> so I mean Caj was top a few times, especially around the end of jan
<Appocomaster> then he got spanked
<Appocomaster> and then back up a couple of weeks ago or so
<Appocomaster> go for it
<[QQ]KillGhost> It is a bit lenghty but here we go
<[QQ]KillGhost> Ding Dong Ding This is a Public Service Announcement (PSA) from QQ. This round has ended with a smashing result for QQ. At the Annual Corvette Convention we put together our 'Liberate the fleets' campaign. We also reconfirmed our core beliefs. They are: getting lots of sleep, drinking lots of gin, having a lot of fun and last but not least going against the selfishness of some in our community. We have liberated lots of blue
<[QQ]KillGhost> They have found a safe haven. We had some blue ship killers within our ranks. I will not name them, but Virall and Vist know who they are. We also have succeeded in upholding our core beliefs. We were sound asleep at nights and do our actions during the day. We also succeeded in bringing back old players and new recruits. Some of them were HC of other alliances and took shelter in QQ. QQ are the true saviors of Planetarion.
<[QQ]KillGhost> Our commucation also improved greatly. We have opened up a public channel (see link below) in which you can communicate directly with us. We also started doing these PSA'S which help spread our message to the community. Due all of the above we have had a amazing round with lots of fun and all our goals fulfilled. The icing on the cake is that we have got the top planet and one other planet in the top 3.
<[QQ]KillGhost> Not bad for a troll tag whose main goal was to liberate blue ships. Tough luck for all the try hards that got less sleep. We all slept like babies during the nights. We will be back next round! We are accepting new members that know how to jerk those emo tears. If you are interested speak to a current member or pm me. You can also join our public channel for more information.
<Appocomaster> *ahem*
<Appocomaster> so, yes, thanks for informing me about Caj's round
<[QQ]KillGhost> e would like to thank the community and our members for making it a fun round. We also like to thank her hosieness for taking the punishment for our sins. We also want to thank Colteh for bringing in the planet win and Caj for finishing top 3 also. Caj is also a great TA'er and we would like to request a attack AF button for next rounds as he is still banned from using the defense version.
<Appocomaster> :p
<[QQ]KillGhost> We have a special thanks for our officer Tek. With his sacrifice of selling his entire fleet to buy 30k Syrens. He deffed Colteh and Cai 30+ times in the last week. Last but not least we would like to thank Migz, or is it Zhigz, for his never ending support and leadership of our alliance. Enjoy your gin tonight buddy!
<[QQ]KillGhost> Viva la liberation! For more info and/or enjoyment join our public channel. Click on this link: https://t.me/WEFUELOURSHIPSWITHYOURTEARS Thank you for paying attention to our PSA.
<[QQ]KillGhost> Viva la liberation! For more info and/or enjoyment join our public channel. Click on this link: https://t.me/WEFUELOURSHIPSWITHYOURTEARS Thank you for paying attention to our PSA.
<[QQ]KillGhost> Caj wanted it this way btw :D
<[QQ]KillGhost> With kind regards, KillGhost Public Relations Officer QQ Ding Dong Ding
<Appocomaster> wow.
<Appocomaster> well, thanks Caj
<Appocomaster> well done for coming third
<Fiery> Well done for not getting booted for flooding the channel. Very impressive
<[QQ]KillGhost> Thanks :D
<Appocomaster> you forgot the smallprint - sideeffectsmayincludevomitingsleeplessnightsginaddictionasociallifeandmakingpeoplewanttotrashyounextround
<Appocomaster> is there anyone Caj may want to thank?
<[QQ]KillGhost> It is mentioned in the psa but mostly officer Tek and Migz.
<Appocomaster> well that was a general one from the alliance
<Appocomaster> :p
<Appocomaster> but that's fine
<[QQ]KillGhost> But with input from Caj :) I just transformed it into a regular PSA.
<Appocomaster> well, thanks to you all
<Appocomaster> and congrats
<Appocomaster> you all (apart from you, KG) will get a sparkly credit
<Fiery> Stop rubbing it in
<Colteh> Hopefully I don’t have to pester fiery for it this rd πŸ˜‰
<[QQ]KillGhost> haha no worries.
<Appocomaster> doubt it
<Appocomaster> will do it soon
<Appocomaster> okay, thanks again
<Wolf> o/
<Appocomaster> thanks to them all
<Appocomaster> next we have the might of 5:4
<Fiery> Gj guys
<Appocomaster> yes congrats to them too :p
<Appocomaster> did I miss anyone?
<[ND]Recon> o/
<[xVx]RexDrax> Yes
<[xVx]RexDrax> Dlr grog
<[DLR]iBorg> our fuhrer
<Appocomaster> sorry Grog, being GC and all and chosing where your 5 credits go :p
<[DLR]iBorg> our fuhrer
<Appocomaster> so
<Appocomaster> congrats to you all
<Appocomaster> can I just say
<Appocomaster> 2 of the top 3 planets were in the same galaxy
<Appocomaster> and they were not the winning galaxy
<Appocomaster> I think that's pretty impressive
<Appocomaster> (the fact they were 6th is almost surprising)
<[DLR]iBorg> We had a great gal
<Appocomaster> so, when did you realise you were running away with it by far?
<[xVx]RexDrax> Great and Wise Buffy lead us to victory 😊
<[DLR]iBorg> the bp was awesome and then our secret weapon arrived
<[DLR]iBorg> eksero
<Appocomaster> who didn't even turn up :p
<[DLR]Grog> yeah once Eksero showed up as our #11 i thought we could win
<[DLR]iBorg> winning was on the cards even before he arrived
<[DLR]Grog> up until then i was sure i'd have to throw iborg under a bus eventually and we'd fall out of contention
<[DLR]iBorg> but his arrival just cemented it
<Appocomaster> surely not iBorg
<Appocomaster> why would you do that to him?
<[DLR]Grog> :) he tends to attract overwhelming incoming
<[DLR]iBorg> i’m always the sacrificial lamb
<[DLR]iBorg> i’m from NZ
<[xVx]RexDrax> You are also usually fattest in universe
<[DLR]iBorg> i’m one of the tryhards that QQ failed to touch
<[ND]Recon> yeah that was more my role ;-)
<[DLR]iBorg> While QQ were busy collecting buckets of tears DLR were busy collecting roids and FCing a few planets and ofc winning PA by a considerable margin
<[DLR]Grog> we were lucky, put the bp together at the last minute, 2 of the 5 were planning on being def planets, then we won the random lottery
<[DLR]iBorg> yes that helped
<[DLR]iBorg> a lot
<Appocomaster> so was it the planets, or the alliances of them, or?
<[DLR]iBorg> both
<[DLR]iBorg> only buffy was playing for xp really
<[xVx]RexDrax> And it helped that dlr did not get much incomings so us non dlr got lots of ingal def
<[DLR]iBorg> the rest of the gal was all about value
<[DLR]Grog> everyone was active and contributing right from the start, everyone grounding when needed, showing up to defend
<[DLR]Grog> Any of these guys are welcome in my gal any time.
<Appocomaster> who was the standout person?
<Fiery> Did you have to see a lot of buffy nudes for motivation?
<[xVx]RexDrax> Buffmaster and his gal names were fun
<[DLR]Grog> Byrney was a hero, always sorting calcs
<[xVx]RexDrax> No nudes
<[DLR]iBorg> Byrney was a great ingal dc
<Appocomaster> coming up with names always helps distract people ... er... important people
<[DLR]iBorg> kept calling me at 2am to send def
<[DLR]iBorg> my wife wants to meet him and have a few words
<Fiery> Record that
<[xVx]RexDrax> What helped from my perspective is that we had people from all timezones so when i woke up at 11pm 2am/3am i had iborg grog bass or byrny tell me what they need where
<[DLR]iBorg> yeah all time zones were well covered
<[DLR]iBorg> we should do well in havoc
<Appocomaster> any final comments or thanks before we go to the alliance?
<[DLR]iBorg> which ofc is what PA is all about
<[ND]Recon> yes plz
<[ND]Recon> I would like to take this opportunity to thank my galmates and of course my allymates :-) But more important I also want to take this moment to remember the friends we've lost recently, for example Catwoman who I've known for so many years.
<[ND]Recon> I still have that beenie she made and send me years ago. But also Beast who is still with us I believe but very ill and will soon leave us. Thanks for all the great moments!
<[DLR]iBorg> I would like to put my 2 cents worth if I may, it seems bizarre a planet can lose their entire fleet not once but twice and still finish t3 - there is too much importance on xp atm and I think value needs to have a better weighting in future or perhaps a cap on xp?
<[DLR]iBorg> I would like to thank Guppie who was my attack partner mostly during the round until my value was sufficiently high enough for me to attack solo with DE and FI
<Appocomaster> Recon: I agree, it's sad that as the community ages, obviously holes do appear in our ranks where we stood shoulder to shoulder before, and I think we all feel them
<Appocomaster> iBorg: we did have an xp balancing thing setup a few rounds ago to try and sort this
<Appocomaster> but can look at it again
<[ND]Recon> well put
<[xVx]RexDrax> Thanks to xVx and letting me hog defense at times. It was weird playing as a def leech which is usually the opposite for me
<Appocomaster> thanks all
<Appocomaster> now
<Appocomaster> Duncan: hopefully you are here.
<Appocomaster> we haven't rehearsed this, so ...
<Appocomaster> as Grog isn't around
<Appocomaster> congratulations to DLR for winning, firstly
<Appocomaster> my mistake
<Appocomaster> congrts, Grog
<Appocomaster> who I totally just voiced
<Appocomaster> apologies
<[DLR]Grog> lol thanks
<Appocomaster> to you and the whole alliance, of course
<Appocomaster> you ended up with a pretty nice win
<Appocomaster> so - who was behind the last minute strategy switch and did it make all the difference?
<[DLR]Grog> I hate to admit it, but it was Cardi's idea
<Duncan> you voiced the wrong me try [DLR]JDD ;)
<[DLR]Grog> last thing he needs is another reason to think highly of himself
<Appocomaster> well you didn't tell me that
<Appocomaster> what?!
<Appocomaster> why did you even go through with it in the first place?
<[DLR]Grog> he said with 40% of the universe being xan, we needed to be hard for xans to hit and he was right
<[DLR]Grog> The plan was to just take it easy & gal raid, defend what we could but keep attacking & prepare.
<[DLR]Grog> Once everyone had cores, incoming scans, hulls 3 & tt-4, we'd shut it down on defence, ground when we needed to & run away with it.
<[DLR]Grog> It pretty much all went according to plan.
<[DLR]JDD> Before I get back to work I just want to shout out to all our members for putting in a great effort and sticking to our plan of adapting to the universe
<Appocomaster> how do you feel about missing out on the top 3 planets?
<Appocomaster> or was that not an issue?
<[DLR]Grog> never an issue, although zwan had trouble accepting it
<[DLR]Grog> value planets just can't compete with guys getting escorted to huge XPs at the end
<[DLR]Grog> gotta be selfish to win top planet, something I try hard to discourage
<Appocomaster> well, it worked for top gal
<Appocomaster> and top alliance
<Appocomaster> :p
<[DLR]Grog> :) yup, we can stop em from landing en masse, just not when they're all concentrated
<[DLR]Grog> This was a lot of fun. It was close right up until it wasn't.
<[DLR]Grog> We had a great bunch of guys, no drama, no emo's, a couple def leeches (Hey zwan) but nothing serious.
<[DLR]Grog> Everyone just did what needed to be done without bitching.
<Appocomaster> any plans for next round?
<[DLR]Grog> gonna take the summer off, come back in the fall
<[DLR]Grog> Planetarion is a winter sport for me
<Appocomaster> keeps you warm in the winter??
<[DLR]Grog> The App guys came in & fit in seamlessly
<[DLR]Grog> Byrney Mek Xomaz Bee JDD were heroes with all the work they did & ReligFree was....here.
<Appocomaster> any final thanks? or key moments you want to explain or justify? :p
<[DLR]Grog> Props to p3nguins & CT for throwing a new wrench in to politics & shaking things up.
<[DLR]Grog> The rotating war thing was at least a nice change from block wars.
<[DLR]Grog> It didn't quite work out, but with slightly different circumstances it might of.
<[DLR]Grog> made things interesting early on knowing once a week we were going to be getting 48 ticks of massive incoming
<Appocomaster> any suggestions on changes in the future for that?
<[DLR]Grog> yeah i dunno, the xp formula needs a cap or something
<Appocomaster> no problem, we can look at it
<Appocomaster> any final comment or thanks? :)
<[DLR]Grog> all in all it was a lot of fun
<[DLR]Grog> cya in the fall
<Appocomaster> cheers Grog
<Appocomaster> now, finally, slightly late, the Allcomp!
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 93 nicks and found 13 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<Pea> #10. Tag: TRUMP2020, count: 1
<Pea> #9. Tag: GML, count: 1
<Pea> #8. Tag: HR, count: 1
<Pea> #7. Tag: mercs, count: 1
<Pea> #6. Tag: Offline, count: 1
<Pea> #5. Tag: xVx, count: 3
<Pea> #4. Tag: RED, count: 4
<Pea> #3. Tag: QQ, count: 4
<Pea> #2. Tag: ND, count: 10
<Pea> #1. Tag: DLR, count: 11
<Appocomaster> congrats to DLR
<Appocomaster> 3 more credits for you