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EoRC Round 83 27/09/2019

<Appocomaster> Good evening, everyone. Welcome to Round 83's End of Round Ceremony!
<Appocomaster> A memorable round, this was obviously named "Fluffy Fluffy Bun Bun"
<Appocomaster> as normal, we'll be celebrating the winners of the round
<Appocomaster> starting with the top 3 planets
<TalisTeK> Happy 40th bday to Dinoman! true spirit of what this community has to offer!
<Appocomaster> now, I'm taking the outrageous decision to voice someone who can't even remember his own ingame nickname, Tek.
<Appocomaster> :p
<TalisTeK> true story!
<TalisTeK> i was going to tag buffy as my name
<cocteau> Dino is 40, wow! Thats ermmm. Not young.
<Appocomaster> but we have the winner, Tek, 2:9:2, and third place, cocteau, 2:9:1, with us
<TalisTeK> but nobody would believe that
<Appocomaster> Second place, Colteh, isn't here, but I have a message to paste from him at an appropriate time
<Appocomaster> but firstly, Tek, congrats. and you did welll, obviously, top planet and second galaxy
<Appocomaster> do you think Norsemen's presence in the top 10 and in general was a key factor in you winning?
<cocteau> Bleh, ive had enough of sharing a chat room with TeK for 7 weeks.
<Appocomaster> it's okay, you can sit on the other side of the divide
<TalisTeK> my factor in winning obviously came from norse presence but was nothing without my galaxy
<Appocomaster> and we can go through some counselling questions
<cocteau> Yeah, Norse eliteness done it again.
<TalisTeK> Cba firebird walki luke shak looney
<Appocomaster> Tek, would you say that cocteau was very helpful in your win?
<TalisTeK> and my personal DC Cocteau
<Appocomaster> there, see cocteau, he said something nice
<cocteau> But for our rank, galaxy has a shared factor with alliance.
<Appocomaster> now, would you like to say something nice about Tek? :p
<cocteau> Grats to my last round galmates Dino and coala for finishing in t10 too.
<TalisTeK> Joseph / Advantix dedication to norse and the all the members there in was something i never expected.
<Appocomaster> it does seem like your alliance dominated the top 2 galaxies and top t10 planets
<cocteau> top 3 galaxy is actually a 6 member norse gal.
<TalisTeK> Norse was only lacking a true BC like dogg.
<TalisTeK> easily #1 with his efforts
<Appocomaster> they came 3rd overall
<Appocomaster> Tek: when did you think you were going to actually win?
<Appocomaster> were you worried about Colt's charge?
<TalisTeK> Well there was a week the block farmed norse for 6 nights
<TalisTeK> gal support left me standing when many of my norse friends got hit hard
<TalisTeK> leaving last round in a rage from ult, and silently coming back this round i didn't feel comfortable joining in on the block on them.
<Appocomaster> well, the top 10 shows some of them must have bounced back
<TalisTeK> so i idled away for a week
<TalisTeK> it wasn't until cocteau and i landed for 1500+ in 3 nights on peng
<cocteau> TeK has the highest mining percent. What was it TeK.
<Appocomaster> sorry, not got all the stats yet - just the history
<TalisTeK> I was at 94% nobody in t10 except maybe jazz was there
<TalisTeK> so having that edge was obviously a lead factor
<TalisTeK> but i never really tried to be a productive planet. wanted to support CBA and the galaxy in their efforts.
<TalisTeK> we all know what happen to charles...
<Appocomaster> so when did you decide to go for the win?
<TalisTeK> After norse moved off ult and I was able to achieve 4500 roids
<TalisTeK> i knew my mining would hold me on top.
<TalisTeK> Colts CO was a true challenge
<TalisTeK> The dedication metoo showed in FC and launching was better than any group
<cocteau> As for me - I signed up as def planet. Then i exiled into a decent gal, saw TeK exiled too 2 ticks after. That's when i thought ill play a little more frequent than planned :D
<TalisTeK> There were times i didn't think id survive a night, with 90% fake defense, cocteau was confident.
<cocteau> There were nights you have 7 waves
<Appocomaster> so he really did keep it going for you
<cocteau> all covered when you wakeup
<TalisTeK> I was good at spam calling galaxy
<TalisTeK> although lukey would show up when everything was eta 3 and ask if anything was needed
<cocteau> lol
<Appocomaster> that's very helpful
<Appocomaster> Tek: final thanks to people?
<TalisTeK> Just want to say, this is a small community, we need to stop outing people on a daily basis for their past. Not just CBA but the entire group. The community would be devastated if charles walked away. Who would be public enemy #1?
<TalisTeK> And thanks to jungle muffin and Caj
<TalisTeK> their red defense blocked colt from the win!
<Appocomaster> thanks, Tek
<TalisTeK> TheYimmer, Dinoman, Gabba for being in t3 range but defending me when i needed!
<TalisTeK> Goodluck to all going forward. Enjoy life as you can. We all remember cat woman and talisman!
<Appocomaster> yes, it was her birthday today <3
<Appocomaster> cocteau: anything to add?
<Appocomaster> did you just go along for the ride?
<TalisTeK> Forever remembered in this community! May she enjoy yet another birthday from above
<cocteau> I've been experimenting since i return in r81 from retirement about a certain playstyle, playing def planet + scanner (not the high amps type) + decent score contributor. Only downside is im only 2nd this round in Norse def points, was first in r81/r82.
<cocteau> This round is the round i've figured out the decent pattern. Quite proud how it turns out. Have 2 crashes (13% value each) but each crash made me go a bit more aggressive, thanks to my decent dists i got lucky with my solo lands on p3ng/Ult/Closed. On p3ng war, we did well in my daily teamup with TeK.
<cocteau> thanks to galaxy as well - CBA, Lukey, zaga, Lonney, shak, Firebird, walki. For always grounding for Tek & my calls. Thanks to Untouchables crew! You guys are still the best! Finally, to awesome Norsemen!
<cocteau> Congrats to Untouchables gal 2.8 for galwin, and CT for the back to back win.
<cocteau> Thats about it Appo
<Appocomaster> <3
<Appocomaster> very prepared
<Appocomaster> thanks, cocteau
<Appocomaster> now, migz wrote something on behalf of Colteh
<Appocomaster> we never expected to be in contention for a planet win.
<Appocomaster> we played to fight Seductive and stop 2.9
<Appocomaster> Carnage got involved by joining Sed's counter fc on us.
<Appocomaster> so we sorted them out also.
<Appocomaster> after CBA emokicked everyone from tag our round goals had pretty much been met.
<Appocomaster> Colteh had a decent planet so we took a vote and tried to get him planet win for a laugh
<Appocomaster> (sorry, I should have put quotation marks around that)
<Appocomaster> congrats to Colteh, who was #2 this round, and who, for a laugh, got quite close to the top. He was 7:10:7
<Appocomaster> but thanks, Tek, cocteau
<TalisTeK> 88 of 194 Defense fleets i received was from Galaxy.
<TalisTeK> i had to count!
<Appocomaster> (beta stats up now)
<Appocomaster> http://beta.planetarion.com/history...=1&round=83
<Appocomaster> thanks
<Appocomaster> will move onto the galaxy now :)
<Appocomaster> but thanks to you both and congrats
<Appocomaster> will get you credits
<cocteau> cool! Thanks
<Appocomaster> now, major spoilers obviously from the first and third place from 2:9, but 2:8 won
<Joseph_> [18:19] <@Appocomaster> very prepared <----- thats coct!!!!!!! always prepared
<Appocomaster> yeah doesn't surprise me
<MQ> hello pal
<Wishmasterr> Cluster#2 ftw
<Joseph_> DannyB:
<Appocomaster> can't find any others online at the moment
<MQ> Jazx
<Appocomaster> wish, why is Pommeh not here?
<MQ> Jazz
<Appocomaster> yeah he left 6 minutes ago
<Joseph_> pommeh moving into a new house, shit internet i heard
<DannyB> pommeh had an excuse
<Wishmasterr> He can't afford a proper internet
<Joseph_> idd wishy
<DannyB> that's the one, too poor for internet
<Appocomaster> whatt?
<Appocomaster> if you say so
<Wishmasterr> He lost his job cause of brexit. Feel sorry for him
<Appocomaster> ouch
<Appocomaster> well, let's not get into politics :
<Appocomaster> :(
<Appocomaster> but congrats to you all
<Appocomaster> were you worried at the second or third placed galaxies might catch you? as they were semi friendly
<Joseph_> wish was only worried about his son
<Joseph_> i feel like from all rounds, this was the one we won with less effort.
<Wishmasterr> I got xoca to FC pommeh so I didn't end last in gal. Made it somewhat entertaining
<Appocomaster> haha
<DannyB> we seemed to end up quite far ahead all of a sudden
<DannyB> despite pommeh's best efforts
<Appocomaster> I've never heard of the top gal trying to make it more competitive like that
<DannyB> and it felt inevitable for the final 10 days or so
<Appocomaster> so who got you to that chilled winner state?
-!- Appocomaster changed the topic of #planetarion to: Welcome to #planetarion | Round 83 - http://game.planetarion.com Signups [OPEN] Ticks [STOPPED]
<Wishmasterr> As you can see on top planets... Having a Norse fort was key to win this round
<Wishmasterr> 2:9 had cba
<Wishmasterr> The other gal had xoca
<Wishmasterr> So we won by default
<Appocomaster> well, round events did contribue then
<Appocomaster> *contribute
<DannyB> 7.4 got a lot of inc in that final week i think too
<Appocomaster> I feel that Pommeh getting fleet caught was the favourite part of the round
<MQ> unless u get at least 250 fleet of inc like ULT.. is chill
<Appocomaster> was there a second favourite part of the round?
<Joseph_> we are trying to make wish great again past 30 rounds, not easy.. we should keep trying
<DannyB> for me it was seduction collapsing, the round had been hard up to then and i was sat around rank 300... But closed were really nice and took lots of us in and i gained 200 ranks while there
<Wishmasterr> I almost ended top 100....
<MQ> the fc on pom is not that bad after salvage and he rebuild and solo land
<MQ> got us some xp. boost
<Appocomaster> Wishmasterr: one day you might make top 50 again
<Wishmasterr> 😔
<Appocomaster> standout galaxy performer?
<Wishmasterr> Tobbe
<MQ> Congrats to all my gal mate. You guys are awesome and got lucky to exile in. Great gal with great players.
<Wishmasterr> We all went for the win so that Pommeh could get free credits though
<DannyB> i would say i was standout poor for most of the round, everyone else really carried me
<Appocomaster> he gets 5
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> well, thanks all
<MQ> Thank You Ultores for accepting me after leaving for so many rounds. Also big Thanks to my BG Theam, DarK AnGel, Virall, mPulse, Adds, Lonney, Ryky and Luke. Specially to DarK AnGeL and Theam for claiming targets while Im sleeping and leave me a note on where to send. Appreciate all the help and guidance from you guys.
<DannyB> i just want to shoutout lewis btw who was the sole scanner in seduction and without him it would have all failed a lot sooner
<Joseph_> i just want to thank brazil and untouchables.. we play to have fun, and idd we had a lot.
<DannyB> *seductive - already forgot the ally name
<Joseph_> and finally THANK U LARS, for unblocking me...
<MQ> pls win world cup @Joseph_
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> thanks all
<Appocomaster> and congrats again for winning
<MQ> nn... back to. sleep
<[CT]gm> \o/
<Appocomaster> so, now, finally
<Appocomaster> congratulations to CT
<[CT]gm> 3rd round of the Conspiracy/Heresy alliance and 2nd in a row! Well done guys!!
<Appocomaster> winning by 3 million
<Appocomaster> kinda close, compared to Ult
<[CT]gm> way too close!
<Appocomaster> you're slacking
<[CT]Hylands> Blame gide
<[CT]gm> bricking it all day!
<[CT]Specciee> tbh, the more allies in contention come the last day, is better for the game
<Appocomaster> that someone would mess it up?
<[CT]Hylands> We crashed his fleet to win basicly
<[CT]gm> we had a buffer but ofc ult is great at comebacks
<[CT]Hylands> But all screw ups belong to gide
<Appocomaster> so, someone talk me through the politics of this round?
<[CT]gm> The round was messed up politically, I kept us aligned with p3ng politics on ultores but by the time the nap/avoidance with ult ended, ult had no roids left, I’m sorry that we had to hit stellar so much to keep in the running, they fought back bloody hard though, it’s just DE sucked late round!
<Appocomaster> are there any things you wouldn't do if you had another chance?
<[CT]Hylands> So many
<[CT]gm> not so many ;p
<Appocomaster> gm, maybe you could answer :p
<[CT]gm> if anything different happend we would not have won
<[CT]gm> if norse tried to win the ult would of won
<[CT]gm> if p3ng didnt abuse the avoidance then ult would of won
<[CT]gmufc> we could have done without some of the crashes yesterday :P got too close for comfort last day
<[CT]gm> if we hit carn, then carn wouldnt of supported us
<[CT]Hylands> Ddkgm played a most awesome political game and yes it gave us an edge which is fully thanks to him
<[CT]gm> so many things that happened and so much crazyness, if something changed then we wouldnt be here
<[CT]gm> ultores crashing is unheard of
<[CT]gm> but they did and it hurt them bad
<[CT]gm> so its hard to say what if
<Appocomaster> well, lucky round then :p
<[CT]gm> every win has a good bit of luck
<[CT]Hylands> Luck is for those who create it appoco :-)
<[CT]gmufc> It's just not luck, a lot fo guys worked theire asses of the final part of the round
<[CT]gm> Thanks to Remy ofc for keeping us running on tools and bream for his toys and intel, pappoys, Juice, mysteries and those in CIC who helped pick the strategy and keep us on target with builds.
<[CT]gm> BS was the best strat
<[CT]gm> by far
<[CT]gm> for an alliance..
<[CT]Hylands> Jintao tricked the rest
* [CT]gm slaps [CT]Specciee around a bit with a large trout
<[CT]gm> Thanks to Nin4th, chaos, chaddy for scanning, I was au rush scanner but fell back on amps this round when my planet got top 20 thanks to being ingal with [CT]gmufc.
<[CT]gm> We didn’t have a DC organisation but members kicked ass when we warred with guppy, killmark and others stepping up to get people covered, made a big difference, unfortunately I started wars with stellar to lose roids before warring p3ng or ult and despite stellar waving hell out of us, the guys covered too much.
<[CT]gm> had wanted us to lose a bit of fat before being hit by the contenders
<Appocomaster> sorry, voiced hium :)
<[CT]gm> It’s great to get our first 2 in a row and to do it against ult, they gave every excuse last round about “not trying” when we all know they did and it’s good to beat them again, they tried this round, they crashed a lot like we would normally do and that cost them the win.
<[CT]gm> And thanks to p3ng, nd, hr, carn for the support in the last week, glad not to let you down.
<[CT]gm> ok edit out the killmark thanks, his wife would get mad
<Appocomaster> lol
<[CT]gm> oh and rob, thanks!!
<Appocomaster> you only said it to get him in trouble, he idled all round. we kniow it
<[CT]gm> I asked this last round and will ask again, while we did not see the cheating of last round, please have MH clarify/spell out the rules for support planet and escorting and its now also time to disable defence between alliances, that would put a stop to support tags and hopefully push people to go support some of the old alliances that desperately need members!
<[CT]gm> ConspEresy will be open to recruits next round but hey, if you don’t like us then help out ND or HR, as already mentioned, it would have been catwoman’s birthday today and it would be sad for her alliance to remain on low members.
<[CT]gmufc> yeah, def between alliances should be stopped
<[CT]Specciee> A big shout out to every single member, who played their part in the success over the past 3 rounds. Having faith (with some whining) about some of the HC decisions and working as a unit.
<[CT]gm> glad you guys didnt forget pam :(
<[CT]gm> Oh and thanks to gide for leaving us, coming back and having us kill your fleet on ult incs!!
<[CT]gm> if he would be here then it would of been great for you to kick him from channel
<Appocomaster> lol
<Appocomaster> nevermind
<[CT]gm> its like cocain for him
<[CT]gmufc> our bottom 20 was definitely a big part of the win, we had them crash on ult wherever it would benefit counting score
<[CT]Hylands> It's 59 rounds since I last was up here. Back then with Pam and many others who have been lost thank u all let's not forget them.
<[CT]Hylands> And yes I'm wearing my blue and purple beany
<[CT]gm> I have probibly forgotten to thank someone, i will get told off im sure
<Appocomaster> any final thanks?
<[CT]Hylands> Very likely gm :-)
<Appocomaster> Complaints to gm's round 84 planet
<[CT]gm> just thanks again to the members
<[CT]gm> i struggled this round
<[CT]gm> getting the win last round took a lot out of us
<[CT]Hylands> Most hc did actualy struggle big big thanks to all who stepped up
<[CT]Specciee> team work is dream work, its who we are and why it works
<[CT]Specciee> and all for the good of the ally
<[CT]gm> so sorry if i bit anyones heads off ;p
<Appocomaster> okay, thanks all
<Appocomaster> I'm going to end it here to do the tag competition!
<Appocomaster> congrats again to CT :)
<Appocomaster> and now, the allcomp
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 101 nicks and found 12 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<Pea> #10. Tag: newtores, count: 1
<Pea> #9. Tag: Norse, count: 1
<Pea> #8. Tag: app, count: 1
<Pea> #7. Tag: ult, count: 1
<Pea> #6. Tag: Rehab, count: 1
<Pea> #5. Tag: Offline, count: 1
<Pea> #4. Tag: ND, count: 7
<Pea> #3. Tag: METOO, count: 8
<Pea> #2. Tag: xVx, count: 10
<Pea> #1. Tag: CT, count: 16
<Appocomaster> well, more credits for CT
<Appocomaster> well done :)
<Appocomaster> will get the log up soon