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EoRC Round 82 19/7/2019

<Appocomaster> good evening, everyone, and welcome to the Round 82 End of Round Ceremony
<Appocomaster> It's been an eventful round
<Appocomaster> "Traitors in the Dark" feels more like it should have been "in the Light"
<Appocomaster> so, we'd like to go through the round, but firstly, to clarify
<Appocomaster> I know there were a few anomalies in the final tick, they've been sorted. there was a bug which has been fixed for havoc and all players who used the bug to their advantage have been closed and deleted
<Appocomaster> and, to sound like a school teacher, that was noted in their permanent account record :p
<Appocomaster> okay, now moving on to the winners of the round
<Appocomaster> Firstly, the top 3 planets
<Appocomaster> congrats to the three of you
<[CT]Bream> ty :)
<Appocomaster> genosse27 came first, an Xan of CaRnage, 8:6:11
<[p3ng]Spacez[69> ty
<genosse27> merci
<Appocomaster> [p3ng]Spacez[69, of p3nguins (obviously), a Terran, came second in 6:9:3
<Appocomaster> and Bream, of CT fame, another Terran of CT (CE?), came third, in 6:1:7
<Appocomaster> so, well done to all of you
<Appocomaster> firstly, genosse27 - well done on winning
<Appocomaster> you certainly weren't #1 in roids but you managed to grind out a win
<Appocomaster> with your galaxy and alliance a little further down in the ranks, did you feel it would be a challenge to get the support to win?
<Appocomaster> or did they all rally behind you?
<genosse27> #1 in overall rounds though. 27k . quite some roid movement at my place.
<genosse27> i had a lot of thoughts and prayer helping me
<Appocomaster> :D
<Appocomaster> who said religion was out of fashion
<genosse27> xp was my religion this round
<Appocomaster> and you were definitely first in xp
<genosse27> went all-in for MCs and 3 fleeting from start away
<Appocomaster> it was one of the more heavy xp rounds
<Appocomaster> did you do any defending?
<genosse27> i passed viral (good sport there) in the end
<genosse27> i received some def by accident during the round. sorry for those who crashed. i didnt give any smurf for def this round
<Appocomaster> yeah, #4 overall
<genosse27> it was quite relaxing to wake up and just moan about inc
<Appocomaster> did you plan to just play xp from the start?
<Appocomaster> what pushed you that way?
<genosse27> and then roid on
<genosse27> yes
<genosse27> it is the way of long sleep
<Appocomaster> did you think you'd end up her?
<genosse27> and i can play PA in the EU evening. not in the EU morning
<genosse27> value game happens in the morning
<genosse27> no, didnt expect to end anywhere near t10
<Appocomaster> *here (sorry)
<Appocomaster> when did you realise that maybe things were more serious? did you ever change your playing style?
<genosse27> i have a few props to give, if i may
<Appocomaster> sure
<genosse27> never changed my game style... got nervous a bit in the end
<genosse27> I thank carnage for making this planet win possible. Carnage has the perfect amount of freedom for creative players to excel. It was ok to fly a few w0 out of raid on ult/CT before ult/CT. Both prioritized def on each other and I had plenty free lands on untouched planets. This, landing myself after I was landed on and app/ct giving my contenders a hard time granted me the planet win. Veimos was my top wave swapper, this way I was able t
<genosse27> hen, maximising my XP.
<genosse27> Special thanks go out to mellow for our frequent team ups all round long and some escorts near the end. Also prisco, look4me, moostar, lot300, roshar, thewizard, abraham1, Yokyopeli, icerlain and plenty more helped me in the end game. Rengarr, renku, Alex and more for their constant defense while I only had 11 defense points.
<genosse27> My galaxy was a lot of fun but useless for defense (besides thoughts & prayer). Which didnt matter at all, as I gave zero smurfs about defense all round (except last 3 days). My galaxy was 100% emo with cardi and Junglemuffin.
<genosse27> Both left gal chat multiple times and exiled in the end. I thank them and Killmark, Tek, Buffmaster25, aksel, Cristina, Dimvin, Dubbsy, Alexander, cashy and theam.
<genosse27> I owe this victory to my German speaking buddies. They taught me everything and are the main reason I play this game. Thank you Gerhard, Otto, Sebastian and Udo! Props also to Bream for the best non-alliance based pa tools. It helped me a lot.
<genosse27> My wishes for the future are an even more mobile friendly game and the same "beginner protection" for covert ops as for attacks.
<genosse27> \o/
<Appocomaster> cardi and junglemuffin? you really did well on the galaxy randoms
<Appocomaster> and :up: for a premade speech
<Appocomaster> anything else you wanted to cover?
<genosse27> congratz to spacez and bream :)
<genosse27> and CT!!!!!!
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> thanks, genosse27
<genosse27> and 6:9 of course :)
<[p3ng]Spacez[69> thanks geno
<Appocomaster> [p3ng]Spacez[69: well, so close, but at least you were there for the gal win?
<genosse27> and sorry for putting you in anarchy spacez
<Appocomaster> haha
<Appocomaster> "sorry/notsorry" ?
<genosse27> i was nervous ! :D
<[p3ng]Spacez[69> yeah i knew why u did it after u said ur nervous here
<[p3ng]Spacez[69> :)
<[p3ng]Spacez[69> First of all, this win belong to all p3nguins not forgetting the strong support from 6:9 comrades, without all of them, i wont have a chance to be here talking to all of you
<Appocomaster> is there a second of all?
<Appocomaster> just wanting to check if I need to leap in with more questions :p
<[p3ng]Spacez[69> So compared to geno, alot more hard work here to defend the roids which cant be done without ally/gal support
<Appocomaster> yep, you were #1 value by some way
<Appocomaster> (stats to come)
<[p3ng]Spacez[69> This was a lucky win for me, planet win was never my target
<Appocomaster> did you always intend to lpay value?
<Appocomaster> was it difficult to stay value when everyone else went xp?
<[p3ng]Spacez[69> Yes i like value
<[p3ng]Spacez[69> and yes and no to the difficulty
<[p3ng]Spacez[69> yes difficult because others are xp swapping , no not difficult because you can defend easier with bigger value
<Appocomaster> fair enough :)
<Appocomaster> anyone in particular you want to call out? or your biggest achievement?
<[p3ng]Spacez[69> no particular person, would like to thank every single one in p3nguins as they are all awesome, as well as all my 6:9 gal mates, we all worked very closely and made this round enjoyable for me, i hope all of them enjoyed too
<Appocomaster> sounds good :)
<Appocomaster> thank you, Spacez
<Appocomaster> and now Bream
<[p3ng]Spacez[69> thanks
<[CT]Bream> hi
<Appocomaster> you obviously went hardcore xp too
<[CT]Bream> i did
<Appocomaster> any regrets?
<[CT]Bream> regrets ?
<Appocomaster> going xp vs value?
<[CT]Bream> hard game for hard players
<Appocomaster> or did the stats really make you want to play xp
<[CT]Bream> no, this is xp round so clear from start for me
<[CT]Bream> bs worked really well for all of us
<Appocomaster> who did you attack with most?
<[CT]Bream> Pretty much roid pingpong with ult :)
<Appocomaster> who gave you the most support?
<[CT]Bream> definitely alliance, coz they tolerated my 3f pretty far lol. After midrounds killmark wanted me to push res in syrens so i did and they covered few incs nicely but after all they were also attacking lol
<Appocomaster> so it was really who could roid best?
<genosse27> killmark bullying again :D
<Appocomaster> very mean
<genosse27> and with the best timing
<[CT]Bream> yeah well, ult tried keep themself in low roids but theres always some1 to hit
<[CT]Bream> we took their oot's in raid as well :)
<[CT]Bream> sush my german brother from another mother, km is cool :)
<Appocomaster> any final thanks?
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> otherwise, we'll move onto galaxy
<[CT]Bream> definitely
<[CT]Bream> i wanna thank my galmates Asal Disco Mantis Xmokin Renex Maverick Killerman
<[CT]Bream> wasnt much help to them
<genosse27> can you please make sure that the production bug gets fixed for good. with server based validation for example :D
<genosse27> asking for a friend
<Appocomaster> it was meant to have that
<Appocomaster> but
<[CT]Bream> And finally i wanna thank gide
<Appocomaster> we have fixed it for good
<[CT]Bream> for NOT crashing in our winning round :)
<Appocomaster> :) thanks all
<[CT]Bream> sorry if i spoke over u genosse27
<genosse27> props to the best greek player sulu btw
<Appocomaster> and now we're going to move on to 6 9
<Appocomaster> the galaxy who has made me the most nervous of any win
<Appocomaster> congrats again to the top 3
<[p3ng]m0[69]> hi
<Appocomaster> half of you have pinged out unfortunately
<Appocomaster> but
<Appocomaster> congrats to those who are left
<Appocomaster> :p
<Appocomaster> you ended up with a bit of a lead
<Appocomaster> so, apart frmo p3ng, what made the galaxy tick?
<[p3ng]m0[69]> hehe thank you, yeah probably 99% of us are the first time on irc in years, so bear with us :)
<[p3ng]Spacez[69> you miss out coala and cocteau
<[69]Buddah[Nors> Thanks, close race
<[69]Buddah[Nors> Always nervous ending
<[69]cocteau> hi
<[p3ng]m0[69]> idd a very close thing
<Appocomaster> though ah, coct
<Appocomaster> my bad
<[69]cocteau> how do you mean Apo, it made you nervous
<Appocomaster> oh, just the intense pressure towards the end
<[p3ng]m0[69]> with approximate 150 ? incoming fleets today, it didnt feel easy :P
<[69]cocteau> We never doubted we'd win, its like carved in stone since tick 0
<[p3ng]m0[69]> lol
<Appocomaster> suree
<Appocomaster> so you feel that others didn't want you to win? :P
<Appocomaster> welcome back, Stephen
<[p3ng]Spacez[69> it was close yes, we were still 2m behind with 48 ticks left
<Buddah> Yo?
<Appocomaster> yo Buddah
<[69]cocteau> 6% score gain today despite loosing 40% roids over 140 fleet incs. Seems some alliance wanted us not to win at all cause, they failed. Not bad i guess. Quite interested to see stats when it got released. For an XP round, were quite proud a value galaxy won.
<Appocomaster> I will get the stats soon
<[p3ng]m0[69]> well we were all fat and would give good xp, so some hit us because they did not want us to win maybe, others just for the XP
<[69]cocteau> We knew we just have to avoid leaking 20k roids out of 40k and all wil be good if noone badly crashes
<Buddah> Most of uni didn't want us to win
<[p3ng]m0[69]> but yeah, we managed without fleetcatching ourselves today, so i am proud :)
<Appocomaster> why was that?
<Appocomaster> wb coalahat
<Appocomaster> who was the mastermind of this ?
<[69]cocteau> Because were famouns
<[69]cocteau> famous*
<[69]coalahat> hi
<[p3ng]m0[69]> was a team-effort really
<Buddah> Cocteau, må and spacez
<Buddah> M0
<[p3ng]m0[69]> spacez and cocteau dcing alot
<[69]Buddah[Nors> CBA for President!
<Buddah> 3 gal dcs was incredibly awesome
<[p3ng]m0[69]> for p3n and norse members
<[69]cocteau> Xalibur alot as well
<Buddah> Best gal I've ever been
<[p3ng]m0[69]> poor xalibur had to dc for himself :)
<[69]cocteau> me is a given because we're a Norse fort.
<Appocomaster> was he the only non-european?
<Buddah> And I've missed many eor
<Appocomaster> you are here, Buddah, don't worry
<[69]cocteau> We call each other in galchan in our real name
<Buddah> I'm drinking
<Appocomaster> don't spill your beer on your phone then
<[69]coalahat> i am BR
<Buddah> Snuck away in toilet like papa dcing
<[69]cocteau> expept Spacez, because his chinese name is weird.
<Appocomaster> ah ha, wb almighty GC [69]Xalibur
<Appocomaster> how has the game shifted over the years? is it more about phones and real names and stuff?
<Buddah> Cocteau and norse was major reason we won
<Appocomaster> or just this gal?
<[69]Xalibur> I appreciate u assume I am gc. but that honor goes to M0
<[p3ng]m0[69]> all about phones yeah, and real names come with that
<[p3ng]m0[69]> yes i am the gc
<[p3ng]m0[69]> where is my 10% mining bonus ?
<[69]cocteau> Most of th BP including Cain and Buddah are like old folks played in early rounds. So its like a schooling of how to properly play PA to the new bloods.
<[69]Amnion[CT]> I still don't use phones or real names. Perhaps that's why I've not been in a winning galaxy since R50. :-)
<[69]coalahat> and i learn a lot about play for the gal, and not only for ally
<Appocomaster> Amnion, you seem to have done okay
<[p3ng]m0[69]> yes amnion was our member not on WA galaxy chan
<[69]cocteau> Hey, Aminion. First time to speak to you. :) Amnion is only on TG, we use Xali to relay messages. :p
<[p3ng]m0[69]> but we still kept him for his fluffly attitude :P
<Appocomaster> Xalibur: my bad, sorry. you're the MoC. confused the colours :p
<[69]Xalibur> and his syrens
<[69]Amnion[CT]> Fluffy, yes -- that's me.
<[69]cocteau> Dino kep the gal chan interesting !
<Appocomaster> did he eat the attackers?
<[p3ng]Spacez[69> we are actually a 10man gal so to add
<Appocomaster> handy, having a dinosaur around
<[69]Amnion[CT]> But to be honest I don't recognise people unless they use their (old) PA nicks.
<Appocomaster> what was the key moment? last 48 ticks?
<[69]cocteau> He kept saying he was awesome during the Legion days.
<Appocomaster> haha
<[p3ng]m0[69]> key moment was when cain joined the gal, i think 8:6 had him exiled....and i upgraded him, win was sealed from that point :P
<Appocomaster> nothing like the 17-18 year ago claims
<Appocomaster> wb again Stephen, if you are there
<Appocomaster> any final thanks?
<[69]cocteau> Key moment is when Cain exiled in, we knew we had to stay fat to be in tune with hisGF.
<Appocomaster> ouch
<Appocomaster> he isn't even here, dude!
<[69]coalahat> the winner moment was when i go sllep with 30 fleets uncoreved and wake up all covered (the magic)
<Buddah> Norse, cocteau m0 and spacez
<[p3ng]m0[69]> final thanks to our alliances i guess, deffo to p3n, even though not all p3n fleets went to our alliance (if you get the idea) - Thank you p3nguins
<[69]cocteau> Thanks to the numerous defense the four Norse in 6.9 received from Norsemen. Too many to mention but you know who you are, most of them are daily regular defenders.
<Buddah> Also Cain for being an awesome migga 😂
<[69]Xalibur> the winning moment was when app and ult got tired of trying to land sometime around t800 and stopped trying.
<Buddah> Back to my birthday party
<[p3ng]m0[69]> and i got some famous last words, before you remove my +v :P
<Buddah> Peace and love see you next round
<[69]cocteau> Kudos to The Untouchables crew and Norsemen, we atleast won something. At our peak we're league above everyone else. :)
<Appocomaster> enjoy Buddah, happy birthday
<[69]cocteau> Hey HBD Buddah!
<[69]coalahat> thanks all norse, and the gal to show me how to play in gal xD
<[69]cocteau> Big congrats to CT for the win, you deserve it! You're the better alliance than the pingpong mate you compete with entire round. The top 3 planets are also the most deserved to win by the way, im very happy with the t3.
<Appocomaster> okay, thanks to 6:9 for stealing their win
<[p3ng]m0[69]> yes congratz to ct and to genosse
<[p3ng]m0[69]> NUR DER HSV!
<[p3ng]m0[69]> My Message to PA-Team: Please look at xp and also war feature, its definately broken. I understand xp needs to be there to keep everyone but the top interested in playing, even if out of range, but the amount of effort to be put in to xp whore compared to be playing value is just too big. There have been several suggestions made on forums afaik how xp can be changed, and i dont wanna go into details, but e.g. landing senseless
<Appocomaster> m0: we are gonig to look at how to change xp, with or withuot war
<[p3ng]Spacez[69> thanks all. its 6am good night !!!!!!!!
<Appocomaster> good night, Spacez, and thanks for staying up / geting up
<Appocomaster> congrats, CT
<Appocomaster> for the alliance win
<[CT]gm> o/
<[CT]gm> thank you
<CT_Killmark> Thx
<Appocomaster> who is taking the lead here?
<Appocomaster> I feel like there's an army of you :p
<CT_Killmark> Gm
<[CT]gm> hehe
<[CT]gm> This is the 2nd round of conspiracy/heresy and after many attempts for them to find a home, they have found that CT is the right level of chill and crazy for them, maybe not for tom… but we are really a good fit for each other
<Appocomaster> ah, I was going to say
<CT_Killmark> A army of what? ;)
<Appocomaster> can you explain to everyone why you aren't actually CT
<[CT]gm> CT struggled over the many years
<[CT]gm> everyone out there pretty much has been ct
<[CT]gm> we dropped to 30 members and heresy had 30 members
<[CT]gm> so we got our thing on
<Appocomaster> you've hjad some successes in the past, to be honest
<[CT]gm> last round remy was too busy to recode tools to change the name
<Specciee> Bream was also founder HC of Heresy as well
<[CT]gm> this round we made the new name to reflect the two sides
<[CT]gm> ct is old, we have been around
<Appocomaster> yep true
<Appocomaster> so is this a first win for ConspEresy?
<[CT]gm> yes
<Appocomaster> well, congrats to a first win then
<Appocomaster> are you going to play again combined next round?
<CT_Killmark> Founder of Heresy in this age, not 15 years ago mate ;) just pointing that out.
<[CT]gm> I dont see why not, we will have to make Specciee work though
<Specciee> Maybe
<[CT]gm> Killmark and I worked closely the whole round on strategy, from day 1 he said we would win, I looked after attacks, he looked after defence and we discussed everything on strategy. He was very demanding!
<CT_Killmark> Helge wants to tell you all to fuck yourself if you cheat, and stop doing it.
-!- CT_Killmark was kicked from #planetarion by Pea [[Warning] :: No offensive language ::]
<Appocomaster> lol
<[CT]gm> yeah cant say that ;p
<Appocomaster> [CT]gm: care to share any of that strategy?
<[CT]gm> The round sucked for our members, we ordered them from early on to stockpile and only really allowed them to add to defence fleets, we couldn’t hit the value alliances, if we spent to do so then ult would of xp farmed us and won.
<[CT]gm> Our biggest problem was the lack of food, we struggled to get war cycles on ult/carn/sed without everyone else so 2nd night of war was always very thin.
<[CT]gm> xvx and co were great but eventually it became a problem that they were getting in there first
<[CT]gm> it wasnt a round for teaming up
<[CT]gm> on the fico allainces at least
<Appocomaster> well, you obviously did something right
<[CT]gm> carn were harder for us but ult was free farming
<Appocomaster> anyone in particular you want to thank?
<[CT]gm> Huge thanks to Remy for epic tools, pappoy and the guys in cic for strat analysis, bream for intel and other toys that helped us target xp, track stocks and keep an eye on things, chaos, specciee and everyone else, there isn’t a stand out “its his doing” just a good team.
<Appocomaster> sounds like a great team effort
<Appocomaster> http://beta.planetarion.com/history...=3&round=82
<Specciee> Firstly thank you to all the Heresy guys who came along for the ride with Killmark and I when we started up, (to many to list but you know who you are) and to Bream who was with us and original HC. We play together for the community and this win is for you all. We found a home in CT and it has worked well. Every single member this round played a role and kept Faith till the end and we get our rewards.
<Appocomaster> you and Ult had about the same incs, but more than everyone else
<[CT]gm> we are just better at xp rounds with the attack tools we have
<[CT]gm> if we had to use ingame attack tools we would of quit!
<[CT]Remy> :-D
<[CT]gm> sorry :P
<Appocomaster> no, fair enoug
<Appocomaster> *enough
<[CT]gm> I would also like to say today was a lot closer than it should have been, p3ng played a hell of a round and major props for them in what they did but today tarnished it a bit with tagging the ultores out of tag planets.
<[CT]gm> will congratulate them on the round though
<[CT]Remy> Dead tired here, but wanted to say one thing: thank you members of ConspEresy. The merger of two alliances paid off. Hats off to all members.
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> uif there's nothing else, thanks to CT
<Appocomaster> *if
<[CT]Remy> (and could you stop using client side validation and verification code? I thought that shit was removed in R10, with the instant recall bug, or the resource bug) *roll_eyes*
<[CT]gm> one thing
<[CT]gm> oh
<Appocomaster> we did have some server side stuff
<Appocomaster> but we've beefedit up
<[CT]gm> There has been far too much cheating, hacking, exploiting this round, its pathetic and pa team need to get its act together in MH and fixing exploits, prod checks should not be done client side for example, client side = bad, remy said this 50 rounds ago and the rules need to be more specific and enforced, if a rule is not enforced then it needs to be removed and mh need to be quicker to
<[CT]gm> act… this is not F1!
<[CT]gm> Maybe spend some time advancing mh tools and alerts on dodgy stuff and expand the team
<Appocomaster> to be honest, it's done on the server side
<Appocomaster> and in most scenarios it was blocked
<[CT]gm> and dont leave it to poor fiery to deal with us all on telegram
<[CT]gm> oh i should have a quote for you too
<[CT]gm> sec
<[CT]gm> <[Ult]Bazza> <[CT]gm> you cant win if ultores are left alone
<[CT]gm> <[Ult]Bazza> <[CT]gm> they are by far the best allaince in terms of skill and it requires a lot of politics to stop them winning
<[CT]gm> lolz
<[CT]gm> they just cant do xp rounds though
<[CT]gm> they tried
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> thanks
<[CT]gm> o/
<[CT]Remy> Yep, ahgreed: if you want ults to win, do a value ound. If you want another alliance to win, do an xp round
<Appocomaster> finally, the tag count
<Appocomaster> tag up
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 118 nicks and found 11 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<Pea> #10. Tag: 228, count: 1
<Pea> #9. Tag: Offline, count: 1
<Pea> #8. Tag: HR, count: 1
<Pea> #7. Tag: Carnage, count: 1
<Pea> #6. Tag: 69, count: 2
<Pea> #5. Tag: p3ng, count: 2
<Pea> #4. Tag: Ult, count: 5
<Pea> #3. Tag: ND, count: 8
<Pea> #2. Tag: xVx, count: 16
<Pea> #1. Tag: CT, count: 16
<Appocomaster> well done, CT
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> and xVx
<Appocomaster> lol
<Appocomaster> will discuss but may be able to reward 3 each or split
<Appocomaster> though Legion left 10 second too early