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EoRC Round 78 21/09/2018

<Appocomaster> Good evening, everyone, and welcome to the Round 78 EoRC
<Appocomaster> tonight, as always, we interview the winners of the round
<Appocomaster> and we finish with the allcomp :)
<Appocomaster> firstly, we start with the top planets of the round
<Appocomaster> EvilMonkey, of CaRnage, Spammer, of Norsemen, and RaZer, of Ultores
<Appocomaster> we seem to be missing a RaZer ?
<Appocomaster> has anyone misplaced a RaZer? :p
<[CaRn]EM> found him :)
<Appocomaster> thanks!
<RaZeR> Forest is a pedo
<Appocomaster> sigh
<Appocomaster> well, congrats, EvilMonkey
<[CaRn]EM> thanks was an interesting last week inparticular :)
<Appocomaster> a nice lead
<[CaRn]EM> turned into a roid race with Spammer
<Appocomaster> yeah the two of you did pretty ewll
<Appocomaster> Etd were just the best roid stealers?
<Appocomaster> (shak willbe saying some words for RaZeR
<Appocomaster> (eventually)
<Appocomaster> you stole a lot of roids tbh
<[CaRn]EM> looking at the end results possibly CR was easy ish to stop with numbers
<Appocomaster> most we've had for a top planet in a long while
<[CaRn]EM> well also helped with limited incs as well :)
<[CaRn]EM> Spammer had the upper had with his insane amount of FCs
<[CaRn]EM> so i had to out roid him to stop him closing the gap
<[CaRn]EM> pkus a bit of luck
<Appocomaster> did the change to construction price makea big difference?
<[CaRn]EM> *plus
<Appocomaster> we'll try and get some better analysis in the nextcouple of days
<Appocomaster> but dists certainly, from the grape vine, were less effective / popular
<[CaRn]EM> there was still a lot of 50+ dist whores out there
<[CaRn]EM> i spammed amps though to stop fakes
<[CaRn]EM> but then never got hit
<[CaRn]EM> lol
<[CaRn]EM> 26 inc fleets the whole round
<Appocomaster> was that politics, or ?
<[CaRn]EM> so was kinda an easy ride
<[CaRn]EM> well Demort and Avenger did a great job from a allie perspective
<[CaRn]EM> although it did turn into naptarion quite quickly
<[CaRn]EM> but also had a great gal
<Appocomaster> who were your main targets?
<[CaRn]EM> We hit IB A LOT during the middle of the round
<[CaRn]EM> then ended up napping them which only really left otters and VGN
<[CaRn]EM> half thought VGN would try and FC or 2 but no joy lol
<[CaRn]EM> the last week was probably the fun part as me and spammer were just going head to head pretty much
<[CaRn]EM> and we ended up scuppering a couple of his lands today which helped to reduce his possible gains :)
<[CaRn]EM> soz Spammer :)
<Appocomaster> how did you feel it went, Spammer?
<[Norse]Spammer> well i was def planet this round ally going bs ter cat
<[Norse]Spammer> strat was bs and fi
<Appocomaster> well, that seems to have changed a bit
<Appocomaster> when did you realise maybe it was more fun to attack? :p
<[Norse]Spammer> so i spammed lanxer most of the round
<[Norse]Spammer> well went for value fcs
<[Norse]Spammer> if wasnt for the escorts I wouldn't end up being high as roids
<[Norse]Spammer> so big thanks to norse mates
<[Norse]Spammer> congrats to em he was top for practicality all the round
<[CaRn]EM> the last week was just escort vs escort lol
<Appocomaster> anyone in particular to thank?
<Appocomaster> EM, Spammer?
<Appocomaster> and Spammer, did youever think you'd catch him with the value advantage?
<[CaRn]EM> Massive shout out to my attack team - Beer, Lozz, Jpep and Malkav
<[CaRn]EM> Had a great gal as well with Tuck, Galla, Bird, Forest, DerEins, Xomaz, Pathogen, SlatkerT and Greg
<[Norse]Spammer> well evil monkey still had quests to take
<[CaRn]EM> And a massive thanks to CaRange
<[CaRn]EM> *CaRnage
<[Norse]Spammer> that was probably the round winner saving them
<Appocomaster> 800k?
<[CaRn]EM> yea i didnt start joint Chiefs til late
<Appocomaster> quite a big boost
<[CaRn]EM> plus had 420k in XP saved
<[CaRn]EM> as in score
<[CaRn]EM> so definitely helped
<Appocomaster> yes
<Appocomaster> any final thanks?
<Appocomaster> or we'll get some thanks in proxy from RaZer
<[CaRn]EM> oh
<[CaRn]EM> thanks to Guppie and co for spoiling a couple of Spammers waves also :)
<[ult]shak> You’re welcome
<[CaRn]EM> :)
<[Norse]Spammer> big thanks for car Morgan for cr escort and villeh zonny virall for spiders and sparks olav deras for thier de and any norse I missed
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> and shak - what did RaZeR have to say?
<[ult]shak> He would like to thank people helped in last two weeks specifically adjuhh and gangster
<[ult]shak> Also spinner Zeus Oreo etc for creating pa taken him 15 years to get here and gets to miss it the Highlight of his life
<Appocomaster> lol
<Appocomaster> that's hilarious
<Appocomaster> sorry, no offense :p
<Appocomaster> and we all miss them
<[ult]shak> Also xyph for being the pro scanner and dogg for his pro bc skills it’s easy to come third when no target has more than 600 roids
<Appocomaster> (apparently, EM didn't lose any roids for the whole round - potentially a first)
<[ult]shak> Also our glourious leaders xerxes and aga for all the dcing
<[ult]shak> And finally Galla he just wanted a shout out so here you go pal
<Appocomaster> (*combat)
<[CaRn]EM> Metal Crystal Eonium Stolen 2168 2164 2164 Lost 0 0 0
<Appocomaster> yay Galla!
<Appocomaster> okay, thanks all :)
<[ult]shak> Also razer for want to thank my parents I don’t know why
<Appocomaster> you will all get credits (well, RaZeR will)
<[CaRn]EM> lol
<Appocomaster> ah, all the encouragement given to him by them
<Appocomaster> haha
<Appocomaster> thanks all!
<Appocomaster> onwards to the galaxy winners
<Appocomaster> which seems to basically be excessum >:(
<Appocomaster> 6:4
<Appocomaster> by some reasonable margin
<Pommeh> Well sort of
<Appocomaster> plus cardi
<Pommeh> they did have some implosion at the end there
<[BALLZ]carDi> iam building wall right now in northern ireland
<[BALLZ]carDi> helping teresa may
<[BALLZ]carDi> so if anything important leave pm
<Pommeh> Who is toko?
<Appocomaster> he's #10 in your galaxy
<[ND]Satyr> :D
<[BALLZ]carDi> Pommeh: we don't have info about half gal
<[BALLZ]carDi> 4 members ingal iv no nicks on my wa!
<Pommeh> lol same
<Pommeh> I just labelled them with planet numbers
* Appocomaster takes a risk again
<[ND]Satyr> u'r missing tobbe
<[BALLZ]carDi> Appocomaster: how much u get paid
<Appocomaster> he jjoined when I wasn't looking
<[BALLZ]carDi> for being online on friday night
<Pommeh> more than you do for building walls
<Appocomaster> my wife is sittingbeside me wondering what I am doing, to be honest
<[BALLZ]carDi> wife
<[BALLZ]carDi> u wanna share some babylons?
<tobbe> aint that the case for all of us ?? :)
<[ND]Satyr> she still doesnt recognise this?
<Appocomaster> but anyway congrats all
<Appocomaster> she knows what it is
<Pommeh> he bought her from the same place as elviz got his new one from
<Appocomaster> so how did you go a whole round and win it and not even know who half your galaxy were?
<tobbe> mexico?
<[BALLZ]carDi> elviz dced
<Pommeh> have you seen half the gal?
<[BALLZ]carDi> entire gal from tick 24
<Pommeh> they dont have any roids
<[BALLZ]carDi> so were were good
<[BALLZ]carDi> he took hoilidays for pa this rnd
<[BALLZ]carDi> so it was quite easy
<[ND]Satyr> you can tell by my roidcount elviz dc'd
<[BALLZ]carDi> :D
<Appocomaster> Lukey: I'd speak to elviz if I were you, btw
<[BALLZ]carDi> Appocomaster: LOOk at alliance naps ingame
<[BALLZ]carDi> what is your opinion on this round?
<Pommeh> always a good chance one of zwan or cbas multis land your gal these days as well
<Pommeh> have to be careful who you give access to
<Appocomaster> need more war
<[BALLZ]carDi> yes
<tobbe> about the wife import from mexico u mean ?
<[BALLZ]carDi> i think needs some adjusment to have max naps ingafme or somethin
<Appocomaster> who napped so much?
<[BALLZ]carDi> as this game is turning in to naptarion
<[ND]Satyr> tbh, it was venezuela
<[BALLZ]carDi> every aliance almost in top10
<[BALLZ]carDi> had altreast 8 naps apart CT
<[BALLZ]carDi> big high five to GM
<tobbe> everyone napped everyone.....
<Appocomaster> someone must have started it
<Appocomaster> surprised anyone could hit anyone else :p
<tobbe> if u look at incs all top planets have had, ull might have a laugh
<[BALLZ]carDi> remove naps make war
<[BALLZ]carDi> :D
<[BALLZ]carDi> look at evilmonkey top planet
<Appocomaster> NAPs always existed
<[BALLZ]carDi> haven't received 10incs?
<tobbe> satyr probably has more incs than rest of top 10 combined
<tobbe> its a comedy
<Pommeh> idd shame Satyr was Nd
<Pommeh> any other alliance and be would have finished top3
<Pommeh> he*
<Appocomaster> so who to thank mostly?
<[BALLZ]carDi> deras from norse
<[BALLZ]carDi> he done very well dcing norse planets ingal
<Pommeh> lol
<[BALLZ]carDi> his COC helped us really well
<[BALLZ]carDi> very talented player with local social skills to improve us all
<[BALLZ]carDi> and elviz ofc for dcing gal
<Appocomaster> his what now?
<tobbe> Code of Conduct
<tobbe> or something
<Pommeh> yeh elviz was paramount to our victory
<[BALLZ]carDi> https://docs.google.com/document/d/...dit?usp=sharing
<Appocomaster> I can believe elviz being involved
<Pommeh> his 16hr no internet access work shifts
<[BALLZ]carDi> we have followed deras rules
<[BALLZ]carDi> that you can find on this link
<Appocomaster> mywork code of contact is shorter :(
<[ND]Satyr> and you're talking about his active days now pommeh
<Pommeh> tbh CBA did more for our gal than elviz did
<tobbe> ye, he is a beacon of hope in gal
<tobbe> never there when u need him
<[BALLZ]carDi> Appocomaster: we want more competition in thbis game
<[BALLZ]carDi> after shuffle we knew we gonna win
<[BALLZ]carDi> so it was very boring round
<[BALLZ]carDi> 1 of the worst tbh
<Appocomaster> did you have anysort of plan to win?
<[BALLZ]carDi> not rly, shuffled settled it all
<Appocomaster> and then you knew you had won?
<[BALLZ]carDi> and ingame naps :D
<Appocomaster> pfft
<[BALLZ]carDi> when you look at nicks ingame
<[ND]Satyr> yea, must have been around pt12
<Pommeh> we were lucky on shuffle landing an1 and cardi
<[BALLZ]carDi> you know that most players end top10 evry rnd
<[BALLZ]carDi> so it cant go wrong
<Appocomaster> so howcome you lost top spot for a bit?
<tobbe> animaru went totally idle when he was roided midround tho
<Pommeh> did we?
<[BALLZ]carDi> maybe stockpilling?
<[BALLZ]carDi> :D
<[ND]Satyr> never noticed?
<Pommeh> elviz went idle after T24 pal
<[ND]Satyr> what gal did overtake us?
<[BALLZ]carDi> Lukaku gal must be
<[BALLZ]carDi> :D
<Pommeh> haha
<tobbe> we outmined the others on 7k roids less i think
<Pommeh> Yeh Lukaku and Jorgey gal were threatening
<tobbe> so must been stockpiling
<[BALLZ]carDi> anyway Appocomaster
<[BALLZ]carDi> any changes coming in to pa
<Appocomaster> that's yet to be confirmed for next round
<elviz> Guys calm down, I would have played if I needed. No need to spend extra time with no competition
<[BALLZ]carDi> but like proper changes?
<[BALLZ]carDi> not just some random ones
<Pommeh> first thing is to fix pa for mobile phone use
<[ND]Satyr> i want bigger gals, those noobs couldnt cover any of my waves in gal!
<Pommeh> it is absolutely dire
<[BALLZ]carDi> anyway gg gal
<[BALLZ]carDi> norsemen Did well
<Pommeh> DCing from phone in bed at 4am is a nightmare
<elviz> Norsemen napped well
<[BALLZ]carDi> spammer babysited us nicely!
<Appocomaster> well, not my fault you chose that gal, Satyr
<[ND]Satyr> yea, 3 norse in gal without any inc was good
<tobbe> heeeeey
<tobbe> i had almost 30 incs
<Pommeh> def fleets?
<[BALLZ]carDi> crazy round
<[ND]Satyr> you must have been couting friendlies too!
<[BALLZ]carDi> i had 11 incoming fleets !
<tobbe> 27/26
<tobbe> no, over 50 total :p
<[BALLZ]carDi> how is that even possible
<[BALLZ]carDi> :D
<tobbe> whats ur count satyr ?
<[BALLZ]carDi> and i had 0 ships of anti BS
<[BALLZ]carDi> harpy/wyv/dragon my fleet
<Appocomaster> any final thanks?
<[BALLZ]carDi> beyond joke :D
<[ND]Satyr> about ten times yours
<[BALLZ]carDi> i would like to thank forest
<[BALLZ]carDi> that he never gives up showing how sick he is
<[BALLZ]carDi> and that he will never change
<[BALLZ]carDi> :D
<tobbe> i wanna thank advantix <3 a round of good sleep!
<Pommeh> No final thanks but props to IB for coming 2nd after getting such a hammering and taking on Ult for the top spot
<[BALLZ]carDi> ye adv is my biggest enemy for making so many naps
<[BALLZ]carDi> and not warrying ult
<[BALLZ]carDi> :D
<[BALLZ]carDi> IB would have won
<[BALLZ]carDi> if it wasnt adv politics
<[BALLZ]carDi> or norse!
<Pommeh> IB should have won
<[BALLZ]carDi> to bad adv is in to deep ult (_._)
<Appocomaster> well, we have to get Ultores up :) so thanks all
<tobbe> ye, ib has good balls :)
<[BALLZ]carDi> but this will be fixed next rnd :D
<[ND]Satyr> i'll thank foxy and kally for scanning whenever i needed some, lukey and erke for dc'ing lots of my incs when i was sleeping or working, baasb and ant for escorting me a couple of times
<[BALLZ]carDi> gg ultores
<[ND]Satyr> and everyone else in nd for defending me every day?
<[BALLZ]carDi> almight best alliance
<[BALLZ]carDi> xerxes agar3sw gg best pa legends
<Appocomaster> thanks to the top galaxy for their winning words of wisdom
<Appocomaster> finally, we have the Ultores rep
<Appocomaster> for another winning round
<[ult]Xerxes> o/
<Appocomaster> congrats
<[ult]Xerxes> thx
<Appocomaster> been a few rounds
<[ult]Xerxes> yes, our members dont like XP rounds :p
<[ult]Xerxes> so, we dont take those that seriously
<Appocomaster> was this valuable enough? :P
<[ult]Xerxes> nice pun pal
<[ult]Xerxes> ye, we liked these stats
<[ult]Xerxes> I
<Appocomaster> it's late; I can only try :P
<[ult]Xerxes> I'm suprised that not everyone went DE tbh
<[ult]Xerxes> DE is OP with these stats
<[ult]Xerxes> from an ally perspective
<[ult]Xerxes> so we had a bit of an advantage that the other allies going ftw wasnt DE, or we would have had a much harder time to dc when they attacked us
<[ult]Xerxes> although, this round was pretty calm
<Appocomaster> too many naps?
<[ult]Xerxes> me and venox compared inc stats a week ago, and at that point ult and ib was on rouhgly same incs
<[ult]Xerxes> I counted now, we were on 2700 incs, which is very low, dont remember last time we won with so little incs tbh
<Appocomaster> will get stats up soon; unfortunately notbefore tomorrow
<[ult]Xerxes> I found pommeh comment at the end of his part a bit hilarious, ironborn didnt dare fight ultores 1 vs 1 when we were equal on roids, value and score... instead they came at us with a block
<[ult]Xerxes> our counter block won the round
<[ult]Xerxes> imho
<Appocomaster> when would you say the blocks really happened?
<[ult]Xerxes> around half way through the round, but they didnt really last... the block wars were pretty short this round
<[ult]Xerxes> agar3s didnt really break a sweat DCing, and I chipped in a bit too
<[ult]Xerxes> I think we had one or two nights with 210-220 incs, otherwise it was like 150
<[ult]Xerxes> again, big thanks to our allies, Carnage and norsemen
<[ult]Xerxes> a respectfull mention to otters too, they were by far our top hostile this round, and kept launching on us a lot
<[ult]Xerxes> they were easily the best offensive ally against us this round
<[ult]Xerxes> politics ****ed them over in the end when ironborn naped ult and we came at otters to settle some score
<Appocomaster> oops
<Appocomaster> try again?
<[ult]Xerxes> righto,
<[ult]Xerxes> sorry for that
<[ult]Xerxes> yes, otters got ****** by politics
<[ult]Xerxes> but they played a good round imho
<[ult]Xerxes> Also, was a bit of a suprise in ultores this round
<[ult]Xerxes> because Chancellor was not top defender!
<[ult]Xerxes> he lost out by 1 def point to Arty
<Appocomaster> :P
<[ult]Xerxes> https://pastebin.com/yANiT3Mk
<[ult]Xerxes> Arty won with 109 def points
<[ult]Xerxes> Chancellor had 108
<Appocomaster> nice
<[ult]Xerxes> and hone on 96
<[ult]Xerxes> big thanks to those our top defenders!
<[ult]Xerxes> as always what marks us is that we got the most active players, and we got agar3s
<Appocomaster> who is so dedicated
<[ult]Xerxes> agar3s had to do politics this round too, which he did great
<Appocomaster> I think he did an eorc once whilst his wife's waters were breaking
<[ult]Xerxes> because chimpie has went AWOL, he enjoying something called RL
<[ult]Xerxes> dont know what thats about
<Appocomaster> I'm totally guilty of that too
<[ult]Xerxes> agar3s doesnt ahve children tho
<Appocomaster> chimpie: you could be up here now if you'd not have got real life
<[ult]Xerxes> so cant have been him
<Appocomaster> oh
<Appocomaster> maybe
<Appocomaster> o.O
<Appocomaster> now I have to go look for what that was
<[ult]Xerxes> a special shout out to Adds and his NCO, new crash order
<[ult]Xerxes> he somehow has managed to nag himself out of a demotion to Astatores for next round again :/
<[ult]Xerxes> dont know how that happend
<[ult]Xerxes> I guess we need a crash mascot
<Appocomaster> always :)
<[ult]Xerxes> and ofc, a special mention to the ult players in astatores, this round was a bit weird for them because we barely used them tbh
<[ult]Xerxes> I bet next round will be more busy tho
<Appocomaster> too little defence, too much attack?
<[ult]Xerxes> too little incs
<Appocomaster> what was the key change in this round which made it so different?
<Appocomaster> politics? or something like the construction change? or?
<[ult]Xerxes> nah, we were ready to fight more - but politics made it a calm round
<[ult]Xerxes> its not like ironborn had much incs either
<[ult]Xerxes> it was just a pretty calm round
<Appocomaster> xp formula maybe didn't make much difference
<[ult]Xerxes> nah, it was just one of those things.... incs were intense last time we played these stats
* Appocomaster nods
<[ult]Xerxes> then apprime and ultores destroyed each other with block
<Appocomaster> hard to predict :(
<Appocomaster> any final words or thanks? :)
<Appocomaster> and then I'll run the allcocmp
<Appocomaster> (1 minute warning)
<[ult]Xerxes> yes, again thanks to our members, they are what puts us apart.... being able to wake peeps like galla, adastra, shak, dorf, chappy, etc, etc several times each night when needed to launch def or attacks, or re-launch attacks
<[ult]Xerxes> and ofc, agar3s, supreme dc
<[ult]Xerxes> and with people like chancellor and arty which is the best def players in the game
<[ult]Xerxes> we are the best
<[ult]Xerxes> simple
<Appocomaster> well, you don't win every round :p
<Appocomaster> and if not for the naps, maybe not this one?
<[ult]Xerxes> naps wouldnt had mattered that much, we could have fought 1 or 2 allies more
<Appocomaster> back next round?
<[ult]Xerxes> ofc, if we get 8 allies on us, yeah, our fleets wont be enough
<[ult]Xerxes> ofc
<[ult]Xerxes> and ofc, our scanners and BCs are awesome too
<[ult]Xerxes> Bazza and xyphistor are great
<Appocomaster> thanks :)
<Appocomaster> credits to you - and to the gc of the winning galaxy, Pommeh, obviously
<Appocomaster> and now for the allcomp!
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 133 nicks and found 12 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<Pea> #10. Tag: BALLZ, count: 1
<Pea> #9. Tag: Beer, count: 1
<Pea> #8. Tag: Offline, count: 1
<Pea> #7. Tag: Norse, count: 2
<Pea> #6. Tag: DLR, count: 2
<Pea> #5. Tag: CT, count: 2
<Pea> #4. Tag: IB, count: 3
<Pea> #3. Tag: CaRn, count: 4
<Pea> #2. Tag: ND, count: 23
<Appocomaster> some small tags these days :(
<Pea> #1. Tag: Ult, count: 34
<Appocomaster> a bonus few credits for Ult!
<Appocomaster> nice one
<Appocomaster> thanks all for listening, and have a nice evening