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EoRC Round 77 13/07/2018

<Appocomaster> good evening, everyone
<Appocomaster> and welcome to the Round 77 End of Round Ceremony - "Block Party"
<Appocomaster> Thanks to everyone for joining. To start with, just to note that the stats have been updated:
<Appocomaster> http://pirate.planetarion.com/showt...d.php?p=3262149 for misc stats (add your own comments)
<Appocomaster> http://beta.planetarion.com/history/history.php for beta history + various stats on planets, galaxies and alliances
<Appocomaster> http://www.planetarion.com/news/new...-round-78-dates dates for next round and a link to beta stats are listed here
<Appocomaster> and I'll be doing the havoc after this ceremony
<Appocomaster> so, to begin with
<Appocomaster> we're going to welcome the top planets
<Appocomaster> Xomaz of DLR, 9:4:8
<Appocomaster> TeK of HR, 8:5:6
<Appocomaster> and Luuuuuuuukey! of NewDawn, 1:4:9 (who has some sort of season ticket)
*** Mode #planetarion +v [DLR]Xomaz by Appocomaster
*** Mode #planetarion +v TeK_8_5_6 by Appocomaster
*** Mode #planetarion +v [ND]LukeyLove by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> good evening, everyone
<TeK_8_5_6> Lukey came out of no where land
<[ND]LukeyLove> Lol yes, best season ticket ever
<TeK_8_5_6> congrats to Xomaz for holding on to my around the clock lands.
<[ND]LukeyLove> I'd rather have one to White Hart Lane though
<[DLR]Xomaz> -.-
<Appocomaster> for a small annual fee
<TeK_8_5_6> As some who remember me, this was my first time playing in over 9 years
<[DLR]Xomaz> The last week was indeed stressful, TeK
<Appocomaster> TeK, not done badly, I think
<[ND]LukeyLove> congrats xomaz/tek, good effort guys
<Appocomaster> Lukey: that's just half the England team, tbh
<[DLR]Xomaz> Aye gj the both of you too
<TeK_8_5_6> Only thanks to Appie, rgat, teslav and company of HR. Cant tell you how many questions ive asked.
<[ND]LukeyLove> tek's an old legend, the only surprise is that you didn't win it ;)
<[ND]LukeyLove> next round eh!
<TeK_8_5_6> im over rated, lukey but thanks :0
<[ND]LukeyLove> honestly I am very surprised to have made the top 3, didn't even realize it was a possibility until this morning
<Appocomaster> well, TeK, you seem to have been there for a lot of the round
<Appocomaster> from tick 500 or so?
<TeK_8_5_6> Honestly didnt understand the round and power of XP to the middle
<TeK_8_5_6> Yes, ive been hanging around for most of the round.
<TeK_8_5_6> It took a few meltdowns on cardi to finally see the light
<Appocomaster> this is an unusually strong XP round
<Appocomaster> last round, xp was around 50k tops
<Appocomaster> this round, over 300k xp
<[DLR]Xomaz> I got more XP than my last 10 rounds combined
<TeK_8_5_6> Ill be looking forward to see the changes going forward for round 78
<Appocomaster> and we should probably talk a bit more with you, Xomaz :)
<TeK_8_5_6> President 45 takes the lead :p
<[DLR]Xomaz> hehe
<Appocomaster> for the last 400 or so ticks, you certainly forced your way up the rankings
<Appocomaster> did you realise from the start XP was the key? or was it more midround
<[DLR]Xomaz> Yeah when alliances stopped deffing it went fast upwards
<[DLR]Xomaz> We decided from start in DLR to go hard on the xp
<Appocomaster> to be fair, I don't think this is an unusual tactic for DLR
<[DLR]Xomaz> So from day 1 XP was prio 1
<[DLR]Xomaz> we're usually value based tbh
<Appocomaster> fair enough :)
<Appocomaster> so as a slightly smaller alliance, did you focus on just taking on galaxy after galaxy, or was it more political than that?
<[DLR]Xomaz> We had a pretty relaxed round and just attacked what looked like fun
<[DLR]Xomaz> Towards the end maybe 10 actives
<[DLR]Xomaz> A weird round it was
<Appocomaster> you did well for that
<[DLR]Xomaz> As my name indicates I wasnt even supposed to play
<[DLR]Xomaz> just be a def planet for my good pals DrunkDusty and theodb
<[DLR]Xomaz> they are angry with me for not deffing them once
<TeK_8_5_6> \o/
<Appocomaster> you didn't honestly seem to have many incomings and pretty low on friendlies
<[DLR]Xomaz> Thou I am sure I once xp-deffed theo with 1 ship
<Appocomaster> one of the lower ones in the top 10 (BB has fewer, but no surprise there :P)
<[DLR]Xomaz> Think I am top 10 lost roids thou
<Appocomaster> http://beta.planetarion.com/history...=8&round=77
<Appocomaster> 7th
<Appocomaster> Tek is #1
<[DLR]Xomaz> oh
<Appocomaster> he lost over 30k roids this round
<[DLR]Xomaz> Not caring about def
<[DLR]Xomaz> is nice
<Appocomaster> and gained 29k
<TeK_8_5_6> im owed $1 per roid btw
<TeK_8_5_6> President 45 said they will pay
<Appocomaster> is there an impact on some communities with it being so focused on attacknig?
<TeK_8_5_6> Lukey should answer that one
<[ND]LukeyLove> An impact yes, but not necessarily a negative one
<[ND]LukeyLove> a positive one for ND ;)
<[DLR]Xomaz> Hehe
<[ND]LukeyLove> depends on your perspective and how you derive enjoyment from the game
<[ND]LukeyLove> if you like to sleep at night, like we do in ND, then xp is much more fun
<[ND]LukeyLove> allows us to be competitive without giving over our lives to it
<Appocomaster> interesting
<Appocomaster> I know that XP and MCs have been commented on a lot
<Appocomaster> maybe it's too attacking
<[ND]LukeyLove> lets be honest, we aren't kids anymore and we all have busy stuff going on in our lives
<[ND]LukeyLove> most don't want to be DC'ing at 3am ;)
<[DLR]Xomaz> Agreed. While it's a bit fked up its a relaxed style of play :)
<TeK_8_5_6> agreed... played the game at 15..... now im 32 with kids
<[ND]LukeyLove> I think its good to have a mix
<Appocomaster> interesting feedback to keep in mind
<[DLR]Xomaz> Kids helped thou
<[ND]LukeyLove> some people still enjoy that, like the Ult crowd
<Appocomaster> next round will probably be a bit more defensive :)
<[DLR]Xomaz> I was woken up, attacked, back to sleep. Repeat.
<[ND]LukeyLove> so mix it up, some xp some value
<[ND]LukeyLove> keeps things fresh
<Appocomaster> haah
<TeK_8_5_6> and Mista will be playing next round, he just texted me
<TeK_8_5_6> Hes looking for DC offers
<[ND]LukeyLove> this is the first major xp round in a long time, largely due to attacking stats and the introduction of more roids early in the process with the 75 roid quest reward for turning on tax
<Appocomaster> hahah
<Appocomaster> so, Xomaz, when did you realise that being a def support planet wasn't for you and you were going to trash everyone and win the round?
<[DLR]Xomaz> I think after my first land PT 34 or so
<[DLR]Xomaz> I figured
<Appocomaster> that is pretty early on
<[DLR]Xomaz> Just attacking and not caring about def - I can live with this
<[DLR]Xomaz> Yeah, but I did not tell DD and theo until later ofc
<TeK_8_5_6> I launched on DLR early on with no def, i was like this is great.... then DLR came and BS raped me :(
<Appocomaster> just "getting more roids to help them" ?
<[DLR]Xomaz> Exactly
<Appocomaster> whatever works!
<[DLR]Xomaz> Aye
<[DLR]Xomaz> Crash is king
<Appocomaster> and then in the last couple of weeks it got serious?
<[DLR]Xomaz> Yeah the last 1-2 weeks were stressful
<TeK_8_5_6> Most sold def ships last weeks to join the party
<[DLR]Xomaz> just launching/recalling nonstop to get the next xp boost
<[DLR]Xomaz> Anythnig below 5k xp felt like a big disappointment
<[ND]LukeyLove> I was torn about selling my def ships for a good chunk of the round... I'm still sitting here with 15k PK's though ;)
<[ND]LukeyLove> all the guys getting excited about their 5k xp quest early on and asking for escorts to get it done looked pretty silly by the end of the round ;)
<[DLR]Xomaz> :)
<TeK_8_5_6> I was one of those guys!!!
<[DLR]Xomaz> Me too lol
<TeK_8_5_6> Im still waiting for that escort
<Appocomaster> so, Xomaz, any people you want to highlight from DLR or elsewhere?
<TeK_8_5_6> Mista came back for the first time in a while as well, and hes a pro.
<[DLR]Xomaz> Yeah just a few
<[DLR]Xomaz> Everyone in DLR were ofc helpful, but a few special mentions
<[DLR]Xomaz> My terran attack partner Relig
<[DLR]Xomaz> We had nice lands throughout the round
<[DLR]Xomaz> Our scannor Nicolos made my constant l/r in the last week possible
<[DLR]Xomaz> And theodb zebra goat and me and a fun but stressful XP race together and all ended up top10
<[DLR]Xomaz> beating theodb is why I get up in the morning
<Appocomaster> it's a good motivational factor
<Appocomaster> :)
<[DLR]Xomaz> First had the planet name "What you doing down there theodb", shame I changed it
<[DLR]Xomaz> And lastly
<[DLR]Xomaz> My awesome gal! They deffed me just the right amount so my value stayed low
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> glad to haer it, thanks Xomaz
<Appocomaster> *hear
<[DLR]Xomaz> Thats all for me!
<Appocomaster> now, TeK, you managed to do pretty well too
<Appocomaster> re-homed in HR?
<TeK_8_5_6> Yes, they took me in and showed me the way.
<Appocomaster> well maybe they need to publicise that "how to remember to play Planetarion" manual
<TeK_8_5_6> I gotta thank Mista for all hes done ( 8.5.7 ) cause without him id prob have quit after the first cardi blow up
<Appocomaster> it didn't seem to do you any harm
<TeK_8_5_6> Well i had to constantly chck the manual for stats to see what targets my ships
<Appocomaster> there's a bcalc too!
<TeK_8_5_6> Very hard to use from a phone
<Appocomaster> ah okay
<Appocomaster> did you play the whole round on a phone?
<TeK_8_5_6> Mostly. I have a macbook that took me a few weeks to figure out how to get an irc client to support
<TeK_8_5_6> the days of the desktop are missed
<Appocomaster> well, it is a mac
<TeK_8_5_6> But thanks to Appie, Rgat, Teslav and the scanners of HR. of course the rest of the lot. and Misty dislikes judge.
<TeK_8_5_6> And my last night is directed towards Lukey
<TeK_8_5_6> Does Tenzuro know ND won?
<TeK_8_5_6> Cause he spent entire round not knowing who I was. hes 8.5.1
<[ND]LukeyLove> Lol, I don't think so
<[ND]LukeyLove> he's normally drunk in an alley somewhere
<[ND]LukeyLove> he'll turn up in afew days and clap excitedly
<Appocomaster> TeK: how did you get so many roids?
<[ND]LukeyLove> thankfully the ND scanning budget decreased this round with his lower activity!
<Appocomaster> I mean, it's obvious how you lost them
<TeK_8_5_6> 3 Fleeting and landing 5-6 a day with the short turn around
<[DLR]Xomaz> Yeah your eta advantage was stressful -.-
<TeK_8_5_6> Either that or the alliances knew i gave good XP, so they let me land only to take them back
<Appocomaster> any other thanks?
<TeK_8_5_6> yes.... 9.4.4 for pointing out id have crashed on him last tick :0
<TeK_8_5_6> i wouldnt be here if it wasnt for him
<TeK_8_5_6> actually would have made 1.4 win :0
<TeK_8_5_6> so well played by him
<[ND]LukeyLove> Ugh, Tek you should have landed :(
<Appocomaster> lol
<Appocomaster> thanks TeK
<[DLR]Xomaz> :D
<TeK_8_5_6> NP, see you guys next round
<TeK_8_5_6> Thanks to all, and enjoy the time off
<Appocomaster> so, LL, same to you - you did rise up and obviously had the winning alliance supporting
<Appocomaster> were you one of those who ditched ship and xped like crazy?
<[ND]LukeyLove> sort of... I initially went down the FR path
<[ND]LukeyLove> but saw mysteries/walldo/rob getting mad xp with FI
<[ND]LukeyLove> and saw alot of fat ziks out there
<[ND]LukeyLove> so transitioned to FI to get on that bandwagon
<Appocomaster> that's so impolite
<[ND]LukeyLove> teamed up with burmel alot for afew weeks, which was great
<Appocomaster> they're "asteroidcally challenged"
<[ND]LukeyLove> but eventually realized I didn't need teamups anymore as nobody was defending
<[ND]LukeyLove> fleets never stopped moving then, which was great
<[ND]LukeyLove> nonstop launches, had alot hidden in agents/quests
<Appocomaster> what % do you think you landed?
<[ND]LukeyLove> so had a last gasp jump
<[ND]LukeyLove> 80% in the last week
<Appocomaster> that's pretty good
<[ND]LukeyLove> the only times I was stopped was normally because I'm ND and 1:4
<Appocomaster> I know a lot of rounds it can be 20-40%
<[ND]LukeyLove> which was a double combo of bad news and likely def
<[ND]LukeyLove> I'd like to thank all the untouchable lads and the folk in 1:4
<[ND]LukeyLove> we had a good run, but got beaten right at the end :)
<Appocomaster> any other commnets? :)
<[ND]LukeyLove> I'd like to congratulate 8:8 for having an excellent round and realistically deserving the gal win. Synch/Razock/lolShak are some of the coolest guys you'll meet in PA, its sad that they lost in this way due to cardis antics. Learn the lesson guys, don't share your password with anyone ;)
<[ND]LukeyLove> Also congrats to 9:4 with Kheros and his pals, they did well to hide their position and come out of the shadows
<[ND]LukeyLove> One final thing... Guppies highlighted a couple of questionable plays going on with people farming each other all round and then joining the same alliance in the final ticks
<Appocomaster> one from me I guess - why didn't you spam MCs like many others did?
<[ND]LukeyLove> I think we need to rethink our approach to this sort of obvious cheating, work out an approach to mitigate or eliminate it
<[ND]LukeyLove> we have a policy in ND of everyone getting 25 of each refinery upfront
<[ND]LukeyLove> at that stage, we evaluate whether to go MC or FC
<Appocomaster> interesting, okay :)
<[ND]LukeyLove> that gives us a baseline income as a platform for either path
<[ND]LukeyLove> and dists are vital as a xan, especially when folk are trying to fc you all round ;)
<Appocomaster> yeah, dists a bit more popular this round
<Appocomaster> well, congrats again :)
<Appocomaster> thanks all, and your credits have already been allocted (I've been organised for once)
*** Mode #planetarion -vvv [ND]LukeyLove [DLR]Xomaz TeK_8_5_6 by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> now, we go onto 9:4, which Lukey mentioned
<Appocomaster> some tight sores
<Appocomaster> *scores
<Appocomaster> under 200k between the top 2 galaxies
*** Mode #planetarion +vvv [Ult]Kheros [DLR]Xomaz gmufc by Appocomaster
*** Mode #planetarion +v [9-4]Knight by Appocomaster
*** Mode #planetarion +v [Ult]VenoX by Appocomaster
<[Ult]Kheros> hi!
<[Ult]VenoX> before Knight gets a chance
<[9-4]Knight> hey
<Appocomaster> Ryky ran off
<[Ult]VenoX> I want to thank Kheros for being the worst gal DC ever
<[9-4]Knight> haha
<Appocomaster> congrats all
<[Ult]Kheros> lol
<[DLR]Xomaz> lal
<Appocomaster> slightly due to luck, but congrats anyway
<Appocomaster> :p
<[Ult]Kheros> idd
<Appocomaster> but most asteroids
<[9-4]Knight> largely due to multihunters being irational idiots
<gmufc> haha, he's been waiting all round to say that
<[9-4]Knight> but yeah
<[9-4]Knight> irrational*
<[Ult]VenoX> yea thanks cardi, but if ur gonna go sharing ur password with people then you get what you deserve
<[Ult]Kheros> Well to be fair 8:8 had an ult member and an asta member, so i wasn't too bothered, but when i learnt a planet got closed, i really tried harder, and the whole gal got on it
<Appocomaster> well, that's slightly harsh. you're welcome to be losers
<[Ult]Kheros> To take it away from 1:4
<[9-4]Knight> well its harsh on 8:8 really
<[9-4]Knight> 1:4 never had a chance of winning with cashy ingal
<Appocomaster> they almost did it!
<Appocomaster> haha
<[9-4]Knight> i joke ofc, was a very close one, didnt think we'd manage it
<[Ult]Kheros> I thought our chances were about 10% when we started organizing attacks
<Appocomaster> it looks scary close
<[Ult]Kheros> I knew we had more stocks, but their xp potential was higher
<[Ult]VenoX> yea we've been tracking stocks for a while
<[Ult]VenoX> we knew 1.4 had none
<[DLR]Xomaz> Was an exciting last day for sure
<Appocomaster> but luckily you had the best def support planet in the universe
<[Ult]VenoX> and if we could get closer we could still beat them
<[Ult]Kheros> I sent a blind FC on one of their xan without any intel, and we killed his fleet luckily. Plus piggied a couple fleets from 1:4 today :D
<[DLR]Xomaz> Word Appoco
<[9-4]Knight> our def support planets almost ruined it for us lol
<[9-4]Knight> we didnt want value in the end :P
<Appocomaster> at least you got me, Xomaz :p
<[Ult]VenoX> yea Xomaz did great tbh, we were as surprised as everyone when it turned into the XP retard off that the round descended into
<[DLR]Xomaz> ;-)
<Appocomaster> so mid-round, you didn't fancy your chances?
<[Ult]Kheros> Yes. We had this nice set-up pre round with 7 def planets in Asta who agreed to help us. Unfortunately the round was so stupid for value play they ended up hurting us more than helping initially
<[Ult]Kheros> They ended up being helpful, but more in the way of doing FCs and hitting our rivals.
<[Ult]Kheros> Not defending us
<[Ult]Kheros> Defending was a liability this round
<[9-4]Knight> as Venox mentioned tho, kheros being a terrible DC really did do wonders for us in the end
<[9-4]Knight> who'd have thought
<[Ult]Kheros> Lol Fo
<[Ult]VenoX> yea
<[Ult]VenoX> we were really setup for a value round
<[Ult]VenoX> some of us more than others (Knight was shit all round)
<[9-4]Knight> round just suddenly exploded into xp
<Appocomaster> well, silver lining, etc
<[Ult]VenoX> but most of us made a decent pivot mid round
<[Ult]Kheros> We had to sell our defensive ships, and practically let ourselves get roided... stock for 400 ticks or something.
<[Ult]VenoX> i sold all my defence ships
<[9-4]Knight> well i played with intention to escort venox, then realised that was pointless later on ;)
<[Ult]VenoX> crashed brokers in defence for some more BS
<[Ult]VenoX> crashed attacks to lower my value
<[DLR]Xomaz> yeah - crashing rocked this round
<Appocomaster> that does sound crazy
<Appocomaster> the ship selling thing really seems to have ben used
<Appocomaster> *been
<Appocomaster> maybe we should check vs last rounds
<[Ult]VenoX> well it was the only one
<[Ult]VenoX> since there is no actual counter to an XP strategy
<[9-4]Knight> yeah, seems a little stupid to need to destroy ships and stop defending all together to do well in a round :P
<[9-4]Knight> do well collectively*
<[Ult]VenoX> i know some people like lauching 3 attack fleets and waking up to check how they landed the next day
<[Ult]VenoX> but its honestly boring as shit
<[Ult]Kheros> I have to say, I agree with Lukey when he says we are all getting older, and pa need to evolve with it, and there's a place for xp. But when it reaches a point you get rewarded with quests for crashing red land, that you can make unlimited number of MCs, having roids is a liability, defending is a liability, and you can attack anyone with 10k ships and land because no one wants to defend, it makes for a stupid game
<Appocomaster> we'll look to change the balance of stats and maybe tweak quests again
<[Ult]Kheros> PA team have no clue what they are doing with quests, it changes every round radically rather than slighty
<Appocomaster> we were hoping for more roids earlier in the round
<[Ult]Kheros> It's always too much or too little
<gmufc> I think a quick fix for xp is to have it mostly based on score and less on value
<[9-4]Knight> well they do have a clue to a degree, at least they have been making changes
<Appocomaster> but didn't expect it to be more
<[9-4]Knight> bit much to say no clue :)
<[Ult]Kheros> The resources rewards for crashing is an horror
<[9-4]Knight> i think most would agree with lukey tho
<[Ult]Kheros> it's stupid
<[9-4]Knight> surprisingly enough ;)
<[Ult]VenoX> well u asked about how it effects communities in the game
<Appocomaster> yep
<Appocomaster> no, true, I did
<[Ult]VenoX> where is the community if all u do is launch 3 attack fleets solo every day
<Appocomaster> it's good to hear
<[Ult]VenoX> u have no interaction at all with anyone else
<[Ult]VenoX> theres no need
<[Ult]VenoX> cos ur not defending, teaming up, anything
<[9-4]Knight> true
<[Ult]VenoX> ur literally just grouped in an alliance so that ur score all counts together
<[Ult]Kheros> Its killing the purpose of strong gals
<[9-4]Knight> there's nearly no need for teamwork
<[9-4]Knight> at all
<[Ult]Kheros> We didnt communicate in gal much at all
<[Ult]Kheros> no need to
<[Ult]VenoX> no
<[Ult]Kheros> defending was stupid
<[9-4]Knight> we only insulted each other
<[9-4]Knight> kheros was mean to me all round
<Appocomaster> well, he did something right hten
<Appocomaster> *then
<Appocomaster> :P
<[9-4]Knight> haha
<[9-4]Knight> thanks buddy :P
<[Ult]VenoX> kheros took a lot of abuse for his lack of DCing
<Appocomaster> anyone you want to thank?
<[DLR]Xomaz> I didnt and still don't know which one is what planet in gal -.-
<[Ult]VenoX> after telling us preround he would be saving our roids all round
<[Ult]Kheros> Yes.. I have a long list of thanks
<[9-4]Knight> i want to thank cashy for being bad
<[Ult]Kheros> All the def planets in Asta who signed up for Ult(but for us specifically as well) and who were part of the "shared" channel on WA 24/7 to help with "defense"
<[9-4]Knight> yeah thanks to them, good bunch
<[Ult]Kheros> I should say players though, planets sounds fishy
<[Ult]VenoX> i want to thank Frode for being seen and not heard
<[Ult]Kheros> Zato, gogeta, dealer, rio, timur, sunni and quicko
<[Ult]Kheros> Frode, Arc, Bulb, Ryky for not being here atm but they are the other members of our galaxy
<[DLR]Xomaz> Id like to thank 9.6.5 btw for constantly roiding me - helped my value stay low!
<[Ult]Kheros> Spycors for recalling an attack that allowed Arc to land for more - and gave us the gal win in the end
<Appocomaster> :)
<[Ult]Kheros> And all the very unselfish ult and asta members today who relentlessly sent FC, piggies and defended vs 1:4 where they could
<[Ult]Kheros> To help us achieve this
<[9-4]Knight> i genuinely want to commend kheros for handing business for gal tho, and sorted a lot of fc's piggys at end which won us the round in the end
<Appocomaster> see, co-ordination :p
<[Ult]VenoX> yes altho a terrible DC, Kheros was somewhat useful I guess
<[9-4]Knight> good for attacking
<[9-4]Knight> terrible at everything else
<[Ult]Kheros> and please ive been saying it for many rounds now, but since i have the platform
<[9-4]Knight> congrats to 8:8 for having the deserved win tho
<[Ult]Kheros> it encourage multis, farms planets
<Appocomaster> no covert ops are fun :p
<Appocomaster> anyway, we do need the alliances up
<[Ult]Kheros> and it takes away the covop play.. the legit one
<Appocomaster> thanks all :)
<[9-4]Knight> thanks
<[Ult]VenoX> u mean the cov op quests yes
<gmufc> I would like to send a big thanks to Forest and [DDK]gm for their effort to "make CT great again" this round ;)
<[Ult]Kheros> yeah, the quests, not the covops
<Appocomaster> ah
<Appocomaster> okay
<[Ult]Kheros> everyone buy guards now
<[Ult]Kheros> so legit covop planet/play isnt possible anymore
<[Ult]VenoX> yea it makes legit cov op play impossible
<[Ult]Kheros> its just a farm fest
-*- Appocomaster nods
<[Ult]Kheros> and its boring to spend 1000 ticks trying to find inactive and multis to farm
<gmufc> Also a big thanks to CT's main scanner kirk who made our lifes much easier! Unfortunately we missed the top ally spot, but I'm proud of all the effort everyone put in until the very end.
-*- Appocomaster nods
<Appocomaster> well, thanks all :)
<Appocomaster> credits given to Kheros already
<[Ult]Kheros> Sorry to 8:8, thanks all
<[Ult]Kheros> ty appoco
<[Ult]Kheros> grats nd
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<Appocomaster> and finally, congrats to ND
<[ND]Spritfire> Thanks (:
<[ND]LukeyLove> Thanks Appoco, it's been a real journey!
<Appocomaster> been a few rounds since you were up here as winners
<[ND]Spritfire> 3 out of 5 last now
<Appocomaster> 74 I think
<Appocomaster> and yes, 73
<[ND]LukeyLove> Yeah it's been a couple of more challenging rounds
<[ND]LukeyLove> when we got two in a row, we got quite abit of heat after that
<Appocomaster> it wasn't nearly as close as last round
<[ND]LukeyLove> political challenges often drift between rounds ;)
<[ND]LukeyLove> honestly I didn't think we had it won until 4-5 ticks togo
<Appocomaster> were you worried you'd lose it?
<[ND]LukeyLove> I was still convinced Ult would find a way to sneak Otters to the top
<[ND]LukeyLove> or that Otters would have 11 out of tag xp guys we missed
<Appocomaster> that'd be quite a jump
<[ND]LukeyLove> but it was looking likely with 2-3 days togo unless there were any surprises
<[ND]Spritfire> It wasn't very close in score in the end, but it has been scary close the last week
<[ND]LukeyLove> but I'm a project manager by trade so often plan for the worst!
<Appocomaster> risk and issue management :p
<Appocomaster> how did the XP backdrop of the round impact alliance politics?
<Appocomaster> was it more open?
<[ND]LukeyLove> very open, we came into this round with zero relations
<[ND]LukeyLove> and was planning to maintain that as much as possible
<[ND]LukeyLove> to be completely neutral, no friends and no enemies
<[ND]LukeyLove> as we wanted to get away from the big block wars from the past few rounds
<[ND]LukeyLove> as that's not healthy for the game
<Appocomaster> I htink that mostly happened
<[ND]LukeyLove> we got afew early naps while we weren't sure where the round was going
<[ND]LukeyLove> but by t600 we'd cancelled all relations
<[ND]LukeyLove> and just followed the xp every night
<[ND]Spritfire> We launched all over the place
<[ND]LukeyLove> we had an open promise to the members, that they can attack anywhere they want, any time
<[ND]Spritfire> most roids and value/score gave us xp all the time
<[ND]LukeyLove> which normally isn't the story ;)
<[ND]LukeyLove> I think that helped drive activity, people didn't need to wait for a raid to launch
<[ND]Spritfire> almost 1,2 mil more XP than second alliance
<Appocomaster> have you ever had launching like that before?
<[ND]Spritfire> lots of more attack fleets launched
<[ND]LukeyLove> I don't think so... 4.6k is alot of attacks being sent out
<[ND]LukeyLove> we were most hostile by the majority of the alliances in the game
<[ND]LukeyLove> which caused some minor issues, as everyone thought we were specifically targeting them
<[ND]LukeyLove> CT/Otters/Ult were all valid winners at one stage or another
<[ND]LukeyLove> we didn't really know how much of a boost Ult was going to get from all their stocks
<[ND]LukeyLove> thankfully they wasted their time FC'ing us quite abit
<Appocomaster> and you won easily
<[ND]LukeyLove> which is incredibly illogical in a xp round
<[ND]LukeyLove> uses 10-20 fleets, to kill 500k-1mil
<[ND]LukeyLove> those fleets could have got 3-5m elsewhere
<[ND]LukeyLove> instead they lowered our value and helped us get better xp
<[ND]Spritfire> I dont even have a number on how many fleets Ult / norse killed of us
<[ND]LukeyLove> Norse didn't learn that lesson all round
<Appocomaster> and you took advantage, apparently
<Appocomaster> :)
<[ND]Spritfire> I know I lost 2 DE fleets, so I needed to buy CO instead so I got lower value :D
<Appocomaster> any alliances who you were more friendly with?
<[ND]LukeyLove> Not really...
<[ND]LukeyLove> I had alot of good conversations with some of the HC's
<[ND]LukeyLove> so it wasn't personal, I think everyone knew that
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> everyone was doing the same
<[ND]LukeyLove> just the nature of the round... likely the best will be value heavy and more collaborative
<Appocomaster> who stood out?
<[ND]LukeyLove> stood out amongst the other alliances?
<Appocomaster> amongst your own alliance
<Appocomaster> to help you win
<[ND]LukeyLove> honestly it was a real team effort
<[ND]LukeyLove> everyone really pulled their weight and stepped up
<[ND]LukeyLove> I'm incredibly proud of all the guys and everything they have overcome
<[ND]LukeyLove> getting fc'ed 3-4 times in a round isn't easy on the ego, but all the guys were real troopers
<[ND]LukeyLove> pushed through it, kept attacking, never gave up
<Appocomaster> I think they knew it helped, maybe?
<Appocomaster> but okay, if you want to thank everyone that's fine :)
<[ND]LukeyLove> it's hard to accept sometimes, that the negative impact in the short term has a long term positive impact
<[ND]Spritfire> Its hard when you loose your entire fleet in 1 or 2 ticks
<[ND]Spritfire> But we focused on getting an attack fleet back and just getting more xp
<[ND]LukeyLove> we had some great new folk joining ND as well who joined us and made a real positive impression, which was absolutely vital
<[ND]LukeyLove> probably more than anyone else, we need to thank Advantix and Norse
<Appocomaster> :) good
<[ND]LukeyLove> but that being said, fc'ing us hundreds of times in a round isn't that friendly
<Appocomaster> lol :p
<[ND]LukeyLove> and that's a debt that'll be repaid with interest!
<[ND]LukeyLove> this round we are focusing on winning, which meant ignoring fc's
<Appocomaster> any final words?
<[ND]LukeyLove> Norse playstyle works as people fear attacking them and getting fc, that won't be the case next round so I hope they have some guys keen to DC ;)
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> thanks both
<[ND]LukeyLove> overall it was an incredible round and the whole team has done well
<[ND]LukeyLove> proud of you guys <3
*** Mode #planetarion -vv [ND]LukeyLove [ND]Spritfire by Appocomaster
<Appocomaster> and credits have gone to them too
<Appocomaster> now for the final allcomp!
<Appocomaster> no major surprise, I think
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 128 nicks and found 11 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<Pea> #10. Tag: Norse, count: 1
<Pea> #9. Tag: CaRn, count: 1
<Pea> #8. Tag: Drink, count: 1
<Pea> #7. Tag: GML, count: 1
<Pea> #6. Tag: Offline, count: 1
<Pea> #5. Tag: DLR, count: 3
<Pea> #4. Tag: CT, count: 3
<Pea> #3. Tag: Ott, count: 6
<Pea> #2. Tag: ult, count: 7
<Pea> #1. Tag: ND, count: 38
<Appocomaster> well done, ND
<Appocomaster> more credits for you :)
<Appocomaster> congrats eveyone, will havoc the server shortly