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EoRC Round 75 23/02/2018

<Appocomaster> Good evening, everyone, and welcome to Round 75's End of Round Ceremony
<Appocomaster> In this episode, we will be interviewing the top planets, galaxy and alliance of the round, as well as having the traditional allcomp to round us off
<Appocomaster> We've published our Round 76 dates on our portal - http://www.planetarion.com
<Appocomaster> round 76 will be called the Sting of Betrayal, so hopefully will see lots of backstabbing. :-)
<Appocomaster> Anyway, back to Round 75!
<Appocomaster> Firstly, I'd like to call upon the winning planets
<[VGN]CBA[44]> o/
<Appocomaster> Firstly, I have to check - zonny are you there? as it's apparently 4am there
<Phantasm> lo
<zonny> Noooooorse!!!!!
<Appocomaster> if not, I've been given permission to let someone else speak on your behalf (by you :P)
<Appocomaster> oh
-*- Phantasm looks at zonny
<Phantasm> thanks for ruining my round pal :p
<Appocomaster> It looks like you spent the last 4 hours topping up your alcohol. Good man!
<Appocomaster> So, congrats to you all, especially you, CBA
<zonny> my phone just woke me up again
<Appocomaster> tactical alarm?
<zonny> congrats cba
<[VGN]CBA[44]> thank you buddy - please can you send me a shirt like arc got on his round win ?
<Appocomaster> erm
<Appocomaster> I think that was a while ago
<[VGN]CBA[44]> grats to phant & zonny too
<Appocomaster> you will have to petition mr Lamp for that
<[VGN]CBA[44]> ok but I still want one man
<Appocomaster> we did have some sort of cafepress site set up
<Appocomaster> but I don't know if anyone monitors it
<[VGN]CBA[44]> postage cheaper for me :p
<Appocomaster> anyway, you had a pretty clear winning margin there, CBA
<Appocomaster> zonny managed to keep up with you better than others
<[VGN]CBA[44]> Aye - Snowball Cat - Think i spent other half the round at top spot
<[VGN]CBA[44]> he got some decent lands in yeah
<Appocomaster> Also, with 4 VGNs in the top 10 - it wasn't like your alliance was just backing you to top, like we've seen in some rounds
<Appocomaster> did it make it easier wtih other allies so high up the rankings?
<Appocomaster> or was your galaxy more important
<[VGN]CBA[44]> Yeah, not at all... my luck was sitting in a fenced gal that was well organised I guess
<Appocomaster> which was the top galaxy :p
<[VGN]CBA[44]> Gal was V important yes but Ally could cover me when the inc came.. The other top VGN were in forts and used a lot of ingal def to cover as well. Where as I didn't have the heavy ship support so we could spread it
<[VGN]CBA[44]> May I just paste a few thank you lines? typed up earlier
<Appocomaster> sure
<Appocomaster> if that's easier
<[VGN]CBA[44]> I would firstly like to thank my alliance, VGN. They have been very supportive all round to me. They have deffed well, helped attack where needed. The occasional escort as well when required.
<[VGN]CBA[44]> Secondly I would like to thank my close pals, largely Faceless core for coming to VGN and helping my round win; MRG, Murf, Chok, Joepie, & Ajames, my gf MC of course - largely for putting up with me playing. Also to GJN who only signed up when ally was a little short of Xan FI so he prodded that like a baws.
<[VGN]CBA[44]> Thirdly I would like to personally thank VGN head man, top HC Judo. He has politics on lock down and as you can see by Top VGN planets round after round VGN always has decent pols meaning it's very easy to build a nice planet here. I recommend VGN for a strong friendly alliance for any players looking for a home.
<[VGN]CBA[44]> Fourthly I would like to thank my BP and Gal, but that can come later :) CBA,Guppie,Caj,Lukeylove,Gmufc & Ellingsen, Elviz, Chimpie, Anakyn, and Adapt. Solid !
<[VGN]CBA[44]> And finally I would like to thank two HCs not in my ally who helped for my round win. Demort & LukeyLove... I did have incs at times from both these alliances and I roided both these tags most of the inc were held back by my good buddy Demort & my BP mate LL. This resulted in far less DCin and sleepless nights then I am normally accustomed to.
<[VGN]CBA[44]> THis round i managed to stay on top and with Cath that is really strong. I could emp everything
<[VGN]CBA[44]> I found gaining roids was easy tbh, especially with CO, but for me keeping them was more important
<Appocomaster> yeah the thing I noticed - value cath was #1, xp cath #2
<[VGN]CBA[44]> I always tried to keep a 10% roid lead on anyone else ingame
<Appocomaster> that's pretty unusual
<[VGN]CBA[44]> I got lazy and 3 fleet defending loads during VGN war times as well
<[VGN]CBA[44]> But i always maintained a solid value lead and income stream
<[VGN]CBA[44]> So it was a real snowball effect
<Appocomaster> and you definitely relied on those resources over xp
<[VGN]CBA[44]> yeah my XP was so bad :p
<Appocomaster> your xp was pretty low (not even top 200)
<[VGN]CBA[44]> Some wise man told me rush CR and mass XP, alas.. that never happened
<[VGN]CBA[44]> Yeah and most of it came yesterday with loads of quests being popped
<Appocomaster> when did you really think you'd donei t?
<[VGN]CBA[44]> I thought it was done and dusted about a week ago
<[VGN]CBA[44]> had a slight twitch on err monday I think when Zonny was through for a 1.4m gain or so
<[VGN]CBA[44]> but I managed to convince (easily) Judo to break NAP with norse
<zonny> <cough>
<[VGN]CBA[44]> and set up a fat Fleetcatch
<[VGN]CBA[44]> so zonny had to pull:p
<[VGN]CBA[44]> that land would have made things tighter
<zonny> kinda says how important a VGN nap is guys... ;)
<[VGN]CBA[44]> Adv did tell me it wasnt EOR nap though and it's all fair in love & war
<Appocomaster> yeah true, top 5 alliance but kingmakers
<Appocomaster> any final key moments ?
<[VGN]CBA[44]> Hard to say key
<[VGN]CBA[44]> definitely stopping that land
<[VGN]CBA[44]> I guess keeping myself safe on one particular night
<[VGN]CBA[44]> when my gal got 170 incommings
<[VGN]CBA[44]> I prodded to like 60% fleet in beetle
<[VGN]CBA[44]> to stop Carisan FI
<Appocomaster> you make it sound like you locked the door and stuck a chair under the handle
<[VGN]CBA[44]> after that I was immune to inc from most my enemy
<[VGN]CBA[44]> yeah pretty much
<[VGN]CBA[44]> we will talk gal later, but gal lead from tick 188
<[VGN]CBA[44]> and i lead from tick 580ish
<Appocomaster> yeah
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> well, congrats
<Appocomaster> now, zonny - you got an amazing amount of xp
<[VGN]CBA[44]> ty and ill pm address for shirt now
<zonny> hello
<Appocomaster> lol to Lunar :p
<Appocomaster> zonny: were you secretly playing last round?
<Appocomaster> because your xp was up there
<zonny> not secretly.... - I play most rounds!
<Appocomaster> I meant somehow playing last round's code this ruond
<zonny> congrats to cba first up....
<zonny> ah!
<zonny> I think it is intersting (and great for the game) that two polar opposite stategies came top 2...
<Appocomaster> you almost doubled second place's xp count. I take it you intended to go hard for xp to see if it was as good as last round?
<Appocomaster> (and yes, I'd like to agree)
<zonny> (I was just looking up to check I came 2nd) - a bit drunk now....
<zonny> yup
<zonny> from the start I talked with advantix <3 and we decided to go XP heavy all along...
<Appocomaster> well, it worked for you :p
<zonny> and so actually I hate the way I played the game... it was pretty selfish all along...
<zonny> NORSE!!! were awesome...
<zonny> when the rest of the team got on board and helped with escorts, the last few days have been amazing!
<Appocomaster> and it almost worked
<Appocomaster> when did you realise you'd be fleet caught?
<zonny> in gal with buddah, wishmaster, trez, but then yama, neps, jimbo, inneed, paris, papa, theodd, cheggers, morgan, olav, xoca, newt and atilla rock!!!
<Appocomaster> :)
<zonny> we knew about the FC possibility before it happened...
<zonny> I didn't think it would happen to be honest
<Appocomaster> do you think you'd have won if you could have landed? or got enough defence to cover yourself?
<zonny> and it is interesting how many messages I've had from all over (including from within VGN) encouraging me to beat cba...
<[VGN]CBA[44]> that's standard :p
<zonny> I made lots of mistakes.... who knows what would have happened if I had played better....
<Appocomaster> I know how CBA works on spreadsheets, so the fact he did so well with this one is pretty impressive :p
<zonny> launching our surprise attack with a single DE ship in the fleet.... so the whole ally had to recall and relaunch
<[VGN]CBA[44]> hahahahahahahahaha
<zonny> Nooob alert!
<Appocomaster> oh that's bad
<Appocomaster> nevermind
<zonny> a few moreticks and we might have caught him...
<Appocomaster> anyone else you'd like to thank apart from the above gal mates / similar? ^
<zonny> it was fun, but exhausting....
<zonny> ah yes - I should mention MrSeven - he got nearly as much incoming as me...
<zonny> which was good for picking up XP early on...
<zonny> man - getting roided down to 13 roids was a bit much vgn?
<zonny> :D
<Appocomaster> 13? haha
<zonny> yup
<Appocomaster> that's impressive
<zonny> check the lost roids stats!
<Appocomaster> I will :)
<Appocomaster> well, thanks and congrats zonny
<Appocomaster> and Phantasm - thanks for waiting - congrats on #3 :)
<zonny> cheerz
<Phantasm> hi
<Appocomaster> (actually, thanks for getting up again!0
<Phantasm> and thanks
<Appocomaster> with CBA and zonny leading the way with their separate Cath strategies, did you ever think you'd get close enough to challenge them?
<Phantasm> congrats to the cba amd zonny
<Phantasm> I thought I might catch up to cba until last thursday when zonny roided me ;p
<Appocomaster> oh that cheeky zonny. :p
<Appocomaster> do you think being etd vs cath made it any harder for you to keep up with them?
<Phantasm> yeah, norse hit me after aly got done getting hit by 5 different allies lol
<Appocomaster> ah yeah that'd not be so handy for getting def :p
<Phantasm> yeah
<Phantasm> and cath co was really hard to def against this round I thought
<[VGN]CBA[44]> ^
<Appocomaster> sometimes cath is like that, sadly
<Appocomaster> well, we'll have to see what next round brings in terms of stats
<Appocomaster> were there any standout people / groups to help you get to #3, Phantasm ?
<Phantasm> I deffo would like to thanks my bp and HR for all the def, especially in the last week or so
<Phantasm> and all the people I pm on whatsapp who sent me def despite not knowing who I was ;p
<Appocomaster> haha
<Appocomaster> some older numbers?
<Phantasm> we've been using slack in app, so hardly anyone had anyone's numbers saved
<Phantasm> plus we;re all new to HR as well
<Appocomaster> ah okay :)
<Phantasm> also Neps
<Phantasm> the only norse who didn't attack me
<Phantasm> by virtue of bing ingal
<Phantasm> *being
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> any highlights to your round?
<Phantasm> quiet a few people crashed at my planet this round,
<Phantasm> plus way less incs than at APP :D
<Phantasm> that was a real bonus
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> well, no one likes anything with "app" in it :p
<Appocomaster> any final thanks from our top 3 planets?
<zonny> Noooooooorse! :D
<[VGN]CBA[44]> cheers to the admins for keeping it all going etc
<[VGN]CBA[44]> after all these years, still a fun game :D
<[VGN]CBA[44]> maybe get a app?
<[VGN]CBA[44]> and move off IRC too !
<Appocomaster> pfft
<Appocomaster> IRC4eva
<[VGN]CBA[44]> :)
<Appocomaster> but thanks for playing still :)
<Phantasm> I really should find something better to do with my time
<Appocomaster> :p
<Appocomaster> but you won't ;)
<Appocomaster> and sleep well, zonny
<Appocomaster> anyway - thanks all
<zonny> I need to sleep
<Appocomaster> thanks to our top 3 planets
<Appocomaster> now for our winning galaxy, 4:4
<[44][CT]ADAPT> j0 j0
<[44][ULT]GuPPie> There is no need to voice CBA, he already talked enough..
<Appocomaster> I got quite a few of you
<[44]CBA[VGN]> haha
<[44][CT]ADAPT> Likely love
<Appocomaster> no elviz ?
<[44]CBA[VGN]> rofl na
<[44][CT]ADAPT> Lukeylove
<Appocomaster> been at too many of these? :P
<Appocomaster> sorry Lukey <3
<[44][CT]ADAPT> :)
<[Ult]Caj[44]> Well first we all waiting for CBA winning video
<Appocomaster> he's making a video?
<Appocomaster> I am happy to put it as a sticky on the forums
<[44][CT]ADAPT> Ofc we need the vid
<[44]CBA[VGN]> hush :p I only do videos when I fight Cardi - He was too scared and was hiding in HR this round letting Appie nap up :D
<Appocomaster> even if I have to work out how to make the forums support embedded video
<[Ult]Caj[44]> First i want to rub in Carrington face that i beat him!
<[44][HR]Ellings> hes been working out so much this round, i heard the video will be shirtless
<[44][ULT]GuPPie> Haha Caj
<[44]CBA[VGN]> lol
<Appocomaster> ooh
<[44][CT]ADAPT> Hopefully not lol
<Appocomaster> normally if it's a 6 pack in the video he has beer
<Appocomaster> Fiery will be chasing you, CBA
<Appocomaster> so a fairly clear win from the Axis of Evil
<[44][CT]ADAPT> Hahaha fiery is my gf
<[44][HR]Ellings> yeah 7 pack with him tho
<[44]CBA[VGN]> 2 lines from me a sec then the noobs can talk
<[ND]LukeyLove> Oh wow, even Caj made an appearance
<[ND]LukeyLove> strong effort guys ;)
<[44]CBA[VGN]> I want to say a couple things about gal win. 1) The motto should always be cover everything. Every day inc will come on some of your gal if you are in a fence, and if you are in a fort it is just as important. No matter how small the planet is you should cover it.
<[44]CBA[VGN]> 2) Watch each others backs - Check your gal mates lands in the morning. If your gal mates have inc, wake them up if necessary. And push your gal mates on.
<[44][ULT]GuPPie> CBA learned that this round…
<Appocomaster> don't tell me he checked everyone's landings?
<[44][HR]Ellings> we checked his
<[44][CT]ADAPT> Guppie was a MVP
<Appocomaster> ah fair enough
<[44][CT]ADAPT> Dced us a lot
<[44]CBA[VGN]> lol LL yeah :D considering you went away for a entire week when you were at war and we had to cover every day :p
<Appocomaster> this feels like soemthing I'd believe more
<Appocomaster> well, congrats Guppie
<[44][ULT]GuPPie> We all had our share in making this work
<[44][ULT]GuPPie> Some more than others..
<[ND]LukeyLove> agreed Guppie was a proper prince, did all the hard work
<[Ult]Caj[44]> A teameffort... Band of Brothers!
<[44][CT]ADAPT> Elviz was a boss also
<[44][HR]Ellings> yeah all cred to Guppie, nice bud, great player
<Appocomaster> you were the GC and you will get the 5 credits to allocate (and CBA already got one so drop him :P)
<[44][ULT]GuPPie> Caj has been on a cruise since Feb. 5th?
<[44][ULT]GuPPie> Elviz logged in ones every two days?
<[Ult]Chimpie> We won, yay, gg to Cba and adapt for not emoing
<[44][ULT]GuPPie> But always when you needed them :)
<[Ult]Chimpie> Sfk
<[Ult]Chimpie> Afk
<Appocomaster> Caj is the smallest person so :p
<[44][CT]ADAPT> Thanks chimpie babe
<Appocomaster> oh we lost CBA lol
<[44][CT]gmufc> it was a team effort for sure, everyone did theire part.. even those leaving for a cruise and what not :P
<Appocomaster> any other thanks? :)
<[ND]LukeyLove> Guppie ran a coup a couple of days ago to take away CBA's GC spot :D
<[44][CT]ADAPT> I would like to thank everyone in my galaxy this round, CT and Gm for putting up with me, and congrats CBA and Gmufc on the high ranks!
<[Ult]Caj[44]> Well thanks for this Round everyone! Exciting to see Heresy next round.. And see where CBA will play for!
<[Ult]Caj[44]> Peace out
<[Ult]Caj[44]> i will "cruise" on
<[44][ULT]GuPPie> Thanks to Agar3s, for DCing the Ult in gal when Caj felt asleep again before the first wave arrived
<[44][CT]ADAPT> Congrats to ult on the win also
<[44][ULT]GuPPie> and to all of ULT ofcourse! you are great! always sending when asked!
<Appocomaster> Caj: be careful about what you're claiming to be cruising for
<[Ult]Caj[44]> Agar3s is a hero! There should be monuments in hs name all he given to this game
<[ND]LukeyLove> I think the most remarkable thing about this galwin, is that there was no serious emo
<[ND]LukeyLove> Adapt was only kicked from the gal channel once
<[44][CT]ADAPT> By cba
<[ND]LukeyLove> so there was alot of love
<[Ult]Chimpie> Twice
<[44][CT]ADAPT> Who would of though
<[ND]LukeyLove> considering the characters we have ingal, that was quite an achievement ;)
<[ND]LukeyLove> we knew by about t500 if we could avoid any drama, we would win
<[44][CT]ADAPT> Thought
<[ND]LukeyLove> and that the real risk was CBA throwing a tantrum and exiling ;D
<[44][CT]ADAPT> We had it in the bag for a while
<[Ult]Caj[44]> CBA grown as a person
<[ND]LukeyLove> but it all worked out well in the end and was good
<[44][CT]ADAPT> Ya cba held it together well
<[44][ULT]GuPPie> It was nice from ND to roids 6:6
<[44][ULT]GuPPie> Then we knew we won!
<[ND]LukeyLove> yeah I agree, I feel like we've taken CBA from adolescent to manhood this round
<[44][CT]ADAPT> Yeah thanks luke lol
<Appocomaster> that's fighting talk :p
<[ND]LukeyLove> hopefully Adapt will go through that transition soon as well... ;)
<[44][CT]ADAPT> Hey!
<Appocomaster> I'm going to note that down
<Appocomaster> for future reference
<[44][HR]Ellings> i iven got a "you saved me" from CBA thats one too take to graveyeard
<Appocomaster> any final words?
<[44][CT]ADAPT> Gm looks after me in ct!
<[Ult]Caj[44]> Thanks to all in ULT, Heresy for backing us up!
<[ND]LukeyLove> Thanks to ND as always, for keeping me sane!
<[Ult]Caj[44]> ANd good luck next round!
<[44][CT]gmufc> haha, adapt is currently in training.. he will be up and running as a pa pro in no time
<[44][HR]Anakyn> i would like say thanks to all in gal, Guppie realy DCed us like monster, Ellingson help HR in galaxy most of the times. Congratz for the game still plying and making friends
<[Ult]Caj[44]> Malos, Speccie, Carrington
<[Ult]Caj[44]> "killmark"
<[44][CT]ADAPT> Thanks folks
<[ND]LukeyLove> It was a really fun round with you guys, a pleasure
<[ND]LukeyLove> probably most active gal I've seen, and that's saying quite alot
<[44][CT]ADAPT> Good luck next round
<[44][ULT]GuPPie> Has been fun! see you next round!
<Appocomaster> :)
<[44][CT]ADAPT> Been great to play with you lot
<Appocomaster> thanks all
<Appocomaster> and finally, congrats to Ultores
<Appocomaster> for winning - again!
<[Ult]agar3s> thanks
<[Ult]Kheros> hi, ty
<Appocomaster> I actually had to double check for a minute
<[Ult]agar3s> how many wins ?
<Appocomaster> because it's surprisingly long ago since you were here
<[Ult]agar3s> cardi retired
<[Ult]agar3s> we had peace
<[Ult]Kheros> lol
<[Ult]Kheros> very quiet round indeed
<[ult]Xerxes> We are great
<[Ult]agar3s> what are you doing appo
<Appocomaster> so - when did you know?
<Appocomaster> sorry
<Appocomaster> was looking up stats :p
<[ult]Xerxes> I would as always, like to give some credit to our top defenders...
<[Ult]agar3s> tick 700 we knew we would win if people kept the promises they made
<[Ult]agar3s> xerx
<[Ult]agar3s> they ask for thanks
<[ult]Xerxes> Rank Nickname Defence Points
<[ult]Xerxes>  1   Chancellor 128
<[ult]Xerxes>  2   Kheros 79
<[ult]Xerxes>  3   Xerxes 68
<[ult]Xerxes>  4   shak 65
<[ult]Xerxes>  5   hone 64
<[ult]Xerxes> 6    Bazza 63
<[ult]Xerxes>  7   Dorf 59
<[ult]Xerxes>  8   Berten 58
<[ult]Xerxes>  9   Chappy 55
<[ult]Xerxes>  10  Link27 55
<Appocomaster> 13 rank #1s
<Appocomaster> 28 rounds played total
<[Ult]Kheros> I think around tick 750 I felt comfortable we would win, given no deals would be broken.
<[Ult]Kheros> Our nap with ND ended at 700 and when no block came immediately after I thought we were getting in a really good position
<Appocomaster> so - are you going to try and win again next round?
<Appocomaster> and also, how come you only had 1 planet in the top 5?
<[Ult]agar3s> cause we play for alliance before planet
<[ult]Xerxes> We will wkn if we retain this great team
<[ult]Xerxes> Kheros and agar3s dcing this round was great
<[Ult]agar3s> xerx we had no incs
<[Ult]agar3s> pay more attention
<[Ult]agar3s> xD
<[ult]Xerxes> Chancellor, our top defender was great as always
<[Ult]agar3s> and he became a father!
<Appocomaster> that's a lot of def fleets
<Appocomaster> wow
<[ult]Xerxes> Over 100 def points again
<Appocomaster> not sure how that compares to others
<[Ult]agar3s> we got him into shape for his coming kid by waking him a few times per night
<Appocomaster> but must be one of the top ones
<[ult]Xerxes> Chancellor, is so great
<[Ult]Kheros> Before the "block" came in the last 5 days, we were around 2.1k incs.
<[Ult]Kheros> which is very few
<[ult]Xerxes> Chanellor is the best def planet in the game
<[ult]Xerxes> I am back to driving home now.
<[ult]Xerxes> Ultores is the best alliance the game has
<[ult]Xerxes> Thats why we won
<Appocomaster> well, you weren't the last couple of rounds :p
<[Ult]agar3s> we are always the best appo
<[Ult]agar3s> winning has nothing to do with it
<[Ult]agar3s> not a single alliance dares to target us on their own really
<[Ult]agar3s> think that says enough
<Appocomaster> only 1 person sent more def fleets to an alliance in the game
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> than Chancellor
<Appocomaster> [Ult]agar3s: so, you'll be back to reclaim your throne?
<[Ult]Kheros> But were they more effective than Chancellor's fleets?
<Appocomaster> no idea :)
<[Ult]agar3s> we might share it with someone else sometimes
<Appocomaster> I'm sure p3nguins thought so
<[Ult]agar3s> but its always ours appo
<Appocomaster> any final words?
<[Ult]Kheros> Got a couple people I'd like to thank
<Appocomaster> go ahead :)
<[Ult]Kheros> Heresy/Speccie and VGN/Judo for being outstanding allies through the round
<[Ult]Kheros> This was my first round as HC in Ult, and it was a very fun place to be. Agar/Chimpie/Xerx/Xyph the whole team was great and they entrusted me with a lot - with little in my background :D
<[Ult]Kheros> And Venox, Frode, Patrikc for being my best friends in this game
<[Ult]Kheros> Especially Patrikc, who has been practically my therapist at times
<[Ult]Kheros> and kept me sane
<[Ult]Kheros> And lastly
<[Ult]Kheros> to my #1 fan who has supported me since r72
<[Ult]Kheros> Souls
<[Ult]Kheros> Have supported me through the round, encouraged me, always believed in me
<[Ult]Kheros> You're* always welcome to my place
<[Ult]agar3s> sounds like a shady guy, this souls
<Appocomaster> indeed :P
<[Ult]Kheros> None of this woulda been possible without Souls teaching me
<Appocomaster> :)
<[Ult]agar3s> i think kheros is souls
<[Ult]Kheros> Lol
<Appocomaster> lol :p
<[Ult]Kheros> Honorable mention to DLR
<[Ult]Kheros> for having one heck of a defense
<[Ult]Kheros> during the round
<[Ult]Kheros> It was really though landing
<[Ult]Kheros> I think I'm mostly done
<[Ult]agar3s> finally!
<[Ult]Kheros> :D
<[Ult]agar3s> appo is sexting with his missus and you keep this eorc going and going
<Appocomaster> lol
<Appocomaster> I was waiting for him to finish
<[Ult]Kheros> My first eorc, I had a few people to thank.
<Appocomaster> it's the polite thing to do, I've learnt
<[Ult]agar3s> sure appo ;)
<Appocomaster> and let's not talk about end of round ceremonies and other halves, agar3s :p
<Appocomaster> well, thanks all
<Appocomaster> it's time for the allcomp :)
<[Ult]Kheros> Thanks to Souls again
<[Ult]Kheros> Later
<Appocomaster> (this EoRC, sponsored by SoulS)
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 141 nicks and found 10 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<Pea> #10. Tag: Stellar, count: 1
<Pea> #9. Tag: BowS, count: 1
<Pea> #8. Tag: Offline, count: 1
<Pea> #7. Tag: 44, count: 2
<Pea> #6. Tag: DLR, count: 4
<Pea> #5. Tag: CT, count: 4
<Pea> #4. Tag: HR, count: 5
<Pea> #3. Tag: VGN, count: 9
<Pea> #2. Tag: ND, count: 20
<Pea> #1. Tag: Ult, count: 29
<Appocomaster> Oooooooooooooooooh wow
<Appocomaster> double congrats to Ult!
<Appocomaster> thanks all for attending
<Appocomaster> and also, in case you didn't see it, NetGamers will be disrupted this weekend - so be careful and don't rely on P or +r
<Appocomaster> have a nice weekend, all