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EoRC Round 74 02/12/2017

<Appocomaster> This evening we meet some of the top players and groups from Round 74
<Appocomaster> For more information on Round 74, the winter round, and round 75, please visit http://www.planetarion.com/news/new...nd-and-round-75
<Appocomaster> firstly, we welcome to the stage the top 3 planets
<Appocomaster> Dav, of 2:1:5, and Heresy, was #1.
<Appocomaster> omb, of 9:6:3 and "LACK OF OXYGEN", was #2
<Appocomaster> and Duncan, 5:8:6, of ND, came #3
<Appocomaster> congratulations to you all
<omb> gday mates!
<Dav> Thanks :)
<[ND]Duncan[DLR]> yes, thanks.
<Appocomaster> firstly, welcome back Dav
<Appocomaster> you've been here a few times as #3
<Appocomaster> how does it feel to get in there as first for once?
<Dav> Thanks... and yes... a few too many as 3rd!
<Appocomaster> with by far and away the most XP we've ever seen - which I know some people have commented on
<Dav> Yeah... Its odd for me too actually
<Dav> But I'm not going to complain... I'll let B-Bitcher do that on the forums ;)
<Appocomaster> lol now now :p
<Appocomaster> when did you think you might win?
<Dav> Last week when a few people said I may have a shot
<Dav> In all honesty.... this is all a complete accident
<Dav> I signed up to idle along and hope to land in a gal with my WALLET pals.... but failed after about 17 exiles or whatever it was.... and ended up in 2:1 <3
<Appocomaster> from around 980 you really shot up
<Dav> Yeah.... Well, I launched my first Attack fleet in tick 783
<Appocomaster> broke into the rank 500s
<Dav> And basically its all Mikee's fault for getting me to join Heresy, and then more so Ratoi's fault for not letting me solo land 4,5mil on my first attacks
<Appocomaster> so quite the rise - thanks to xp
<Appocomaster> did you have any concerns anyone would catch you?
<Dav> His excuse... "you're 60th in our alliance, you dont even count"
<Dav> #challengeaccepted
<Appocomaster> haha
<Appocomaster> how did alliance politics play into it?
<Dav> For me.... not a great deal really
<Dav> as an XP planet, defence is pointless
<Dav> incs are nice to trim off the fat value of roids
<Dav> and you go again
<Appocomaster> and things like escorts?
<Dav> but the fact we had juicy wars, was nice
<Appocomaster> I know there were accusations around that against some top planets
<Dav> Escorts.... a big shout out here to dza, arc and euler... with sleepless and rasputin chipping in now and then
<Dav> they only started on Friday last week when people suggested I had a chance
<Dav> and I'm grateful to them for it
<Dav> A few people in Heresy helped out on the odd occasion too
<Dav> Massive qudos to Malos for that, he gave up a lot to help me out
<Dav> <3
<Appocomaster> any other key people you'd like to thank?
<Dav> And Kaiba for stoking the fire and annoying me constantly
<Dav> I'd like to thank my gal, 2:1, namely for putting up with my constant screenshots and chat
<Dav> they've all been a joy
<Dav> Heresy - Top effort to get where we did
<Appocomaster> are you coming back after your 4 round break?
<Dav> you guys are all awesome and I couldn't have made it here without your help and dedication
<Appocomaster> you actually last played the round before last Christmas
<Dav> Unlikely.... I only play to troll these days really
<Appocomaster> and accidentally win
<Dav> so its nice to succeed and win PA in 17 days
<Appocomaster> fair enough
<Dav> #sorrynotsorry
<Appocomaster> see you next time someone finds a loophole then :P
<Dav> You know me too well ;)
<Appocomaster> and now, as I know someone is dying to be mentioned, congrats to you omb
<omb> thankyou !
<Appocomaster> you had a slightly more normal progression of round
<Appocomaster> in and out of the top 100 until you parked yourself firmly in the top 10
<Dav> (thanks omb for keeping me on my toes with the xp race btw)
<Appocomaster> but obviously being in a smaller alliance - did you worry that that would hurt your chances?
<Appocomaster> I know Dav said alliance politics for him wasn't a problem
<omb> ahhh politcs they arelawys can make or break the round
<omb> app had no dc
<omb> so i got roded to oblivion a few times, people even though i quit but i just kept plugging along
<omb> app was ptargetted from tick 24. it was really hard to get value and keep it early. i selfcovered most waves from up to tick 150 from quests but after that it was just impossible cause it was everynight. it was a nice change when we finally napped some and i would jgp myself to see no incs.
<Appocomaster> but maybe it hurt less than in other rounds due to xp?
<omb> yeah luckily there was targets in every alli
<omb> it was really only the last week or so i thought i had a chance too
<omb> bankeris was like u can come first and i was highly doubtful
<Appocomaster> did youget much support from app?
<omb> ummm 2/3 my def was from ingal
<omb> ingal escorted me
<Appocomaster> well, sounds like that made the difference
<Appocomaster> any key people you'd like to single out?
<omb> special thanks for Newteh (Alan) i couldnt have done it withot u and ur loyal escorts. Howzat (cooper) for hero crashing his fleet to let me get top 2 and all the extra support ur both legends!
<omb> also paul jemmet our fantastic newplayer for suicide def and escorts. i want to thank galmates who sent 2/3 my def this round, pommeh who got me def and moral support, wishmaster for always answering when i called, buddah and bcg for sending def when their attacks got recalled early. ole for always being willing to send def and crash for me. and Hansi for saving me countless times and the gifs and random videos
<omb> bunch of radgers dodgydave kenny broc jorn rhorry howzatt for being great
<omb> i do appreciate all my pals in apprime too
<omb> been there three round and they have supported me
<Appocomaster> btw, do you think the choice of etd / xan was important in the choices?
<omb> started as cr but eventually crashed my cr so went de/co heavy then just played for xp.
<omb> etd helped a lot cause de/co could rod all etd and cat
<omb> but there was just holes that were unfixable
<Appocomaster> that's the targetting, and I guess really helped this time
<Appocomaster> any final words before we get onto Duncan?
<omb> amnion raven mq nicole cyzzy spammer punther sleipnes motti phantasm tobbe vex gladiatorlt tekno garbenele bendiktina sandvold cochese kahn villeh car anakyn cashy bnear noxious smasher even kinda dimex and nelito. bunch of radgers dodgydave kenny broc jorn rhorry howzatt for being great. to the planets i landed on that got me here, animaru and sevenseas and bazza i thankyou too.
<omb> but it was newted paul and howzatt that made this possible
<Appocomaster> wow nice!
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> thanks omb
<omb> and war is too complicated
<omb> cheers ;)
<Appocomaster> the primary / secondary thing?
<omb> i dont enjoy figuring out what i can cap and then being wrong
<Appocomaster> ah okay
<Appocomaster> we'll look to make it clearer, thanks
<Appocomaster> finally, congrats again to Duncan!
<Appocomaster> close on second place
<[ND]Duncan[DLR]> thx again ;)
<Appocomaster> and fourth
<Appocomaster> to be fair
<[ND]Duncan[DLR]> it was a toss up
<Appocomaster> but you got third, so congrats
<Appocomaster> and your alliance won, if that helped
<[ND]Duncan[DLR]> yes, second time for 3rd for me
<[ND]Duncan[DLR]> last time in r42 as nick JDD
<Appocomaster> ahh
<Appocomaster> I see you have the same planet and ruler name a lot :p
<Appocomaster> well, congrats for trying to keep these two honest
<Appocomaster> did you think you might have got close to sneaking it at the end with alliance support?
<[ND]Duncan[DLR]> yea i havnt changed that in many rounds
<[ND]Duncan[DLR]> i wasnt sure tbh, the chance was there but it all came down to the land i had on the last tick
<[ND]Duncan[DLR]> i didnt really ask but one time for escorts and those failed :D
<Appocomaster> any particular highlights of your round?
<Appocomaster> lol
<[ND]Duncan[DLR]> constant inc kept value low for excellent xp, and the no die attitude our ND members showed was great
<Appocomaster> well, got you the win :)
<Appocomaster> as an ally
<[ND]Duncan[DLR]> that we did
<[ND]Duncan[DLR]> barely
<Appocomaster> yep, think it was the closest
<Appocomaster> any final thanks?
<[ND]Duncan[DLR]> thanks to all of ND for not giving up, and to DLR i can never forget you.
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> thanks Duncan, thanks all
<Appocomaster> now we move to the winning glaaxy
<omb> also excessum recruiting ftw next round pommeh and wish hcing and also team c200ftw and thanks cardi and bankeris and to the community thanks for keeping this going
<Appocomaster> lol yvw omb
<Appocomaster> now we move to a reasonably tight galaxy fight
<Appocomaster> which was won by 2:1
<Appocomaster> which means we see Dav again :p
<Dav> You lucky people haha
<Appocomaster> we lost lukey
<Dav> jnz_ is here too
<jnz_> tx
<Shhhhhhh> Juice
<Appocomaster> yeah
<Appocomaster> congrats all
<Appocomaster> how competitive was it vs c8?
<[ND]Foxxx> <Appocomaster> we lost lukey <- just like most of the round then!
<Appocomaster> 8:8 giving you a hard time
<Shhhhhhh> felt close untill the last ticks with 8.8
<jnz_> they played well
<Shhhhhhh> with big jumps possible because of xp
<Appocomaster> who held the galaxy together?
<Appocomaster> apart from Lukey, obviously
<Shhhhhhh> 8.1 played well too, but they lost too much in start of the round i think
<Appocomaster> yeah, best of the rest
<Shhhhhhh> we didnt really need much holding together, everyone got used to losing roids quickly and we just kept playing
<Dav> key factor.... no emo
<jnz_> yah becoz we got hammered so much
<Appocomaster> was it too different from other rounds?
<jnz_> at the end it felt like havoc
<Appocomaster> with so many roids being around and lost
<Dav> Even Zwan behaved himself... never thought i'd say those words....
<Shhhhhhh> yes, gal def wise it was probably the worst once i played in a long time
<Shhhhhhh> but that was because most understood xp was more important
<Appocomaster> Dav: cant believe that
<[ND]Foxxx> gal defense was near impossible with most of us 3 fleeting at the end, as jnz said it was like havoc at the end there
<Appocomaster> so who organised the attacks?
<Shhhhhhh> we were almost all doing our own thing , most from different allies, often hitting different allies
<Shhhhhhh> but that never caused issues in gal
<Appocomaster> do you think you got lucky getting Dav as one of your randoms?
<Shhhhhhh> oh yeah
<Appocomaster> after losing Anne :(
<Dav> RIP Anne
<Shhhhhhh> we kept exiling people who didnt get on tg, ended up with him at tick 400+?
<Shhhhhhh> extra 20+ mil score makes a big difference
<Appocomaster> makes you winners
<[ND]Foxxx> I didnt think lightning could strikes twice in two round, after getting Krugger last round as a random but we managed to pick up another round winner as a random :)
<Appocomaster> any key moments vs 8:8?
<Dav> Overtaking them and leaving Mikee in my dust
<Dav> that was pretty key
<jnz_> was tough fight, good play by ult very tough opponents , much inc
<Dav> and pleasurable
<jnz_> i gtg but wp everyone and good job nd, dav and the gal
<Dav> 8:8 put up an awesome fight, and any normal round they would have won by a mile
<Appocomaster> was alliance politics an issue for galaxies then?
<Dav> but XP and persistance have prevailed here
<Dav> Certainly for 8.8 it was... being ult heavy
<Dav> they got tied down a lot.... allowed us to sneak up and sprint past
<Dav> I feel for them. They worked hard but got burnt. Top players there any well done regardless
<Shhhhhhh> I think it helped us a bit, we werent really tied to 1 alliance or even 1 block, 8.8 not winning meant ult lost the win, i think people cared a bit less about us winning
<Shhhhhhh> ofc harder to hurt xp too
<Appocomaster> any final words or thanks?
<Dav> ASCENDANCY - WALLET CREW (Benneh, rasputin, arc, euler, dza, sleepless, shaz, Irvine, Ronin, Signs, Mikee, HaSu, eksero) Love you guys
<Shhhhhhh> plz adjust quests roid rewards or xp a bit for next round :)
<Appocomaster> yes
<Appocomaster> I think one or the other needs changing
<[ND]Foxxx> Thanks to everyone in the gal, you guys were all great. On a personal note, thanks to duncan for claiming targets for me and the Dcs in ND, guys like Ray & Paragon saved me a few times when i didnt expect defence
<Appocomaster> thanks all
<Dav> Thanks <3
<tucks> big thanks to all in gal and heresy! great job every1! Special thanks to Malos and Kaiba for awesome early morning dcing! :-)
<Appocomaster> oh
<Appocomaster> congrats
<Appocomaster> we just finished the gal thing
<[ND]LukeyLove> oh hey, thanks
<Appocomaster> anything else you want to say?
<[ND]LukeyLove> um, great job guys :P
<[ND]LukeyLove> nice work 8:8, I think we were almost as surprised as you
<[ND]LukeyLove> <3
<Appocomaster> well said
<Appocomaster> and now the winning alliance, ND
<Appocomaster> (thanks Lukey for taking time off work to join us)
<Appocomaster> congrats, for what must be one of the closest finishes ever
<[ND]LukeyLove> Hah yeah, just escaped an hour long meeting talking about account planning... exciting stuff
<Appocomaster> did you expecti t?
<[ND]LukeyLove> unbelievable round, surely must be the closest finish
<[ND]Wuschel> was a long shot
<[ND]LukeyLove> I was high on adrenaline for my entire meeting in surprise and excitement ;)
<[ND]Wuschel> since tuesday we realised we had a real chance
<[ND]Wuschel> going full on XP and
<[ND]LukeyLove> from my pov we always knew there was a chance, and that the only chance was if we went MC heavy and used XP
<[ND]Wuschel> rolling out the last quests etc
<[ND]LukeyLove> just the chance was like 5% at best
<[ND]Wuschel> :D
<Appocomaster> btw the next closest was round 37
<[ND]LukeyLove> and it slowly increased, over the last week where it became realistic
<Appocomaster> 283,182,325 vs 282,889,800
<[ND]LukeyLove> but great job to everyone in ND
<[ND]LukeyLove> absolutely incredible, we achieved the impossible guys <3
<[ND]LukeyLove> every single decision made a difference
<[ND]LukeyLove> every little 1 fleet xp leech, every land, every quest
<[ND]LukeyLove> every single person in the alliance, which is huge
<Appocomaster> so, second win in a row. next round, the hatrick?
<[ND]Buly> nobody's gonna let us do that :P
<[ND]Wuschel> if cardi fails again
<[ND]Wuschel> who knows
<[ND]Wuschel> :D
<[ND]Spritfire> according to this page http://beta.planetarion.com/history...=3&round=14 - it is closets win since round 14!
<[ND]LukeyLove> last round we knew for a long time we were going to win, this one in many ways feels more surprising and exciting as it was so unlikely
<[ND]LukeyLove> nobody wanted us to win this round, literally nobody
<[ND]LukeyLove> and certainly nobody believed it was possible except for us
<Appocomaster> you were actually third in terms of the sum of all planets in your tag
<Appocomaster> vs the 2nd and third alliance
<[ND]LukeyLove> hat-trick seems unlikely ;)
<Appocomaster> by 5 mil
<Appocomaster> so really, you played amazingly
<[ND]LukeyLove> oh wow, so the counted score worked in our favour?
<[ND]Spritfire> all out attack xp crazy was the right way to go this round
<Appocomaster> http://beta.planetarion.com/history...=3&round=74
<Appocomaster> to be fair, everyone's "actual" score was over 100 mil more than their counted score
<[ND]LukeyLove> I've not really looked at the results yet, just seen we won by 30k :D
<[ND]LukeyLove> it was great having a different round with new dynamics
<[ND]LukeyLove> the power of xp, the new quests, single target
<Appocomaster> 500 xp ... you get more than that for some quests
<[ND]LukeyLove> all added up to something new and exciting
<[ND]LukeyLove> which isn't what you'd say much about PA in recent times
<Appocomaster> I'm glad it was different
<[ND]LukeyLove> so great work to the PA team making the quest changes and keeping things fresh
<[ND]LukeyLove> not easy with limited resources I know!
<Appocomaster> thanks to all tose involved in the quest changes :)
<[ND]Buly> I must say
<Appocomaster> it's as much about the ideas as the code
<[ND]Buly> what I really like about this round too
<[ND]Buly> is that the good guys won
<Appocomaster> "speaking as one of the good guys"
<Appocomaster> but are you referring to alliance NAPs and wars?
<[ND]LukeyLove> true, no dirty deals, no underhanded tactics, no 'faceless time'
<[ND]Wuschel> and that cardis multifarm got closed :D
<[ND]Wuschel> best part of the round
<[ND]Buly> some dirty attempts there to get FL the win
<[ND]Buly> but went all tits up
<[ND]Buly> :D
<[ND]LukeyLove> I hope people are starting to realize that cheating doesn't pay off
<[ND]LukeyLove> it's not healthy for the game and it needs to be stopped
<[ND]LukeyLove> closing a chunk of a major ally I hope helped drive that home
<[ND]Buly> ye gj on that multihunters
<Appocomaster> any final words?
<Appocomaster> or people to highligh?
<[ND]Buly> but plz close all abusers nxt time, including the ones getting escorts and shit
<[ND]Buly> ye
<[ND]Buly> all ND members
<[ND]Buly> that stuck solid
<[ND]Buly> was a round where many would've emoed
<[ND]Buly> but most our guys stuck to it
<[ND]Wuschel> and THANKS to DR and their effort on helping us
<Appocomaster> thanks to ND
<Appocomaster> now, tag up please
<Appocomaster> allcomp time!
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 147 nicks and found 10 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<Pea> #10. Tag: HoN, count: 1
<Pea> #9. Tag: HER, count: 1
<Pea> #8. Tag: Stellar, count: 1
<Pea> #7. Tag: Offline, count: 1
<Pea> #6. Tag: HR, count: 1
<Pea> #5. Tag: Ult, count: 4
<Pea> #4. Tag: FL, count: 6
<Pea> #3. Tag: CT, count: 7
<Pea> #2. Tag: Heresy, count: 7
<Pea> #1. Tag: ND, count: 35
<Appocomaster> congrats ND