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EoRC Round 70 25/02/2017

<Appocomaster> Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!
<Appocomaster> welcome to the (slightly delayed) R70 End of Round Ceremony
<Appocomaster> so thank you for joining us!
<Appocomaster> Tonight we will be covering the winning planets, galaxy and alliance for Round 70 of Planetarion
<Appocomaster> hm
<Appocomaster> oh
<Appocomaster> well, that makes it easier
<Appocomaster> the winning planet is coc|work :)
<cocteau> hi
<Appocomaster> congrats, cocteau !
<Appocomaster> the #2 planet, SevenSeas, is not online
<cocteau> Hey thanks Appoco, i woke up like 5 minutes ago
<Appocomaster> and the #3 planet, Spammer, seemed to leave just before eorc
<Appocomaster> well done waking up!
<Appocomaster> so firstly, congratulations
<cocteau> Yeah, it's 4am here. I slept 9pm.
<Appocomaster> dedication. well done
<cocteau> You already said that. So thanks again!
<Appocomaster> :p sorry
<cocteau> It's ok :p
<Appocomaster> I was going to say - I know there was some controversy in this round
<Appocomaster> so firstly, edid you have anything to say?
<cocteau> So i heard
<cocteau> Well since this particular segment is about planet win. I don't think i heard anybody saying something against me perse. It's more about galaxy.
<Appocomaster> congrats, Sevenseas
<Sevenseas> thx
<Appocomaster> and spammer, too
<Spammer> hey
<Appocomaster> congrats :)
<Spammer> thanks
<Appocomaster> so we have the top 3 winning planets, now
<Appocomaster> firstly, cocteau, did you have a comment?
<cocteau> I have to know what are the allegations first for me to answer
<Appocomaster> well, fair enough :)
<cocteau> But generally
<Spammer> you cheated
<Spammer> :D
<cocteau> For every competition, there's winners and losers.
<cocteau> Winners are criticised - you can't please them all
<cocteau> Spammer <3
<Appocomaster> cocteau: so, in general, did you have any highlights for your round?
<cocteau> So how does this work, i reckon i'll let the two gentlemen speak first.
<Appocomaster> well, generally I ask you questions in turn :p
<cocteau> I have many highlights
<Appocomaster> also did anyone help you especially? I guess your galaxy to some extent
<cocteau> Yeah alot of help from Alliance and galaxy
<cocteau> I am the main ally's DC as Def HC, but only DCs during war if were expecting more than 100 fleets.
<cocteau> Due to my busy work and family life - elviz/cardi only taps me for 2 days when we lost previous days or when were expecting beyond 100 fleet incs.
<cocteau> 2 days is enough to frustrate attacking alliances anyway, 3rd day is always lesser incs.
<cocteau> So for those other days where its maintenance wars like less than 100 fleets, regular DCs can handle those.
<cocteau> For that reason, i gain a good respect amongst Apprime members, eventhough it's not my agenda why i DC - they always prio def me when i have incs.
<cocteau> I also DC galaxy, and with my prank - they voluntarily check first if im covered
<Appocomaster> :) that is handy
<Appocomaster> anyone in particular?
<cocteau> my Apprime galaxy mates - redrush, elviz, and Sandvold. Zwan is a big help being Zik - for DE incs.
<Sevenseas> he should thank elviz alot. thats for sure
<cocteau> Pommeh being cat covers me too. For Fi incs, we have 5 xans ingl - so its handy for me.
<Appocomaster> any final words? :)
<cocteau> I think my build and attacks win me the round
<cocteau> i was pretty decent in my planet builds. Going Corp and Terran - i knew i have around 750k buffer compare to other top planets.
<cocteau> I struggled on research because i want inc scan done, but when i did got Inc scan i mainly just do HCT/Infra for the next 500 ticks.
<cocteau> I crashed a lot up to mid-round, but only around ~550k - even Cats that go Corp because i could Ref.
<cocteau> I started with heavy disting and amps, so i could attack more than 1 fleet without worrying of getting faked.
<cocteau> From demo i anarchy around tick ~280 which is ok we need to drop ranks then for elviz to LS by tick 400ish.
<cocteau> Then i focused on FCs, I didn't bonus til late because i want to get the final 14 of my FCs through bonus, after FC i did refs.
<cocteau> Then stock for 8 days while doing refs/amps and sec centre (yeah i get to avoid getting cov too) and upping my facts - it's because i was waiting for the ship market -/+ to stop, before i buy more pegs.
<cocteau> After that i made sure i immune myself to SKs through SDs, true enough war broke off with 4 tags on my gal.
<cocteau> They didn't get to roid us, but atleast even if they do im immune.
<cocteau> So in summary, while having the highest mining, entering last week im immune to cov ops and SKs - stocking and only spending when having incs.
<cocteau> For Attacks with BG: During the period there's no incs in my alliance and galaxy. My 6-man BG were all dist heavy.
<cocteau> We studied the p3n def behavior. We realised were doing 2 things wrong - attacking late and teaming up.
<cocteau> No point in teaming up if 50k buccs is all it takes to cover. Our 6-man BG claimed 18 p3n targets for 3 days, capping 1400 a night.
<cocteau> There are days where i even landed 3x. I TA my BG - studying when to fake with nix or when to fake with harpy.
<cocteau> I got some really jaw dropping BRs vs p3n. Have a BR solo roiding FL's flag planet (coolkat's multi), he was #4 before i landed him.
<cocteau> I just focussed on the military side like attacks/defs, i view other things as distraction to my play.
<cocteau> seven focussed on energy by being mischievous/sabotaging competing planets/galaxy by conniving with competing allies (like anti-untouchables in FL/Ult).
<cocteau> Thanks to: Of course to Apprime. primarily want to thank my asian buddy and attack partner Redrush for the tips and double-checker of my build/fleet movements, keeps pushing me eventhough i dont want to win planet - pwin dont fit me due to my unselfish play.
<cocteau> Next is elviz and Sandvold for DCing for me when the entire ND tag was on me, even forgetting his (elviz) own call (3Mil DE in ally fleets left - he forgot to send to himself).
<cocteau> Next is my PA family called "Untouchables" - elviz, joseph, pommeh, sandvold, lukey, redrush, tobbe, sepa. Even those who didn't play like SantaCruz, Storebo and Greenhills but is there in spirit.
<cocteau> Next is my BP and galmates, zwan you're awesome this round. So is jazz, juni, lic - 2.6 is the best galaxy this round by far.
<cocteau> Next is my BG: villeh, redrush, tobbe, pabli and snoops. Next is my rare escort crew during final 2 weeks: MQ, motti, cyzzy and of course Cashy (most are former Untouch galmates). MQ your 2.3M spiders are awesome!
<cocteau> And finally, my second family Norsemen - Advantix, Inneed, Wishy, Buddah, Shafuka, zonny, Shafuka, squidy, Jimbo, Papadoc, neps, etc.
<Appocomaster> wow
<Appocomaster> that's a really complete reply! thanks for the details :)
<cocteau> Thats about all who i wanna thank
<Appocomaster> coolkat's multi? that's a bit of acomment :)
<Appocomaster> but we do need ot move on a bit :)
<Appocomaster> Sevenseas: - I know you have comments
<Appocomaster> you were in the fight for #1
<Sevenseas> this would be much more yesterday though but ill try get some words out
<Sevenseas> fun*
<Sevenseas> I would like to thank 90% of app people, who are good decent guys who plays fair and dont cheat.
<Sevenseas> I would never get this rank without the people in my gal, hansi, sima, bream, cardi, polski, paisley, spammer, raven, pasyyl.
<Sevenseas> Dza / shark / motti also helped with some nice escorts.
<Sevenseas> I would also thank Elviz last day where he with great effort tried to piggy all my waves to prevent me from challenge cocteau for #1.
<Sevenseas> He looked liked a fool missing my targets all the time due to last second change of plans from my side to troll him as i knew his plan.
<Sevenseas> However elviz clown won in the end, he got a APP named MQ to def my waves ingal so great "fair" play.
<Sevenseas> So as the emo person everyone seems to think i am , it would be wrong not to quote tone damli aaberges song "Winner of a loosing game" :)
<Sevenseas> We pay for this game so people should be able to compete and play on same terms, so hopefully MH team wake up for future rounds.
<Sevenseas> Most of THE UNTOUCHABLES are mediocre players playing it dirty. Hopefully someone will stop them soon enough.
<cocteau> i won by almost 400k score - even if he 3x land on the fattest Bows/HR/CT minus my def xp (def xp is 19k score), he isnt winning. I knew that before last day - told my gal 26 ticks before eor "i did some maths, i won already - ill be busy at work tomorrow"
<Sevenseas> i like cocteau though dont get me wrong he deserve it
<Sevenseas> i just dont like his pals
<cocteau> You played well Seven.
<Sevenseas> Also emo/whine aside , there are more important stuff out there, afterall this is just a game. RIP UTHOR!
<Appocomaster> indeed, RIP Uthor
<Sevenseas> cocteau: and spammer probly got me here in the first place
<Appocomaster> (who passed during the round)
<Sevenseas> dcing me
<Sevenseas> so with all do respect thoose 2 guys should be 1 and 2
<Sevenseas> but i dont like the way some people play this game
<Sevenseas> like elviz trying to sabotage and MQ defending vs own ally
<Sevenseas> to prevent me lands
<Appocomaster> Sevenseas: any other comments?
<Sevenseas> however i guess you never had a top 3 planet in cluster 200 before.
<[App]Spammer> im off thanks guys and big up apprime .
<Appocomaster> ah, thanks Spammer :)
<Appocomaster> Sevenseas: no, we didn't¬
<Appocomaster> :)
<Sevenseas> thats all, im a little more calm today
<Appocomaster> thanks
<Sevenseas> dza joined now so thx again to dza
<Sevenseas> im done.
<Appocomaster> and sorry we didn't have it last night, but I wasn't able to be here for personal reasons and none of the other PA team were available either
<Appocomaster> thanks and congrats to our top 3
<Appocomaster> now, the winning galaxy, 2:6
<Pommy> Hello Appo!
<Appocomaster> okay, I can't see any other 2:6ers in here
<Pommy> Yeh the rest are busy
<Appocomaster> np
<Appocomaster> so, congrats
<[2-6]cocteau> Where is redrush and Zwan
<Appocomaster> you made it by some fairly large margin
<[2-6]Jazz> Thanks :)
<Appocomaster> they aren't here
<[2-6]cocteau> Ok
<Pommy> Red is out buying a present for Santas newborn
<Pommy> Not really
<Pommy> Seven shouldn't have been exiled
<[2-6]cocteau> Ahh ture. I thought we agreed that our gift to SantaCruz' children is the 25 credits we amassed the last 5 rounds.
<LukeyLove> yeah it was pretty close all round... final ranks are a little deceptive!
<Appocomaster> (around 83 mil vs 100 mil for 2nd vs 1st)
<Appocomaster> and that's without Seven
<Appocomaster> so that's major
<Pommy> Yes as you said without seven
<Pommy> He's still 6 1 in our opinion regardless of what happened :)
<[2-6]Jazz> idd
<Appocomaster> so, who were the leaders in the gal?
<LukeyLove> I think this has been a pretty interesting round for us, probably one of the most challenging wins we've had as a group in a while
<Appocomaster> seemingly elviz
<Sandvold> I'm having Bloody Marys in the village before my plane leaves. So just wanna say thanks to the gal. thanks to all members is app, that finished there and all real Norsemen
<[2-6]cocteau> We have three who thought they are all leaders
<[2-6]cocteau> elviz, Pommeh and Joseph
<Pommy> Joseph the man with a plan right...
<[2-6]cocteau> :D
<Appocomaster> did alliances help?
<[2-6]cocteau> Have a safe flight back Sandy.
<Pommy> Yes and No tbh
<Appocomaster> and yes, safe flight, Sandvold :)
<Sandvold> Thx:)
<LukeyLove> it was a real political rollercoaster imo, there was a lot of negative sentiment against us :(
<Pommy> Apprime were definitely the most efficient
<[2-6]Jazz> Zwan got good cover too
<LukeyLove> but alliances are always a good help, ND looked after me as always <3
<LukeyLove> except bows, they kind of abandoned poor Jazz ;)
<Pommy> Lukey you mean coct looked after you
<[2-6]Jazz> haha
<Pommy> While you sat there
<LukeyLove> yeah that too... heroic effort from coc!
<[2-6]Jazz> idd
<LukeyLove> 8hrs sleep is an essential part of PA these days
<[2-6]Jazz> cant forget elviz also
<Pommy> I would like to reply to Seven though...
<[2-6]cocteau> We sandbagged to death
<Pommy> Mediocre players with 13 planet wins and over 150 galwins between us
<Pommy> I agree I'm a useless player
<[2-6]Jazz> lol
<Pommy> Lukey will be the first to tell you that
<LukeyLove> we keep pom around for the comedy value <3
<[2-6]cocteau> You played great Pom
<LukeyLove> 60th is a strong performance for pom
<Pommy> But Lukey, red, zwan, sand, elviz and coct are top10 players round after round
<LukeyLove> he's an IRC player ;d
<Appocomaster> he isn't even on IRC tht much, Lukey
<Pommy> I don't play the game for my planet, which is a good thing
<LukeyLove> but often it's about more than what you can deliver in score
<Pommy> Because i would have to quit after protection if that was the case
<[2-6]cocteau> I think only Pom is the remaining player that hasn't won around out of the 13 nicks in our exclusive whatsapp channel
<Pommy> I am now yes lol
<LukeyLove> we've worked together as a group for a long time now and I don't think that can be undervalued
<LukeyLove> so you don't get emo's ala-seven ingal
<Pommy> Tbh in Sevens defence for
<Pommy> Looking from the outside in... it always looks bad
<Pommy> I don't think people realise how good elviz really is tbh
<[2-6]cocteau> Since this is likely our last ride together
<[2-6]cocteau> Man PA should put us to hall of fame, then rename the galaxy win to "Untouchables award" as token of appreciation
<Appocomaster> lol
<LukeyLove> I feel for him tbh, I heard some idiots apparently accused me of cheating as well... which is ludicrous as I'm as straight a player as you can get!
<Appocomaster> we can count who won more
<Pommy> I've never seen anybody roid so hard before, he's scanning every single tick for defence and literally scans the whole universe for targets
<Pommy> He's a sad guy seriously
<Pommy> Has no life
<LukeyLove> so don't believe all the nonsense people spout :(
<[2-6]cocteau> Let's keep it low guys
<[2-6]Jazz> while i can still say something
<Appocomaster> so, key points within the galaxy?
<[2-6]Jazz> id like to thank the gal for keeping me this round
<[2-6]Jazz> its been fun
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> nicely said, Jazz
<LukeyLove> props to all the untouchables who couldn't make it this round... sepa/santa/tobbe et al <3
<Appocomaster> did you ever doubt you would win?
<Pommy> No
<[2-6]cocteau> Through the rounds a couple of galaxy is mimicking us, they thought it's about fencing, leaks, sabotage other galaxy, galaxy over ally - perfect example is the gal that finished 3rd or 4th this round, i forgot.
<[2-6]cocteau> They got it all wrong, its about chemistry, grit and strategy. It's not black and white, there's subtle little things that we do everyday in the round, that makes us hard to beat.
<Pommy> We played 11 rounds as untouchables since R34? And we have 100% win rate.
<Pommy> But I think that might be it now :p if I was the rest of pa I wouldn't let us win again
<[2-6]cocteau> We were never threatened that it's possible we could loose
<Appocomaster> well, maybe we will see you again :)
<Appocomaster> and thanks to you both
<Appocomaster> er
<Appocomaster> *all
<Pommy> I wouldn't say that heh, 6 1 were good but seemed to get lazy at the end and 7 4 were roiding machines last 200-300 ticks
<LukeyLove> initing isn't as effective at 2000 roids it seems...
<[2-6]Jazz> :p
<Appocomaster> do you think initing needs to be more expensive?
<Appocomaster> should the game be more combat-like?
<Pommy> You need to stop people like us joining together
<Pommy> If you want pa to succeed
<LukeyLove> initing shouldn't be a viable strategy past 800 for sure, needs to be exponentially more expensive
<[2-6]cocteau> Yeah, game should be more combat-focussed.
<Pommy> Needs to be more balanced in lots of ways, we and 6 1 shouldn't be able to dominate like this round after round :)
<[App]Sandvold> XP for kills not roids
<Pommy> We are alot more active but you shouldn't have to be that active for this type of game
<Appocomaster> xp for kills doesn't wor for cath :p
<[App]Sandvold> Make it worth fighting
<Appocomaster> *work
<LukeyLove> or more similar groups should form, a strong gal takes 10-15 people trying to hit a galaxy.. not 4-5
<Appocomaster> would encourging the ingame war feature help more?
<[App]Sandvold> I bet we could find an idea :)
<Appocomaster> well, I am open to them
<Appocomaster> :)
<[App]Sandvold> Nah the ingane war feature is quite useless
<Appocomaster> okay, thanks all
<Appocomaster> interesting
<Appocomaster> why do you say that?
<[App]Sandvold> It doesn't really help for getting wars
<[App]Sandvold> Wars don't pay off
<Appocomaster> so if not more xp and roid cap?
<Appocomaster> anyway
<[2-6]Jazz> get a discount on ships when i war ;p
<Appocomaster> suggestions welcome
<Appocomaster> lol
<Appocomaster> !
<[2-6]Jazz> in
<[App]Sandvold> This k u need to redo XP forunla to make it worth landing an even fight
<Appocomaster> interesting :)
<[2-6]cocteau> :)
<Appocomaster> okay, thanks all
<Appocomaster> thanks to 2-6
<Appocomaster> now we say congrats to the winning alliance
<Appocomaster> apprime
<[2-6]cocteau> lo
<[App]Pasyyl> Greetings!
<Appocomaster> congrats to Apprime
<Appocomaster> how are you doing?
<[App]Pasyyl> Doing well thank you, and you?
<[App]cocteau> Thanks Appoco
<[App]cocteau> Do your thing Pasyyl <3
<[App]Pasyyl> lol xD
<Appocomaster> it was obviously a 2 horse race towards the end
<[App]Pasyyl> Indeed, quite a run!
<Appocomaster> did you feel the pressure up to the end?
<Appocomaster> with all the changing politics this round
<[App]cocteau> Pasyyl?
<[App]Pasyyl> Slightly... the most pressure was keeping Apprime going, and well
<[App]cocteau> Agree wiht Pasyyl
<[App]Pasyyl> Towards the end App pulled ahead quite sufficiently
<Appocomaster> so it was more of a cheerleading thing?
<[App]Pasyyl> More of keeping everyone together
<[App]cocteau> I think by tick 900 our margin vs #2 ally is enormous, why the 4 tags blocked against us
<[App]cocteau> But that's a bit too late
<[App]Pasyyl> Apprime has an amazing member list. I admit I'm new but even I can see the teamwork and family is amazing
<Appocomaster> :)
<[App]Pasyyl> I came in a bit late, but I was glad I found app, or rather they found me
<Appocomaster> so what is it like being a new person in the alliance?
<[App]Pasyyl> Spammer picked me up and mentored me, so massive appreciation for him
<Appocomaster> what impressed you the most?
<[App]Pasyyl> The family. where everyone gets along even at the worst times.
<[App]Pasyyl> and their ability to DC so well
<[App]Pasyyl> I always felt protected, which wasn't something I would've expected
<Appocomaster> who were the strongest people in the alliance?
<[App]Pasyyl> Not to mention the assistance for me coming in late. Spam did a great job taking what I flopped around with and making it great lol
<Appocomaster> what were you flopping around with? o.O
<[App]Pasyyl> Apprime is superior. Based on everything I have seen to date
<[App]Pasyyl> My not knowing what I was doing lol
<[App]Pasyyl> what to build, stats of the game. How it's played
<[App]Pasyyl> I just had a ton of whatever stacked up
<Appocomaster> whatever? :P
<Appocomaster> hehe :)
<[App]Pasyyl> Ships, research... you name it
<Appocomaster> but were there any particular officers or similar who stood out?
<Appocomaster> keeping the alliance going?
<[App]Pasyyl> Cardi is a true leader, him and elviz are a force to be recognized
<[App]Pasyyl> Spammer is amazing and my mentor
<[App]Pasyyl> My gal mates who all assisted
<[App]Pasyyl> I could name every single app member for helping me at some point
<Appocomaster> nice
<Appocomaster> okay, any final words?
<Appocomaster> [App]cocteau?
<[App]Pasyyl> Thank you PA team for providing Planetarion. Apprime is superior and will always be.
<Appocomaster> :)
<[App]cocteau> I would like to thank the DC team: spammer, raven, paisley, villeh, tobbe, hone and redrush/elviz in the last week
<[App]cocteau> Apprime would like to thank Ultores
<[App]cocteau> Who were true to their word for sticking to the deal
<[App]cocteau> All members of apprime this round were awesome, they get up when called except Cain
<Appocomaster> haha
<Appocomaster> Cain is not bad either
<[App]cocteau> Thanks to P3nguins for being our farm
<[App]cocteau> thanks to our 6-8 support planets who is even more active than normal players: pokes, MQ, punther, nicole, norton, moru - forgot 2 more
<Appocomaster> lol, MQ getting some air time
<Appocomaster> I'm sure she'll be happy :p
<[App]cocteau> special mention to members like; dimex, dza, satyrn, amnion, cochese, pabli, villeh who dont need to be called for def.
<Appocomaster> okay
<Appocomaster> thanks guys :)
<[App]cocteau> thanks Appo and PA team!
<Appocomaster> okay, allcomp time!
<Appocomaster> tag up
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 134 nicks and found 14 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<Pea> #10. Tag: INF, count: 1
<Pea> #9. Tag: DDK, count: 1
<Pea> #8. Tag: Offline, count: 1
<Pea> #7. Tag: HR, count: 1
<Pea> #6. Tag: p3n, count: 3
<Pea> #5. Tag: CT, count: 3
<Pea> #4. Tag: Ult, count: 4
<Pea> #3. Tag: BowS, count: 6
<Pea> #2. Tag: ND, count: 13
<Pea> #1. Tag: App, count: 20
<Appocomaster> wow, one of the first times app have won :P
<Appocomaster> the allcomp
<Appocomaster> congrats again to App
<Appocomaster> credits will go to you
<Appocomaster> and thanks to all for listening