Round 87 Signups are OPEN!
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  • Round 87 Signups Open: Friday 22nd May 2020
  • Round 87 Ticks Start: Friday 29th May 2020
  • Round 87 Ticks End: Friday 17th July 2020

Who's Online

  • Round 87 - Isolation: 401
  • Winter Round 2019 - Let it snow!: 92

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Round 69 Signups Open!

Planetarion would like to announce the opening of its signups for Round 69!

Race, ship and government statistics are final, and buddy packs (4) and alliance limits (60 with 40 counting) are unchanged.

The main changes for this round are as follows:

-Pods are now not stolen when a planet is covert opped
-Dist counts are now available in intel and populated based on the latest dev scan or failed scan - this is not editable.
-Alliance Defense fleets can only be launched 30 times in a 24 hour period (excluding cancelled fleets).
-Alliance defence points are now delayed until launch time to prevent working out prelaunch etas.
-Alliance wars are now more profitable, with your primary target alliance generating 25% more XP from combat and all the target's allied alliances generating 15% more XP from combat (was 20% and 10%)
For more information on changes, please see our changes manual page.

Ticks start on 14th October at 20:00 GMT.

Best wishes to you all!