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EoRC Round 66 06/05/2016

<Appocomaster> Good evening, ladies, gentlemen, and those who wish to identify elsewise, and welcome to the End of Round Ceremony for Round 66 - the Purge
<Appocomaster> I'm not quite sure how we managed to have a round named after something which sounds like some sort of diet approach, but there you go :)
<Appocomaster> this evening, as always, we will be interviewing some of the top planets, galaxies and alliances for their views on this round
<Appocomaster> just as a quick reminder, for Round 67, starting in 3 weeks time, we're still requesting round name suggestions. Want to have something better than "The Purge"? ("The Biscuit Tin"?). E-mail us at round67@planetarion.com with your suggestions!
<Appocomaster> without further ado, I'll get the top 3 planets up here
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> hi
<Appocomaster> hi
<Appocomaster> I am trying to find the other two :p
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> don't think any of them are here tbh
<Appocomaster> could be a shorter eorc then \o/
<Appocomaster> well, this round definitely went down to the wire
<Appocomaster> congratulations on winning
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> it's been a long day for sure
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> thank you
<Appocomaster> there were a few moments towards the end which were pertty worying
<Appocomaster> how did you find the round in general? a lot of comment was made on the stats
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> i never mind stats, i just play whatever the stats are
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> the round in general was a bit boring, with people going XP or value
<Appocomaster> did alliance strategy impact you at all?
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> value won by pt 700 or so i guess, which caused the round to be either roidswapping or bottomfeeding
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> yeah, we had a good strategy i guess
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> Clouds anticipated on upcoming incs by making build orders quite well
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> Zhil got lots of alliances off our backs
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> which also made the round more boring in a way ^_^
<Appocomaster> well you were definitely top alliance
<Appocomaster> do you think that made the difference? so much alliance support
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> we just got so much value, and we had some dedicated DC's which made the xp planets landing on us really difficult
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> ally fleets was a nice addition
<Appocomaster> did you benefit from it much?
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> because i was DCing a lot i could always safe myself
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> save*
<Appocomaster> lol
<Appocomaster> handy!
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> to be fair, i saved all the others too mostly :P
<Appocomaster> does the most organised alliance benefit the most from the feature?
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> yes of course
<Appocomaster> e.g. semi actives are asked to build mainly 1 or two ship types and leave them handy?
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> although maybe for an unorganized alliance, the guy who goes for p win would benefit from it more, as he could leech all def
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> yup
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> that happened a lot in our alliance
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> lots of xans just building def ships
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> and setting ally def
<Appocomaster> was there any one factor you think contributed to your win?
<Appocomaster> Zhil gets to talk about BF's victory later :)
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> uuh yeah
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> definately
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> so many
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> i had to write them down tbh
<Appocomaster> no problem
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> Maxi and Tizza from the DFWTK battlegroup, and n00b, organized some massive waves on elviz last day
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> as i wasn't allowed to do anything about elviz by politics
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> n00b even went rogue (leave ally) to do it
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> they crashlanded a bunch of waves on him
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> no idea why tbh, i didn't even know them, but i sure as hell owe them :)
<Appocomaster> there were a lot of fleets flying on the last day - that made you nervous?
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> apart from that a guy named Starlock (who i also don't know) crashed a deffleet on elviz' last effort attack
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> yeah i've been up for a long time, haven't really slept in the past 3 days
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> was micromanaging every aspect of elviz and my planet
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> emailing random people, asking them for favors
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> but yeah, my alliance and galaxy (lockhead, paris, deras, nin4th, badass, jupp, toppe and beermonster) had my back in the end, and it all worked out
<Appocomaster> it's a small community now so that has some advantages
<Appocomaster> well congrats :)
<Appocomaster> a victory for value, to be sure
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> my galaxy had to sacrifice quite a lot, i never covered them even though i had all the value
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> always out attacking
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> Obviously my win wasn't possible without my black-ops team: Mark and Golan.
<Appocomaster> :)
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> and TYJO, benneh and Arty helping me a lot in the alliance, escorting me sometimes
<Appocomaster> what did they do?
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> well that's classified for now
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> documents are to be released 50 years from now
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> with the JFK case
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> nah, they roided BENNEH
<Appocomaster> that sounds like general entertainment rather than something specifically to help you :P
<Appocomaster> any final words of thanks?
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> hahahaha
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> eh i might be forgetting someone, but thanks to anyone making it more difficult for elviz on the last day
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> :D
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> i sure as hell needed it
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> oh i have to thank Chronox and BF
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> otherwise he'll be mad i'm reading here
<[BF]ArmAgeddon> but that's it
<Appocomaster> :)
<Appocomaster> no problem
<Appocomaster> thanks for your time and your credit, and congrats again :)_
<Appocomaster> Now on to the top galaxy, 3:1
<Appocomaster> who were pretty easy winners, all things considered
<Appocomaster> can't see Santa, elviz
<Appocomaster> or Joseph
<[3-1]cocteau> Yeah i dont know where the 3 are tbh
<Appocomaster> maybe drinking or something
<[3-1]cocteau> elviz for sure was pretty tired after all the pwin hoopla
<[3-1]Truh[CT]> Santa is drunk per norm
<[3-1]cocteau> There's joseph
<[3-1]Roshar> :D yes i think both of them are sleeping right now
<Appocomaster> J-J-J-J-J-J-Josephhhhhh!
<Appocomaster> congratulations, sir
<Appocomaster> so, congratulations to you all
<Appocomaster> The "untouchables"
<[3-1]joseph[bow> hello
<[3-1]joseph[bow> tyvm
<[3-1]cocteau> Thanks Appoco!
<Appocomaster> p.s. if you don't have [ ] the tags don't count
<Appocomaster> for later
<[3-1]cocteau> The BP core was basically the R62 winning gal minus pommeh, redrush, etc
<Appocomaster> so, how did you get a > 10% lead over the other galaxies
<[3-1]cocteau> By being better
<Appocomaster> so you took the best people from the r62 gal
<Appocomaster> to improve it
<[3-1]jph[bows]> well, tbh, im not the best for sure =p
<[3-1]cocteau> Pretty proud to win whilst having the most inc gal and only having 1 BF
<[3-1]jph[bows]> but we all gone to play a funny round, with inactive elviz
<[3-1]jph[bows]> not exiling a single player
<[3-1]jph[bows]> just letting them all stay and have fun with us
<[3-1]cocteau> We have every intention of winning from the start, a bit unlucky with race mixture after shuffle. Only 2 cats (Cashy and myself).
<Appocomaster> well, that's pretty good going
<Appocomaster> almost everyone exiles someone
<[3-1]cocteau> Then Tru exiled in, santa as planned to be our LS - making the race mixture better with 4 cats.
<[3-1]jph[bows]> yeah
<[3-1]cocteau> We started very weak in defense due to being a xan/xp gal. But slowly we become very defensive minded
<[3-1]cocteau> Oi galmates feel free to speak :p
<[3-1]Truh[CT]> You got this.
<[3-1][hr]CaShY> what cocteau said
<[3-1]jph[bows]> cashy we love u
<[3-1]cocteau> lol
<[3-1]Roshar[BoW> <3
<[3-1]jph[bows]> brazil FTW
<[3-1]cocteau> Cashy and Santa also attack sometimes but mostly do only def. Then eventually Tru as well.
<[3-1]Tuck[ULT]> the gal won because of my mint strategy of getting to rank 500
<[3-1]Tuck[ULT]> then xp whoring
<[3-1]jph[bows]> bows was a very very very nice place to play
<[3-1]jph[bows]> awesome team
<[3-1]Tuck[ULT]> like a boss
<[3-1]Truh[CT]> This is how the gal worked. Cocteau and Elviz told us what to do and we did it and slept
<[3-1]jph[bows]> so nice and kind =)
<Appocomaster> actually, galaxies 1,2,4,6,8 all didn't exile anyone
<Appocomaster> :)
<[3-1]adjuhh[ult> When exiling in, it looked like a shit gal. But wasnt too bad afterall
<[3-1]cocteau> For the DC portion, Roshar and Tru were a big help to me towards the end.
<Appocomaster> you're glad you stayed, adjuhh?
<[3-1]jph[bows]> this for sure means something Appocomaster
<[3-1]jph[bows]> =)
<[3-1]Tok[p3n]> Ill have one more beer ta
<[3-1]adjuhh[ult> Yeah altho the gal might regret it, as I contributed like 2 deffleets in total:D
<Appocomaster> 1 planet exiled out of 3:1 actually
<[3-1]cocteau> We struggled understanding Joseph, but worked out ok after english lessons from Truhatred
<[3-1]Roshar[BoW> Ye we had some very rough nights, incs for 3-4 weeks straight it did took some effort to get us all covered :D
<Appocomaster> when Tuck exiled in
<[3-1]jph[bows]> haha
<[3-1]cocteau> Tok is the most useful one, rarely need ingal def from his incs :D
<Appocomaster> only exile out
<Appocomaster> so how did you manage to avoid BF so well?
<[3-1]Truh[CT]> We did?
<Appocomaster> well, you won
<Appocomaster> and you didn't have many BF
<[3-1]Roshar[BoW> they came for us bigtime =) just didnt land much
<[3-1]Roshar[BoW> even with the lame tactics they used for landing
<[3-1]Truh[CT]> I got to 1400 roids then had 6 waves of incs from p3n and nd. Finally climbed back to 900 and here comes BF... Jerks!
<[3-1]jph[bows]> ty a lot all brazilians who played... and rainbows for sure... loving u guys.. =)
<[3-1]Truh[CT]> BF didn't hit us often because they hard too much value to hit most of us and the roid gain was crap
<Appocomaster> who was the most important person in the galaxy?
<[3-1]Tuck[ULT]> me
<[3-1]Tuck[ULT]> :D
<[3-1]cocteau> Everyone has a role to play
<Appocomaster> some people are wolf, some are angel .
<[3-1][hr]CaShY> the good people at EE for waking me up every night to send defence
<Appocomaster> ..
<[3-1]Tok[p3n]> Caths most important
<Appocomaster> oh?
<[3-1]Truh[CT]> Xans didn't defend
<[3-1]Truh[CT]> Pretty much only caths in gal defended
<[3-1]cocteau> We always look at the cats when incs get through ally eta def, Xans can only def with revs (plus a cat beetle) and probably spectres rarely.
<[3-1]Truh[CT]> Xans got the XP
<[3-1]Roshar[BoW> Xan kinda useless for all the incs we got so ye:P
<[3-1]Truh[CT]> Stats made it kinda pointless for multi race defending
<[3-1]Truh[CT]> You either emped your attacker or not
<[3-1]Truh[CT]> Unless you had Zik in gal
<[3-1]cocteau> Yeah funny that the gal is only a 2 race gal
<Appocomaster> so what was the most important factor? xp? alliance def fleet new functionality? st stats?
<Appocomaster> hey you showed mixed race works :p
<[3-1]Truh[CT]> Sadly all was important in a way
<[3-1]cocteau> Teamplay is the most important factor
<[3-1]Truh[CT]> Ally def wasn't really a thing for me so can't speak on that(I knew that going into the round tho)
<[3-1]cocteau> XP helped a lot too for our Ults and elviz, the rest of us played hybrid.
<[3-1]Tuck[ULT]> the XPing got a bit boring
<[3-1]cocteau> For joseph i dont know what strat he played, he simply sucks
<[3-1]adjuhh[ult> Ally attacks were good. Heroes were awesome as always! Migz tells you what to do and you follow. This round we joined ult and there he, or aga got us targets. So another round without losing sleep :D
<[3-1]Tuck[ULT]> I was on a daily roidswap with about 3 different planets
<[3-1]Truh[CT]> My final comment: Please eliminate security setting from population it's super lame and annoying
<Appocomaster> do you think that roidswap shuold be allowed?
<[3-1]adjuhh[ult> Too bad elviz was too nub to not also win planet ;)
<Appocomaster> Truhatred: surely you are not saying you couldn't covert op people?
<[3-1]cocteau> Arranged roidswap or retal roidswap?
<[3-1]cocteau> the former is cheating
<[3-1]Truh[CT]> I could but it always becomes very difficult mid round
<Appocomaster> oh no :(
<Appocomaster> :sad:
<Appocomaster> those meanies. :P
<Appocomaster> I think the ship covert op is popular enough that people use it a lot
<Appocomaster> ramps up the securtiy required
<Appocomaster> and obviously bank hack is still the top one
<[3-1]Truh[CT]> Reduce the pop setting max to 20% would change a lot also
<[3-1]cocteau> I think Tru and Tok annoyed a lot of planets with their covop
<Appocomaster> :p
<Appocomaster> any final thanks?
<[3-1]Truh[CT]> Thanks everyone that still plays
<[3-1][hr]CaShY> thanks hr as always
<[3-1]Truh[CT]> Thanks CT for letting play with you
<[3-1]cocteau> Thanks to "All" BF especially Clouds, Hobster, Migi (scanner) and my co-DC officers. But most especially to Advantix and Inneed (the chief tactical strategists of BF's success).
<[3-1]adjuhh[ult> HEROES! and ult and the gal
<[3-1]Roshar[BoW> thanks to BoWs for a great round :) Just shame politics killed our tag once more.. future lesson to be learned(again)
<[3-1]Tuck[ULT]> cheers to the gal, good fun, cheers to ult, cheers to the scanners
<[3-1]Roshar[BoW> and thanks for all galmates, awsome play, great round
<[3-1]Tok[p3n]> P3n and beer <3
<[3-1]Tuck[ULT]> and elvis for waking my preggers missus up when I forgot to launch fleets pissed
<[3-1]Tuck[ULT]> :D
<[3-1]Tuck[ULT]> got in trouble for that one
<Appocomaster> lol
<Appocomaster> naughty
<Appocomaster> well, thanks to you all. you've been very entertaining
<Appocomaster> and now finally, BF, the winning alliance
<Appocomaster> Zhil, who am I voicing?
<[BF]Zhil> Noxious
<[BF]Zhil> please :)
<Appocomaster> tada
<[BF]NoXiouS> ta
<Appocomaster> congrats to you both
<[BF]NoXiouS> thank you
<[BF]Zhil> Thank you
<Appocomaster> first time since Round 63
<Appocomaster> when you'd just won Round 62/63
<Appocomaster> are you coming back to stay at the top again? try for 2 or 3 rounds in a row?
<[BF]NoXiouS> we'll have to see what happens next round
<[BF]NoXiouS> BF wasn't really planned to play this round either :D
<[BF]Zhil> I think we can confirm that Black Flag will be playing next round in some form.
<Appocomaster> You accidentally played and won
<[BF]Zhil> We just haven't decided on what form that will take.
<Appocomaster> Always a terrible mistake
<[BF]Zhil> I got bribed with Mini Eggs to play this one
<Appocomaster> What?!?
<[BF]Zhil> I didn't want to play. Clouds said it would be easy and wouldn't need much time
<Appocomaster> Oh, Easter was early
<Appocomaster> I was thinking, mini eggs aren't out around Christmas
<Appocomaster> why did Clouds think it would be so easy?
<[BF]NoXiouS> "we won't play to compete, it's just a reunion round for fun"
<[BF]NoXiouS> to borrow clouds
<[BF]Zhil> yup. that's what he said to me
<[BF]Zhil> "for fun"
<[BF]Zhil> "ally fleets will make it easier"
<[BF]Zhil> "just do some politics"
<[BF]Zhil> But the old wanting to win vibe kicked in when it looked possible
<Appocomaster> was it true? did the ally fleets make it easier?
<[BF]Zhil> The ally fleet change is what brought Black Flag to this round
<[BF]NoXiouS> they helped, but they weren't a tie breaker
<[BF]NoXiouS> DCing low incs was easy, but with the "block that wasn't" hitting us, we had to wake up everyone anyway
<[BF]Zhil> I believe it's a good change for the game - from alliances playing to win to more casual ones.
<Appocomaster> http://beta.planetarion.com/history...=6&round=66
<Appocomaster> you definitely didn't get hit hardest
<[BF]NoXiouS> we're quite on par with "normal" round "top tag" incs
<Appocomaster> CT had almost twice as many as you
<[BF]NoXiouS> and we played this round more normal than some others
<[BF]Zhil> CT were playing for XP
<[BF]Zhil> as were Ultores
<[BF]NoXiouS> CT and ULT just roidswapped most round :D
<[BF]Zhil> their incomings are a skew
<[BF]NoXiouS> so ofc they changed a lot of incs
<Appocomaster> Was that partly related to the alliance war feature, too?
<[BF]NoXiouS> well, the XP boost is huge
<[BF]NoXiouS> so ofc you want to swap the most roids you can while warring
<[BF]NoXiouS> and when you can war non-stop... it will result in a lot of incs
<[BF]Zhil> We managed our incomings really well.
<Appocomaster> Was that more politics than anything else? Or a decision for more value? or?
<[BF]NoXiouS> yeah, the DCs did great
<[BF]Zhil> The political and military departments worked together really effectively within Black Flag
<[BF]NoXiouS> Value won the fight for us
<[BF]Zhil> It allowed us to adapt very quickly to incomings
<[BF]Zhil> The first time Ultores hit us was a very important moment in the round IMO
<[BF]NoXiouS> yeah, we spent on a lot of anti-fi
<[BF]NoXiouS> then it was just bits here, bits there to cover others
<[BF]Zhil> Politics enabled us to funnel the incomings to being easier to build for.
<[BF]Zhil> then the members were top notch in using that for DCing and helping eachother out :)
<[BF]NoXiouS> also, the ridiculously high emp effs helped
<Appocomaster> ST emp effs are always higher
<[BF]Zhil> and building amps to counter the fake strategy somewhat
<Appocomaster> was race composition important then?
<[BF]NoXiouS> cath+zik was quite important with most of uni as xan
<[BF]NoXiouS> our xans covering mostly DE incs
<[BF]NoXiouS> + some revenants for FI kills
<Appocomaster> well, it all seems to have worked :) congratulations
<Appocomaster> is there anyone in particular you want to call out for praise?
<[BF]NoXiouS> for being a herro!
<[BF]Zhil> I think another important factor are our allies who stuck by us throughout the round.
<[BF]Zhil> ND and Faceless were both stellar in supporting us
<[BF]Zhil> Without their loyalty and willingness to stand against the array of alliances against Black Flag, this EORC could be very different
<Appocomaster> :)
<[BF]NoXiouS> "we had it easy"... I've heard that a lot
<[BF]Zhil> Naturally, cheetos is a hero. He gave me targets
<Appocomaster> anyone else?
<[BF]Zhil> I also want to thank all of Black Flag naturally
<[BF]NoXiouS> but tbh, uni gave up too easy
<[BF]Zhil> Chronox, Clouds, Noxious, Sevenseas, Dogg, EvilMonkey, Hobster, InNeed, Steffken, zookie, ArmAgeddon, cocteau, Nicolos, Advantix, Aksel, Arty, BadAss, baggy, Blacce, Black, Cheetos, Cheggers, Cross, crusie, Daocan, Deakonn, Frazzles, gallzilla, Garm, ginge3987, HardCore, Hut, jimbo, Jintao, kalipso, Lewis, MntrX, MonkeyNutz, moo, Morgan, Olav, Papadoc, Sad, Sebace, Serio, Shafuka, skydivenaked
<[BF]Zhil> (despite crashing lol), Sorcerer, Spor, Steece, tadraytoday, TYJO, Vure, Werewolf, Xerxes & Zebu
<Appocomaster> long list :p
<[BF]Zhil> I left out Nelito
<[BF]Zhil> he went on holiday a lot
<Appocomaster> haha
<[BF]Zhil> I suppose I should thank him too
<[BF]NoXiouS> for what?
<[BF]NoXiouS> not doing attacks?
<[BF]Zhil> for being Nelito
<[BF]Zhil> giving us a challenge when he didnt set raids
<[BF]Zhil> for not being around enough to mess up politics
<Appocomaster> :)
<[BF]Zhil> Also
<[BF]Zhil> I know it's not custom for the EORC
<[BF]Zhil> but I have a message from Rap to give to the members of NewDawn
<[BF]Zhil> Also id like to thank a few members that i think were out standing this round im sure il miss someone but dont get to pissed if i do Tongue
<[BF]Zhil> Excal thanks buddy for the Scans Different for you this rnd but needed them thanks alot.
<[BF]Zhil> Stravi , Star, Loki, Tez, Turjake, Sukur, Mclord, Exor , Buly, Beermonster and eddy Tongue you guys have been EPIC
<[BF]Zhil> Faceless wanted to leave the EORC to me but I'll thank their command and membership from BF. I am glad we have managed to overcome previous differences to work so effectively together.
<[BF]NoXiouS> also, we didn't even hit 3:1, like, not at all
<Appocomaster> we'll get out the intel and double check :P
<[BF]Zhil> Yeah. We never hit 3:1 because of a favour Sandvold asked from me
<[BF]Zhil> We sent very few fleets at them.
<[BF]Zhil> While I never formally did a deal to not h it 3:1, I respected the favour asked and I wasn't too bothered about a galaxy win
<[BF]Zhil> After all, 3:1 had a BF member in it
<[BF]Zhil> I am extremely pleased for BF to have won alliance and planet
<[BF]Zhil> Plus have a dominating presence in the top 10 of planets
<[BF]NoXiouS> also, this has to be the second most boring eorc ever, ask us something we can answer something stupid with
<Appocomaster> (well, yeah I wouldn't say none :P)
<Appocomaster> we've overrun!
<[BF]NoXiouS> top100 planets :p
<[BF]NoXiouS> we had like... 25?
<[BF]Zhil> Thanks to p3n for taking down elviz so we got #1 planet
<Appocomaster> I hope you didn't promise anything binding
<[BF]NoXiouS> we didn't promise them anything
<[BF]NoXiouS> I guess they were as fed up as everyone else
<[BF]Zhil> We had no part in p3n doing it.
<Appocomaster> you sent more def fleets :p
<[BF]NoXiouS> where?
<Appocomaster> to 3:1
<Appocomaster> than attack fleets
<Appocomaster> sorry, just looking at stats
<Appocomaster> :)
<[BF]NoXiouS> shoutout to dfwtk too
<[BF]NoXiouS> yeah, we prolly did
<Appocomaster> what's the best change you think Planetarion could make?
<[BF]NoXiouS> well
<[BF]NoXiouS> there's quite a large crowd chanting in our slack group that the best change would be to get an MH team
<[BF]Zhil> Very large group yes.
<Appocomaster> would players willingly retire from PA to MH?
<[BF]NoXiouS> I'd believe so
<[BF]NoXiouS> I might
<[BF]NoXiouS> chronox is volunteering
<[BF]NoXiouS> I'm sure there are others as well
<Appocomaster> that's something to discuss with Lunar Lamp :)
<Appocomaster> and Ace
<[BF]NoXiouS> prolly
<[BF]Zhil> I think a change in the MH could inspire some confidence maybe with some people, especially as it sometimes seem that certain aspects of the MH team can lack customer service skills.
<[BF]Zhil> I also wish PA had an app.
<[BF]NoXiouS> it has, it's called "browser"
<Appocomaster> not the app
<Appocomaster> I mean you can make an app which is basically an iframe with a browser
<[BF]NoXiouS> you already have a browser, just get a mobile friendly UI
<[BF]NoXiouS> done
<[BF]Zhil> A well thought out app with the prevalence of mobile phones could reach more people to try PA for the first time :P
<Appocomaster> Planetarion with 1 hour ticks doesn't lend itself to mobiles I think tbh :p
<Appocomaster> you'd have to modify it
<[BF]NoXiouS> nope, not really
<[BF]NoXiouS> as in doesn't fit in to mobile games
<Appocomaster> yep
<Appocomaster> well, something to talk about but will involve a lot of designing and planning
<Appocomaster> anyway, if there's nothing else, I'll do the allcomp
<Appocomaster> before people give up
<[BF]NoXiouS> feel free
<[BF]Zhil> Thanks as always Appoc
<Appocomaster> thanks guys
<[BF]Zhil> We'll be back ;)
<Appocomaster> no doubt :P
<Appocomaster> so, tag up
<Pea> Tags counted, scanned 167 nicks and found 15 different tags. 0 tags were excluded/banned. Top 10 tags are:
<Pea> #10. Tag: HR, count: 1
<Pea> #9. Tag: ULT, count: 1
<Pea> #8. Tag: p3n, count: 2
<Pea> #7. Tag: DFWTK, count: 3
<Pea> #6. Tag: FL, count: 6
<Pea> #5. Tag: 3-1, count: 6
<Pea> #4. Tag: BowS, count: 6
<Pea> #3. Tag: CT, count: 15
<Pea> #2. Tag: BF, count: 18
<Pea> #1. Tag: ND, count: 22
<Appocomaster> congrats as always, ND
<Appocomaster> :) you will get the bonus 3 credits
<Appocomaster> thanks to everyone for listening