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  • Round 82 Ticks Start: Friday 31st May 2019
  • Round 82 Ticks End: Friday 19th July 2019
  • Round 82 Havoc Ends: Thursday 1st August 2019

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  • Round 82 - Traitors in the Dark: 410

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Round 66 and Round 67

Round 66
Round 66 - The Purge

The winners are as follows:
Top Planets (each receiving 1 credit):
1) 9:7:1 ArmAgeddon of Black Flag
2) 3:1:3 elviz of Norsemen
3) 8:4:2 Sebace of Black Flag

Top Galaxy (Joseph will get 5 credits to distribute):
3:1:1 ADJUHH of Ultores
3:1:2 Joseph of RainbowS (GC)
3:1:3 elviz of Norsemen (MoD)
3:1:4 Tuck of Ultores
3:1:5 Tok of p3nguins
3:1:6 CaShY of Howling Rain (MoW)
3:1:7 cocteau of Black Flag (MoC)
3:1:8 Roshar of RainbowS
3:1:9 Truhatred of Conspiracy
3:1:10 SantaCruz of No Alliance

Top Alliance (receiving 5 credits):
Black Flag

The End of Round Ceremony (EoRC) is scheduled for today at 21:00 GMT for an hour in #planetarion on irc.netgamers.org (accessible via the com unit). It will consist of:
-interviews with the top players
-interviews with the top galaxy
-interviews with representatives of the top alliance
-the alliance competition (allcomp), where users will [tag] in their nickname for their alliance, and the winning alliance will win 3 credits.

Havoc will start at 09:00 GMT on Saturday, 7th May and continue until Thursday, 19th May at 20:00 GMT.
Havoc setup as follows:
-All researches completed
-500 million resources total (split over metal/crystal/eonium according to race)
-3000 asteroids total (split over metal/crystal/eonium according to race)
-30 of each factory, 30 wave amplifiers, 50 security centres and 30 of each refinery ADDED to each planet
-Fleets recalled
-XP kept
-Asteroid mining limits increased to 8 million asteroids total
-Maximum construction limit set at 800 constructions
-Ticks set at every 15 minutes.
-Cluster Alliances

Round 67
Round 67 signups will open on Friday, 20th May 2016 at 20:00 GMT.
You can submit round name suggestions via round67@planetarion.com.

Round 67 Ticks will start Friday, 27th May at 20:00 GMT and continue for 7 weeks.
Changes for this round will be announced closer to the time. Stats are available on http://beta.planetarion.com/manual.pl?page=stats