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  • Round 77 Ticks Start: Friday 25th May 2018
  • Round 77 Ticks End: Friday 13th July 2018

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Planetarion Public Preview and Round 13

The wait is over; we are now ready to tell you dates, times and all the exciting things that will be round 13.

Signups for the Public Preview will open on the 16th March at 18:00 GMT. Ticks will then start at 09:00 GMT on the 17th, there will be 15 minute ticks, and then there will be a shuffle at tick 36. Then on the 19th at 20:00 we will be giving out some resources and technology so we can have a look at the end of round type of events; finally on the 21st the Public Preview will end in order for Round 13 Signups to open at 20:00 GMT.

So as already stated Round 13 Signups will open at 20:00 GMT on the 21st March; Ticks will then start on the 30th at 21:00 GMT and the shuffle will again occur at tick 36. The main round will of course be 1 hour ticks. The round will last for 10 weeks.

So now its time to tell you all what will be happening in Round 13.

Round 13 has unfortunately been heavily delayed due to Spinner’s illness so for the last two weeks we have been working hard to get as much cool stuff into the game as possible. so here it is :)

- Stealing has replaced subversion
- All NEW ship stats
- Players can now scan and defend closed planets, scans indicate whether the planet is closed or not
- There is now a new EULA for Planetarion as well as an opt in email list which will be used for announcements on new rounds or newsletters
- All incomings information is now above the MOTD and now it does not tell you your galaxy has incomings if it is only defence fleets
- You can now fleet scan incoming defence fleets
- Salvage amounts changed to be 15% from attackers and 20% from defenders
- Free planets now get one extra eta and HCT research allowed
- Free planets can now access the History page
- Buddy packs can be created or joined on the preferences page before the shuffle
- New galaxy system – new signups join existing galaxies, new galaxies are never created except by the shuffler
- All new message system allowing both alliances and planets to mail alliances and planets. The alliances Messages screen can be seen by BCs, PR-Officers and HCs
- When an alliance changes a member’s status the member is mailed, and if a member leaves an alliance the alliance is mailed
- When a GC exiles someone they have to give a reason
- The Alliance Members page has been split into two separate pages, one for Members and one for Alliances. The members and applicants can be sorted by various things
- To reduce size of the DB, planet ranking history is stored every 10 ticks and only lasts for 500 ticks
- The galaxy status page has been redesigned for better compatibility with community parsers and alliance defence bots
- New shuffler to distribute planets fairly and uniformly

More information will be given on the galaxy setup and buddy packs when signups for Round 13 open.

To summarise the dates:

Public Preview:
Signups: 16th March 1800 GMT
Tick start: 17th March 0900 GMT
Shuffle: 17th March 18:00 GMT
Extra resources and technology: 19th March 2000 GMT
End: 21st March 18:00 GMT

Round 13 – The Illusion of Truth:
Signups: 21st March 2000 GMT
Tick start: 30th March 2100 GMT
Shuffle: 1st April 09:00 GMT
End Date: 8th June 21:00GMT


If you submit a skin to blixxard@planetarion.com and it gets used you get one FREE credit!